Limited Edition Gold Galaxy S5 available from T-Mobile, May 30

SG5 Gold 2

T-Mobile confirmed this morning that it will begin selling the gold flavored Galaxy S5 in its retail stores and online from May 30. It will only be available for a limited time, so if you want one, don’t leave it too long before ordering, or you might find it doesn’t exist anymore.

“We know customers want fashion-forward options, and the new Gold Galaxy S 5
gives them a fun way to show off their rebel style and get the best of Samsung
Galaxy technology,” said Young. “Plus, T-Mobile is the only place to get this
new device on our popular Simple Choice plan, with no annual service contract,
no overages, no upgrade wait, and the world as your network.”

Of course, apart from the color, the device is exactly the same as the other Galaxy S5s. It has the same full HD display, the same Snapdragon 801 processor, the same camera and biosensor built in to the back. And it costs the same too.

If you wanted gold, put May 30th in your diary and don’t forget to order.

Via: T-Mobile


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  • JayMo86

    Any reference to internal memory size?

    • MastarPete

      Nope, no mention. My only hope is that they know the supposed “Prime” is coming to the US and that they’re purposely skipping the S5 32gb in favor of carrying the Prime with more memory options.

      It’s still pretty shitty if they aren’t going to offer the S5 32gb for people who just need the storage and don’t care about the specs.

      • Jay Holm

        The 32GB S5 is available from T-Mobile, but only online.

        • Ivan

          What where? I dont see it….

        • MastarPete

          No it is not, I’ve been checking the website (including logging into my.t-mobile) regularly since pre-orders started. There is no 32gb option and I’ve never even seen a placeholder listing for 32gb.

          Requests for info on their twitter account and on their support forum say it is not available. Forum reps claim that if 32gb does become available it would appear in a press announcement, and link to their press page.

          If it is available they’re sure doing a great job at hiding it!

  • George

    This phone is ugly, Sammy better step it up.

  • Fr0stTr0n

    Now that REALLY looks like a damn band aid.

  • D Velasquez

    Bandaid s5 with integrated healing factor and wireless antiseptic alcohol.

    If they really want to know what a fashion phone looks like then they better look at docomo or Softbank feature phones. This looks look damn ugly…..well to each their own

  • But it’s just so ugly….

  • Deibid

    Looks horribly disgusting…I’ll stick with paying 1/2 the price for a OnePlus One!

  • superg05

    should have left that color in china

  • sam

    GS6 will have 5GHZ speed and 25 megapixel camera back and 16 front. i will wait for this instead

    • Yudhistira Audley Algi Fary

      S6 Will have 5 GHS processors???thats insane

  • vinnyjr

    Won’t buy any of the Galaxy phones until they step up on internal storage. It’s ridiculous in 2014 that a flagship device has only 16gb of int storage. My SGS3, T-Mobile HSPA+ version had 32gb of int storage since then every T-Mobile and most others have only had 16gb of int storage. The Note 3 is the best Samsung device to date, no other comes close.

  • Gilbert Aguilar

    Getting the gold version tomorrow! Cause that’s how I Roll!