T-Mobile Galaxy S5 price: $672?

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 18.00.40

One of our astute readers was browsing through the T-Mobile online store and spotted the Galaxy S5 has a placeholder, now showing the full retail price of $672. Although it’s seemingly a little expensive, it’s worth noting that it’s only $48 more than the current price of the Galaxy S4. Once you click on the phone and view its overview page, the pricing information disappears.

In terms of monthly commitments, presuming we’re looking at a $0 down offer, it’ll be 24 monthly payments of $28, putting it up near the top end of the scale.┬áThere’s a chance this is just a simple placeholder, but I can’t imagine the official pricing – when announced – will be far from the $672 on show, if it changes at all.

Thanks, Steven.

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