Apple Stores to sell iPhones on carrier upgrade programs from August [Rumor]


According to a report by Mark Gurman at 9to5Mac, Apple will soon begin selling iPhones through carrier financing and upgrade programs. From late August, customers will be able to walk in to one of several Apple stores and walk out with an iPhone having agreed to pay via AT&T Next, Verizon EDGE or signing up to T-Mobile JUMP!. What that means is – for the first time – you’ll be able to sign up to pay for an iPhone via monthly installments, and also sign up to T-Mobile’s early upgrade JUMP! plan in an Apple Store.

The report claims that store staff will be training extensively for the program between August 10th and August 28th, with the test program to roll out in a select group of stores after that. This test period will allow staff to identify any issues in the system, or plan, and get them ironed out before the pilot program is rolled out to all other stores later in the year. This news comes shortly after Apple started offering T-Mobile prepaid options in its stores.

Tim Cook has made no secret of the fact that he wants Apple to sell more iPhones through its own channels, rather than through other third party stores or carrier partner stores. By offering the same carrier plans and financing deals in its own stores, it’ll give customers a bigger incentive to buy their iPhones from an Apple-branded retail store rather than go elsewhere.

Will any of you guys consider upgrading to the next iPhone from an Apple Store if you can “Jump!” in one? Or will you be keeping your business exclusively for T-Mobile retail?

Source: 9to5Mac

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  • Dark enV

    I’d probably buy the next iPhone at the Apple store unless T-Mobile offers me more money for my 5S.

    • Coleman

      It will prob be the same program, but it didn’t say about CURRENT T-Mobile customers upgrading…Just new ones!

  • trife

    I would much rather buy the iPhone 6 at an Apple store. The T-Mobile stores around my way are notorious for getting like 10-15 units on launch date, if that. And they only stock the 16 GB models.

  • taron19119

    Now you can get a 32/64 gigabyte in a Apple store and not have to order online

    • Coleman

      Yup! I didn’t even think about that!

      • taron19119

        If the 5.5 iphone 6 comes out and it has A 2k display and band 12 im going to give the iPhone a try

        • TechHog

          2k displays are a gimmick.

        • taron19119

          Tell that to Samsung and LG

  • Josh

    I would prefer Apple store

    • Coleman

      Right there with ya!

  • David C.

    I’m not a fan of iPhone. I love android.

    • Mandroid

      Well do your upgrade at an Android store…oh wait…

      • skittle


  • Nurdface Gamerhandz

    Oh in a heartbeat, especially if you can get FNF/education discounts on EIP.

  • archerian

    No more Steve Jobs or Apple influence to make demands to the carriers like 2007. After all, the iphone is still a phone.

  • GinaDee

    This has big ramifications but in a positive way.

    First: Apple will attract more customers to their stores who otherwise would have opted for the traditional 2 year contract elsewhere.

    Two: Since Apple will be providing the financing the US carriers won’t have to worry about hurting their own cash flow since they will only be providing you the network service.

    Three: Other OEM’s who have flagship brick and mortar stores along with online retailers will soon follow suit. All of them will finance the phones again helping out the telecom companies allowing them to keep their cash.

    The era of our wireless carriers just being the dumb pipe (with optional content of course) has begun my friends. Every OEM and online retailer will copy Apple.

    • 21stNow

      For point two, the article seems to say that Apple will be offering the carriers’ financing programs, not their own program. Are you saying that since the carriers don’t have to take these phones from their inventories, it will reduce their inventory costs? I would think that Apple would pass the financing cost back to the carrier.

  • Just getting that additional foot traffic at the Apple store might already mean a significant sales increase…good move

  • Mike

    Apple is trying everything now to improve iPhone sales

    • trife

      Indeed. But why wouldn’t they?

      • Jacob

        right? and it’s not really that far-fetched to think that Apple would want to control even the sales process of their iPhones.