T-Mobile prepaid carrier, GoSmart to offer free Facebook access


According to a report over at Reuters, GoSmart, one of T-Mobile’s prepaid MVNOs is set to offer its subscribers free access to Facebook regardless of whether or not they’re subscribed to an internet plan.

Obviously the idea here is to attract more customers, and by offering access to the world’s most-used social network, it’ll surely be an attractive offer for the young, connected consumers. Customers on the $25 per month talk only plan or $30 talk and text will be able to access Facebook for free, but, access to other sites or links through the social network will require a data plan of some kind. The catch? Data access is at a slower speed.

Gavin Dillon, a Tmo exec stated that although the free Facebook offer would pull in customers, it’s likely that it would draw customers toward the more expensive $35-$45 plans which include data at a faster speed.

Via: Reuters

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