T-mobile dealer creates “Network Showdown” car race video invitation to CEO.

One of T-Mobile’s dealers has put together a fun, professional video in the competitive spirit of Uncarrier. Its purpose? To convince John Legere to come to its Annual Company Kickoff event at a TBC location/date, and to fake revenge on AT&T for kicking him out of its CES party.┬áThe video features a blue, low-end Chevrolet dubbed “Death Star” versus a black and magenta Ferrari in a street race. I’ll leave you to figure out which car represents which carrier in the Network Showdown. The finishing post: A T-Mobile Express Store.

Sadly they cut a lot of the street race footage out for “legal reasons”. I’d have loved to see the tires squealing at the starting line, or at least some driver to driver stare-out at the beginning. But the point is made: T-Mobile wins the race, AT&T loses.

Whether it works in persuading Mr. Legere to join the annual dealer party, who knows?

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