U.S. Cellular becomes latest to imitate T-Mobile, with its contract-free “Simple Connect” plans

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We’re almost used to it by now. T-Mobile does something awesome, and someone else copies. More recently, it was Sprint’s attempt to copy Uncarrier 4.0’s offer to pay off a customer’s ETF with another carrier to switch and join its network that got the headlines. Today, it’s U.S. Cellular’s turn.

The carrier’s Simple Connect plans were launched today and are almost a direct copy of Simple Choice. The main difference being: there’s no truly unlimited option. Simple Connect has three price tiers: $40 for unlimited data on feature phones, $50 for unlimited data on a smartphone with a 500MB high-speed limit and $60 for a 2GB high speed limit. Each plan has unlimited calls and texts, and they’re contract free. Also like Magenta, you can purchase a device with 0% financing over 2 years.

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In every way, this is a pale imitation of Simple Choice. There’s no international roaming, no Stateside international talk and text, and the data on offer isn’t as much either. They virtually stole the name, but at least they didn’t use the sacred purple hue. But they do say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Uncarrier is doing it right.

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