Samsung Galaxy S5 to be unveiled at Unpacked event in Barcelona, Feb 24?


Over the past few months, rumors of the next Galaxy S device have been building. And – while we haven’t been posting them – I’ve been keeping an eye on everything that’s been speculated so far. If it all pans out, we’ll have a device with a 2K display, iris scanner, fingerprint sensor and a new version custom skin supposedly called Magazine UI, that takes a vastly different approach than what we’re used to with TouchWiz. With Apple rumors I’d be skeptical of any of these, with Samsung I’d be surprised if it wasn’t packed with as much technology and as many features as physically possible.

Yesterday, Samsung sent out events to its Unpacked event at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Its press event will take place on the Monday evening, February 24th at 8pm local time. And luckily enough, I’ll actually be there in person covering MWC for Phonedog Media, so, expect some hands-on videos and coverage to go live at some point.

Of course, the invite doesn’t explicitly say that the Galaxy S5 is being announced, but, it would make sense. The timeframe is just about right (11 months after the S4), and Sammy is making a big deal of it, hosting a live streaming press event in NYC at the same time. Also, having already announced new tablets at CES, and the Note 3 still being relatively new, the next Galaxy would make the most sense.

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  • Spenned

    Just switched back to apple after a few months with the note 3 and not regretting it. Loved it but from a software standpoint I need reliability more than all the extra features packed into one of these devices..

    • Trevnerdio

      The Note 3 is reliable.

      • Changenowprofitbig

        The note 3 is awesome. However, depending on if you got the brand new when it came and if you happen to be a lucky one that got a fresh one then pat yourselves on the back. Those who did get the glitch phones like me is what I can agree with totally. I rooted mine personally to get rid of the glitch and to enhance the battery by like 150% lmao. The phone is flawless now however….because its the glitch phone here is what im gonna do and maybe what others may do too….

        1. Im gonna jump my phone and get a fresh note now since its out for some time. Enroll in the jump plan after the 23rd.

        2. Wait until the s5 comes out wait until its been out for sometime so then duh duh duh ill trade up by then lol

        I run a business from home so the battery life on the note is amazing but if I honestly really wanted to, I can get the s5 root that too despite the glitches and possibilities and have a LONGER BATTERY plus I buy extended batteries on the go. My POINT is the note 3 ill ride with that for awhile cause after experiencing the glitch phone affect, theirs no way ill just immediately switch to the s5 just cause I can now or for ANY of its features….Note 3 is here to stay, but the s5 may be considered LATER down the road.

    • scweddyballs

      Software issues exist with all devices even the iphone. The note 3 is the best android without a doubt, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Enjoy your 4-inch retina display :)

      • AngusMightHaveABeef

        Moto X for best Android! :)

        • 21stNow

          I agree with this even though I prefer the Note 3 due to its size and feature set.

    • Adrayven

      Same boat.. tried Note 3.. Just couldn’t get past the UI and software glitches..

      I know Apple has their own issues.. just prefer them over what Sammy has..

      • Antdog

        My Note 3 runs great

      • superg05


    • TechHog

      Explain how it was unreliable.

      • Jay Holm

        No problems here with my S4, and I’ve had mine since day one, 4/29/13.

      • Spenned

        Not trying to start an apple war here… However I do work in a major carrier who sells these things on a daily basis so at least I can be speaking objectively… Periodic web browser force closes, battery drains quicker randomly even when restricting things on the device, magazine opens unexplained without pushing the button, Bluetooth doesn’t connect randomly till restarting, speaker went out (twice) etc…. I switched out three times…each one with a diff combo of the before mentioned issues…do I love the phone from a feature standpoint? Yes I really do but not at the cost of reliability. As I said I work for a carrier and by far I know I’m not the only one … I love the phone but just the ui software needs to be more reliable before packing more features you’ll never use

        • TechHog

          Did you mean Note 2? Because I had some of those issues with the Note 2, and all of them were fixed with the 4.3 update (Though battery drain was actually caused by Skype.)

          Also, if you weren’t trying to start a war you wouldn’t have made that comment in the first place.

        • Jay Holm

          He was speaking openly, and honestly. Some devices have issuesx some don’t. I haven’t had any issues with my S4, and I’ve had mine since 4/29, when it first came out.

    • KingCobra

      I agree. In terms of reliability Apple is yet to be equaled.

      • superg05


        Apple Promises to Fix iOS 7 ‘White Screen of Death’

        30 problems with iOS 7, and how to fix them


        Exploding iPhones take two more victims: Here’s how to avoid joining them

        i could keep this going all day but its 3D Movie night

      • Just saying

        I have a an s4 and iPhone 5, my s4 runs way better than the 5 and it’s a lot easier to use with the larger screen. I don’t understand what people love so much about iPhones.

    • Guest

      My Note 3 runs great.

    • Bryan

      Yea I did the same exact thing. I had the Note 3 but traded it for a 5s.

  • TechHog

    I really wish that they would have stuck with a 1080p display. 1440p is completely pointless. You’re trading battery life for a screen that looks sharper when it’s touching your cornea.

    • Adrayven

      Agreed.. You’re already past the point of Retina w/1080p on a 5″ screen.. Wast of battery…

    • Rob

      Don’t forget the fact that apps will have to AGAIN be re-optimized for the higher resolution which will make apps look like garbage yet again until it happens.

      2K is a stupid move for a cell phone. Even if it launches with an Adreno 420, its going to zap so much performance that it might as well be an old Adreno 330… What’s the point in upgrading if there is no performance increase?

  • Luis Smith

    Will be interesting to see what samsung comes out with now on the s5. I had the Galaxy s4 before and was a good phone. Lots of features! although I did not use many of them. Would freeze and have problems with the photo gallery all the time for some reason. lol I had to go back to iphone, and currently i am happy with the iphone 5s. But im very interested in hearing about the new Galaxy s5!!

  • Nothing to see here…


  • Rob

    Seems to be the case with Samsung that people love the phone, love the features, but don’t use them most of the time and have buggy software.

    I will look at the S5 but its going to take a really nice phone to get me away from my HTC One. Even with the messed up camera (red or purple tint in low light), the One is by far the best phone I’ve ever owned. And BoomSound seemed like a gimmick but I actually find myself using it quite a bit. The successor to the One takes the top position on my short list.

    I have had an S3 and an S4 and I prefer the One by a wide margin. Not to mention Samsung’s stupid KNOX flag nonsense. I have JUMP and while T-Mobile is currently accepting returns with tripped KNOX flags, that can stop at any time. That means you have to use a Safestrap solution like they had for the RAZR MAXX and be stuck using stock-based ROMs only.

    • TechHog

      We’ll see how you feel about your HTC One when Googe starts talking about Android 4.5.

      • Rob

        Why? HTC releases updates faster than Samsung these days and they are much more developer friendly too. It’s quite likely that just like the current HTC One, ROMs will be compatible across devices with the exception of CDMA. Samsung doesn’t even allow that with devices with the same chipset.

        I didn’t say I am staying with my One, I said I am most likely going with the successor to my current One.

        • TechHog

          Faster? Yeah, once. I don’t want to support a company that drops their devices after a year though.

        • Rob

          Its not a huge deal to me. Thanks to HTC not purposely breaking porting of code, it will get ported anyway.

          Samsung doesn’t have the greatest track record with updates either. I’ve had a Captivate and an S3 and with both of them I had unofficial updates through CM way before I ever saw anything from Samsung. My roommate’s S4 just got 4.3 in what, December? I had it in October as an official OTA release from T-Mobile.

          Lets not forget about KNOX too. Hope you love TouchWiz — and you’re not on at&t or Verizon due to locked boot loaders..

  • goma

    Nice to hear but 2k is pointless….games arent quite compatible yet…agreed on waste of battery life…have both htc one and samsung s4…luv em both…htc one is way smoother and almost lag free….

    • Rob

      The irony of course being the fact the One is 200MHz underclocked on the CPU and 50MHz underclocked on the GPU compared to the S4.

  • Samsuck

    Samsung is going to single-handedly kill the Android market. Too frequent “upgrades”, and lack of developer support is going to saturate the Android user-base with unhappy users, which will lead to Android being replaced by some new shitty OS.

  • T-Mobile Employee

    The Samsung rep for my location is reporting a Spring Break launch date because Samsung has a “blackout” scheduled for that week for reps.

  • T-Mobile Employee

    Also my rep reported that the device is supposed to have the iris scanner and is supposed to have a completely different look than the S4. Won’t look like S4 like how the S4 looks so much like the S3.

  • TMOguy

    One big drawback with this phone for TMO is now that we know about 700mhz/LTE band 12 coming out in the future, why would you buy a phone that didn’t support that band? The S5 will not. From what I just heard here internally, LTE band 12 phones will be released early Q4 (Note 4 maybe?? That’s what I am hoping for).