T-Mobile prepaid carrier, GoSmart to offer free Facebook access


According to a report over at Reuters, GoSmart, one of T-Mobile’s prepaid MVNOs is set to offer its subscribers free access to Facebook regardless of whether or not they’re subscribed to an internet plan.

Obviously the idea here is to attract more customers, and by offering access to the world’s most-used social network, it’ll surely be an attractive offer for the young, connected consumers. Customers on the $25 per month talk only plan or $30 talk and text will be able to access Facebook for free, but, access to other sites or links through the social network will require a data plan of some kind. The catch? Data access is at a slower speed.

Gavin Dillon, a Tmo exec stated that although the free Facebook offer would pull in customers, it’s likely that it would draw customers toward the more expensive $35-$45 plans which include data at a faster speed.

Via: Reuters

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  • sidekicker89

    Carriers in Australia already do this. By the way anyone notice how high T-Mobile’s stock is!?! $31.53 a share as of now! It started around $16 a share when T-Mobile merged with Metro PCS!! :)

    • kev2684

      it’s because of DISH and Sprint about to start a bidding war to take T-Mo on a date.

      • KlausWillSeeYouNow

        …and hopefully Dish will win :-)

        • Mark Reese

          I think he
          meant to say hopefully they both lose…AKA at&t ???

        • KlausWillSeeYouNow

          I hope not. Dish, in my view, would be great for T-Mo. :-) Hopefully their date goes well.

        • vrm

          if tmobile cannot remain a business on its own, it needs to die. If not, dish or sprint will take care of that. Merging with either will not be good for ANY of them; sum of parts will not be greater and any such merger is clearly doomed for all to see.

  • princedannyb

    Gosmart still has no 4g only 2g and 3g. Why dont they use tmobiles hspa+ network? And I think they should grow solevei so they actualy have stores not just a website. Tmobile has a good opportunity to compete with sprint’s boost and virgin mobile. I laughed because right beside the tmobile kiosk in my mall aio just opened a kiosk.

    • Pitahson

      I’m with solavei. there is a reason why we don;t have stores.

  • $15454173

    I count the days……………………

  • maximus1901

    GoSmart is still a worse deal compared to H20 Wireless: unlimited talk, text, 500MB data on ATT’s HSPA+ for $30/month.

    • archerian

      exactly, and $30 is all inclusive, while Gosmart users have to pay Sales Tax. And H20 Wireless uses ATT network, so for what is being offered, it provides greater coverage.

  • john

    This anti-net-neutrality move only serves to harm social media that competes with facebook, which in the end harms consumers. Very un-Un-Carrier. Shame on you, T-Mobile.

    • ⓜ@®!ⓞ G@®CI@ ™

      Shame on T-Mobile ? Really Bro geez how harsh are you ….. can’t believe there’s always something to complain about even if a service is free

      • john

        The problem is that it is only free if you use the specific service(s) that GoSmart has decided you get to use for free. GoSmart should not have the power to influence what sites it’s customers visit. Customers should be able to make that decision based on the actual merits of the site.

        • Jesse James

          pay for data and you can chose to do whatever you want. chose to have facebook pay for your data and you get restrictions.

      • kalel33

        If you understood Net Neutrality and how breaking it affects consumers then you’d be against it too.

    • vrm

      I agree with you that it shows favouritism by network provider toward a particular business/website.

      I believe that net neutrality applies to ISPs and wireless service providers are not considered as ISPs, yet. Besides, if the plan does not offer any data, I don’t know how it will play out because the issue applies only to services that do provide data but show favouritism in the routing of that data.

  • Rick Rudge

    As a non-data pre-paid customer myself, who gets his data through free WiFi, I see this as an interesting concept. I still wouldn’t be interested in something like this, but it’s still an interesting concept. It’s a gateway drug to coax you into getting a data plan, isn’t it? :-)

  • timmyjoe42

    Can you do an article on all of T-Mobile’s various prepaid providers? I’m confused about why they have so many. The ones I know of include: Go Smart, Brightspot, and My Simple Mobile which are all in addition to T-Mobiles own brand of prepaid. Why have so many brands to confuse people.