T-Mobile Lumia 521 receiving “Lumia Black” update


It’s about time the T-Mobile Lumias got some love, and the low-end 521 is the latest to receive the much-hyped Lumia Black software update. It started rolling out yesterday. Of course, the 521 is the Magenta-flavored version of the 520.

Lumia Black’s main features are as follows:

Bluetooth LE: All Windows Phone 8 Lumia devices will now be Bluetooth Low Energy enabled. This means devices like the Fitbit will be compatible. All we need is the apps.
Nokia Focus will now be available to you if your device has 1GB of RAM or more.
Nokia Beamer can now share documents, presentations, and photos to any HTML5-enabled screen.
Nokia Storyteller is now available to all phones running Lumia Black.
Nokia Camera has been available to PureView phones for a while, but now it is available to any Lumia running the Black update. The Black update also improves image quality.

If you have the device, you should be able to install it going to Settings>Phone Update>Check for Update.

Image Credit: CNET

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  • sahib102 .

    good stuff I guess tmobile can update 2/4 windows phone they have :P anyways to all the 925 and 521 enjoy the update and for the next update 8.1!!!

  • besweeet

    “All we need is the apps.” Should use ARE, not IS.

    Anywho, are these devices expected to get 8.1?

    • Cam Bunton

      In that case, your grammatical correction is wrong. You can’t say ‘all we need “are”‘ in any instance. It’s just wrong. “Need” is the key word in the sentence. “My needs are” works because “needs” is plural.

      • Willie D

        You actually responded to him?

      • besweeet

        How is “all we need are the apps” wrong? Oh wait, you might be doing it…

      • guitarthrower

        “All” is actually the operative word here. It determines the plurality of “need” and the conjugation of “is”

      • 21stNow

        Need is a verb in that sentence, not a noun. The verb has to agree with the noun (apps) which is plural in this case. I wouldn’t say “all we need is the cars”.

        Maybe it would be better to say “We need the apps now”.

  • Technically, Bluetooth LE is only for those with the special Nokia SDK right now. Public SDK support won’t come until Windows Phone 8.1

  • Willie D

    Seems to be a pretty big update cause it’s taking forever to search for it, then download it to my device…over WiFi that is.

    • Cam Bunton

      Have you got it installed?

  • conservative_motorcyclist

    installing it now

  • Enzowned

    Considering how popular this phone is, I’m surprised they still don’t make custom back replacements. Having only white…

    • eanfoso

      Because the back is only a shell that can be sold separately????

      • Enzowned

        Yes. No one makes replaceable backs. Not even 3rd party ones. Hell even 3rd party cases are a bit shotty, no reputable brands there either.

    • donot need

      I beg to differ. I have seen about 4 or 5 different colors…

      • Enzowned

        No. You’re probably thinking of the 520, not the 521. No one makes covers for the 521 like I said. Either provide some links or you’re mistaken.

  • David@t-mobile

    knew about it 2 days ago. you should of told us earlier instead you continue to focus on your precious TIP blog first . if your gonna be in charge of two websites i suggest you post more news on T-Mobile and less on Todays Iphone since no one goes on there.

    anyway, specifically what will this update bring to the Lumia 521 specifically (not windows phones generally)

    • krym73

      Apple hasnt even changed much since what 2012, so their in that site talking about hopes and dreams that apple will finnaly get their heads out of their ass and listen to their customers.No one cares about what apple “might” come out with this year or the next hence the low to none number of comments.Unlike Tmonews.

  • GameBoi/KillaBit

    I figured it would sense it’s one of, if not THE highest selling windows phone.

  • ceegii63

    Nokia Focus is available on the 521/520, the Refocus part doesnt really work but you can install it

  • ceegii63

    too bad the 810 was a EOL device, it was one of the sexiest Windows phones, i would jhave gotten it until i found out it wasnt getting Lumia Black or any other update

    • Ordeith

      As an 810 owner, the decision to EOL the device so quickly was the final straw that pushed me to another carrier after being a T-Mobile customer for over 7 years.

  • Gregoron

    installed black but the audio update didn’t work. Bummer.

  • Robert Boluyt

    Anyone know if this update requires an active SIM card? My 521 has no SIM, get the update advertised, but its unable to DL it.

  • Texas-ed

    after update my phone and my wife’s phone has trouble making calls. Get error unable to connect. T-mobile solution turn off for a couple minutes then turn back on. That is not good when you need to call. It’s a phone. Calling should be routine.