Moto X on 24-hour sale from Thursday, May 1

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Not for the first time since its launch, the Moto X is about to go on one of its 24-hour flash sales. From 12:01am Eastern on Thursday, May 1st, Motorola is dropping the price of its customizable device. The 16GB is dropping by $50, while the 32GB and Developer Edition will have $75 slashed off the price.

Despite receiving wide praise from tech journalists, the Moto X hasn’t quite caught the attention of the smartphone-buying public yet. Perhaps another 24 hour deal will help. Here’s a break-down on sale pricing:

  • 16GB Moto X starts at $299.99 (regularly $349.99)
  • 32GB Moto X starts at $324.99 (regularly $399.99)
  • Developer Edition Moto X starts at $324.99 (regularly $399.99)

To take advantage of the price, simply head on over to Motorola’s online store on May 1st and pick yourself up a bargain. Of course, there’s a T-Mobile friendly version and you can customize it to look how you like. So, if Magenta covers with black trim is your bag, you can grab a phone in your favorite color for less than usual.

Via: Motorola

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  • sosarozay300

    trying to compete with one plus one

  • wezra

    Sadly it’s a little late for the Moto X1. Too small and the specs just don’t compete with the S5, M8 or G2. I guess it was a good phone at the time but it’s time had passed.

    • Kidney_Thief

      It’s also, $300 cheaper than the S5 and M8, and $100 cheaper than the G2, even at its full retail price.

      • wezra

        Very true… But its clear, as of mid-May, Motorola will roll out the “X’s” successor and the Moto X will be done.

        From my perspective it was sold in such a way as to limit its exposure. Look at T-Mobile for example. You had to buy the phone directly from Motorola… you couldn’t go into the store and pick one up. Customization is a great idea, but when its done the way they (Motorola) did it, you limit your audience. What they should have done was offer a basic model you could pick up at T-Mobile for example, and then given the consumer credits or some incentive to purchase the different backs, etc. Granted, some of the pieces are not consumer serviceable, like the bezel, but they could have manufactured the phone in such a way that you could customize it to some degree. All that said, it was a good idea that just didn’t take off with the average consumer. People want instant gratification… they want to go to the store, pick up the phone and start using it immediately. Just my opinion.

    • Ky

      Make that a G3 now.

  • JBrowne1012

    Would we be able to use student discount in addition?


    Great deal if I needed a replacement for my Nexus 5 32GB phone (lost, broken, stolen, etc).

  • dtam

    Getting rid of inventory before the one plus one comes out

  • priap1sm

    Needs wi-fi calling.