LG Optimus L90 yet again confirmed for April 23 launch, alongside basic Samsung T199

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A few weeks back we were sent an image detailing a retail store’s April roadmap including a uniform change and the launch of a LG Optimus device. The LG Optimus L90 is set to be a mid to low-end smartphone boasting a 4.7-inch 540×960 resolution display and a pixel density of 234ppi. With 8GB internal storage, it’s not the most generous of devices, but it does have an external card slot enabling it to be boosted up to an extra 32GB. Camera’s not too shabby at 8MP, but don’t go expecting market-leading optics here.  There’s no mention of pricing right now, but it is coming to T-Mobile. All stores should have received inventory by April 24. Release date is scheduled for April 23.

Landing on store shelves the same day is a small, basic feature phone. The Samsung T199 is about as basic and easy to use as it gets. It makes phone calls, sends texts, has 3G and a loud-speaker. Not much else to shout about here. It’s very much a phone for people who only want one in case of emergencies. You can be sure it’ll trump the LG on one stat: Battery life. With a tiny 2-inch display and a limited feature set, it’ll be about as power hungry as a goldfish.

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It’s not likely that either phone will be able to steal the limelight from either the Samsung Galaxy S5 or HTC One M8, but then again, that wasn’t likely to be the case. Ever. Both phones are released to address specific market sections. A basic phone for emergencies and essential contact plus a smartphone to get first time buyers “on the ladder”.

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  • Deadeye37

    Any word on price? That would be the most important item for anyone looking at buying these phones.

    • mikkej2k

      Hello!? Deadeye is right , what are the prices?

      • ChristianMcC

        If it’s anything more than 160, for most (in my book 120 is too much, due to support), then it’s not with it with the likes of the moto g, based on resolution amongst other items.

        • Squall

          My guess it is probably going to be between $240 and $288 which are the original prices for the F3 and F6 from LG.

  • Aranoch

    4GB internal storage (instead of 8GB), but still not too shabby when you’re comparing to the current mid-range LG devices (Optimus F3 & F6) which are stuck at 1.27GB internal storage. Also, the camera is actually 5MP. I set up our demo model before, sorry to disappoint with the difference in information.

    No price point yet, guys. Sorry.

    • Stefan Naumowicz

      Retails at Wal-Mart for 179.88

    • Squall

      I believe most likely it is 8 GB because after formatting memory it doesn’t retain the full 8 GB. That and the remaining amount used up is probably being used by the Android OS. The F3 and F6 are both 4 GB phones on paper, but after the two things I mentioned, only a little over a gig is remaining. It is kind of like how the Galaxy S4 is supposed to have 16 GB internal memory but the Android OS with Touchwiz left the phone with only about 8 GB left on it.

  • landmarkcm

    Another junk model for Tmobile! Why do they keep getting these low end LG’s & Alcatels etc. I was kind of intrigued when I saw the camera might be at least 8mp. Even though I know that doesn’t always make a difference. I’ll stick w my Moto G on Aio.. My problem with the Lg’s after using the L9 F3 & F6 which supposedly was to take better low light shots with it’s “BSI” sensor is that they all produce super grainy photos. Moto G’s 5mp does not.. Also Samsung seems to have nailed the 5mp category as well.

    • Ian Harrington

      While I understand how very hard it is for a non employee to understand, not everyone want to buy a high end model phone. These are reasonable priced and they normally run decent enough for the price. Good size screen too for the price. Lots of people buy these as well.

      • landmarkcm

        Hi there. Ya I hear what your saying and the screen yes is bigger. I guess my point is the price on this should be really low as the Moto G even though it’s lacking LTE, Is still a better deal all around. I just think sometimes that Tmobile thinks the consumer doesn’t know any better & should demand better models. LG again has not been able to produce a decent 5mp shooter on their cameras either was what I meant as well. Another good point is how Tmobile markets certain models as being better then they are. Prime example the Alcatel Evolve & Fierce, I mean they don’t even have auto focus. That should be standard! But hey to each there own right.. I just think Tmobile settles for less quality overall on what they consider their “mid range” devices. More then the other carriers do is what sums it up!

        • Hello there

          I think you are forgetting that most people don’t care what their phone does as long as they can take a picture, surf the web, make phone calls and texts. People who buy this don’t have a clue what a Moto G is. T-Mobile brings in a lower type of demographic and 50% of their customers are subprime customers who have a deposit and have to put money up front for a phone. Low end phones sell very very very well at T-Mobile and they will continue to bring affordable phones to the customers.

        • landmarkcm

          L90 way overpriced direct through Tmobile As you can see in the new post on this site.

      • Paul

        Very much the truth. Some people don’t want to spend the cash on a high end phone, but they need something that can last at least a year or 2. The LG model isn’t bad, and I my dad would totally dig it. First, I have to be able to root it for him. ;)

    • dd23

      I agree with ian Harrington some people like my grama and cuzins dont care if there phone have lte as long as it takes pictures and works to call.Me on the other hand are a phone geek I like my phones to have lte, 1080 screens, quadcore processors etc.. But that’s just me not everyone is like that so they happy with phones like this.

  • TKW

    I think this is meant as a replacement model for the L9. L9 was a beast – good display, killer battery life, stylish – I liked it. Thing is, the L9 came out in a pre-Moto G market. Moto G kills this one, unless you need LTE really bad or Tmobile WIFI calling.

    • Squall

      Probably more of a replacement for the F6 because I believe the F6 was the replacement for the L9. Had the Moto G personally for about a month. I was on average only able to get about a little over 1 Mbps and highest I got was 3 Mbps. So streaming videos are a pain most of the time. On a phone with LTE, I, on average, get about 15 Mbps and a high of 35+ Mbps.

      • landmarkcm

        Really.. When I ran my Moto G on Tmobile ( I am currently on Aio) HSPA+ was plenty fast. I actually thought sometimes the G was faster then other LTE handset I had used. Currently on Aio they max at 4mbps actually & I have no problem with video or anything when off wifi.

      • landmarkcm

        Just realized no LTE on this! Moto G def a better buy then this for an HSPA+ device.

    • landmarkcm

      Ya but just saw no LTE on this! Moto G def better all around for an HSPA+ device.

  • StarMenace

    T-Mobile.com says that the phone is:

    “Sleek and amazingly fast, the LG Optimus L90 boasts a beautiful 4.7” qHD screen, a 1.2 GHz quad core processor, and a 5 MP camera with LED Flash.
    • Large 4.7” vivid display to enjoy sharp images and video
    • 5 MP camera with LED Flash to capture life’s moments
    • Self-healing back designed to recover from minor scratches”

  • g

    T199 will be $29.99
    No pricing for the L90 yet

  • Paul Garrison

    Anything over $300, you should probably just get a Nexus 5 or wait for the 6. SONY’s Experia Z1S is reasonably priced too.