Galaxy Note 3, LG G Flex, Galaxy Light VoLTE software updates available


Yesterday, T-Mobile switched its VoLTE service on in Seattle.¬†Alongside the big “switch on”, T-Mo announced that three of its handsets would receive software updates, allowing them to take advantage of VoLTE: Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Light and LG G Flex. Some in the comments were stating that the software update wasn’t showing up immediately after it had been announced by T-Mo. But it did eventually show up yesterday.

If you haven’t already done so, you can update your devices now.

If you have a Note 3, Galaxy Light or G FLex, you should have received a notification informing you of the update. If not, check manually in your settings menu. Of course, if you’re not in Seattle, then this update isn’t entirely necessary.

Galaxy Note 3 update info.
LG G Flex update info.
Galaxy Light update info.

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  • Willie D

    Because Seattle devices were the first to be updated, THEN other devices in other areas that are not immediately using VoLTE will be updated. They said this loud and clear.

  • Guest

    my note 3 update didnt show up with a force update via the settings-about phone-software update….but i was able to get it through kies :)

  • Mike Coleman

    the note 3 update also adds download booster yay! very welcome update!

    • SEBA

      Wow, really? Dose it change the navigation menu too? Like on GS5?

      • Mike Coleman

        there doesn’t appear to be any other changes from what I can tell.

    • YABD

      You did the update with KIES?

      • Mike Coleman


  • sushimane

    How about the nexus 5 curious or the xperia z1s thinking about switching to that phone

    • Austin

      Stay away from Z1s.

      I had one and it was crap, my sister’s is destroyed and has numerous bugs, and my friend hated his so bad he almost went back to an iPhone. I let him try my Note and he loved it so much more.

      • sushimane

        it cant be as bad as the lg g2x that one phone messed up my whole experiences with lg phone so after i broke that phone i told myself i would never touch lg again even if they are innovative i would go back to samsung before i go back to lg.

    • KlausWillSeeYouNow

      Go for the Z1S. Great display, battery, and build quality. Sony is premium; Samsung feels like cheap plastic. It’s the best – and the camera is surreal!

      As for the Nexus 5, it is a great device, but you lack some of the great features like waterproofing and Wi-Fi Calling of the Z1S. but, you do get direct updates from Google, which may mean something to you.

      • sushimane

        i keep on looking at the z1 of the build quality and the features that it offers more bang for the buck in my opinion.

        • KlausWillSeeYouNow

          Typing this on my Z2. I love Sony.

        • sushimane

          Lucky I want the z2 but it looks to be going to Verizon. I’m hoping to see it in the android sliver program with stock android.

        • KlausWillSeeYouNow

          I wouldn’t bother waiting for a carrier variant. You can get it for a reasonable price, unlocked, on Clove.

  • Fr0stTr0n

    No, then I have to upgrade to Kit Kat which I went through utter hell with my new Note 3. I”ll stick with Jelly Bean and old cell network, thanks.

  • Irfan

    updated VIA Kies , found download booster option , GPS sign changed ,low signal bars as i use to got full after 4.4.2 update ,these are i found after update …

  • Joel

    Just installed the new modem on my TMo N900T aka Note 3. Check out the new LTE speeds. Keep in mind I am I’m not such a big market. FORT WAYNE Indiana

    • YABD

      Hi, I am in Indianapolis area. How you did the update?

  • mingkee

    I have Note 3 updated manually through Odin (downloaded through xda) and rooted it again.
    Found Kids Mode, Download Booster, and LTE Calling.
    GPS panel is now Location Panel.
    LTE Calling has not found anywhere in NYC.

  • T.Wheelz

    is there a way to force kies to update. Kies keeps telling me that my note 3 software is up to date…

  • David

    I got the update from Kies yesterday, then I was able to make VoLTE call in San Jose, CA using the Note 3 (when swipe right to call someone in phonebook or log it will tell the call is HD Voice – VoLTE). It was odd that they only mention Seattle.

  • digital_femme

    I have an LG Flex, and got a software update yesterday. I have no idea what it was for, and it was over 200MB. Did anyone else experience this?

  • tmolgflex

    I had to turn off VoLte because DTMF was not working on my LG Flex in Denver area