T-mobile dealer creates “Network Showdown” car race video invitation to CEO.

One of T-Mobile’s dealers has put together a fun, professional video in the competitive spirit of Uncarrier. Its purpose? To convince John Legere to come to its Annual Company Kickoff event at a TBC location/date, and to fake revenge on AT&T for kicking him out of its CES party. The video features a blue, low-end Chevrolet dubbed “Death Star” versus a black and magenta Ferrari in a street race. I’ll leave you to figure out which car represents which carrier in the Network Showdown. The finishing post: A T-Mobile Express Store.

Sadly they cut a lot of the street race footage out for “legal reasons”. I’d have loved to see the tires squealing at the starting line, or at least some driver to driver stare-out at the beginning. But the point is made: T-Mobile wins the race, AT&T loses.

Whether it works in persuading Mr. Legere to join the annual dealer party, who knows?

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  • enoch861

    They need to bring Carly back.

    • Cam Bunton

      They do.. but this was a T-Mobile dealer-made video. Not T-Mobile corp.

  • Paul

    Actually, it’s a pretty good commercial for a small budget. Terrible camera work.

  • Kyjeepbear

    So T-Mobile hides their “authorized dealer” locations now? Back in my day this would never pass for a dealer storefront, no dealer name, no ‘authorized dealer’ tagline.

    • TMOgirl5

      What are you talking about? That’s a corp location…

      • nuff_sais

        the caption clearly say tmobile dealer, not corp location. nuff said

        • atmoguy

          That store is a corporate store in East Brunswick, NJ. I would know because I worked there for 2 years before I transferred. I have no idea who those people are and judging by the lighting, it looks like they shot the commercial before the store opened. More than likely, they are dealers that work at a TPR nearby that couldn’t get permission to film during regular business hours.

      • al

        no is not.. I used to work for Tmo Express

        • Andre Santiago

          This is in my hometown, it’s a corporate store.

      • Kyjeepbear

        If that’s a picture of a corp store it’s attached to a story about a T-Mobile dealer, a dealer named T-Mobile Express so that leads me to believe that it’s a T-Mobile Express location, a dealer. Thanks for the other replies guys, i was driving home after work. :-)

        • T-MO Sales Expert

          could be a TPR. t-mobile has different programs with different master dealers. These master dealers own alot of stores and claim to be “corp”. The only difference tho, is that retailers buy each stock they carry, while corp stores, and TPR’s have stock thats owned by t-mobile.

        • Cam Bunton

          As far as I know, this is a T-Mobile Express dealer store. The dealer owner funded the video, and sent it on to me. I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t feature a corp store if he’s promoting his own business event.

        • TMOguy

          So, “Express Stores” is a T-Mobile TPR dealer. I don’t think the store at the end was one of theirs, though (and why, I don’t know). You could ask the owner of Express Stores that question, Cam.

          Just in case others are wondering – TPR stands for T-Mobile Premium Retailer. These are stores that perfectly emulate corporate retail stores in every respect. The customer doesn’t know the difference. But the stores are actually own and run by a third party business. This helps T-Mobile expand it’s distribution footprint beyond what it can do on it’s own.

  • TMOgirl5

    Awesome video!!!!

  • Osi712

    Love it!

  • corley

    Express stores! Best in class

  • blokeinusa

    It is funny, wish they could have done a simulated street race. Just have the camera record in 1/2 time?, then in post play it in real time. they were probably using an Iphone to do the recording.

  • nuff_said

    what a lame video, good energy terrible idea. wow

  • Ordeith

    “I’ll leave you to figure out which car represents which carrier ”

    Whichever car breaks down near city limits so it can’t travel the country roads represents T-Mobile.

    • Nurdface Gamerhandz

      Better than the car that gets 6 mpg city to still only go 2 mph in the country. I’d rather have a cheaper option that fits 99% of my use

      • Ordeith

        Sprint? Only carrier that meets that description. :)
        T-Mobile car also has no off road capability, and even though it has an impressive theoretical speed there is so much congestion that all of that potential gets wasted in stop and go traffic.

        • Nurdface Gamerhandz

          That’s not what my LTE throughout DC says. Oh and don’t forget the steep over mileage fees charged in 1000 mile increments

        • Ordeith

          After 7 years on T-Mobile I finally got out of that coverage anxiety hell and got on aio. All the price benefits of T-Mobile, at&Ts much better network. Win/win.

          so I know first hand what T-Mobile is like, and that the grass really is greener elsewhere.

        • Nurdface Gamerhandz

          Because we all love crummy phone selection, outsourced customer service, data limits, and being second class traffic.

        • Ordeith

          I don’t, and that is why I left T-Mobile.

        • Nurdface Gamerhandz

          Of those, ostensibly only the phone selection applies to Tmo today. You as a customer should never deal with outsourcing on postpaid, only department that’s outsourced is activations and they’re RSL for the most part

        • Ordeith

          all of it applies to T-Mobile. I gave them 7 years. They had plenty of chances. One of them was a recent trip to Disneyland, where I had 3-4 “bars” of coverage, but no data, dropped calls, and undeliverable text messages. This while my non T-Mobile using line mates were having no issues. This was one of those final straws after years of similar frustration.

          Interestingly enough I had a month of overlapping coverage so I could directly compare. T-Mobile lost everywhere. Where there was coverage, AIO was faster. When there wasn’t, AIO had coverage and it was still plenty fast. On another trip to California’s coast I was in and out of T-Mobile dead zones and occasionally ended up roaming on AT&T’s network anyway. Luckily I had my AIO phone with me as well, streaming Pandora and using Snapchat without issue the whole way.
          I was going to play it safe with my 7 year history at T-Mobile, it isn’t something I was going to give up lightly. It is why I dipped my toes in both pools, so to speak, for a while. But my experiences have made the decision to finally cancel with T-Mobile much easier.

        • T-Mobile Cares

          Yeah, we are sorry to see you go. I am sure you, as many before, will be back. We are not everything for everybody. See you soon.

        • Ordeith

          I think there’s a better chance of T-Mobile actually releasing the WP8.1 update with Nokia Cyan for the Lumia 810 at this point. :)

  • Jay J. Blanco

    I like the end of the commercial

  • enkay1

    So the owner of Express Stores is the anti-AT&T CEO? His name is Stephen Randallson while AT&T has Randall Stephenson!

  • CJ Jacobs

    On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being awful and 10 being awesome, this commercial or whatever it’s supposed to be is a -100!

    • TMOuser4

      If you think you can do better, let’s see it smart ass!

    • Cam Bunton

      lol. Maybe. But it worked. John Legere’s seen it and wants to go to the event… So…

    • Wireless1

      You are a moron. They created the video to get the CEO’s attention and it worked. Go back watching Jerry Springer.

    • gentleman559

      LOL. Oh come on man. I got a good laugh out of it and they put a lot of hard work into this video. Let give them some respect.

  • pdaily

    They (Express Stores) treat you a heck of a lot better than most corp stores..

  • steveb944

    It wasn’t as bad as others said. It was pretty decent. I wonder if that’s his personal car.

  • Randall Lind

    I think we found a new T-Mo Girl!!

  • GinaDee

    Kids love this stuff that’s why Legere does it.