Cel-Fi T-Mobile signal boosters now available to buy from Nextivity (again)


Thanks to some great spotting from Peter Cohen at iMore, we now know the new, improved Cel-Fi signal boosters (model RS224) from Nextivity are now available to Pre-Order, with shipping forecasted for the end of this month.

Cel-Fi for those unaware is a signal booster to use in your home. These models have been designed to boost low signal up to 4-5 bars of 3G/4G coverage in the home. Unlike AT&T’s MicroCell which uses your home broadband to offer your cellular signal, the Cel-Fi takes a 1-bar cellular signal and boosts it.

If you go through Nextivity it’ll cost you a handsome $575. But paying for one up front should only be your last resort if you’re with T-Mobile.

If you meet T-Mobile’s criteria, you can actually get one for free, from T-Mo. From what I understand, the criteria are: You have to have low coverage (1 bar), and have a postpaid account in good standing, paying a certain amount every month ($60-ish?).

Process is as follows:

1. Call 1-800-937-8997, ask for Technical Care department for a Cel-fi booster
2. Once transferred they will go through troubleshooting steps and open a case to investigate the coverage in the area.
3. Wait until they report back to you, if they can’t improve coverage they will offer a Cel-fi booster for you and wi-fi calling.

I’m not 100% on this process or the criteria, so if any of you work in the department that deals with this, I’d not complain if you got in touch: cam@tmonews.com.

[UPDATE: Company procedure on handing out Cel-Fi in store:

When To Offer Signal Booster

  • Check to see if Wi-Fi is an option for the customer to provide a better in-home coverage solution.
  • Currently T-Mobile doesn’t have enough inventory to offer proactively. Do not proactively offer signal booster.
  • Only offer signal booster when customer complains about in-home coverage or threatens to cancel and Wi-Fi isn’t an option.

Signal Booster Benefits

  • Signal Booster delivers 300+ points in-home network performance improvement. As a result, customer coverage satisfaction and loyalty with TMO has more than doubled since the Signal Booster deployment.
  • Device installation is simple- Instruct customer to watch the installation video at TMO Support page or watch it in the store with the customer.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Postpaid account in good standing meaning it is not past due or delinquent.
  • Simple Choice No Credit does not qualify.
  • Credit class A, B, C, O, & L.
  • No future-dated rate plan change pending on the account. If there is, the system will not allow the booster to be ordered until the rate plan change has taken place or the pending rate plan change has been removed.
  • Customer must have at least 1 bar of T-Mobile 3G / 4G signal inside the building and has a T-Mobile or BYOD 3G / 4G capable device. Check for the 1 bar of service using NCI.
  • Employees are elgible for the RS1 signal booster only and may order through the proactive upgrade form.

Updated Eligibility Requirements

  • There is no contract requirement.
  • No single family home restriction; now open to apartments and condos.
  • No tenure requirement. The 12-month T-Mobile tenure requirement for credit class C/O/L customers has been lifted.
  • The BAN MRC has been lowered to $50.

How do I get a signal booster for a customer who activated service six months ago? (Hide)

Ensure the customer meets signal booster requirements. If they meet all requirements, order a signal booster using the Proactive Upgrade Form with standard shipping fees. Do not use the in-store inventory for this customer.

Can I get a signal booster for a customer who does not get at least one bar of 3G/4G signal at their home? 

In this case the customer would not qualify because they must get at least one bar of 3G/4G signal at their home in order to qualify for a signal booster. Do not offer this customer a signal booster.

A customer took advantage of the Early Termination fee credit and traded in their phones yesterday. They returned to the store and are upset because their coverage is not as good at home as it was with AT&T and due to the fact that an instant trade-in was performed, we have no way to get them their AT&T phones back. What should we do in this case to save this customer?

Provide the customer a signal booster using the in-store inventory. This is a perfect situation where the solution needs to be resolved immediately. Ensure customer signs the Signal Booster Agreement form. Attach signed and completed form to signal booster paperwork that was processed out from HSO/CIHU.

A family is unhappy about their in-home coverage. Each member has an iPhone so Wi-Fi Calling is not an option? They activated a month ago and want a resolution today. What should we do in this case to save this customer? 

Order them a signal booster using the Proactive Upgrade Form with standard shipping fees. Provide them the options of shipping and costs. This situation is not escalated enough to use the in-store inventory.

A customer wants to return their signal booster they got from the store last month. Can I accept it and send it back for them? 

No. You must have the customer contact T-Mobile Customer Careto request a signal booster return kit  be sent to their home. Retail can only accept signal booster returns when the product was sold from retail and is within buyer’s remorse.

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