Bright Red Nexus 5 officially available from Google

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 18.52.26

Recently, the internet’s been buzzing over a new color Nexus 5. And now, it’s officially here. I know many of you are keen on the Nexus 5, so you’ll be glad to know that a new hue is available. You can now order a bright red version of the vanilla Android phone from Google Play Store. Just in case – like me – the black or white didn’t tempt you. I’m now in the process of trying to restrain myself from buying it.

Since it’s only available direct through Google, you’ll have to pay up-front for the device.

If you fancy it, head on over to the product page and order one.

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  • bisayan

    Will tmobile website offer a red variant as well?

    • TheVorlon

      Just buy it from Google and put your T-Mobile SIM in it

      • bkin94

        there isn’t an option to pay over time if you do that. I would suggest Google play too because of the savings, but I could see why someone would only want to get it from TMO

        • TheVorlon

          You mean like pay over time in advance into a savings account?

          Or pay over time with a credit card interest fee?

          Managing money isn’t that difficult.

        • bkin94

          I’m sorry. I wasn’t very clear. I mean paying over time as in the 0$ down, pay over 24 months. Some people aren’t able or willing to pay 350$ up front. the upfront cost of buying a phone outright is something that keeps many people from switching to contract free plans. I agree saving up before the purchase is best, but not everyone does.

  • Omarc Boyer

    Decisions decisions haha my mom is stuck between this and the new xperia z1s doesn anyone know if the nexus 5 and xperia z1s suport tmobiles 20×20 network?

    • schweddyballs

      Yes they are 2 of the phones that do, including the note 3 and s4 as well.

      • Omarc Boyer

        Arite thanks she ended up choosing the xperia z1s.

  • Bklynman

    In few weeks,u can buy a red back for it on ebay,if not already. Whoever might have this phone. So all you people who order one recenty now reget not waiting,
    just go to ebay or Amazon,and see if theyh ar selling red barrery backs yet for it,
    If not they will soon.

    • bkin94

      The play store is the cheapest price you can get it anywhere. Even used nexus 5s on amazon and ebay cost more. the second bed place that i know of is t-mobile since it’s only about a 40 dollar premium

  • Steve

    Would anyone recommend trading in s4 for this phone(not red) Ive had jump for 6 months and cant decide on if I should trade in s4- or just wait for the next big thing. The more I use my nexus 7, the more I want to stick as close to a Google phone as possible. The bloat and tons of useless features on the s4 are getting to me.

    • Bklynman

      I would google it,and read all the reviews about it,what I have read about this phone people really like it,but the camera is not that great,same with the n4, great phone,camera so-so. Most of the new phones Tmo comes out
      with is late Spring,late May,and June. I don’t have this phone,but that’s what I do,google it,then read the reviews. Hope this helps you.