“Un-leash with T-Mobile” ad promotes $0 down on Galaxy devices plus a sly dig at AT&T

Along with its $0 down holiday promotion on Samsung and Apple devices, T-Mobile has produced a new ad. Dubbed “Un-leash with T-Mobile” the ad focusses on the $0 down on all Galaxy devices promotion, but covers all the essential USPs (unique selling points) of Tmo.

Not only are the devices at a great price, they’re for sale without any “restrictive annual service contracts, no upgrade run-around and best of all, no AT&T.” The ad is colorful, energetic and a lot of fun, specifically designed to highlight the carrier’s new-found coolness. Tmo is now the cool, rebellious and carefree carrier, and it wants to keep that image. It’s a cool ad, and fits perfectly with UNcarrier.

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  • Trevnerdio

    Where did Dish come from? That’s just an idea still.

    • Whiskers

      Yep , and a bad idea at that.
      Dish Sucks !

      • Paul

        Worse than sucks, dish service is a crime.

        • donnybee

          They’ll take T-Mobile’s success and try to use it for their own gain, screwing it up the whole time. Dish service isn’t that great, and they don’t even know the wireless industry. The previous CEO of T-Mobile knew more of the wireless industry than Dish, and all we saw were losses. T-Mo has proved it can stand on it’s own. I say let’s let this beast continue to rise and Dish can keep sticking to what it does(n’t) do best.

        • Trevnerdio

          Caps lock, bro…caps lock…

    • Whiskers

      They may have a plan , but all bad plans fail .
      They would screw up a 2 car funeral !
      My wife worked for Dish and they even screw their own employees out of bonuses that helped make them the extra profit . I can just imagine what they will do to T-Mobile once they get their hands on it , you can say goodbye to all the no contract plans and 0% EIP plans.

  • Dakota

    Have they gotten a new ad agency? So much better than girls on motorcycles or families in shoes. But they need to do the same with iPhone. Missing a large part of AT&T customer base if you only do Galaxy. They also need an ad about unlimited LTE and no sharing. Compare a T-Mobile unlimited plan at under 100$

  • tommy

    oh look at the ad it has a t-mobile samsung tablet….. since no one is bringing it up even after emailing t-mobile, samsung and cam. (btw please write a story about buying android tabs from t-mob a cautionary tale.. ) Why is t-mobile not updating their tabs from last year at this time. samsung tab plus 7 or 10.1. samsung says it is tmobile and that the tablets are even capable for kit kat by purely specs. The 10.1 i think has a tegra 3 chip no slouch. Can someone if cam won’t do it put a spotlight for those who can’t get past ics making the tablets worthless. These tablets were very expensive , seriously this is a shame.YES samsung says it is T-MOBILE the tablets are capable for even kit kat spec wise. btw i shouldn’t have to root for those who are asking. please give us the latest jellybean so we can use our tablets.

    • just me

      I didn’t realize tablets completely disabled themselves when a new version of Android came out. Whew, good thing I upgraded my Nexus 7. Since you can’t use your Samsung Tab Plus 7 anymore, want to sell me a cheap paperweight?

  • tmouser91

    T-Mobile sure likes targeting at&t. I just wonder how they’d respond if at&t ran a ad about coverage and even went as far to mention gprs or edge. I mean in a year or less at&t will have 300 million covered in LTE and I don’t see them being quiet about it. Either way competition is good!

    • S. Ali

      Because AT&T knows it would be stupid. The only coverage that matters is the places you travel most. It would be a lie for AT&T to make coverage claims against T-mobile because MOST people live and travel within major metro and T-mobile has them covered. Who cares if ATT has towers in rural Kentucky, why should customers have to pay more for coverage in areas they don’t visit. I’d rather pocket the savings AND have coverage in the areas that are important.

      • Paul

        I see your point, and it’s a very good one. However, I don’t get coverage, and when I do its usually edge, along a stretch of Interstate Highway 35 in Texas, between Dallas and Austin. The issue is that this is a MAJORLY traveled roadway that has crappy signal and almost no data.

      • Angry

        3g or better while camping is my dream. I can use hard-wired or wifi equipment at home and work.

        • Tom

          Or you could camp.

        • Angry

          well, it is T-MOBILE, not T-HOME or T-GHETTO

      • Ncguy02

        That may be be true but t-mobile covers what like 240 million people with hspa+ and lte combined. That leaves 60 to 70 million people stuck with either edge or no coverage and that matters to them. Verizon’s thing has always been coverage that’s what they advertise and it seems to work for them. Its not just some place in Kentucky that don’t have coverage its major highways and attractions. Here in NC we have on of the largest walk through zoo in the world and T-Mobile has little coverage there which is 2g at best. Do you think people will be taking pictures and sharing them or making calls telling friends and family about their fun? I do now would that leave a good impression?

    • UMA_Fan

      Att has to be focused on Verizon if the pay for a coverage ad.

    • Spanky

      Leave Britney alone!

  • Dennis Gwapo

    I like this ad!!! hahahha!!

  • Guest

    It doesn’t seem like AT&T cares all that much, if at all.

    • Spanky

      T-Mobile certainly doesn’t win in terms of coverage.

  • Paul

    Technically T-Mobile owns MetroPCS.

    • Paul

      I see it now, I misread it the first time. My bad.

  • Paul

    The ad is colorful – It’s mostly black and white with magenta.
    energetic and a lot of fun – ADHD advertising isn’t new and it isn’t “energetic and fun,” it causes seizures.
    specifically designed to highlight the carrier’s new-found coolness – They’ve always been cool, the board has just made bad decisions.

    I’m not impressed with this commercial. At least the other campaign was something everyone could relate to. This is also just a short lived holiday promo. Meh, just not thrilled with it.

  • Vitamin Dice

    I really don’t get these 0 down “promos” by tmobile. The total payment for the phone is the same in the end. I guess it may benefit those in jump program slightly but tmobile will still come out ahead in the jump program.

    • UMA_Fan

      Jump is where the value of $0 down is realized. If you buy a $700 phone for $0 down in six months time tmobile is buying your phone back for a lot more than what you could sell it for.

  • Bud

    sprint is trying to buy t mobile. its on cnet and appleinsider reported wsj.

    • superg05

      it’ll never happen

      • myremarq

        i agree. after that fails down tmo get money from sprint and buy lots of spectrums again. hehehe. i love you t-mobile.