Galaxy S5 pre-registrations completed by 300,000 people

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A couple of days after launching its Galaxy S5 pre-registration page, T-Mobile announced that an incredible 100k people had signed up. Last night, that number reached a staggering 300,000. T-Mobile’s own Des Smith (@askdes on Twitter) announced it last night, and seemed pretty excited about the whole thing. And you can’t blame him, 300k is a lot of people.

As for translating in to sales, I can’t imagine the number of S5’s actually sold when they arrive will reach anywhere near the hundreds of thousands through T-Mobile alone. It’s a huge number, and one perhaps a little exaggerated thanks to the offer of a prize draw to win a Samsung Galaxy S5 for free.

With T-Mobile promoting the S5 so heavily, it’ll be interesting to see the marketing efforts that go in to the “all new HTC One” after it’s announced in a couple of weeks’ time.


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  • Chimphappyhour

    We all know that this tweet is useless.

  • Adrayven

    Funny.. 300k is actually small. Just means initial release day will have little traffic, if any… and thats a nationwide number.. When we’re used to seeing sales of premium brand smartphones selling 5-7 million w/o breaking a sweat… Even HTC would get 2-3 million..

    I guess when you don’t compare to other releases, 300k looks big? I think we’re hitting that saturation barrier more and more.. Samsung needs to step up it’s game.. Will see if pre-ordering was off on release day.. maybe they will make those numbers then…

    • Chris

      Know your Facts Bro your so funny! This is the funniest/most absurd post i ever seen Research!

    • g2a5b0e

      Wow. Really? It almost sounds like you’re kidding here. Perhaps you are? You do realize that T-Mobile is one of hundreds of carriers worldwide that will carry this phone, right?

  • JDB

    sh*t the bed on this one, the S5 is definitely not a worthy upgrade from the
    S4. How do you only pack 2 GB of RAM
    into your flagship phone when the Note 3 (which was released last year) has 3
    GB of RAM? All the rumors (4GB RAM,
    Ultra HD display, 24 MP camera, Metal Body, Snapdragon 805 chipset) had me
    drooling then Sammy releases the S4 with a heart monitor and finger print
    reader and wants us to shell out $650 for it.
    No thanks. I just bought a used
    (in great shape) 32 GB Nexus 5 for $350.
    I will be eagerly awaiting the release of the LG G3. Looks like LG smells the blood in the water,
    watch out Sammy. The Nexus 5 is my first
    Non-Sammy phone since the G1. Also Sammy
    what is up with this Knox crap, one of the greatest things about Sammys was how
    developer friendly they were. Looks like
    they are going down the HTC route, we all see how well that has worked for them
    over the years…

    • SEBA

      Note always had been a better device.

      • zifnab

        This is the first time the Galaxy S had lower specs than the previous generation note.

    • $15454173

      You really fault Samsung for failing to meet you rumor drooling expectations? Rumors thats no body really would expect to happen posted by sites just to suck you in to maybe look at all their ads and pop up junk?

  • Chris Fisher

    I would love to see the numbers if the pre-registration page did not include a check box to attempt to win one.

    • yep i’m just hoping i win one lol

  • Jarv10k

    Waiting to see what HTC brings to the table on the 24th before deciding. If the rumors of a microSD slot and improved camera are true, its going to be a hard choice.

    • Fr0stTr0n

      Too bad with aluminum unibody phones, you drop it, enjoy your nice perma dented $600 phone. Galaxy phones just scratch and bounce back

      • Rob

        Provided that the screen doesn’t break. My One fell from my ear when I was walking a strip mall… hit concrete… I didn’t want to look. Next thing I know, its rolling on its sides and comes to rest on its back. It has a small dent but no damage to the screen. I’ll take the dent thanks.

      • $15454173

        True. You can pop the backs off the Galaxy S4 and pop on another back from Amazon for cheap. Or pop in another battery in seconds. I know that Samsung seems to want to add ever possible sensor in the world into their phones lately and I find that I am not impressed with that. I will have to wait as my JUMP upgrade is June.

  • SEBA

    I only signed up for a chance to win so I have it as a gift for my friend. Note users don’t downgrade to S series.

    • Fr0stTr0n

      Note users dont go down in screen size period.

      • $15454173

        The Note works for jean sized pockets? Thats an issue with me being as my Galaxy S4 is a snug fit already. I love the Note and just have that thought about size.

        • Fr0stTr0n

          I slipped my Note 1, Note 2 and now Note 3 in my jean pockets just fine. But I also don’t wear emo tight ass forming jeans either

    • Peter Smith

      Second that motion!

    • $15454173

      Why not just buy your friend a new Note and be done? Why give them something less?

      • SEBA

        1.It’s a friend not girlfriend. 2. Note is too big for her, she likes smaller phone.

  • Austin

    Oh look, my profile pic is on a Tmonews article.

  • Fr0stTr0n

    300,000 people have pre-ordered an expensive band aid

  • I’ve gotten s used to the Moto X’s digital assistant feature that it would be hard to go back to a phone that doesnt have the “always on” voice recognition feature.

    I do miss the amazing camera on my old HTC one tho. I basically stopped taking pictures ever since up/downgrading to the Moto X

  • Dakota

    No pricing yet. Ironically Ive seen a ton of sg4 commercials on TV lately