Galaxy S5 pre-order deadline date pushed back for guaranteed delivery on launch day

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When T-Mobile announced the pre-order and release dates for the Samsung Galaxy S5, anyone ordering between March 24th and March 31st would be guaranteed delivery by April 11th (the device’s release date). Turns out the deadline date for April 11 delivery has been pushed back to April 6th. So, those of you who missed the boat get an extra week to get your pre-orders in.¬†Full retail price of the S5 is set at $660. Well qualified buyers will be able to get it $0 down and 24 monthly payments of $27.50 per month.

I wonder how many of those 300,000 people who pre-registered to try and win a device for free receive information on its availability and to pre-order actually have actually ordered one.

Pre-order page is here.

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  • Boludo

    Don’t forget your corporate discount is now gone. So before you commit to paying T-Mobile more for the same level of service you have been getting all year, be prepared to be married to T-Mobile for the duration of your EIP contractual obligation. So shop around to make sure you are getting the best deal.

    • Noor Mahmoud

      EIP isn’t contractual…

      • Boludo

        What is it then, I presume you have a background in contract law?

        • Noor Mahmoud

          I’m just gonna flag you =)

        • p0nch0

          That guy Boludo must be really hurt he lost his discount.Swearing for other prepaid carriers and is still on t mobiles unofficial page talking it down. Just take your business elsewhere if you don’t like it. .. just the plain fact that tmobileonly 1 out of the 4) doesn’t make us pay for Hotspot and includes it in their plan for free, it’s reason enough to keep me and a whole market of ppl whom are also in the market for a tablet (which is increasing) to be able to buy the wifi version without getting into a contract just for having a hotspot or embedded tablet.

        • Boludo

          I’m impressed by your ability to deduce the obvious. Well done. I’m still a T-Mobile customer until I get my unlock codes. So yup, what the company does still matters to me. It affects me.

          BTW, AT&T permits the use of the hotspot on any smartphone device on its mobile share plans. I can’t speak for Verizon or Sprint, because I’m leaning towards AT&T it’s MVNOs, or MetroPCS. So if this “exclusive” perk is a major reason you stick with T-Mobile, then you should actually do some research once in a while because it’s not 2012 any more and features and their availability do change.

          p.s. My mobile hotspot feature was disabled when T-Mobile switched to their simple choice plans. It was annoying, but at the end of the day t-Mobile when factoring in my discount was still a good deal. Now it isn’t.

        • 21stNow

          Both AT&T and Verizon Wireless include mobile hotspot in their Mobile Share/More Everything plans. AT&T also included mobile hotspot with the old 5GB DataPro plan.

        • Boludo

          In other words you don’t understand the subject matter. I didn’t think so.

      • philyew

        It isn’t a service contract by definition, but the fact that you cannot cancel service until the outstanding balance is cleared makes it a de facto service constraint.

        • Willie D

          Wrong again. Actually you CAN cancel, by porting your number to another carrier. The legality on that is well defined, they CAN NOT make you stay if you owe a balance, nor can they keep your number and refuse to port it. With that said, porting out will nullify the service contract (which by the way is a revolving 30 day contract that magically renews at midnight the day of your bill cycle) and what is left is the amount you owe for the device, and any applicable charges to your account that were in excess of your monthly rate plan. CANCELLED. See how easy.

        • Boludo

          It’s still a contractual obligation. Not de facto but de jure. And slick Willy for all your nit picking you know in practice most people will continue getting service from T-Mobile if they can’t pay off their contractual obligation to pay the balance owed on their device. They aren’t obligated to stay with T-Mobile, but if they can’t pay the balance on the device what use is the brick if it’s locked to T-Mobile and will be black listed until the customer fulfills the contract?

        • philyew

          You’re right, but the outstanding EIP balance falls due immediately upon service cancellation, correct? If so, that is effectively the same thing.

          If you can’t afford to pay off the balance and don’t want to go to collections, they you have to maintain service in order to avoid the payment plan collapsing down to a single invoice.

    • philyew

      It wouldn’t surprise me if the extra week for placing pre-orders has opened up because of cancellations directly stemming from the decision about removing discounts.

      • Boludo

        Wow, now that’s an interesting theory. I hope this is the case, because obviously it’s the most immediate reaction to the decision to get rid of employer discounts. Hopefully enough people cancelled to make T-Mobile see the major flaw in their decision making.

        Cam should dig deep, and his next headline should be.

        “T- Mobile responds to Galaxy S5 order cancelations by retracting its decision to eliminate employer discounts.”

        • Rob

          LMAO! As if so many people actually know about this loss.

          If your discount loss is such a big deal to you, leave. You all need to stop bitching on the threads about it though. If you have an issue and you think you’ve been wronged, you can blow up T-Mobile over the issue but whining on every single post is getting old. We get it, you feel snubbed. But there’s not a single person here who can actually do anything about it and you’re all making it much harder for the rest of us to sift through posts looking for information that might actually be useful.

        • Boludo

          My original post was pretty passionless and factual. May I suggest you no longer read my posts? Perhaps that will calm you down. Sound like a plan?

        • Rob

          Wasn’t just directed at you, I can’t even get through a tenth of the Uncarrier thread, misplaced aggression perhaps.

        • lordfarquaad

          This is the comment section, leave if you don’t like the comments.

        • philyew

          Since TM has previously responded favorably to complaints in the social media about policy decisions (e.g. the partial reversal of their changes in unlock policy), it isn’t necessarily true to say that registering dissatisfaction in these forums will inevitably be fruitless.

          I’m sure that everybody whose bills are about to go up would consider it useful, if TM were to reconsider their decision, as they did last year.

    • Willie D

      The new plans are LESS than what many people were paying AFTER the discount to start with. I spoke with a guy who told me his 15% discount left his bill at $88, and then tried to claim he still wanted to pay more for his discount to be still added, than just move to the new $50 plans anyway. As for being married to T-Mobile, you would be married to them for 2 years if you slowly paid off your handset, even with the discount anyway, so what difference does it make? 2 Years with or without a discount is still 2 years. They dont discount how many days are in a year now do they? If you are smart, you will pay some of your device cost upfront, and pay a little more per month, like I did. Now I have only a few months left, or I can pay the amount of 1/2 my monthly plan and the device is paid off, and it will have taken me only 3 months to do it. Whats the issue here?

      • philyew

        I think the guy is simply suggesting that, with discounts going away and monthly charges going up as a result (regardless of how much they might have come down in the past), current customers would be wise to look into alternative plans before entering into any new EIP arrangement.

        Seems like reasonable advice, which actually squares with what John Legere has been saying for some time about mobile customers being able to take advantage of the best deal available, wherever it comes from.

        • Boludo

          Yup, not sure how else to interpret my post. Is it really so shocking that people aren’t okay with the discounts being eliminated?

          I’m lucky I paid a significant portion of my device cost with cash and by getting $200 for a 6 year old blackberry.

          For me personally, the math doesn’t work any more.

    • elmodern

      I’ve had t-mobile (suncom) for forever, no matter where i have shopped around they have always been the cheapest. At first my bill was something crazy like $200 for 2 lines, over the time and all the changes and with my discount it went down about $85. Especially with all the new cheaper plans i can easily get 2 lines for about 130 without the discount. Yes it sucks that it will be gone, but with how fast they are upgrading the spectrum and rolling out 4g i say its worth it.

  • Fr0stTr0n

    Yawn….. call me when Note 4 launches.

  • i’ll be interested when any new color becomes available.

  • 21stNow

    I’m one that signed up for the information page for the sole purpose of trying to win a Galaxy S5. I haven’t pre-ordered one.

    • thepanttherlady

      Same here.

  • Samsuxx

    Pushed back the date because no one wants to buy the S3S+ band-aid. HTC One M8 FTW #HTCONEUP

    • Geek Man

      So tell me, what else should be done to improve it?

  • Tier

    I ordered the phone today but before the extension so my delivery date was on the 16th.. Will my order be updated for delivery on the 11th? Kinda curious now.

    • Lawrence

      I ordered mine on March 24th and got that same delivery date so my guess is you should be fine. T-Mobile also emailed me saying the phone was on back order, but I’m sure that’s just because it isn’t technically out yet. A guarantee is a guarantee. I think we will still get them the 11th.

      • elmodern

        thats what im hoping i got the same exact info as you, and i ordered mine on the 24th

  • John McCain

    I remember when the s4 came out everyone was talking bout how it was the s3s and now the something for the s5.

  • John McCain

    I bet the s5 sells like crazy

  • John McCain

    The s5 is way better than the htc one m8. The only thing it has over the s5 is Being metal that’s it! No removable battery bad camera and the screen size is real 4.5 inches with the on screen buttons

    • Rob

      Keep telling yourself that. Just keep telling yourself that.

    • Peter Smith

      I wouldn’t say that the S5 out classes the M8 but after holding a S5 in my hand…it’s actually not that bad. I’m in Phablet country with my Note 3 BUT because of the feel and size of the S5, I actually thought about dropping the note for a better form factor. I Don’t know their just thoughts…lol.

  • Ranjith

    I got a mail from Tmobile on 27th March, 1 day after I placed my order that the phone is back ordered with no estimated delivery date. It still remains the same and they are taking pre-orders with “Guaranteed” delivery by April 11th.

    • Max

      Got the same email on the 25th, i ordered on the 24th of March

  • elmodern

    i signed up for more info and reserved mine the first day reservations became available.
    What the heck happened with the contest though?

  • Victor M.

    Is there any truth to the fact that if you want the S5 its better to preorder now, because if you decide to get it after the preorder time frame the final price will be higher? Apparently its discounted now.

    • Harmony

      Victor, the full price is $660 and it won’t change after the pre-order so no worries. You’ve got time!

  • Max

    I got this email from T-MO the next day i pre-ordered mine S5, March 25.

    Your order is currently backordered. You will receive another notification when your order is in stock and shipped.

    How is that guarantee?

    • Bryan N.

      I received the same email and called T-mo and they said it’s on back order status because they haven’t gotten permission from Samsung to ship out devices yet.

  • chris

    Does anyone know how much you have to put down if you don’t qualify for the $0 option?

    • Mike

      I have fair credit and just had to put down $200. Much prefer it because it dropped my monthly rate down significantly

      • Chris

        Did you have to pay tax also? Just curious because I want to order the phone friday. If it’s just the $200, I can deal with that then. I appreciate your help!

        • David

          You always have to pay tax, even if you get the phone zero down.

        • chris

          Ok. Thanks, I appreciate that.

  • Gia

    Can I just buy in stores on the 11th?

    • elmodern

      yes, you have to make sure the store has it though.

  • corona10

    What about the M8? Its launches for Tmobile on the 11th too. But of course its going to be marginalized by the GS5. They’re already taking preorders for the GS5 and its not even available yet. M8 is on sale by everyone BUT Tmobile. So, lets launch it on the same day as the most popular Android device saleswise. What could possibly go wrong? No preorders for it to be found yet the GS5 has had a preorder on their website for weeks.

  • Matty

    Only got the order received from TMO didnt get the second email :/

  • Billy

    Open up your order there should be a tracking number mine will be delivered by the end of the day on the 9th, I’m in Pensacola, FL!

    • elmodern

      mine is still saying by the 16th

    • Bryan N

      Where is it shipping from? I have a tracking number but no info.

      • allendsup23

        I ordered on April 1st and did not receive back order email. Credit card was not charged too.

        Mine also got shipped yesterday and will be delivered by 9th April as per UPS site. It was shipped from Lexington, KY. Credit card was also charged yesterday for the downpayment.

        • Matty

          Same great thing to wake up ha!

        • allendsup23

          My S5 got delivered today. Phone is amazing.

      • Billy

        UPS should have updated by now! Mine is updated!

  • Guest

    mine is saying order status: order placed smh

  • Houston

    im still back ordered smh