T-Mobile LTE network stalling, or dropping out? You’re not alone



With any network upgrades there are bound to some customers experiencing issues with network reliability and signal strength. And that seems to be what’s happening to many customers.

Threads on HowardForums and Reddit indicate that there are plenty of T-Mobile customers who – when connected to a strong LTE network – notice that speeds suddenly stall. A customer posted the following on Reddit, three days back:

Is anyone else still experiencing stalled data while on LTE? I have almost full signal, everywhere, and my data will just stop working periodically throughout the day. I have to toggle airplane mode on and off to fix it.

So far, there are 58 comments in response with many of them being people using different devices. Nexus 5, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s and the OnePlus One have all been noted to be suffering with the stalled data. But in some cases, it’s a case of not connecting to LTE at all. One respondent claimed their Nexus 5 would connect just fine to the LTE tower nearby, whereas his Nexus 7 wouldn’t.

Rebooting devices and toggling airplane mode have worked temporarily to solve the problem in many instances.  But haven’t solved the issue permanently. And it’s pretty much the same story on Howard Forums.

To me, this seems like a simple case of teething issues. Like I’ve already mentioned, there are always problems when networks are being upgraded. And you only have to read posts here from the past few weeks to know that VoLTE, 4G, and Wideband LTE are being activated in new locations at break-neck speeds. But, just to be sure that is the case, and it’s not your phone or SIM card, you can try a few things.

  • Put your SIM in a different phone. If it works without trouble on LTE for an extended period (a few days), then it’s your phone.
  • T-Mobile customer care can exchange SIMs, because they don’t last forever. If that exchange solves the problem, you had a faulty SIM card.

But before you go raging on the phone to customer services you can try these – perhaps temporary – fixes:

  • Toggle Airplane Mode off/on – This gives the SIM card a quick reboot and sometimes that’s all it needs to start performing as it should on your network.
  • Reboot your phone – Sometimes our phones get a little bogged down, and don’t like behaving. And this can manifest in many ways. Especially if you haven’t switched it off for days.
  • Call CS – Check your account, make sure there are no issues with it. If they can’t see an issue then ask them to…
  •  “Cancel Location” – You’ll need to call CS for this. It disconnects and reconnects your handset from the tower, and reboots a whole load of other technical network things. In some cases, this has worked.
  • Wait –  If it is just an issue because T-Mobile is busy working on your local cellular network, there’s little you can do besides hang on and hope they’re done soon. Keep going through the temporary fixes, and hope that the frustration passes.

We’ve not head any official word from T-Mobile on this yet, but hopefully we’ll hear something encouraging soon. Be sure to let us know if you’ve been experiencing issues with your phone. Use the comments to sound off, and let us know which phone you’re using, which area you live in and how long it’s been going on.

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  • Anonymous

    This has been affecting me for months with my iPhone 5 in NYC. When it’s time to stream internet radio I just turn LTE off. Pretty annoying.

    • thepanttherlady

      I’m in SoCal and like you, this has been going on for months now. Doesn’t matter which device I’m using.

      • Cam Bunton

        What has T-Mobile said to you when you’ve called?

        • thepanttherlady

          I’ve never called them because I knew it was happening to other people too. That told me it was them and not my phone. I assumed they were working on the network and it’d stop doing it when they were done. I’m not too much of a complainer. LOL

        • Cam Bunton

          Yeah. Hopefully it won’t be an issue once all the major network changes are finished.

        • Jeremy

          Yeah, I only complained because I started missing work emails. That’s when it starts becoming a problem for me.

        • Jeremy

          I’ve had this problem for a while now and thought it was an issue with my S5 since my G2 didn’t seem to have this issue. The first time I called in, T-Mobile sent me another phone since they thought it was a hardware issue. The second time, they said something wasn’t provisioned properly on my account. I’m still having the issue (SF Bay Area) but it’s not as bad as it was before. It was happening several times a day, now it seems to be happening once or twice every couple of days. It really seems to be bad when I go from HSPA to LTE. Since I’ve been a customer for 9 years, I’m going to call them back again since they always seem to jump when I ask for something.

        • NorCalOffspring

          t-mobile sent me a Cel-fi network booster lol. Don’t know why since I’m not having signal issues

        • Willie D

          They tell me they see xx amount of towers modernizing in my area one time, then I’ll call back next week and get a different amount again. I am told just to turn off and on my device, but the issue will still happen. At the end of the say, this is THE reason I left Sprint, and now that TMo is doing it, Ive started the process to move to AT&T. I need quality resolutions.

      • Cam Fas

        I’m in Vegas it happens on my 5s from time too time

    • P

      yup i’m in NYC nd have had this issue for a little over a month now…it’s real bad sometimes tho where the data just completely stops working despite signal bars. Using a 5S as well.

    • MagicMiguel

      Not just LTE either. I see this periodically as well and we only have HSPA in Cincinnati.

  • mattdistro

    No T-Mobile signal at all for me in Columbus, OH. Good thing I’m not expecting any calls today.

    EDIT: I get a really weak EDGE signal if I walk outside, but usually it’s 3 bars of LTE in my office.

    • whiskers

      From Hilliard to OSU / 315 and i’ve had full LTE all morning with no problems , check your sim.

      • Guest

        Tried everything already. I’m on the south east side.

  • Andrew Finkenbinder

    This happens to me occasionally when connected to one specific tower.

  • Guest

    I had this problem in Richmond, VA last month. Turned LTE off completely to avoid toggling airplane mode, this month it seems to be resolved.

  • sushimane

    i have the same problem with my nexus 5. maybe i just need to replace my sim card it’s pretty old in my opinion i had it since i had the note 2. on a occasion i just turn it off and remove my sim and leave it out for 10 minutes and start it back up.

  • Verizonthunder

    Yes i am to encounter this minor issue and just toggle the airplane mode on then off and it works but something is going on I hope it’s just due to network upgrade

  • In 5.5 years with the company in a retail store and a fairly technical user – “Cancel Location” is a new one on me. So you may have better luck with customer service over the phone for this one instead of a retail store…

    • Cam Bunton

      Yeah, perhaps. It does sound like a technical department issue..

      • T-Mobile Cares

        Retail stores have no way to “Cancel Locations”. This is a internal tool used by Tech to resolve network connectivity issues. Cam, allot of different factors may pay a role in why someone’s data may, as you call it, steak. Transitioning from one towerr to another, insufficient data plans that are throttling during a billing cycle and network maintenance and upgrades. It is unfair to make a general statement without fully understanding the parameters of a specific issue. This is not to say issues do not exist, but, each person’s issue is not necessarily the same. We track each issue with tickets to identify where potential issues exist and have engineers respond to investigate and repair said issues. Please know our customers are the most important part of our business and we work very hard to resolve issues as we become aware of them.

        • lordfarquaad

          So what is the problem since lots of people are experiencing it? It’s been going on for almost a year in some places and will probably make me go back to AT&T soon if it’s not fixed.

        • T-Mobile Cares

          Again, each instance is different. The first resolution is in fact to create a new APN ( access point name). Go to settings, more or more settings /networks, mobile networks, access point names, hit the menu key and create new. Under the name field enter “T-Mobile”, hit ok, under the APN field enter “fast.t-mobile.com, under the MMSC field enter “http://mms.msg.eng.t-mobile.com/mms/wapenc” . Hit the menu key and save it. Make sure the green or orange circle it highlighted next to the APN you just created and powercycle your device. That should fix the issue. I hope this helps

        • lordfarquaad

          Thanks I did that and then tried it on two different phones and had the same issue in the same exact places.

        • Willie D

          When you have reported multiple times the same issue, and each time get a different response to the problem, that tips me off that no one is actually addressing the issue and is saying things for short term fixes. With that said, the bigger issue here is why hasn’t there been a long term fix. It took till the media jumped on TMo before the throttled LTE issue was fixed a year ago, so let’s fix this before I start filing reports with my local BBB, CPUC and news agency to report the issue.

        • Cam Bunton

          I’ll take the “or go in to store part out”. Thanks for the feedback.

  • Leo Hui

    Same problem here in Boston, MA. Had to switch on/off airplane mode every so often.

  • Matt Pankey

    No issues in Portland Metro with G2 or Xperia Z.

    • I had no issues until last week. Now it happens all over town regardless of signal strength. Going to try the *#*#4636#*#* trick and lock it to H+ for a day and see if it persists.

      • Willie D

        It only happens on LTE

  • Jay J. Blanco

    It happens sometime to me. I hope its fixed soon

  • SEBA

    This has been happening for few months already. I replaced sim cards and phones but the problem with stable LTE connection still exist. Besides this issue, there is 1 more that nobody mention yet. Silent calls. You can be in the middle of conversation when all of the sudden voice goes silent for about 30 seconds. Fix: keep saying halo until they can hear u again or hung up and call again.

    • Joshua Miller

      This happens to me constantly in Sacramento

    • Aaron C

      Wow. I hadn’t even realized these might be related, but I have the same issue and they both started around the same time… A couple months ago.

  • yankeesusa

    Ive had the same issues with my Nexus 5. The best way I found to fix it is to go into your more network option, disable data and then select network selection, select t-mobile again and then reenable data. This solves my issues every time. I know it’s only a temporary issue so I don’t mind. I’m still getting faster speeds than my friend who has Verizon. Just got 51mbps yesterday in an area that was only getting 17 to 22mbps just months ago.

  • Bryan

    Happening in Lexington, SC with my G2. Streaming Pandora will just stop, and a toggle airplane mode on/off fixes it.

  • Mindtrouble

    I know 2 people with Samsung Galaxy S5’s and they actually aren’t getting calls and text msgs while on network with the phone in their hands until after a reboot. It’s nerve racking. Anyone else having this problem on T-Mobile with the S5?

    • T-Mobile Cares

      Have them verify that Wi-Fi Calling is not enabled. If it is, turn it off. 95% of users have Wi-Fi enabled and do not need it. Thus causes the phone to attempt to use a Wi-Fi connection over the cellular network.

      • Mindtrouble

        I’m not sure I understand the logic in turning off the Wi-Fi Calling. That’s a part of the functionality of the phone on T-Mobile’s network. Why would turning this off enable the phone to receive calls and texts msgs? Rebooting the phone brings in the missed text msgs and a list of missed calls. Then some time later it starts doing it again and you can’t tell that your phone isn’t working correctly. Not to mention 1 of the 2 users has to have Wi-Fi Calling enable to use the phone in their house. Can you explain?

        • T-Mobile Cares

          Wi-Fi Calling uses your Wi-Fi connection to make / receive calls. When left on Wi-Fi Calling and Wi-Fi attempt to connect over that Wi-Fi network. If a connection cannot be obtained the phone will continue to attempt connection. This takes the phone off of the cellular network in lieu of the Wi-Fi network. There is another way to help with this situation. Tap on the words “Wi-Fi Calling, then tap “Connection Preferences” and set this to “Cellular Preferred. This gives priority to the cellular network. I hope this helps.

      • Willie D

        If 95% of users have it enabled and don’t need it, why have it in devices at all? Cause the truth is, we actually DO need it.

  • Chris

    If the engineers treat this like they’re treating the iPhone group messaging issue, there isn’t an end in sight.

  • hounddog

    This has been happening in Lafayette Louisiana since the beginning of LTE . hspa+ worked so much better with no issues…and almost as fast. I just turn LTE off.

  • dtam

    oh, so it’s not just me?

    • Terry

      No it is not just you.

  • Mark

    This happened to me in the Baltimore – Washington DC corridor just a few months ago and thought it was my Nexus 5. I was told that the 4.4.3 update fixed the issue. But, it sounds like a network level problem as I’m using GoPhone now and don’t experience that issue. I’m still planning on returning to T-Mobile next month and hope this issue has cleared up some.

  • Mark

    After years of dealing with GPRS in Cedar Springs, MI, I am finally getting LTE on my LG G2!! Speeds are still slow for LTE (5mbps) but is much better than what we had previously. LTE is present in Rockford, Cedar Springs, and near Sand Lake, all areas that only had GPRS /EDGE before. Hopefully t-mobile will continue the expansion into upper Michigan soon.

    • chris

      I totally agree with you as a METRO PCS/ T mobile customer, they need to expand more Northern part of Michigan from Ceder Spring and farther north you go from big rapids, mt pleasant, since there is still no coverage, of course there coverage already in the southern part of Michigan, hopefully T mobile will expand the other half of Michigan soon !!!

  • Marco

    Having trouble with my LTE in Atco, NJ using an iPhone 5. Probably because I got the tmobile text message a couple days ago saying they are upgrading my area to superfast LTE when I already had LTE

  • OZ

    Notice this issue several times over the weekend in Chicago. I was getting EDGE data, yes EDGE, I’d flip it to airplane mode on my iPhone 5 and when I flipped out of airplane mode it would find 4G.

    T-Mo recently within last week pushed a carrier upgrade to the iPhone, I wonder if this issue is related?

    • riid

      This happens all the time with me at the beach. I didn’t know that switching on and off airplane fixes it, which is an easy fix. I always go into settings and switch on and off cellular data which is a pain.

  • Terry

    I have complained twice to tmobile and both times they basically said the same thing, “We have tested and we have no issues on our network in your area”. I cry bull $hit on this one. I have been with Tmobile for over 10 + years and i have never had an issue. There is something wrong just admit it or listen to your customers. We do have other things to do than to complain if there is no issues. (Denver, CO) (Samsung Galaxy S3 running Android 4.3)

    • lordfarquaad

      I called 3 times and they denied it every time. How about you send someone out with a phone to try it instead of sitting in an office 100 miles away.

      • Terry

        I am also having issues sending MMS messages. Anyone else having that issue as well?

        • lordfarquaad

          Yes, anything that uses LTE will stall if you have the problem. Data, MMS, texting, and VoLTE calls

        • Terry

          Thanks. I figured that was the issue. I have not been able to send a good MMS message for the past couple of days. Sometimes they send and most times they do not. I love tmobile and have stuck with them through thick and thin, but this is starting to wear on me a little.

  • besweeet

    Odd featured image… Sigh

    • Cam Bunton

      Odd comment… Sigh.

      • besweeet

        Would it not had been better to actually show a T-Mobile image instead of a generic antenna mast?

        • Cam Bunton

          I think in this instance, an antenna makes perfect sense.

        • besweeet

          Ugh… What about a mast that contains traditional cellular antennas/panels that might actually be owned by T-Mobile? You know, something more authentic?

        • Chris

          Do you really care that much?

        • besweeet

          I obviously do. It’s disappointing to see such narrow-mindedness. As mentioned above: People only have a “good enough!” attitude, never willing to go the extra mile (or kilometer?) with detail or attention in mind, just because the majority doesn’t “care.” Sickening, but I guess it’s just a sad reality of today’s people.

        • thepanttherlady

          What’s the link to your blog? I’ll bet it’s amazing to read!! :)

        • Cam Bunton

          I changed it for a picture of a man fixing a cactus.. Hope that’s okay for you. ;-)

        • besweeet

          That’s a start :’)

        • kevev

          Serious question Cam. Do you know what those mesh disk antennas are for? What country is that from? I have never seen cellular antennas shaped like dishes. Thanks in advance. :)

        • Aurizen

          it’s an antenna nonetheless, its does what it does and distribute signal, its just a image. Thank you Cam for getting the news out you’re doing great :)

      • carcomptoy

        I get that it’s hard not to discount besweeet’s pedantism, but in all seriousness, cellular mast towers look nothing like the ones in your picture above, Cam.

        They’re always rectangular and look like wall mounted vertical speakers. See http://www.steelintheair.com.au/Mobile-Phone-Tower.php

        Yes, they’re antennas, but it’s like putting a picture of a home WiFi router on an article dealing with mobile Hotspots. Sure they both broadcast signals, but they’re not really the same. It’s not the most egregious sin in the world, but it does nothing to help your credibility.

        • Cam Bunton

          You forgot the ones that look like trees, or cacti… ;-) I’ll keep it in mind.

        • carcomptoy

          Love the new picture!

    • SEBA

      This is blog, not Photoshop contest. So who cares about the image. Good enough for me.

      • besweeet

        And that’s the issue with a lot of people today. They only have a “good enough!” attitude, never willing to go the extra mile (or kilometer?) with detail or attention in mind.

        • SEBA

          Yes, I agree but in this case picture is not hurting my eyes but picture of web page can not be display hurts a lot.

  • besweeet

    This was happening to me when LTE was still new to my area and was still being worked on. But that was the middle of last year. Things have been perfect since.

  • Gnashy

    This also happens on my iPhone 4 which only picks up to 3G. Had this issue since last year.

  • Ronald

    Sometimes it helps to turn mobile data on then off instead of going full airplane mode if you don’t want to disconnect your Bluetooth.

    • Oleg O.

      Good thought! I’ll use it in my car. Thanks.

  • Chris

    Just posted the same thing the other day on G+

  • ari1991

    Have an LG G2 and this is a constant problem at my business. My home is 4.9 miles away and have great speeds. My business had ok speeds but for the last month phone shows 5 bars service with lte but data doesn’t work. Sensory speed test shows testing lte but download and upload show” Failed”. Idiots in customer service claim trouble ticket from this area was closed showing no problem exists. Two other people at my work location have tmo with the same problem. Going back to Verizon. Not much more money and always works.

  • Also Chris

    EVERY. DAY. Multiple times every day. To fix it, I usually call my voicemail and then end the call immediately just so it switches from 4G LTE to regular (slower) 4G, and in 5-10 minutes it switches back to LTE on its own.

    I have an LG G2. I was worried it was the phone. I’m really glad to hear others have the problem too.

    • Also Chris

      I also probably should have noted that I live in Philadelphia, just so we know where these things are happening.

      • Also Chris

        I’ll further note, while I’m making my own thread here, that this is NOT a SIM card issue. I’ve had the SIM card thing happen twice, once with a Galaxy S3 and once way back with an original T-Mobile G2 (RIP). In those instances, the data icon blinks the up arrow for sending data, but the down arrow never blinks, and it affects your ability to receive calls and texts, and it doesn’t go away.

        This does not present itself the same way. This comes and goes, usually fixes itself within 5-10 minutes, and no arrows blink under the data icon at all. I can still receive texts and calls when this happens, and when I switch to normal (non-LTE) 4G, it works fine. It’s been happening for several months now. As it’s easily rectifiable and only a minor inconvenience, I’ve never complained because they’ll get it fixed eventually.

        EDIT: My 4G LTE coincidentally stalled as I wrote this comment, and I had to switch to WiFi to post it.

    • Rod

      Same thing here in San Diego. Data just randomly drops out and have to call voicemail a few times a day. Already had phone and Sim card replaced. Quite annoying

    • Daniel Marchand

      Just wanted to note instead of making calls to drop to 3/3.5G HSPA+ “4G”, you can go into Settings -> Tethering and Networks -> Mobile Networks, and from there play with Network Mode settings letting you pick (WCDMA/GSM Only (“4G”/2G)). Or Add the epc.tmobile.com APN – it’s slower and only allows connection to “4G” and below, but it may solve your problems until LTE works correctly. T-Mobile has been tinkering in my area and I was unable to use the fast.t-mobile.com APN for about a week, most of the time no data would work on it period, if I tried a speed test it gave me communication errors or DNS errors, sometimes websites would load, but I wouldn’t get emails, etc… at any rate google the epc.tmobile.com APN and add those settings until it’s fixed should get you through whatever is going on until it’s fixed.

  • IAmSixNine

    I had similar issues on other devices, M7, M8, Note 3, all had IPv6 defaulted in the APN under APN Protocol. I created a new APN and under the APN Protocol i selected IPv4. I no longer have the data disconnect. So for me that was a fix. May or May not work with others.

    • randomnerd_number38

      Upvote this guy. There might be other minor growing pains for the network, but the biggest one by FAR is ipv6. If you have a modern Android phone, create a new APN that only uses ipv4.

      Hope this gets sorted out soon.

      • Mine is set to ipv4 only and I have the issue.

        • randomnerd_number38

          Drat, sorry it didn’t help you. I’ve seen lots of others have success with this workaround.

        • Jerome

          mine too minneapolis

  • Sky

    I’ve had this issue for MONTHS… Thought it was just me with my Moto X.

  • Rorison Meadows

    I do this at least 5 times a week on my S4. Please keep up with this story Tmonews. Here in Charleston with you!

  • me

    YES this started happening within the last couple of months. I have several T-Mobile devices and they all have the same problem. Data will just drop out with a full LTE signal showing. It comes back about 30 seconds later but this happens several times a day. Very annoying! I have an old iPhone on Verizon 3G which is slow but it never fails.. I love T-Mo and I’m waiting patiently for this to get fixed. And yes I’ve filed trouble tickets.

  • kevev

    Had issues Friday & Saturday in San Antonio. My nephew who lives downtown and is on Metro had dialup speeds Saturday & Sunday. Rebooting would fix it for a short period.

    Just growing pains associated with upgrades.

  • Joe

    I have a N 5 and live a couple of miles north of Boston. It disconnects from LTE constantly. I do the same thing airplane mode and back….

  • byron

    Same issue for me in Los Angeles on my htc one m8 and a gs5 i had.

  • xermys

    Have had same issue with my g2 for months. No good answer from anyone. Have friends in store management that experience the same thing and cannot explain it.

  • Yourne Carwin

    Same thing for me I Connecticut no signal bars drop calls

  • This has happened to me a few times but I thought it was the rom I was using. Happened again yesterday when I was placing an online order. Just randomly stopped and I had to off/on airplane mode to fix it. I had 5 bars signal too.

  • Bakersfield Beaner

    I also experience this in Bakersfield,CA and it happens no matter what tower I am connected to. I also have checked phones and sims so I can confirm it is the network.

  • Aurizen

    yup I thought that was normal though, I just toggle Airplane mode for a few seconds, if I do it quick I lose service and have to do it again for maybe 20 sec.

  • notyourbusiness

    I haven’t noticed anything on my Nokia Lumia 925.

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    San Jose, CA: I happens all the time on my girlfriends S4. G2 not as much but like the other user I usually toggle to airplane mode and back and it’s fine.

    I would perfectly fine with this as long as I get the 700 Mhz coverage in San Jose, CA soon.

    • Willie D

      San Jose is not going to use 700Mhz for a while some the SF Bay Area still has an operating Channel 51. This would cause interference.

      • 916Guy

        Does Sacramento, Ca. have this same dilemma?

        • Justin

          I have this problem here

        • 916Guy

          What I meant was does Sacramento have the same Ch. 51 issue that will slow down the rollout of 700Mhz.

        • monkeybutts

          No Ch 51 spectrum was sold to an investment group in the Sacramento area. This mainly affects San Francisco Oakland, San Jose. I want to say the signal gets blocked off around the Berkeley Hills since places like Concord, Vallejo, Richmond, and Fairfield don’t receive the Ch 51 KDTV-DT (univision 14) over the air, they only get the channel through cable and satellite subscriptions.

      • JaswinderSinghJammu

        I had heard something about that a while ago. How would tmo go around fixing that issues? Since you said for a while.

    • substance

      It also happens on my Sony Z1S In San Jose, San Fran, Monterey and worse in Salinas area…

  • Ordeith

    All the time.
    But then that was also true of T-Mobile’s network before LTE. It’s just SOP for them.

  • Dr G

    I am gonna need to stop visiting TMONews since there are these new pop up ads while viewing the site on my Nexus 5 that I cannot close and completely prevent me from reading anything. Is there a fix or way to opt out of these. Anyone else noticing this new problem with TMoNews?

    • hounddog

      Yes. Very annoying

      • I’ve noticed it for months, and it’s usually a Sprint ad that does it to me. I usually have to refresh the page until a different ad shows up. For me, it’s always been the one right above the comments. – Oh, I see. There’s a new one too. It is covering the whole screen on the site.

        • Dr G

          Right! I can’t read anything on the site because the ads completely take the phone hostage and theres no way to close the ad to see what’s behind it….rendering TMONews USELESS on my Nexus 5. I am writing this from a desktop CPU.

        • Frettfreak

          Strange. I followed the twitter link to this article but no pop ups here (using Chrome on my g2)

    • Yeah this is crap. I understand they need ads to help covering web site costs, but you cant ever read the web site on a cell phone because of all the popup ads. and even on a regular computer its crap. Idk what the deal is, but I don’t think its been this bad.

      • redman12

        Adblock if you are on your computer.

    • Jimmy James

      If you use the Firefox browser on your phone, you can install the Adblock extension, but then again, sites live off of ads.

    • Cam Bunton

      Believe me, I’ve brought this to the attention of the folks at PhoneDog East. I don’t have any access or control over ads personally. You’re not the only one to notice. I’ve had several tweets and emails over the past couple of days.

  • I have had this happen on my Nexus 5 quite often in Spokane WA. I can have full bars and suddenly they will go blank for a moment. The phone will popup a window and tell me to restart in order to connect to the network. If I dismiss it, it has been reconnecting on it’s own within a few seconds. I thought it was an Android 4.4.3/4.4.4 bug because I didn’t notice it happening before that. However, they have been upgrading the network here too. Where I used to get 5-10mbps on LTE, I now get between 15-30mbps. I’m getting 24mbps even with a very weak signal in my apartment building. If it is a network glitch, hopefully it will be figured out soon. I’m just glad speeds are getting better, and they are converting EDGE to LTE.

    • Exact same symptoms in Portland. Nexus 4. 4-bar LTE areas suddenly drop out completely or switch to 3G or Edge and then it comes back a few seconds later.
      This is on 4.4.2. I’ve been refusing the update because I’m on a custom kernel/radio.

    • Aaron C

      Same here with my Nexus 5 in Long Island – everything blanks out, then if I’m on Waze or something it says “searching for network.” Kinda scary when you’re depending on your phone for GPS. Eventually, it reconnects. Sometimes I just force it using the Airplane mode, but it’s getting really annoying.

  • JetRanger

    Same problem here with my GS5 … Full bars on LTE surfing and then it stops. Still have bars but the data transfer arrows go silent. A quick toggle of airplane mode and all is back to normal. I go through this several times a week. Glad to hear its not my device and that’s its a network problem. Hope they get this sorted out because when it shuts off I lose my work emails and that’s not a good thing at all.

  • T-Mobile Cares

    Cam, please remove “Go into store” to cancel location. This will only provide the customer with a poor experience and creates an unreal expectation. Thank you in advance.

    • purosouthside

      Nothing wrong with a smart consumer. Cam, I recommend that you don’t remove that, as you mentioned that at time can fix a connection issue. Thank you for your advancements.

    • Cam Bunton

      Have done. Apologies. I used to work in retail and remember what it’s like getting customers sent in for things we have no way to do. Thanks again.

  • Frettfreak

    Something has been happening a lot for me and my wife with our g2 and note 3. Glad it’s not the custom rom! Lol

  • carcomptoy

    This has been a problem for me since last year with my then Galaxy Note 3. The KitKat update only worsened the situation, so I thought a JUMP to the One M8 would solve things. This happens as frequently now with the HTC, which has just frustrated me even more. I’m glad that I’m not crazy and that it is real, but I hope T-Mobile gets to the bottom of this ASAP!

  • Chris

    Same issue here with LG G2, I don’t think it’s our phones as it happens on a wide variety of phones. Most likely they are working on a tower, I just went and visit my sister where I used to get 30 Mbps down. I did speed test during my visit and I got 70 Mbps down.

    I’m thinking 1. They are just working on the towers. Turning phone on/off solved it for me when it was happening a week ago.

  • 21stNow

    I had noticed that I couldn’t load web pages on my T-Mobile Note 3. I didn’t try any of the work-arounds, though. I picked up my AT&T phone and kept browsing. At least I now know why I was having problems.

    • donnybee

      I see what you did there

  • donnybee

    I have a hard time believing this is a network upgrade. I’m crossing my fingers that it is, but this happens in a wide area, not one central spot. Anywhere from Salt Lake to Ogden. Each and every day (sometimes quite a few times a day) my phone will show that I have 3 bars of service and all my data stops transmitting. I have to toggle airplane mode for it to start working again. Also, this has been happening for about a month and a half. So either T-Mo is really slow to upgrade whatever they’re upgrading, my phone 5S is the issue (which is unlikely, given the events), the sim card is done for, or the network needs to be fixed because there’s a problem.

    No matter the case, this needs to be addressed by T-Mobile. The only constant in all the stories I’ve heard is the network. So I don’t think we can narrow this down to phones or sim cards. Network upgrades would be too fishy because this has been happening for so long.

  • note 3 king

    I have found a way around this issue.. Root your phone and then download a LTE only app if you have volte in your area….it will never happen again. The reason why one technician told me is the phones are searching if they should switch to 4g or LTE…. Ever since I’ve done this the problem has been solved.

    • mark1906


      • note 3 king

        You’re very clueless dummy. Root your phone using towelroot … Samsung Knox doesn’t pick it up dumbass

        • preferred1

          You should work for tmo. You’re full of crap. You’re Really stupid. The carrier can detect a rooted device as soon as you connect to their network.

        • Paul

          No, they cannot. MANY employees and techs from carriers have confirmed they cannot detect if the device is rooted without them checking it physically.

        • itguy08

          Uh, yes they can.

          Most, if not all MDM (Mobile Device Management) software can tell root from non-root. It’s trivial to check for – do something only a rooted device can (like touch a file where you normally can’t) and if it works, it’s rooted, if not it is not rooted.

          Many companies that hand out phones or do BYOD have the MDM software set to not allow rooted phones to connect.

        • Paul

          I have had tech support assist me with rooted phones, obviously not sharing that it is a rooted device, with no issues. T-Mobile has never known I root my phones. I’m only aware of them finding out by means of checking your phone when it’s in their hands. I never let that happen without rerooting it.

          To deny rooted devices via BYOD would eliminate a majority of the customers.

        • itguy08

          Not talking BYOD on T-Mobile but BYOD for corporate people. Like me where I supply the device and work supplies the e-mail.

        • Paul

          THAT totally makes sense. Yes.
          Of course, I wouldn’t root a device that my job gave me.

        • JaswinderSinghJammu

          I am not an expert in this but I used the towelroot and when using the my tmobile app, if you run device health. They know it’s rooted and it said something along the lines of rooted phone being more likely to virus and other issues etc. They definitely know it’s rooted.

        • preferred1

          You are exactly right. The carrier Knows!!!

        • Romdude

          Of course an app can check if it is rooted because it can see the current state of your phone. What you don’t know is if it is reporting that to t-mobile which it apparently isn’t because I’ve returned Samsung Galaxy phones under the full replacement plan. Just make sure to completely wipe it and use a full stock RUU before you return it. If you are really concerned that their app is reporting that your phone is rooted, you can disable it or use specapps launcher app to turn off some functions to it.

      • Paul

        – The main warranty that is void when you root is the Samsung warranty, and that’s if Knox is tripped.
        – There is a root that doesn’t trip Knox.
        – I’ve exchanged a Note 2 and a Note 3 to T-Mobile, via insurance, with no issues. Both devices were rooted.

        You can familiarize yourself with rooting, even in regards to warranties, with the forums on XDA. TmoNews isn’t a great source of information on this matter.

      • dkbnyc

        Psst… Hey, you…. Yeah. You. Gotta tell you and all the other little misinformed febles… ROOTING DOES NOT VOID YOUR WARRANTY IN THE UNITED STATES!!! NEVER DID.


    • Justin

      My Note 2 is set to LTE only (I’m not rooted) and it still happens

  • mariah1903

    Maybe the problem is Legere trying to bs his Pop numbers by showing an area is covered when their definition of” covered” is 70%. That’s great unless you’re one of the 30% they passed over in a fictional numbers farce. I’m in southeast Florida. These 3 counties have nearly 6 million people ( Miami-Dade, Browsed and Palm Beach). According to fairy tale mobile, these counties are completely covered with LTE. Drive around for an hour and you’ll have Crap Edge nearly as often as LTE. And often when my GS5 shows LTE it simply doesn’t work. But Liar Legere has his 6 million Pops!!! He should sell used cars!! I’ve rebooted this phone more often than I can count. What a Joke!!!!

    • NorCalOffspring

      I drove from Sacramento, CA to LA and had LTE/hspa+ 90% of the time on t-mobile. I thought southeast Florida would have if not the same, a better network than us. Really disappointed to hear about the network woes in that part of Florida. If I were living there and it doesn’t improve by the end of next year, I’d go back to Verizon or AT&T.

  • Hiro

    I’ve experienced a could blips randomly, but a quick airplane on/off fixed it. Beyond that, it’s been perfect for me. Never crossed my mind that it’s a network issue as it’s been consistent for me, just as much as when I had AT&T.

    This, mind you, is in the Greater Seattle area.

    • cwarocks

      Wow!!!! The idiots can get it right where their corporate headquarters are. That’s great!!! Of course they’ve laid off 30% of the help at that same headquarters!!! Great management!!

  • Justin

    I experience it every day on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The orange arrow goes away and then I have to toggle airplane mode. I called customer service and they did nothing to help. This isn’t specific to just one tower, it happens everywhere I have lte

  • Michael Scott

    Wow I recently changed my plan (2mnths ago) and have experienced the same issues thinking it to be the data changes made without wifi I have been lost in times of need. Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE

    Long Beach, CA

  • Sorin Lazarescu

    I have had this problem for months on the Note 3 updated to the firmware version before the one where they added that LTE voice calling via data. I don’t know what they call it. I am rooted. Toggling airplane more on and off fixes this issue but it is annoying as hell. When this problem happens i see just the upload arrow flashing under the 4g sign. i am in san diego california, mira mesa area, if this helps.

  • gf

    My iphone 5s was getting extremely hot yest. when using lte and i did notice it was acting slow.

  • Cam Fas

    I’m in Vegas on the iphone5s it happens on occasion I thought it was a occasional glitch on my end but I guess it isn’t. I understand nothing is perfect. I’m not overly bothered as it rarely happens I just toggle airplane mode and it’s usually fixed. Still I can live with it until it’s fixed because I’m still not paying what I used too pay on verizon and my calls are much clearer on tmobile also unlimited data is great.

  • Jay Holm

    I have to toggle between LTE & HSPA quite a bit throughout the day. S4, Fairfield County, Ct.

  • JBLmobileG1

    I have notice issues in the Las Vegas/Henderson area. I could have a full set of LTE bars on my, non-rooted latest update, Note 3 where some days my data just stops working. It’ll show the data arrow up, as if its sending, but doesn’t do anything if you try to access the Internet or anything that may require a data connection. Restarting the phone or messing with the data connection can help. I also notice sometimes if I wait and the data goes out, the entire 4G and LTE signal will drop completely, as if it’s switching to wifi, then after a few seconds pop back up and begin working as it normally would. To be honest, this has been going on for quite sometime, at least a few months, and it can become really annoying. Hopefully it is just T-Mobile updating the network and the issues get resolved soon.

  • Ray

    Had the same issue with both my M7 and G2. I’ve noticed that it’s more frequent with my G2 than the M7. I don’t remember when it started but I know it was in the last half of 2013. I do the data and airplane toggle at least 5 times a day. I talked to a manager at a local tmo store who is also experiencing the same problem with his G2. SF Bay Area, LA Westwood/Beverly Hills, and San Diego.

  • Cruz R.

    I was puzzled why I had no connection. In areas that I had no problems in the past with lately. But if its due to making improvements to the network. Well go ahead Tmo. Do what you gotta do =)

  • Kornmatrix

    You want to talk about data problems town i live in still has EDGE that has no data connection at all for the last 6 to 8 months. I haven’t seen a single Byte out of the tower sense they “upgraded” it from GPRS. called tmobile 4 or 5 times about it and no change. I really hope it gets LTE upgrade soon or i might have to leave Tmobile and i dont want to. 30 Minutes from Downtown Minneapolis and this is what i get!

    • ok

      Sounds like you have a reading problem. I found plenty.

    • thepanttherlady

      You didn’t read far enough down then. At least a couple of iPhone users commented they’re having the same issues. ;)

    • Kornmatrix

      ok Sorry i missed the Iphone Comments

  • Tito!

    Been experiencing this since February. Low and behold I think it’s funny I’m just hearing some conforming some work being in my area with the West Valley City. Though, impressive and reassuring. It’s all too late. Like, this has been ongoing since February? There is literally a tower down the street where I live. I once got the best reception and, most of all, speeds indoors even.

    This would cause for me to call T-Mobile several times with no help from they’re shitty service, and their dismissive attitude towards network upgrade inquiries. Until eventually, I had them send a replacemt iPhone 5S for me, and requested a new sim. seemed to have fixed the issue for me, but that was short lived.

    I am still having the issue – and I’m starting to get really careless of their service. Personally, I feel: making your LTE network existent one year and then not the next year, is bad handling of the network from Neville’s part. and then of course, causes issues with rebranding. especially after they’ve just launched the test drive

    • lordfarquaad

      I agree, their customer service is awful and I’ve always got a “we’ll get it to later” attitude about their network like they don’t care at all.

      When I had AT&T I remember 3G got really slow at my local mall, like 200kbps on HSPA. I opened up their “Mark the Spot” app and reported that data was very slow. Within 30 days I got a text that said something like “We have made data speed improvements in zip code XXXXX based on your Mark The Spot feedback.” Lo and behold I was back to getting good speeds again the next time I went to the mall.

      Meanwhile on T-Mobile, when I reported this issue 4 times, the engineers kept closing the tickets telling me to get new SIM cards because everything looked fine on their end. I tested the problem on multiple phones and they simply didn’t care. “We ran diagnostics and found nothing.” Really? Did you send someone out to test it in the field or are you just looking at a screen???

      Another time I reported a tower not working and they said “Sorry we do not gaurantee coverage everywhere.” Well thanks a lot, I just told you a tower didn’t work, you totally missed the point. Then I said, “Well what would be my cancelation fee if I ported back to AT&T” and they said “Hey, we want you to have the best experience. What makes you want to leave T-Mobile?” Again – REALLY?

      I can’t imagine the amount of people that deal with this crap every day and think it’s their fault.

  • Absolutely no problems for me in Metro Detroit suburbs.

  • Carlos

    anyone having issues with group messaging when using a iPhone

    • Adam

      Yes. Have been having that problem for many months now where I don’t see most or all messages on a group text string. And they usually don’t see mine. Sounds like ios8 update is supposed to resolve the issue. Whenever that happens.

  • monkeybutts

    iPhone problem is in the carrier update for sure. I’ve tried modified as well as the newest official carrier updates for the iOS 8 beta both work much better than the 16.1 carrier update.

  • Jimmy James

    HTC One M8 unrooted and I have an issue where it will go to 4G all of a sudden, even though I have 4 bars on LTE. I have to turn the connection off and back on. Sometimes it will go back to LTE, other times no. This has been happening for a while from multiple locations in Southeast Michigan.

  • Perry_F

    My Nexus 4 has had issues for abut two weeks now in my home town in NJ. Data connection rarely goes above 2 bars and usually drops to one or none. If I go to another town then signal is strong. Thought it was the 4.4.3 & 4.4.4 upgrade but it’s not as the signal strength in other towns is strong only weak in my hometown.

  • Rick

    Yes I have notice on the Nexus 5, happens all the time. I do the airplane on/off thing

  • Morton H

    My LG G2 does it horribly smh. Airplane mode and restarts often help but is a royal pain in the @ss

  • Daniel Benfield

    Same problems and fixes here in the foothills of North Carolina

  • JoshNYC

    I have been having the connectivity issues for past six to eight months, I had called and told that because of the traffic on the towers my data slow down. I am pretty sure that’s not the case, after making so many calls I was told to turn off my phone, turn it back on, change to plane mode and then back to the regular mode, nothing has worked at all, I am paying almost $190 and not getting the service I promised to get.

    • Omar Boyer

      switch thats what i did!? Tmobile works great here in LA as long as your outside go inside a store u on edge or no service , data on tmobile was frustrating sometimes full bars lte nothing coming tru, funny thing i got at&t people were telling me u gonna hate att they would scare me with things like att drops lots of calls , lte is slow etc , After testing them out for 1 month NO dropped calls all over LA , lte performs much better than tmobile lte speeds are usually 15 to 25 dwn not once have i had the problem i had with tmobile were u have full bars or dots if u have an iphone and nothin comes tru , i have been in places my att iphone 5s is only getting 1 dot lte and even then data works great better than having full dots of lte on tmobile i was able to go on fb n check email with one dot of lte . And also i now have signal deep inside buildings were tmobile had nothing, only thing thats messing me up is having 3 gigs of data a month and paying alot more a month

      • arimia

        You know the old saying. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.

  • JoshNYC

    Also I am using the best from falling around the globe samsung galaxy note 2. I am pretty sure it’s not the phone, it’s definitely the service provider,T-mobile!!!!!

  • Arthur Dixon

    Im having this issue on my LG G2 here in West Covina, CA To Los Angeles

    Happened a few times, one time i couldnt even make a call, but the internet worked fine?
    When trying to make a call it would just stall then my data went out and i didnt have H+ or LTE
    but today has been fine so far.

  • Sorin Lazarescu

    Does this happen to people using Cyanogenmod? I wonder if moving to AOSP from TouchWiz will solve this.

    • Aaron C

      I’ve tried a number of different ROMs over the past couple months on my Nexus 5. They all have the same issue. It’s network, not your ROM.

  • Sorin Lazarescu

    I also have a lot of problems with WiFi calling. Texts get delayed when i send them from WiFi, if i call somebody who is on WiFi and they have WiFi calling turned on they phone sometimes doesn’t ring and goes straight to VM and sometimes i don’t hear any ringing and all of a sudden the other person picks up. TMO needs to fix these issues quickly.

  • Baz

    Had this issue over the weekend with my Moto X in Allentown/Whitehall, PA. It was HSPA+ in areas that have always been LTE. I reconnected to LTE in the suburbs on Friday. Sunday, I experienced no problems.

  • VegasSmitty

    Verizon’s looking better every day.

    • MaRk

      I know, right? They never have technical issues with their service, except that couple of times when they had a nationwide glitch with voice and data services. But their network is way, way older than T-Mobile’s and is why they couldn’t predict that outage. Also, I remember reading about Verizon customers not being able to pay their bills for almost a week. That was kind of a little problem, too. Boy, I can’t understand why T-Mobile just can’t be like Verizon. Maybe if they charged more like Verizon does as well as reinstate overages up the whazoo, they would be able to have the same, reliable network as Verizon. I’m sooooo glad you brought up this very important point.

      • michaelp

        You get what you pay for.

      • lordfarquaad

        Sometimes it’s not about the problem, it’s how the company handles it. It’s been an issue for months across the country, people have had to call in about it, and so far there has been no acknowledgement by T-Mobile to fix it. I’m sure it’s on a list of to-do items but you get what you pay for: months of issues that fall on deaf ears. Verizon’s outages were fixed in hours and acknowledged.

      • NexusPhan

        Actually Verizon was much, much worse. As a former Verizon customer from before any LTE to last year, I can tell you they had a TON of problems. Nationwide LTE outages happened all the time. I ended up just leaving LTE off because I was sick of the complete dropping of data. I accepted it, just as I do now, that it’s part of the upgrade process. Just google Verizon nationwide LTE outage and you’ll find articles from every month in 2012.

        • MaRk

          I was being sarcastic. All carriers have their issues, including top dog Verizon. T-Mobile is still in its LTE infancy and they are growing their network day by day. There are going to be hiccups along the way. Give it time people.

        • NexusPhan

          Damn I’m bad with internet sarcasm. Agreed completely.

    • Ordeith

      Cricket is a good option if you don’t want to pay more.

    • UMA_Fan

      They have outages too.

  • zexel

    MMS Text randomly delayed on tmobile in Oklahoma when using WiFi calling. No problems with LTE/4G though.

  • ruben

    When on lte the internet randomly freezes with all bars too on my galaxy s5 in El Paso tx.

  • Tito

    In Yuma Az our towers were upgraded from 2g to 4g about a month and a half ago but about once a day my lumia 925 picks up 2g instead of 4g and I have to turn my data on and off or restart my phone to Pick up 4g again. But hey its better than nothing.

  • pepsi

    I too have experienced the random freezes. Most notably when using pandora. It will freeze for about 30-60 seconds then start again. Same with just browsing the Web. Just randomly freezes with full bars on lte

  • maanshu

    T-Mobile is hitting with a data crunch. At&t saw this coming years ago..

  • Louie

    I own an iPhone 5 and I have certainly experienced data stalling while connected to LTE and having on average 4 bars of signal. I usually reboot and refresh, but it seems to just be a temporary fix. I live in El Paso Texas

  • Louie

    Running on 4G or HSPA+ on my iPhone 5 here in El Paso, TX is a pain in the ass! It runs as if you were on EDGE or 2G. And in order for LTE to be somewhat fast I must have at LEAST 4 bars of signal. I remember when LTE first showed up in El Paso it would run way fast and I was impressed… I dunno what happened :/ I’ve been with T-Mobile for so many years, I love that they’re improving their service but I wish they did much better especially in rural areas and small cities such as mine.

  • Don Kim

    I wasn’t alone!
    I’ve been experiencing the problem on several different devices and SIMS.
    I called CS, and they seemed lost and had no idea how to fix the issue.
    The tech department told me to wait for a few days, oh well, they couldn’t fix the issue.

  • psoohoo

    For me, its been about going on for about the last 2-3 months now. I have a Nexus 5, and throughout NYC, it gets Really, really annoying….

    It usually seems to occur when its trying to reconnect, once a data stream starts it seems to be ok for the most part. But whenever i wake the screen it may work or it may take a while (if ever) to make the connection. I usually give up after about 1 minute of watching the icon spin and go in and out of airplane mode to resolve. It usually always works, but it is annoying and i would imagine a waste of battery life if this is occuring in the background.

    • Aaron C

      Same symptoms on central Long Island — if you have a data connection, it’s steady, but often when trying to initially connect to something, yep… Grrrrr. Have previously been completely happy with T-Mo but this has been going on for a while now.

  • Ricky

    Here in Chicago (I live very close to the Wrigley Field) my service has deteriorated significantly during the last 2-3 months…. It’s truly worse than ever! I’m constantly turning ”airplane mode” on and off to refresh the connection. At work (At O’Hare Airport) it’s even worse… Even with good LTE signal, the connection is terrible.

  • 412 Audio

    DAMN I thought it was just me

  • StankyChikin

    Just fine in Seattle :)

  • Toasted_Cracker

    I live in Greer SC and this has been an on going issue since February for me. My data stalls and I have to enable and disable airplane mode anywhere from once to several times per day. I have made mulitiple phone calls and nobody seems to know how to fix the problem. I have switched from a Note 3 to the HTC One M8 hoping that it was a phone issue but the problem persists.

    I am so glad to see Tmonews posting an article about this. Now I know that I’m not alone and maybe T-Mobile will fix this soon.

  • paul mcdowell

    In Columbus ohio have note 3 and s4 we had 4G lte when we got the phones 2 months ago then about 2 weeks after getting the phone we went to edge the area around the corner has 4glte but not us. No towers within a 9 mile radius

  • JMF_mobile

    I have a feeling this may be an issue of congestion and not enough spectrum more than anything else. You add a couple million subscribers and give them free music streaming on top of a public that’s already streaming more and more and it’s not all that surprising.

    • will

      Have this issue at cell site that covers friends home. Toggle airplane mode I get up to 115 mbps ( Seattle area ) so defiantly no way in hell is it congestion

      • JMF_mobile

        Ok. Symptoms seem similar. So widespread and so many different devices. Full bars, No data moving.

  • NorCalOffspring

    Glad I’m not the only one! I’m having the same exact problem on t-mobile LTE in Antelope, CA. Have full bars of LTE and suddenly my internet is dead in the water. Calls are also dropping like crazy. This has been going on for the last 2 months and every time I call tech support, they ALWAYS say my area is experiencing network issues and engineers are having trouble fixing whatever is causing the problem. Anyone else in Sacramento, CA experiencing this too?

    • KijBeta

      Citrus Heights and Arden area had a similar issue 3 weeks ago, after my fiance and I logged the time/towers/GPS for a week we called, and gave the details. A few days later it was fixed near our house and work locations. Still having occasional issues when traveling around Sacramento area. The rep was not very helpful, the supervisor said they would try to send over the information, but they seemed to be confused on how to help when I just wanted to report information about an issue. They still asked us to reset some stuff, but 3 days between resetting things and the problem reducing seems less likely to be the solution. I assume it was some hardware and/or software settings with something new causing the problem. But I am not a network engineer, so for all I know it could just be good luck with our LG G2 phones.

      • NorCalOffspring

        It’s not your phones since have experienced the same issues on an iPhone 5s and HTC One M8. A friend of mine has an LG G2 in Folsom and deals with the same issues in Folsom. I just hope they fix this issue before VoLTE rolls out, or good luck avoiding dropped calls lol.

    • alex267

      Hey, Another person from Antelope? Small world! Both mine and my wife’s Nexus 5 phones have been having the same types of data drop issues for months.. I was looking at changing over to AT&T at this point. I have to hit the airplane mode switch about 4-5 times a day to get data back, even if it shows that it’s connected. For example; Pandora will stop streaming music and keep trying to load a new song while full 4g LTE is showing connected. I switch to “airplane” mode for a few seconds and it loads a song within seconds of exiting “airplane” mode.

  • brand1399

    HTC One M7 here in Alexandria VA / Washington DC. Same issue as described in the article.

  • pc jona

    happens to me all the dam time in Westchester NY its the most annoying thing iver ever delt with

  • JosephLagalla

    I like to just switch to HSPA+ on my M8 from time to time, same basic fix as the airplane mode switch, just that you can leave HSPA+ if you need data consistently.

  • Brie

    This happens to me at least once a day no matter if Im in Manhattan or Brooklyn, it just happens, very VERY annoying!!!!!! It has to be the service not the phone(s) T-mobile FIX THIS NOW!

  • Rebl6988

    I currently have the new HTC m8 and have been experiencing this very same issue. I have used the airplane toggle on and off option to fix it temporarily only to have it happen again. After contacting t-mobile support they suggested that the APN needs to be reset to default. I have done this and the phone works excellent for me now.

  • Raiterio Patterson

    I’m glad and sympathetic at the time I’m not the only one experiencing this problem in NC piedmont. I have a Nexus 5 and an iPhone 4s. I get no service on the 4s because most of places I travel to in NC aren’t refarmed. Called T-Mobile and they gave me the APN settings for my Nexus 5 and for the most part signal has improved but it stalls even if I get LTE. Now I know for a fact its not my phones its the service.

  • T

    I guess I shouldn’t switch to tmobile!

  • gm

    in February we upgrade to two note threes i thought it was the phones, timeing and all and no complaints on reviews.had note 2 before with no.problems i was disappointed wirh mine exchangd threes timres. cant connect to web so on. was not happy untell getting g flex. wife she kept heres. still happens but very seldom. seems to be some phones are more sensitive then others i wonder why no one complained about it all finally it out in ooen hope tmobil fixes it. cause before allreviews were good ( nite three) thought samsung screwed up. i love my flex would want another sammy know. but iv seen it sense February too. when i traded note 2 for note 3s

  • Avi M.

    I have a MotoX and live in Los Angeles. This has been happening to me for two months now. This problem started before I traveled to Israel for two weeks and has continued since I came back. I’m sure it’s the T-mo network as my MotoX worked flawlessly while I was in Israel. Also a buddy of mine has been having the same problem with his Nexus 5 here on T-mo.

  • el_perezo

    No love in RGV south texas seems like forever. Even a friend of mine that works at a local call center said John Legre stopped by awhile back, looked at his phone and said “fuck no lte here”. I get that there working on upgrades only problem is….they’ve been working on them for a couple years now. Ping is in the 400ms DL .89 UL 5.0…and I’m being charged for LTE, c’mon

  • el_perezo

    No love in RGV south texas seems like forever. Even a friend of mine that works at a local call center said John Legre stopped by awhile back, looked at his phone and said “fuck no lte here”. I get that there working on upgrades only problem is….they’ve been working on them for a couple years now. Ping is in the 400ms DL .89 UL 5.0…and I’m being charged for LTE, c’mon

  • Cam Fas

    Dropped out today in Vegas had too use hspa+ until that also stopped then lte started working a few hours later I think we need much more spectrum at the airport


    Same here as well.. on a new Galaxy S5 in
    San Luis Obispo CA I have call CS many times…

  • Cesar

    I thought I was the only one here in Pomona Ca who had this problem

  • edfranco1

    LG G2 – Rancho Cucamonga, CA and experiencing the same issue… now we have an explanation.

  • ChrisKringle

    All this mumbo jumbo about Tmo means nothing anymore. Softbank is about to be the majority shareholder in Tmo anyway. Say hello to Sprint-Mobile lmao

  • Mike

    Glad to hear that someone finally acknowledged these issues. Have replaced sim, phone and followed tmo advise and still have super crappy service. I think tmo has known about this problem for a while and didn’t have the balls to admit it. They would rather have frustrated customers and issue half ass statements about covering 230 mil pop with lte. The current ads say 1gb of 4g lte. If I don’t get lte do I get a refund or credit for data used on the non lte data usage?

  • JTrip

    I live in South Jersey near Philly and I’ve been losing my data connection once or twice a day for the last few months using a Nexus 5. The last week or so everything has been okay so hopefully the problem has stopped.

  • Rigo

    This has happened to me in the past few weeks I just loose internet signal while on campus. In Chula Vista CA. I just turn my data off and on and that works.

  • T

    How’s md/de area?

    • Baz

      No problems Fri-Sun in the Newark/Wilmington/New Castle.

      I was streaming nicely.

      • T

        I’m aping Cecil county md and have att, thinking of switching but worried about coverage. You said weekend was good what about the rest of week.

  • tmo

    Just happened to me a few min ago. My Note 3 only shows a blinking upload data arrow and nothing works. Pulled out an F6 on another line and data was working just fine. My Note 3 is new with a new SIM. I’m really curious what the issue is here since it’s nationwide. Data is blazing fast when it’s not dropping out!

    • carcomptoy

      My GN3 did that as well, so I JUMP’ed to the One M8 hoping it would be fixed. It didn’t, so it’s definitely the network. Just hoping and praying T-Mobile fixes these issues sooner rather than later!

  • itguy08

    Same deal here in Central PA with a GS5… It seems to be WORSE as of late!

  • Junior Rosa

    I’m glad to hear is not only me, I have been dealing with this issue for a couple of months now in Central NJ. It has become frustrating to a point I want to leave tmobile, I hope they solve this issue soon enough

  • Mathew Colburn

    I’m thankful this hasn’t happened to me. I’m in Indianapolis, IN and while sometimes the data isn’t the fastest on Earth (avgs about 12/s) it’s pretty reliable. I haven’t come across this yet on my G3 or on my Nexus 5 in the last few months.

    • Mike Menard

      Same here, I am in the Carmel area and would love it if we got the Wideband speeds. Also looking forward to them upgrading 65N to Chicago from 2G…

      • Mathew Colburn

        You’re not joking. I drive up to South Bend about once a month and the entire stretch of 31 is a joke for data coverage. They really need to flip the switch on updating from E to at least HSPA on that route.

        • Mike Menard

          I know it sucks, I recently convinced my brother and his wife to switch from Verizon and they drove to Cincinnati and couldn’t believe how poor the data coverage was in between cites. i knew ahead of time that is was going to be like that but I hate seeing fresh customers get that data shock…

        • Terry

          ( Off topic) That drive up 31 just sucks period. LOL

        • Mathew Colburn

          1 million likes to you sir. The new new 31 cannot get finished fast enough. All hwy driving from Indy to south bend will be a God send.

  • nonmindo

    I notice that my data on ANY data mode from tmo drops in the same places on a day to day basis….I use soundcloud primarily in my car as audio and every day, I’ll have full signal and every day the data stops for a specific stretch of my commute, with full signal

  • Brandon

    I had this issue for a few months. New sim. Airplane toggle. 2g/3g/HSPA/LTE network switcher app. It just started working again. We were averaging 28-32Mb/sec download while the stalling was happening. Now it seems that we have been upgraded. We are getting over 50Mb/sec and the stalling issue seems to be gone. Anytime there is a software to throttle your data… there will be issues with losing data. There just seems like there is way too much programming involved. Everything uses data, speedtest doesnt, pandora doesnt, other streaming services dont. That is just over complicating a system that already isnt perfect.

  • morbid

    I haven’t had any issues in the Phoenix AZ area. I used to loose data when going through a mountain range (which I thought was understandable). But they must have added a tower there as I haven’t lost data in that area in the last couple months.

  • Nat

    I’ve been having this issue since I moved to the Monterey, CA area, three weeks ago. Samsung Galaxy S4.

  • HothTron

    Seriously? A tower as a cactus?

    • TMOguy

      I just wanted to say I love the stealth cactus cell tower. It’s a good example of just how far T-Mobile will go to build a tower in the place it’s needed even when faced with community opposition. I’ve seen them in church steeple’s, fake pine trees, etc.. The current case that wil be heard by the Supreme Court of the U.S. (T-Mobile vs. City of Roswell, GA) will determine a lot about the rights of a cell phone company to build towers in the future where they are needed.

    • morbid

      Not only do we have cacti towers here, we also have palm tree towers. I think there are some other stealth type towers in the Phoenix area too.

  • dirtyblueshirt

    I’ve noticed this on my iPhone 5S in Orange County, CA. I didn’t think a lot of it though as I’ve been running iOS 8 Beta and figured it was due to that.

  • Barnassey

    Interesting that this only happens to devices with Qualcomm chipsets. I wonder whats going on.

    • Ordeith

      Interesting that this only happens to devices on T-Mobile. I wonder what’s going on.

      • Anonymous

        I’ve read complaints like this with AT&T on HowardForums when I was looking to see if anyone else had similar issues.

  • Hiro

    In the mean time, it’s working great for me… speeds in Seattle… seriously seriously fast.


    LOL, I have noticed two differences once I received LTE in my area. 1.) My hspa+signal has changed to **”4g LTE”** and 2.) My hspa+ speed of 9-14mbps download speed has changed to a whipping 1-3mbps…LMFAO. Then my bill is a whopping $600 a month for 4 lines because of the EIP thing, so that is where they get you. They make you think you are gonna have a cheaper bill than other carriers, but if you sign up for the EIP on a device, which most people do anyways, your bill is right there or even more than other carriers. They also figured out a way to keep you there so you never pay off your phone, they introduced the JUMP! Program, trade in your current phone that you probably owe about $250 left from a $700 charge that you started with. “Here, give us your current phone, as long as it can be resold, and we will supposedly wipe your current EIP and give you a new one once you pick from the current phones.” T-Mobile=deceitful.

    • Nemesai

      I don’t think deceitful isn’t the word you intended to use, because that’s not the case. Nobody forces you to get a phone through the company and especially not the most expensive, and nobody forces you to actually get the JUMP! program. Now, your bill is $600? Please, for the love of your money, go into a store and ask why. Even if you had Unlimited Talk, Text, Data ($30 UNL Data), JUMP!, and the most expensive phones on ALL four lines… you’d come in at right over $400 after taxes. So if your bill is actually $600 then you have extra features and it’s your own fault, and if not then you have an incorrect bill. Also if you’re just over exaggerating then please don’t because that helps nobody in a post that’s actually trying to address an issue.

  • s10shane

    I’ve noticed this happen to me a lot. At first I thought it was my note 3. So I gave it to my gf then I bought the new htc one m8. It still has the same problem. I tried a new sim and that still didn’t fix it and i’m still having issues till today. I noticed when it happens, I just put my phone in airplane mode on. Then just airplane mode off and it seems to do the trick everytime.

  • Jason Crumbley

    Finally! I’ve been complaining about this for a while. It’s so frustrating.

  • Casper Evan

    I didn’t have this problem until I updated the os. I had great lte at work and home. Now it goes in and out all the time. Cs sent me a new phone, note 3, but it’s still doing it. I’m convinced it was the kitkat update.

    • Avi M.

      4.4.2 or 4.4.3? I’m running 4.4.3 but have has this problem before I got the update.

  • ⓜ@®!ⓞ G@®CI@ ™

    Mike just Acknowledge the issue to me and 3 people on twitter he said they are working on it to see whats causing the issue. So thank god they finally acknowledge it! looks like it will finally be fixed after months lol glad a fix is on the way

    • me

      Good. I hope they are actually gonna do something. My data just dropped out on me again. Switched to HSPA+ then back to LTE to get it going again. Realllly annoying! Why have truly unlimited data if it doesn’t stay working..

    • terry

      Can you show us this tweet? Not that I Don’t believe you, I don’t believe they would have acknowledged out.

    • Jose

      Don’t be gullible. I’ve reached out to “T-Force” several times, they’re useless.

      • ⓜ@®!ⓞ G@®CI@ ™

        I Dont contact T-Force either for that matter, but i got confirmation from Mike Sievert, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for T-Mobile he works closely with John Legere and he tweeted me this “Hang in there we are looking into what could be causing this for you!” Me and some other guy tweeted him this article and he replied to the other guy saying “I Will look into it thanks” 4 hours before replying to mine so they know about the issue. And he also said “We are looking” so im guessing him john and Neville maybe.

  • David

    I’ve been having problems on my HTC one in Tucson AZ I get 1-3 mbps when I am connected to LTE…

  • Luis Espinal

    I’m not sure if related..I have tmobile and I also have metropcs with tmobile gsm phones. On metropcs I’ve been having bouts where my data on LTE stops and I’m redirected to a data up sale. …surprising because I’m on unlimited with metropcs data….it’s strange….what’s even more strange is that I’m directed to a data up sale site from TMOBILE! I understand Metro rides on Magenta towers, but I didn’t expect that…I would’ve figured to see METROPCS logo on the redirect site….strange.
    BTW I’m on a rooted Note 3…so I wasn’t able to get the update on this phone.

  • Cam Fas

    Wide band went live in Vegas today and I’m enjoying it too the maximum

  • I wouldnt say the dropping or slowing thing is new,its been happening for years..lol

  • TmoJohnstownCustomer

    I just traveled from PA to OH and was impressed with the LTE
    coverage when crossing the state line. I was on LTE almost the entire time. I
    fell back to 2G in some smaller towns and along some portions of the
    interstates but was pleasantly surprised (I mapped most of my trip in Sensorly).
    I was mostly in Sandusky and Cleveland and had no problems. I did a speed test
    (Root Metrics) in the middle of Cedar Point and got 15 down and 10 up (not bad
    with so many people connected). My girlfriend has Verizon and fell back to 3G
    quite a bit. I haven’t experienced any issues while connected to LTE. I’m
    patiently waiting for TMO to invest some upgrades in PA: with the exception of
    Pittsburgh and Philly, LTE coverage is quite sparse.

    My experience with LTE upgrades/expansion is limited to
    Indiana, PA. I drive through at least twice a month. It used to only have DC-HSPA
    in the downtown. Several months ago, much of the surrounding 2G became DC-HSPA
    and the downtown became LTE. Several weeks later, everything was LTE. Since
    then, I can pick up any combination of the above. Sometimes I only get 2G until
    I reach the old HSPA limit. This makes it difficult to tell where LTE areas
    begin and end… It seems to be improving but their expanded coverage comes and

    The biggest connection issues I have come from 2G areas. My
    phone reverts to GPRS constantly and I use the airplane mode method to return
    to EDGE. I originally thought it was from my local tower which was only
    upgraded to EDGE around a year and a half ago but it is widespread and happened
    on my last two phones. I also get “unable to establish a secure connection”
    errors when on EDGE that require me to refresh the webpage to continue.

    Overall, My LTE experiences have been completely positive
    but I don’t get to experience it on a daily basis.

  • metabolicGPU

    The North Dallas / Addison area has been horrible in the last 4 months. Download speeds on 3 different phones are about 0.3 MB/s and it switches to 2G atleast three times a day.

    T-Mobile says they keep logging it each month I call, but all the workarounds don’t improve service.

  • Dustin Knight

    Salt lake city and 60 mile radius (as I travel) has been happening everywhere and it happens about 4 to 10 times a day (air plane mode on and off) Really annoying. I thought it was my lg flex, so I switch to my note 3 and nexus 5 and same issues. Also to note I have a At&t S5 and it has the same issue but usually only once a day (slower upgrades lol).

    Either way I hope its fixed soon. I assume there is a issue going from tower to tower. But Im no expert. I just fix the hardware on the phones. Not software.

    • Nicolas Aguilar

      same in ogden utah, its been a big problem I called and reported it, and was told that what it could be is that the network gives access to first come first serve and that you get put in que back of the line sort of thing to allow others to get on which then causes you to hang like that and doing the airplane mode resets this que thingy

      • JBLmobileG1

        Bunch of BS, I was just streaming my Google Play music and the data stopped so my music stopped. Every phone should be using data in some form or another even if it’s just updating you on an email or Facebook message. Hopefully they get this fixed soon because it’s annoying.

  • gtcard

    This happens to me multiple times a day, every day. At first I thought it’s my phone so I had it replaced through warranty and new phone(s) all had the same problem, and yes, I went through multiple phones. I had some friends who signed up for tmobile recently, and they have the exact same problem occur, multiple times per day. This is in San Francisco. Always have full or near-full LTE coverage when this happens, so it’s not a reception problem. Airplane mode toggle fixes this problem every single time. PhoneInfo shows I’m connected to the same LTE tower before and after toggling Airplane mode. It’s not our phones, it’s the network.

    I suspect this happens to everyone, but some people are just more prone to notice it than others, probably because they use their data connection more frequently throughout the day. The Steam chat app is very sensitive to network disconnects, and it will disconnect you from Steam and show a brown gear icon in the notification bar shortly after one of these LTE data hangs happen.

  • AF

    Anyone using tmobile in Cecil county md?

    • uknoTJ

      im in DC. happens to me often

  • Scoop003

    I live in the Boise area, and have this happen about once a week or so. In fact, it happened after work today. I usually just reboot my phone, and it works fine after. When it stalls out, it shows I have 5 bars of signal, but I’m not able to load websites or do anything data related. I’ll have to try to remember the airplane mode toggle next time, although, I rarely reboot my phone, so it’s probably not a bad idea to reboot when it happens. I’m using an HTC One M8.

  • Guest

    I live in the Detroit area and this happens a couple of times a week. I just wait it out and eventually my texts get sent out. I am using a Samsung Galaxy S3.

  • gtcard

    My advice to anyone who is experiencing this issue is to hang on to your phones. do not do a warranty exchange because of this issue because it will not solve it. The only thing an exchange will accomplish is to change your brand new working phone into a refurbished unit.

  • Mike

    I Thought it was a problem w my phone . This has been happening to me ALOT on my galaxy

  • Aaron C

    Wow. Having this problem on Long Island for a while now. Like most others, I thought it was me (figured something with custom ROMs and radios — I like to switch quite often). Flipping Airplane mode on/off fixes it temporarily. I thought maybe my access point name was wrong, so I kept switching that too. Wonder when they’ll get it sorted out? Could it be all the new T-Mobile users and a network saturation issue? Speeds still seem pretty fast even when on LTE though. I remember when the first Verizon LTE towers went up and speeds were lightning fast on my Thunderbolt (god I hated that phone), but then within six months, it slowed to complete crap.

  • PhilC

    I received Response from TForce a couple hours ago

    Hello Phil,Thank you for contacting T-Force. I can definitely understand your concern at
    the LTE connection not downloading until you toggle to Airplane mode or
    restart. Our engineers are aware of this issue and actively working to
    get this resolved. They have not indicated an expected a time for
    resolution at this time though. At this time they recommend the steps
    you are using to reset your connection on LTE. I apologize for any
    inconvenience this has caused.

    Lucinda @ T-Force
    End Quote

    Here is email image http://i58.tinypic.com/vzcuhz.png

  • TimGNO

    This article hit close to home for me! Just today, after close to 3 weeks of wrangling with “no 4G” (ever) on my OnePlus One, I finally proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the problem is on T-Mobile’s side! I can finally assert with authority that:

    It’s not my phone: Placing someone else’s already-working T-Mo SIM into my 1+1 got me 4G (network = LTE, etc.)

    It’s not my settings: Duh. Setting up the correct APN and checking “Preferred Network”, etc. in the OS is child’s play.
    It’s not my location: Everyone was getting T-Mo 4G around me … just not my phone, using my own SIM.
    It’s not T-Mo coverage or tower: Because when 4G works, it works just fine in every part of town (just never for me!).
    It’s not my SIM: Not only does it grab 4G effortlessly in someone else’s phone, but T-Mo replaced it 3x or more!

    PROOF: I went to Wal-Mart, bought a “$30 T-Mo Plan”, activated the new SIM in someone’s iPhone, and transferred it to my phone. BAM! 4G LTE service, the likes of which my 1+1 (an unlocked, non-TMo-branded phone) had never seen before! SpeedTest results doubled (I was careful to take before and after screenshots throughout, to show T-Mo and 1+1 staff!).

    CONCLUSION: It was/is somehow my original T-Mo account’s fault all along. (T-Mo is still trying to ascertain just how…)

    Now, I am working with T-Force to iron out where the glitch lies, by comparing the provisioning and other back-end aspects of my (now) two accounts. I will also be asking them for a refund of all my expenses trying to suss out this vexing problem!

    • TimGNO

      T-Force suggests anyone with the aforementioned “no 4G ever” issue reach out to them via tforce@t-mobile.com or by calling tech support at 1-800-TMOBILE and explaining “a change needs to be made on the back-end for this account.”
      They declined to share any specific information, such as which “codes” they altered to solve my particular situation.
      Hope this helps someone else!

  • Willie D

    Unfortunately, each customers issue is unique, however, T-Mobile network engineers found what the issue is in my area, and in my case. Lost packets and a bad baseband code. When this will be fixed is beyond me since the issue is now spreading through the cell towers in my area, and crossing from LTE to HSPA as well. But that is a start.
    What you all need to do is contact T-Mobile and ask that they put you in touch with their network team, they will ask when, where, and what device is experiencing the issues, and it can give them the go-ahead to go deeper into the areas you are in and really see what can be solved. But without contacting them and being specific, filing trouble tickets, and keeping a log of where it happens, T-Mobile, like all carriers, will be slow to fix it. If they can pinpoint it fast, a solution comes fast. If they cant pinpoint or reproduce the issue themselves, you are looking at months. Again, this is with any company.

    • gtcard

      I’m glad you pursued this issue further. Packet loss always a nuisance, but I think the gripe most of us are having is with the consistency this is occurring on T-Mobile’s network. Case in point, my issue just crossed the line from nuisance to an issue with actual consequences; microtransactions are becoming more prevalent and you can imagine how bad of a day I had when I had this problem occur in the middle of making an in-app purchase. Needless to say, I did not get what I paid for, and I lost the in-game cash currency I used to buy it. While I understand this is probably the developer’s responsibility to have some sort of fault tolerance for transactions, I also can’t help but feel T-Mobile has a responsibility to properly maintain their network, if they are selling service. As I said before, it’s understandable if this data problem occurs sporadically, but it’s inexcusable when it occurs with this level of regularity, and went unaddressed for this length of time.

  • Johnny

    NYC is having the same problems. So as i see we just have to sit it out. What baffels me is why the company just don’t say it as it is. Thanks your post helped.

    • gtcard

      They do not acknowledge the problem openly because that will give fodder for the other carriers to use against them. I have no doubt they have been aware of this issue long ago, and I can only speculate as to why they have not acted on it yet. Though I will point out that with the unlimited plan, the knowledgeable, vocal heavy data user pays as much for service as the complacent chump.

      However, as I mentioned in an earlier post, this is beginning to shape from an inconvenience into something of a liability. With microtransactions in apps becoming more common, there will bound to be instances when this problem occurs to someone in the middle of making a purchase. All is fine and well until people lose real money because of this problem. Then they’re going to want to hold someone accountable. My guess is this problem WILL eventually resolve itself, whether T-Mobile does it on their own, or their hands are forced, I cannot say.

      Spreading the word is the most sensible thing we can do right now.

      • Johnny

        You do sure have a point.

  • Shonnetta

    I’ve been having issues with t-mobile for a month now. I have galaxy note 3 and everything was good up until last month. My son who is on a family plan with me has no issues. At first I thought it was my phone. But after getting a replacement phone and new Sim card, I’m still having service issues. But I’m being told my area has bad coverage. I’ve been in the same area for 33 yrs but all of a sudden I have issues now.

  • unhappy Horrible service

    I have always had problems with my t-mobile service. Am always fighting with trying to get our phones and mobile broadband to work either that or trying to tell a customer service rep their service is horrible not only their service but their customer service. I called and cancelled my hot spot today and am calling within the next couple days and getting rid of T-mobile totally. We spend on average $300 a month and constantly have problems have been with t-mobile for 7 years and they have gone from bad to worse!!! I am filing complaints on them too. We just got new phones and sim cards hoping the problem would be solved and nothing has been solved. Seems odd the last three nights my husband can’t even call out, but after me calling and complaining at 3:45 this morning at 4 I was able to reach him, even though they told me he had to call back from his phone before they could do anything. Then again this afternoon its not working. SUCH A JOKE. They might be cheaper then other cell phone providers but their service sucks. I would much rather pay more to Verizon and have good service. Since switching to a Jet Pack through verizon today for my laptop I have super fast internet and no problems at all. T-Mobile is not a provider I would ever consider again.

    • Pamela Marie Nemec

      I am going through the same they are a nightmare I am so sorry I switched from Verizon

  • Pamela Marie Nemec

    We switched from Verizon to T Mobile since their unlimited text talk and data with international calling seemed enticing so I could call my son stationed in Korea. I was lucky to get the I Phone 6 first day out at T Mobile but that day when I made the switch I have had nothing but dropped calls, several times, No service and I am talking in areas that should have it like Dallas Houston to name a few. I travel a lot showing dogs and the first week of switching while out on travel I got lost for several hours on the back roads of Arkansas with no service to intermittent service to maxed out roaming. Their fix is toggle airport, reset phone, blah blah blah and even replaced the Sims card. They then said they would replace the phone but none are available. I told them the first week I didn’t want their service long story short they said I couldnt get out of the contract without paying a hefty price and after Calling several times a day for two weeks about helping me with my dropped calls no no service on the 15th day they said I could have returned the phone to the store when in fact they told me I couldn’t… This is the worst service ever of any carrier with many hidden charges .. They spend way too much money on advertising and all are trained the same annoying way to greet you via in person or on the phone. DO NOT get trapped into T MOBILE unless you plan to never leave your area … with Verizon I was in the Wichita Falls Mountains at the Holy City and had a signal… In the middle of no where. If you travel a lot T Mobile is not Safe with no service as I have explained to them but they don’t care

  • Stacy Kim

    I’m in Maine and I just switched to T-Mobile last month. I have a Galaxy s5 and didn’t have any issues until today.

    Both phones on my account are having issues connecting to the network. I’ve called tech support twice and I’m now quite familiar with the “more networks” settings. I also went to the store and got a new Sim. It’s not the Sim card.

    The odd thing is that it’s just with cellular data. I can access the web but not make phonecalls.

    The only thing that works is switching to any network mode besides the one with LTE. That seems to work consistently. The other method like using airplane mode only works for a short time.

    Honestly I think all carriers have issues so I’m hoping to simply find a solution rather than T-Mobile bash.

  • Kaylin Logsdon

    Live in Kentucky and I don’t get service where I have everyday for the past 3 years. Started yesterday.

  • Michel Ariza

    Be with t mobile for 2 years and all in my family have unlimited Internet but always we have problems with the conections. All videos and movies take a century to load . All videos en youtube show me loading all the time is a nightmare watch a live movie or tv show. This going to be my last year with t mobile ,I will comeback with Verizon better network.

  • Michel Ariza

    I live in miami

  • Darrien

    I converted from metro prepaid to T-Mobile post paid, and it’s the same issue, I know my phone works because from 12am til 8am 4g doesn’t skip a beat. After 8am it’s like I’m bumped off the network & the tower that connects during those hours gets skipped over all day until 12am then it reconnects like magic. My phone cycles from UMTS, to HSDPA all day, major battery drain, UMTS gives me a few kilobytes, but hangs, & HSDPA gives me up to 30 kilobytes but hangs, but skips over the tower that has the HSPA+ , until 12am. Restarting & toggling airplane, gives me a few minutes of speed then stops.

  • I converted from metro prepaid to T-Mobile post paid, and it’s the same issue, I know my phone works because from 12am til 8am 4g doesn’t skip a beat. After 8am it’s like I’m bumped off the network & the tower that connects during those hours gets skipped over all day until 12am then it reconnects like magic. My phone cycles from UMTS, to HSDPA all day, major battery drain, UMTS gives me a few kilobytes, but hangs, & HSDPA gives me up to 30 kilobytes but hangs, but skips over the tower that has the HSPA+ , until 12am. Restarting & toggling airplane, gives me a few minutes of speed then stops. I have 5 bars & 4G indications 24/7 but so data behind that signal.

    • VoiceOfReason

      Glad to hear you’re not the only one who can only get service during strange times. For the last month my connection flies around 1 am and almosts comes to a standstill in the morning and I have the unlimited data package. No streaming media, forget youtube and netflix. I reboot the phone, shut down applications, change the server, clear cache and data, keep track and complain, yet every day all day long I see:
      Cannot connect to secure server
      Website not available
      Connection lost
      I can make calls without a problem, as a matter of fact, I found that if I place an outgoing call, I get connectivity for a few minutes. In 2 days I initiated 160 calls…
      After 11 years with T Mobile I was told that it wasn’t an issue on their end and that either accepting a free, small throwaway phone or purchasing a new $350 phone should fix the problem. Of course it would, just this month I finished paying for my Note II. Even more hilarious was the fact that I was told THREE times to give my email password to someone else so that they can access and e-sign my phone order on my behalf instead of recording my approval over the phone since I have no internet service. Took me over 40 minutes to post even this…

      • Well ive switched back to metro PCs, rather pay 56 monthly with taxes included instead of 94 monthly for something that half way works. Upgraded to the zte zmax, & at least I get up to 400kb throughout the day on band 4, I switched back because I discovered that MetroPCS, 4G LTE coverage in my area was way larger than it’s parent. T-Mobile should stop promoting, services that are not available, they claim to have so many upgrades but it will be wiser to do band upgrades to the areas with more complaints rather than large cities that had good coverage to begin with. There is a metro on every corner, only T-Mobile store is a city away so metro is more convenient, because T-Mobile has the worst customer service ever, I though comcast top the cake absolutely not.

      • Now it’s 3am smh

  • Jay

    I been a t mobile custumer for 3 months and i live in Cali big city and all and this network is the shiittiest ever drop calls and if im on a call it kicks u out or miss a call they are the crapiest ever i swear im going back to sprint..

  • VoiceOfReason

    I’m finally saying it: T Mobile has really disappointed me. For the last month my connection flies around 1 am and almosts comes to a standstill in the morning and I have the unlimited data package. No streaming media, forget youtube and netflix. I reboot the phone, shut down applications, change the server, clear cache and data, keep track and complain, yet every day all day long I see:
    Cannot connect to secure server
    Website not available
    Connection lost
    I can make calls without a problem, as a matter of fact, I found that if I place an outgoing call, I get connectivity for a few minutes. In 2 days I initiated 160 calls…
    After 11 years with T Mobile I was told that it wasn’t an issue on their end and that either accepting a free, small throwaway phone or purchasing a new $350 phone should fix the problem. Of course it would, just this month I finished paying for my Note II. Even more hilarious was the fact that I was told THREE times to give my email password to someone else so that they can access and e-sign my phone order on my behalf instead of recording my approval over the phone since I have no internet service.

  • Aron Anon

    I have tmobile on Samsung s5 in the Oxnard/Port Hueneme area in California and I too get random periodic drop offs like Im playing a game or watching vines and all off a sudden the spinning disc of buffer, for like a minute or so, toggling data widget or airplane mode sometimes appears to help? Also in the center of town where i work ; out in the open I throttle down to like 0.08 download and 1.12 upload in the afternoons according to “speedtest” app. Very frustrating. WImax come save us.

  • Lee Matsuyama

    My ZTE Zmax doesn’t get 4g lte or even 2 g. What is funny is that I am less than 1/2 a mile away from the T-Mobile Tower. My Blü Studio X Plus Phone on T- Mobile gets 4g all the time. I have also talked to the Owner of the Metro PCS Store and his Customers also say when using the Zmax Phone they also are unable to get 4g lte or even 2g.
    I am now 100% certain that different devices receive the Signal from the Towers differently. And the ZTE Zmax is garbage and doesn’t have enough strength internally to receive 4g…

    • Yolanda

      I have had a zte zmax for over a year and it worked great until this weekend. since I downloaded the new update, now it’s like the phone looses all connectivity, can’t make calls or use data at all. I have been restarting to get it to work.

      • king

        Your not alone my zmax did the same thing about a month ago after update had my phone replaced Oct 30 and it’s wanted to update now it’s doing the same thing I think it’s the network throttling or sabotage?

  • ypay4shitservice

    Using a Samsung s5 and it is so annoying when this happens. Sometimes it won’t do it but twice a day, other days it will happen every 30 min. Really inconvenient since I’m paying quite a bit extra for the 4G lte service.

    Toggling airplane works and is quicker and easier on your battery, than constantly having to restart your phone.

    I wish t mobile would bring better service to the south, specifically Arkansas.

  • Elaine1

    I don’t know what is going on but my service is just getting worse and worse. Now for the last couple of weeks my 4g lite is stay dropping inside my work place. It is beyond annoying. It wasn’t doing this before now I have to step outside to get suitable service. Its ridiculous!! Absolutely the worse service I have ever had.

  • Linda2

    Bought a new iPhone 6 plus from TMobile and for last two months it has been dropping calls and I am not receiving income calls at least 50 to 60% of the time. Multiple calls to their 800 service numbers yielded nothing and they say it is fixed each time. Went in to TMobile and had a sw upgrade with nothing. Went back and was told it is the result of LTE upgrading creating issues with iPhones, so they cut out my LTE and that did not work either. No one else at TMobile seems to be aware of the LTE upgrades. They are refusing to replace the phone since it might be their issue but will not admit it. I amusing suggestions below for turning it off and on and toggling airplane mode but that is not really doing the job and this phone was really expensive. Why should I have to experience this fior what we are paying TMobile per month? Any other complaints out there?

  • DatalessInDallas

    My S5 drops in and out of data network all day. (North Dallas area) Never should have left AT&T

  • Mike Kornhauser

    Okay folks, there’s is an easy work around for this. You need to access your settings, then you need to access your mobile networks. Once you’re in your mobile networks you will have a few options: LTE/WCDMA/GSM (4G LTE setting), WCDMA/GSM, WCDMA only, or GSM only. Select the WCDMA/GSM setting. Once you do this it wI’ll be on 4G and you should have no issues. Yes it does suck that we don’t have LTE available as we should, however this should take care of the issue for the time being until all the LTE issues are ironed out.

    • Meredith Hartford

      I have an HTC Desire 626s running the $60 “unlimited everything” plan from metro pcs. Here’s the thing. Metro pcs piggy backs off of T mobiles network. But here’s what T-Mobile and metro DONT TELL YOU!!!!::::

      unlimited I not TRULY unlimited. This is what happens. They will let you use their 4g LTE data network until you reAch 25 gb. From that point on, the companies consider your data use to be “unusually high” and they then deem you “low priority”. This means that without any type of warning they are able to drop your devices connection and/or temporatily suspend your network access. At their own discretion. Any time, for any duration of time. Simply put, when network traffic is heavy or overloaded , they will temporarily suspend your network access until ALL OTHER CUSTOMERS HAVE FINISHED USING IT. if you have metro especially, you are ALWAYS second priority behind T-Mobile customers. Whether u are a frequent data user or a casual web browser. The kick is, it’s all LEGAL. the terms and agreements state this info in the smallest of small print in their disclosure terms and conditions agreements.

      That being said, no matter what device you have, the user above that posted the comment I am replying to is correct. I figured that out on my own after a month of trying everything possibly to solve the issue. His method DOES WORK. TOGGLE TO GSM/WCDMA auto and then underneath that tap preferred network and select “. Automatically register to preferred network”
      This reconeccts you to towers in your area . You may need to do this occasionally but for now it is the only method I have found to work.
      Any other questions, please feel free to contact me . I’d be happy to help anyway that I can. :)

      • Karly Johnston

        I have the problem whether I am starting the month or ending the month at 100GB. It isn’t an intentional throttle, it is a network issue. What does work is falling back to 3G but when you pay for LTE, you want LTE.

  • Zearl Clark

    There is a (somewhat) new method to fix the problems associated with dropped calls and data on the t mobile network, and yes I do know this is an old article, but…. Here it is. (NOTE: This is not available on all phones or providers because they have disabled it and be extremely careful here because this is used for OEM manufacturing, testing, developer, and engineering purposes). Go to your dialer on your phone and type in “*#*#4636#*#* and then go to phone information ( the top button), scroll down until you see “Set preferred network type” click the options tab and select “LTE only” (HSDPA+ is also faster than 3G in my opinion (I live in a rural area)). That will set your phone to only accept an LTE signal (A.K.A- 4G LTE) press the home button and wait for about 3 to 5 minutes to see if you get LTE signal. If not, repeat process but this time select “GSM/CDMA only” or “GSM/CDMA/WCDMA only” that will put you on the 3G signal (slower but seemingly but understandably more reliable because it is more widely developed). As far as being able to get signal indoors, t mobile has the weakest LTE bands (1900mhz) and is currently, at the time of this posting, releasing a mini tower to post paid consumers to rectify the situation with building penetrating until they successfully purchase some of Verizon’s bands (A.K.A.-frequencies) in a government auction, pay royalties, and convince other companies that use similar bands (digital television, etc.) to drop the bands that conflict. Hope that helps. DISCLAIMER: I will not be held Latinos for damages caused by YOU to your phone because you did not research the proper methods to correctly change your preferred network type. Edit- Android OS 6.0 (Marshmallow) has enabled this option under the settings menu. I’m only reiterating what Mike Kornhauser is pointing out in the post below mine.

    • alissa914

      “DISCLAIMER: I will not be held Latinos for damages caused by YOU to your phone because you did not research the proper methods to correctly change your preferred network type”

      I’m a latina so I guess this only applies to people like me… got it. Thanks. :)

  • Rodney Davis

    I see the problem to most people are facing and I have try this and it helped me so what I did is I had to buy a 2nd back up phone that is old like s3 or something like that, and I put my tmobile card into the phone and my service was back up from drop calls. Mind you on my other phone it will drop 30 min to 1 hour out of the blue .

  • Leander Williams

    I have been with T-Mobile for 10 years, and I don’t think I have had this issue before. I pay for 9g of unlimited data. In addition, I pay for a wifi hotspot. For about 4 months, I have noticed that it almost seems like my data is throttled back during the day. The only time my data and hotspot work flawlessly is between midnight and 7 am. After that, I can never get more than 1 or 2 mbps on the download, and 2 max on the upload. Between midnight and 7, I can average 16mbps on the download, and 12 mbps on the upload. I went to the tmobile store, whicht was in a neighboring town, during the day, when I am getting practically no signal, even though my phone is showing 3gLTE ad 5 bars, and i was getting 40.3mpbs on the download, and 13.7 on the upload. They told me it must be the sim card. Tried that; nothing changed. toggling airplane mode didn’t really help. I keep telling them it is not the phone; it is the cellphone tower. Does the owner of the tower kick t-mobile off or throttle them back during the day. This is an issue, since I am paying quite a bit for a service i am not receiving properly. I am about ready to switch carriers, because I am tired of the runaround. Any suggestions. Oh, and I noticed there are only 2 towers in Escondido, CA.

  • Thatgirl

    I have a alcatel one touch tablet and it has cell service but it’ll drop out for like 1 to 3 days and ive tried everything but it says that I have to get my service back (when I have full bars) when I’m trying to text someone please help its very annoying

    • Meredith Hartford

      Hi were you able to solve your issue ?

  • TmoGirlLafayette

    Lafayette IN near Columbia Park, phone shows connected and full bars. Tried 4 different phones, 2 android, 2 iOS, of which, the android are 4G capable. Can’t make or receive calls for a full week now. Texts are rare to come in and rarer to go out successfully. No hope of data at all. Used to have flawless 4G in same area. CS opened a trouble ticket after an hour on phone (husband’s AT&T phone) without resolve. Local t mobile branch can’t identify problem, either.

    • BeeMOe429

      All over Lafayette, and surrounding areas, which used to have PERFECT connections – now “drop” at a whim.

  • Karly Johnston

    I will be connected to LTE but data just stops with full bars. Have to fall back to 3G for an hour then the LTE works. Repeat next week.

    • Maxamillion Headroom

      Same here since day one on brand new zMAX pro

      • Drewfromthalou

        The Zmax pro has been a headache with all the network issues, I dont receive all my calls or text, It seems to work better on 4g only

  • Byron Williams

    Been with tmobile for a min I mean good min, but had a lg leon it was a str8 phone but cracks the screen so I got a Samsung s5.. get all my stuff sync over nice like and go to use the phone and my service is crap.. so I’m like what a sec, been with tmobile for a long time never had trouble with service.. I did WiFi calling, which I don’t do cause I didn’t have to..so I connected to the WiFi in my house full signal I can get online but no videos no calls.. never had trouble with this.. I didn’t move anywhere I just got a better phone.. l think we can all say the Samsung Galaxy s5 is better lg leon.. I just know my service is really bad.. u guys thunk it’s the phone.. I’ve been with tmobile for bout 8 years, so not saying they got the best service but it has always been great for me here in Tennessee…

  • Trish62

    As a long term T-Mobile customer (originally a Powertel customer when T Mobile bought them in 2001). My service has been getting progressively worse over the past few years and even more so in the last few months and weeks. Right now I am fortunate if I can maintain 120 kbps download speeds while using a T-mobile branded hotspot OR my Samsung V20 phone.

    I would not recommend that anyone gets T-Mobile service until these problems are resolved. They are not keeping pace with their network upgrades and service is on a downward spiral for the existing customers. I have to say that right now it is worse than Sprint.

    For a while I have also had Verizon and AT&T data plans on other devices. I am incredibly disappointed with the service and when I travel to other areas of the country (even like in downtown Chicago) I just get areas where there is “no service at all”.

    T-Mobile is developing a reputation for poor service. If this keeps up they will be an even bigger joke than Sprint.

  • Kent Noller

    The T-mobile system has on numerous occasions been failing to support phone and text for periods of up to one hour at a time during the last six months. For my family this has included emergency communications dropped calls and “Failed to send Failed to send message to ..…” notifications.
    Each family member on our T-Mobil plan uses a different android model phone in different locations and all have experienced the same issues.
    The last occurrence was on Saturday 1/11/2019 from 12:00 to 1:000 PM CST while trying to communicate during a family member emergency situation.
    My phone was checked out in person by a T-Mobil in store rep at aprox 4:00 PM CST and found to be in perfect operating condition and all settings correct. As instructed I contacted a T-Mobil technician by phone at aprox 8:00 PM. My reception averages 4-5 bars from cell towers and full WIFI reception. Although my phone has automatic switching to the highest tower signal strength source and auto switching to WIFI, the technician said “he was
    resetting my phone to another tower”. The signal reception on my phone stayed
    at 4 bars in the same location. “Verified 4G LTE HD Voice and top data speeds
    and Excellent signal”.
    Contacted T-Mobil on line tech 1-12-2019 1:00 PM with information noted above and asked for issue to be elevated to upper level management.
    This is a serious T-Mobil system problem experienced by many T-Mobil customers. The #1 purpose of our phones is for emergency use, urgent messages, and important work appointment related communications. The T-Mobil system has failed at times to fulfill those requirements. Loss of communications capability at anytime is unacceptable, during an emergency it becomes an issue for the FCC and state officials.