T-Mobile LG Optimus L90 official release date announced, April 30th for $228

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Over the past few weeks we’ve received various pieces of information stating that T-Mobile’s Optimus L90 will be launching on April 23. Internal retail store schedules showed it, and other internal leaks confirmed it. Turns out, T-Mo’s decided to push the release back a week. The new release date is April 30th. Thankfully, it’s not a hyped product that’s going to cause upset by hitting store shelves later than planned.

As suspected, the low-end Android device won’t cost all that much to buy. It’ll be available in stores and online for $0 down with 24 monthly payments of just $9.50, taking it to a budget-friendly $228 in total.

“As the Un-carrier, we’re relentlessly focused on offering more value to our customers,” said Jason Young, senior vice president of marketing at T-Mobile. “And the LG Optimus L90 and Optimus L70 deliver in spades. Both of these affordable Android-powered smartphones pack sweet high-end specs in a sleek design. Combine either one with our unlimited talk, text and data plans, and you’ve got the kind of value and freedom that only America’s Un-carrier can deliver.”

The L90 features a 4.7-inch qHD display, 5MP camera and a 1.2GHz quad-core processor and should make a welcome addition to the pocket-friendly Android range.

Along with the announcement that the L90 will be landing on April 30th comes the news that MetroPCS will also be selling a budget LG Android device. From today, the Optimus L70 will be available for $49 after a $100 instant rebate. It differs in price and specs to its slightly bigger sibling:

Available today, MetroPCS customers can get their hands on the LG Optimus L70 smartphone, at a price that won’t break the bank. Similar to its T-Mobile counterpart, the Optimus L70 boasts a large and vivid 4.5-inch WVGA display and 5MP camera with LG-exclusive advanced camera features. With a 1.2GHz dual-core processor and long lasting battery, the Optimus L70 is the perfect device for aspiring tech enthusiasts, looking for all the smartphone essentials, network speeds and ease of use without the high price of other premium smartphones

For the full press release, head on over to T-Mobile’s newsroom.¬†Optimus L90 will be available from T-Mobile.com from April 30, while the L70 is available from today from MetroPCS.com. Let us know if either of these devices is in your sights. Even if it’s just as a backup phone.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • steveb944

    Is this LTE? If it is, it beats out the rest of the entry level at this price point.

    • Jay Holm

      According to PhoneArena’s website it doesn’t even support HSPA 42!!! Wow, just wow!

    • Cam Bunton

      L90 is LTE capable, yes.

      • wrong. it does NOT have LTE.

      • Bklynman

        Cam,can you findout for sure if L90,does or doesn’t have the LTE chip in it or not. Some are saying yes,some are saying no. Thank you.

  • Alen

    The L70 supports HSPA+, but not LTE. and the L90 is LTE, what is the real difference?

    • ChristianMcC

      Screen size 2″ difference, resolution(480p vs 540p), dual vs quad core, internal storage(4GB vs 8GB), etc.

  • ChristianMcC

    Don’t buy the L90, unless money is the reason and you don’t qualify for Motorola’s payment plan and do for T-mobile’s, as you’ll be sorry with that decision.

  • mingkee

    8GB storage in L90 is OK, but the price is pretty attractive.
    How about G2 Pro? I’d jump from Note 3 in no time.

  • landmarkcm

    Well a couple things here.. I must say first I love when Metro does this as they allow you to purchase a phone online with no service & then you can simply unlock it. Not much of a difference here in screen sizes, Big difference in prices. The L90 is overpriced! Unfortunately most people won’t realize this and I’ll say it again Moto G of course is a much better option. Also most people unfortunately don’t realize that either.

  • Bklynman

    Last I was on TMobile site,they had refurbish L9,for sale for $96.,and refurbish L6,for $120.
    Let not forget you can get the Sammy Light on HSN,for $169. Ths 925 for $225. Also HSN.

    • landmarkcm

      Ya I have been tempted by the 925.. It’s actually at 199.95 right now & you can do payments plus free shipping! on HSN. I may pick up the l70 down the road for the 49 bucks off Metro site & then unlock it to have as a backup device.. Currently using the Moto G on AIO.

      • Nurdface Gamerhandz

        the 925 is a gorgeous device if you can stand windows phone. I ended up going up to the 1520 but my 925 was pretty awesome too.

    • Verizonthunder

      Correction on HSN now you can get the Samsung galaxy light 4g lte for $99 bucks

  • Verizonthunder

    Bravo for T-Mobile focusing on low and mid range smartphones besides high end models.

  • Guest

    I can confirm the device does not have LTE. Has 3.9gb free space. Screen looks quite nice and the interface is pretty zippy. Multipoint auto focus on the camera and it snaps fairly quick.

    • Grace

      8GB internal and all you get is 3.9 user? What kind of bloat is there on this that so much space is taken up?

      • Nurdface Gamerhandz

        depending on how they do the partitioning apps won’t take that space, they may have set aside a system partition. Also, 8 GB is really closer to 6 after you consider 10^9 != 2^30

  • Wonder if the L90’s rom could be ported to the ATT LG Optimus G Pro? I want wifi calling on that beast of a phone. :) Still rockin Jelly Bean and proud of it.

  • Guest39203

    what bands does the L70 support? Im planning to get it for my sister. Just in case she doesn’t like the metro pcs service she can change carriers.

  • So strange they left LTE out of this device. Did it really add THAT much to the overall cost?

    • Nurdface Gamerhandz

      most lower end phones lack it

  • Mike

    Funny, they have this at Walmart for Family Mobile for $178 right now. Works on T-Mobile as well since it uses T-Mobile towers in the first place

  • b00leanBl1ss

    No LTE, No Wifi Calling, only 32gb expansion and $225? Waste of what could have otherwise been an exciting mid-range break through! Lumia 935 is going to launch soon at $189 with 128gb expansion, LTE, ClearBlack display and all new WP 8.1!

    • don palermo

      I have wifi calling on my L90 don’t know what your talking about pal!!!!

    • don palermo

      Lumia is horrible!!!

  • tomarone

    We are currently boycotting LG products in the NYC area, because they are trying to build a corporate HQ building that is higher than allowed on the Palisades, and they can lower the height (and build a bit wider) but they won’t (for some reason) there are wooded views from the Hudson river that will be ruined by their building, the Palisades are a national landmark.
    They were given a local zoning variance to do it by local politicians.

    • dontsh00tmesanta

      o no the views……..

    • don palermo

      mini finger violin playing…. OHHH no the views!!!