Seattle’s “New Year’s at the Needle” to be colored all magenta

This year’s 29th annual “New Year’s at the Needle” is going to take on a very familiar hue as T-Mobile officially sponsors the New Year’s Eve event by lighting up the Space Needle in Seattle. What color? Why, magenta, naturally.

From December 30th through New Year’s Eve, the Needle will take on T-Mobile’s color.

“We are really thrilled to help throw a massive community party in our own backyard with such an important, iconic, global landmark like the Space Needle,” T-Mobile CEO John Legere said in a statement. “Just as the Space Needle has represented technology and progress from its inception, T-Mobile’s mission is to push boundaries and provide consumers with great value and innovation. We can’t think of a better local partner to help ring in 2014 and keep breaking the rules.”

As part of the celebration, T-Mobile will also be shining magenta light on to its corporate headquarters in Bellevue for the next two weeks.

Via: GeekWire

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  • Genecio

    Kinda cool….

  • Willie D

    So THIS is why they were selling stock…to raise money for THIS instead of spectrum. Ahhhh

  • Warden

    Please Softbank, don’t ruin T-mobile….plz.

  • thepanttherlady

    Merry Christmas everyone!!

  • J-Hop2o6

    My City =)

  • Kuma951

    Any one notice LTE speed is slow , like a month ago t-mobile said they fixed slow speed and I used to get 25-39 Mbps, but thus week I am getting 1-15 Mbps. I don’t know why ? It is 92507 area .

    • richard

      I live in 92507 too and its faster than ever…

    • TechHog

      They’re preparing us for the Sprint merger

    • Lagurl323

      same here east la 323 area zip code 90022 its been horrible slow amd i mean horrible slow both hspa and lte ,lte was 5to 10 before now its less than 1 w full bars lte yes full bars lte . Hspa its kbps speed it became unusable . The guy at the tmobile store switched my sim for free same thing . He also checked my area he said all towers were down and had no clue when they weregonna fix em he also told me u aint the only one suffering slow speeds he said everyday people come in to complain about same thing he was also me too he showed me he had a tmobile iphone 5s he was all like good thing i have wifi at home because data is unacaceptable . He said that in east la ,montebello,pico rivera all towers were down and that he HAD NO CLUE when they were gonna fix em SUCKSS because i cant do nada the phones display 4G or 4G lte but nothing is coming tru data and calls sometimes i cant even call i get the orange phone on my g2 and “network busy ” please tmobile fix this soon i been like this 2 weeks .!

      • Melissa Cardenas

        Gurl do what i did move on n dump tmobile there ARE better options out there. I know what u mean im also in LA and saw tmobile service go downhill now im on att yes its expensive but it actually works.

    • maximus1901

      Anyone notice speed is slow outside of city limits? Everywhere?
      Like 80 Kbps down

  • Cjpowers

    It would only be good if they keep t moblies network and cut sprints

  • jared

    Can’t they find someone who’s is interested in posting stuff about tmobile? This site is getting more stale by the day!

    • maximus1901

      I find it odd they hired someone living in UK to write about a US cell carrier.

  • teerain216

    Since tmobile is getting alot of new subscribers a refer a
    friend promo is going to start next year. If a current customer refers someone
    from At&t, sprint or Verizon they will get 100 dollars. The person joining
    will get 100 dollars on a prepaid card.

  • If you’re in Seattle, you can catch the T-Mobile New Years at the Needle fireworks show on KING-5, or elsewhere in the Pacific Northwest on NWCN (NorthWest Cable News). (I’m an engineer at KING/NWCN)

  • 4nradio

    The fireworks show was great, despite the fog lingering around the Needle. It was special to have this Seattle event sponsored by T-Mobile; a great PR move in my opinion. Kudos to KING-5, too, for an excellent job in covering this annual New Year’s celebration.