My Setup: Home Edition

As promised when I first took over running TmoNews, and as part of many loyal readers’ opportunity to get to know me, what makes me tick and how I make technology work for me, I decided to write up on the goodies that I use at home. Now, as a blogger and video maker, a lot of my “home” tech is really just “work” tech. Stuff that I use every day, most of which might not leave the house that often. So without too much more rambling, here’s the gear that gets me through the day:

1. 21-inch iMac

As much as I’d love to be able to use just a laptop – and I did for a while – it’s really difficult to argue against the benefits of a desktop computer. I first switched to Mac back when I started my media studies at university in 2008 and I’ve never been tempted or wanted to switch back to Windows. Simply put: It works for me. I went with the 2.7GHz i5 model iMac with 8GB of RAM, with a 1TB “Fusion” drive. I need the speed offered by the solid state part of the hard drive to create, edit and export videos and photographs, but I needed the storage to hold all my media. This combination of large storage capacity and speedy performance is perfect. The screen is fantastic too. It’s a full HD panel, but it’s the color reproduction that sets it apart from a lot of alternative displays. For a good 6 months before shifting from my MacBook Air to the iMac, I’d been using a Samsung LED monitor, and there’s just no comparison.

2. Twelve South HiRise for iMac – $79


I’m over 6 foot tall and so for the sake of my posture, I need to have my display slightly raised to save me from getting back ache from hunching over my desk. The HiRise – like most of Twelve South’s products (a recurring theme in this post) – is a brilliant piece of design. It’s sleek, made from metal and has enough storage space to keep all sorts of things inside. Personally, I use it host my audio system’s amp and a few SIM ejector tools (for easy SIM-swapping). I’ve also “decorated” it with a few stickers. It’s sturdy, looks great on my desk and is incredibly useful. Product Link.

3. WD MyPassport 1TB – $99.95

With a 1TB drive in my Mac, I needed to match that with an external hard drive. Western Digital’s My Passport was my choice purely for its reputation, build quality and value for money. All I use it for is to back up my system using Time Machine. Had I needed a faster drive for working on huge media projects in real-time, I’d have gone for something a bit pricier, but my needs are very minimal. It’s a “just in case my computer blows up” purchase. Product Link.

3. Twelve South BackPack – $34.99

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 17.28.09

Another Twelve South product, and not the last on the list either. I like having my external drive fairly easily accessible, but also hidden out of the way to stop my desk getting overly crowded. The BackPack is a perfect solution. It grips on to the stand of the iMac and provides a platform for my external hard drive keeping it – and its cable – completely out of site. Product Link

4. NanoTek Stand – $29.95

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 17.33.04

Originally a KickStarter project, the SETA smartphone stand was bought out by Braketron and rebranded “NanoTek”. As you can probably tell by now, there’s a running theme of aluminum and black running through my choices. This stand looks like a backwards iMac “leg” and features two areas covered in nano-suction equipped material. What I love about nano-suction is that it provides the grip of a strong adhesive, but doesn’t leave any residue. It’s technically not sticky at all. Pressing any flat-backed, non-porous phone on to it squeezes out all the air from the microscopic suction cups and keeps it attached. If it stops working, clean it with a damp cloth. I love its minimal design, its sturdiness and the fact that it has a gap specifically for feeding through my charging cable. Product Link.

6. Orb Audio – Amp, two speakers and sub – $549


I spend 8-9 hours a day sat behind my computer, so I needed a great audio system for my daily playlist. A few months ago, a company asked me if I wanted to try (and review) its speaker system. I said yes. Normally, I get sent the hi-tech, wireless stuff that uses Bluetooth or AirPlay for music playing. This was the polar opposite.

Orb Audio products are so delightfully analogue. I had to cut the hi-grade copper wiring myself, and attach it to the speakers. Controlling the system is a small amp with a volume dial on the front. Nothing else. On the back are a handful of different input and output connections. The speakers themselves are beautifully designed and sound fantastic, lacking a little in bass. Fret not, however, bass-lovers, I got the company’s Super Eight sub too. Once that’s added to the equation, there’s enough bass to make your lungs pound – if you turn it up loud enough.

If I ever wanted to expand the system, I can do so easily by buying more of the smaller speakers, even upgrading it to 5.1 surround if I wanted. It’s brilliant. Also, if you don’t want the setup I’ve got, you can choose your own. Order cable, speakers, amps, subs all separately until you’ve got your own perfect combination. Product Link.

7. iPad mini w/Retina – 32GB – White/Silver

Although I have both the iPad mini and iPad Air, it’s the new mini that gets most used at home. On the move is a different story, but to browse, games, read and relax on the couch, I find the mini to be more enjoyable to use. I don’t often use it for work.

8. iPhone 5s – 16GB – Space Gray

Yes, I’m an “iPhone guy”. Sort of. Over the past year I’ve owned or tested a Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One, Nexus 4 and Nokia Lumia 925, but it’s always the iPhone I end up using as my primary device. And it’s not because I have anything particularly against other manufacturers, or even Android as a user interface. On the whole, I loved the Nexus 4 and HTC One. I loved having the bigger display, and SwiftKey is quite simply one of the best apps on any platform. So much better than the iOS keyboard. That said, there weren’t any other apps I felt were as good or better than the ones I use each day on iPhone. That said, with Any.Cal and Evomail on Android now, there are more of my daily apps on Google’s platform than there ever have been before. I’ll keep on dipping my toe in Android as it continues to develop. Maybe one day it will become my go-to platform.

9. Incipio NGP for iPad mini – $24.99

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 17.34.24

Although I review a ton of accessories on on a regular basis, I generally don’t use a lot of cases day-in day-out. Of all the dozens I’ve tried, there are probably 7-8 I’d actually consider using myself. One of those is the NGP for iPad. It protects the back of my iPad and leaves the screen completely accessible. I’m generally not clumsy with my devices, so I have no fear of screen damage. It’s flexible and fairly thin, but has adequate shock protection to keep the metal from being damaged. Product Link.

10. Twelve South HiRise for iPhone/iPad mini – $34.99

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 17.30.20

Yes. Another Twelve South product. It’s not often you come across a sleek, minimal stand/dock that charges multiple iDevices. Being able to have one stand on my desk that I can place my iPad mini or iPhone 5s on to is great. It keeps unnecessary clutter of my desk, ensuring I don’t have to have too many stands hanging around. Product Link.

11. Logitech Easy-Switch keyboard – $99

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 17.37.42

If you’ve been counting, you’ll notice that – most of the time – I have 3 devices on my desk at all times. I have the iPad mini, iPhone 5s and Mac. When it comes to making them work for me, I needed a keyboard that tied them all together. When writing up reviews or longer articles, to be distraction free I prefer to type them up on Evernote for iPad. But I sometimes still need to switch between that and an email on my mac, or a message on iPhone. Easy-Switch allows me to switch between the three just by pressing F1, F2 or F3. F1 is my iMac, F2 is my iPad, F3 is set up to connect to my iPhone. It’s pretty awesome. Not to mention, the keyboard is also aluminum and black plastic, fitting in with everything else on my desk. Product Link.

12. Canon EOS 600D (T3i?)

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 17.53.57

I’m not a professional photographer or video maker, and so I decided not to spend tons on a Canon 6D. Instead, I went with the middle of the road 600D. When I bought it, it was the best camera for my own personal use case and budget. It has a rotatable view finder display so I can see myself when vlogging, it also has an external microphone input, a must for anyone filming video. Onboard microphones are generally awful, even a cheap $20 clip-on microphone is a better bet.

If you have any questions about any of my gear, feel free to leave them below. As for what I use when I’m on my travels, or I fancy a day out of the home office, that’ll come in a separate post.

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  • Willie D

    This made me throw up a bit… too much Apple and not enough free thinking!

    • RedGeminiPA

      Your comment made me throw up a bit. Too much thinking that what you use is what everyone else should use. It works for him, and that’s how it should be. Grow up a little.

    • hieuman

      I’m all for stuff to make this guy throw up more.

    • Cam Bunton

      Every device choice that I make is done after testing and trying other alternatives. I hate Windows, so I’ll never use that. But, as for phones – like I mention in the post – I’ve used most of the best devices out there, and concluded that they don’t suit my own personal needs. The same goes with stands, cases, speakers.. I’ve tested a lot, and arrived at this set up. If that’s not “free thinking” I don’t know what is.

      • Delusion_FTL

        While I cant disagree with what you claim. Your setup would be an outlier for a person who claims to have a “passion for cell phones”, but would be exactly what we would expect from someone who has a passion for Apple and working for MacRumors.

        It’s a little like someone writing for car and driver who claims to be an enthusiast for all things cars and owns several cars but has absolutely zero vehicles that are not a Honda.

        What we would have liked to see is the 5S, S5, nexus 5 and a nokia sitting side by side. That’s something people expect to see from someone who has a “passion for cell phones”.

        Please don’t misunderstand this post. It’s not meant to demean, but simply to clarify what others are feeling.

        • philyew

          Did you read his explanation of why he keeps coming back to the iPhone for personal use, despite having tested and liked a number of Android and Windows devices?

          This is a guy with a passion for cell phones, but also a family and – probably – a modest income with no personal expense account. He’s created what he considers to be the most functional environment for his needs.

          If you are going to surround yourself with multiple OSs on smartphones, you have also got to surround yourself with multiple applications that are compatible between the platforms. Something which is not always easy to do.

          It shouldn’t require you to create functional environments using multiple OSs in order to service a web site which is about a mobile phone carrier and the services it offers.

        • Delusion_FTL

          Of course I read his reply, and the issue still stands. If an editor at car and driver has modest income, yet still surrounds himself with many cars of only one type, it seems not genuine. I does not necessarily mean that it is not genuine, only that is the way it comes across.

        • philyew

          Your analogy doesn’t address the core of his original explanation. You don’t have to set up cars to be able to work interactively. Each is a free-standing entity. Reproducing software applications, on the other hand, from one platform to another is counterproductive unless they can work together seamlessly.

          You indicate through your reasoning that people are intelligent enough not to misinterpret whether something is or is not genuine, and yet you say Cam still needs to beware appearances. I think he was addressing appearances by explaining that he had experience with several smartphone platforms, but for practical reasons he elected to use the iPhone.

        • Cam Bunton

          I understand, it is the norm for a lot of cell phone bloggers to own a handful of different phones. But I don’t think that necessarily has to be the case. I normally have two phones running at the same time, an iPhone and something else. I make a point of dipping in and out of different phones and operating systems to stay up to date, but for personal use, I only need one.

        • AndroidProfit

          Dude give it a rest. He already claimed that he has used other devices. You apple haters SERIOUSLY need to seek therapy.

        • Guest

          Todays IPhone .com not MacRumors but close

      • Dakota

        As someone who has a Mac and has an old Nexus and is contemplating where to go next, Id like to hear more about your iPhone vs Android. Not being a reviewer, I don’t get free stuff sent to me that I can play with for weeks to see what the advantages and disadvantages of the OS and devices are. With so many Apple haters and Apple fans, its hard for someone not familiar with iOS to get a real feel for what they would be gaining and what they would be missing by leaving Android. I know most of the people I hang out with have iPhones and I don’t hear complaints. Im the only one complaining about things not working

  • David

    That’s a lot of stuff.

    • Dakota

      If you got free stuff sent to you, you’d probably have a lot of free stuff around too

  • Um… ok. What does this have to do with T-Mobile?

    • RedGeminiPA

      It has nothing to do with T-Mobile, but a lot to do with TmoNews. This is his setup for work, and this is what he uses to run the site. The point of the article is to get familiar with him, not T-Mobile.

    • philyew

      I was beginning to think that news and information around here was getting thin, but – having done a little searching around the internet – there’s a simple answer: T-Mobile news and information in general at the moment is not just thin, it’s non-existent.

      TM haven’t made a press release of any significance since November 21st. The Thanksgiving holiday season has come and gone without any significant, game-changing developments. TM have already exceeded their projections for the LTE roll-out in 2013 and have yet to elaborate on how they will utilize any additional spectrum that they will buy from their recent financing initiatives.

      In a year of many significant developments for TM, they have reached a plateau, which will probably last until the next spectrum acquisition reaches approval.

      So how does Cam keep the site alive? Days and days without posts will, for sure, kill it. If you don’t like Cam’s initiative to at least get something posted here, how about suggestions for what type of posts would be of greater interest?

      Just remember, Cam can’t make up news, and idle speculation doesn’t usually help anyone.

      • 21stNow

        One expansion that I would have liked to see would have been more on the Moto X sale. There was some confusion over whether or not the T-Mobile version of the MotoMaker Moto X was unlocked. Motorola themselves gave two different answers to this.

        Also, information about the Cyber Monday sale was posted, but I didn’t see an update to show that the sale had been postponed to a later date. Granted, most of us who were interested were following Motorola in other places (that was a blog post in of itself). This does have an effect on T-Mobile customers, simply because we are looking for no-contract phones a little harder than other carriers’ customers are.

        • Bklynman

          Also some people who read this blog,would like to
          know if Metropcs phones can work with Tmobile sim card.
          Cam,can you please findout if they do,if some who rep,for Tmo,knows can tell us. Thank you.

        • Dakota

          Have you called Tmobile? or MetroPCS?

      • Nick Gonzalez


    • Dakota

      slow news day

  • Avatar12345

    “as part of many loyal readers’ opportunity to get to know me, what makes me tick and how I make technology work for me, I decided to write up on the goodies that I use at home.”

    Whisky-Tango-Foxtrot.. Who cares? and WHO are you?? you are such a show off. BTW,
    too much Apple=gay. Typical “me” generation.

    • RedGeminiPA

      Too much bashing someone over something that isn’t to your liking will make you retarded. Who are YOU? You’re such an arrogant ass.

      • Dakota

        Please don’t use the R word in that capacity. Its not right, and you wouldn’t be saying that if you had a developmentally disabled child or family member

    • Dakota

      Your comment is ridiculous, and if you don’t care, no one is forcing you to visit the site or click on the articles. Now your homophobia is another issue. I don’t know what Apple products have to do with same sex attractions, or why you think thats a slam.

  • kevlarian

    Where is the Creativity? Living in the “I” ecosystem is a very BAD thing. I have Window phone (Nokia), iPhone (5s) and Note II. My desktops include both Windows and OS X (hackintosh) as well as one or two Linux VM’s. To really support a site like this, I believe, you need to surround yourself with tech from all areas. Just sayin…

    • RedGeminiPA

      This site focuses on a cellphone company. Why should he have to use anything other than what he likes and what works for him?

      If I read his switch to Mac timing right, he did so during Vista. That’s when I finally made the switch as well, and no, I won’t be going back.

      • Cam Bunton

        Yeah, I’d had Vista for just under a year I think when I made the switch. It was the last straw for me. Nothing since then has made me want to go back, in fact, Windows 8 has the opposite effect.

        • Adrayven

          Amen.. was right when I started looking hard at Mac as well. a 2008 Macbook Pro 13″ was my first Mac.. I just couldn’t take it. Today, I use Win7 daily for work (VM through VMWare Fusion).. I even downloaded and tried Win8.. lord.. Even my company stated we’re skipping it. ROFL!

          Running rMBP 15″ and intend to use it into the ground. I do dabble with Nexus lines (Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4.. thinking about 5).. Nothing says you have to use Windows to use an Android phone. They work fine together.

          I’m REALLY not convinced Chromebook’s will be my goto.. as limited as they are, might as well as get a tablet and bluetooth keyboard. iOS or Android, there are simply more apps available than Chrome.

        • kalel33

          Chromebook was not meant to be as your “go to” for people who use their computer for work. It’s for the vast majority of people that use the computer for browsing and documents. For that, it’s unmatched in price and quality. It’s also great as a secondary device. I had the HP Touchpad, with Android on it, and I don’t see what’s great about a tablet. Kids love them and they’re great for magazines but I like a laptop better and Kindle e-book reader for reading, which both still come in cheaper than a good tablet.

        • philyew

          Since I’ve always worked in and/or been responsible for a total Windows working environment, I’ve never used any Apple products, but I have to say that Microsoft get more and more counter-intuitive with every product release.

          I just took delivery of a new Windows 8 laptop for my daughter and the whole experience of setting it up felt like trying to do something in a foreign language without the benefit of a dictionary. I felt much the same way about the Office 2013 suite when I upgraded earlier in the year.

          Microsoft – along with several other tech juggernauts – presume way too much when they try to decide what their customers’ priorities and focus ought to be. It is always to serve their agenda, rather than the customers’ needs.

    • Dakota

      Why is it a bad thing? A lot of people enjoy the simplicity of having all your devices work together and sync. It may not be the best thing for a tech writer but lets remember Cam has been writing TodaysIphone so its no surprise he has an Apple home. Many people do. I just want to know what happens to all that free stuff you’re not using. If you start having giveaways for readers, Im sure they’ll lighten up

  • $15454173

    Nice setup Cam! Cool stuff to keep the articles/updates coming :)

  • Diver Dan

    I enjoyed seeing your set up.

  • bob

    apple city

  • tman10449

    Nice setup. How bout an article on the root metrics scores in Phoenix yesterday with tmo on top with speeds…or the 4.3 update for note 2 being pushed out today. your missing a lot of things that David would post at times…
    I have attempted to do the updated unrooted but no success. After redownloading update I realized it is only 14 meg file so it most likely isnt 4.3 but a minor software update. Sorry if I got anyone excited.

    • TechHog

      Wait, you mean 4.3 is out for the T-Mobile Note 2?

      • tman10449


        • TechHog

          From what i can tell, there’s no 4.3 update

    • philyew

      You mean the US Cellular roll-out? Where did you see that TM are also doing it?

      • tman10449

        Came to my phone today.

        • philyew

          Looks like you may have handed him a scoop, as I can’t see any mention of this in a Google or Bing search.

          Post him a screenshot.

        • tman10449

          I tried the update however my dev is rooted so I will need to unroot first to install. Ill post later a screen shot

    • breenda

      u lucky in phoenix that they improved speeds over here in los angeles they havent done a thing been waiting patiently since they annouced it was a software issue and they would fix it,nada yet …

      • tman10449

        I’m not in Phoenix. Saw that in Google news yesterday.

    • Cam Bunton

      4.3 update on Note 2 isn’t showing up on any of T-Mobile’s support pages. Please do share a screenshot. If it’s not official yet, we need to find out who else has downloaded it.

      • tman10449

        Comment edited. Appears to be only 14 mg minor update not 4.3

        • Cam Bunton

          Bummer. That would have been awesome. Ping me if notice anything more official. Keeping my eyes peeled here..

    • Guest

      Also, checking on RootMetrics, the most recent report was in October for Phoenix.. If you see something more recent, send me a link either using the “Submit News” form or email me: cam[at]tmonews[dot]com

      • tman10449

        I posted the link. It was news from yesterday prnews review it when you can

  • gpt2010

    Does this article mean that Cam will never write a good review for an Android or Windows phone on TMO network? That was Apple overload. I think I need to go throw up now. LOL.

    • AndroidProfit

      Here’s a NEWS FLASH for you. There are PLENTY of reviewers out there that use Apple products who chastise Apple. Please get over yourself. Do we SERIOUSLY need to remind you that DAVID WAS AN APPLE USER!

      • Dakota

        You’re the only one responding with all those comments. People realize he is an Apple user. He runs a site called Todays IPhone. What people are noticing is that this used to be a Tmobile specific blog that people turned to for Tmobile news and exclusives. Phone dog has done this with other sites they scooped up. There are dozens of tech blogs and people just liked going to one site that was Tmo specific all the time. They also felt a kinship with David because he was in the same boat as they were. He was a Tmobile customer (less we remind you that he used an iPhone too so its not an iPhone issue – Heck, Tmobile sells a lot of iPhones these days). Yes there’s great technology these days, but it isn’t the same to have a writer in England who doesnt live and breath and use Tmobile on a daily basis. It has nothing to do with Cam, it just isn’t the same. If I lived in England, I wouldn’t want to read an Orange or Talk Talk blog from someone in Minnesota. So chill. Everybody. People ragging him on using Apple products – not cool. People noting that there have been more non-Tmobile stories is a valid criticism. Phone Dog and Tmo News may be taking a different direction, but I assume as long as they are respectful, they would appreciate the feedback. In the long run, it will be the number of site visits and clicks that determines the direction

      • gpt2010

        Android, you are obviously a loser or a stalker. I saw some of your other post. You got problems, and might want to consult a psychiatrist. My post was a joke. Maybe I should have ended my post with a JK instead of LOL. I don’t care what Cam uses. Cam, if you are reading this. You might want to get the police involved. It looks like you have a stalker on your hands.

        • AndroidProfit

          That’s a nice keyboard and monitor you have there.. Ssshhhh

  • Yikes

  • lion7718

    Sorry, I stopped reading after I saw iMac…

    • nycplayboy78

      LAWD!!! :)

  • Cole

    Hi Cam,

    I’m a regular reader of TMOnews, but first time commentor. Nice setup, and thanks for trying to share a bit about yourself with us.

    However, I read TMOnews for information about T-Mobile. There is a lot going on at TMO, and better ways generate relevant content for the site that readers like me come here for.

    I find some of this info now on other sites/forums like XDA and HowardForums, among many others because relevancy has been lost, or at least lightened here.

    At worst, run slice of life interviews with TMO corp or store employees when you can’t generate new leads for relevant “news”. Good luck, and I look forward to a higher frequency of relevant content as you continue to get settled in.

    • AndroidProfit

      Gee, I for one am sorry that your precious eyes had to witness such a TRAVESTY! Please let us know what we can do to make your life better. Again VERY SORRY that your eyes and brain lost the ability to ignore an article!

      • no2apple

        Can you just Sh%# up and stop licking this guys A$$..

        • AndroidProfit

          Dude you are so deluded you created a handle to display your mental illness. I am sorry that a phone frightens you.

          As long as his ass tastes like Guinness I will lick away.

        • 30014

          You two just made my day. Good back and forth.

  • Mike

    Did you mortgage your home for that set-up???

    • Cam Bunton

      lol. No. All the accessories are sent to me to review. They rarely ask for them back.

      • Trevnerdio

        Wut?? Seriously??

        • nycplayboy78

          I know right…I am in the wrong profession….LAWD!!!


    • Erin

      The iMacs aren’t overpriced for what you really get, and if he’s doing this as a job, chances are the whole thing is a tax write off anyway. :-)

  • You said you have a 5s but in your photos it looks like a regular 5?

    • taco

      because its the same thing lol

      • Lol WELL the button doesn’t have the square on the 5s ;)

    • Drifter5

      It’s a 5S in the group shot.

    • Cam Bunton

      That’s an old photo from when I reviewed the stand earlier in the year.

  • Cool article and nice setup! Being a gadget geek, I like reading things like these even if it’s not mobile news related. Windows or Mac… whatever works for you. Myself, I use a Nexus 5, ipad air and windows desktop because they work for me.

    My main concern about the new TMO news is that it seems to have a more pro-corporate PR news point of view now instead of the pro-consumer point of view we all loved. David wasn’t afraid to call out TMO with editorial rants when it was deserved. Now it’s as though the new editor can’t really sound off for fear of losing his job.

  • AndroidProfit

    I think you David cry babies need to give it a rest.

  • Trevnerdio

    Whoa, partner…calm it down on the Apple products there. You’re gonna give yourself EWS (Empty Wallet Syndrome)

  • AndroidProfit

    Oh geez it’s TWICE THE DOUCHE! We have BOTH the Apple haters and the David cry babies all here together.

  • Dakota

    You are Apple’s dream customer

    • Erin

      I don’t know about that, he doesn’t have a new MacBook Air sitting around. :-D

  • AndroidProfit

    Welcome to TMO News Cam! You are getting a GREAT TASTE of the amount of douchbags that frequent the forums. Enjoy handling all these toddlers!

  • no2apple

    Too much apple… One more reason to skip this site..

  • steveb944

    Those are some awesome stands, especially with that nano tech. I’ll be looking into that for myself.

  • MarkieE

    Thanks for sharing! Nice setup.

  • AndroidProfit

    It is REALLY REALLY hard to feel sorry for you David crybabies. HE SOLD THE PHUCKIN SITE!!!!!! NO ONE HELD A GUN TO HIS HEAD AND FORCED HIM INTO THAT!!!! He is over at Google 9to5! Rush right over and complain about how an iPhone user can’t be trusted to review Google!

  • WillKeepThisOneAnonymous

    I don’t have anything against Apple, matter of fact, I have a Mac Pro sitting on my desktop. HOWEVER, I live in the U.S., user T-Mobile, have an Android phone and even a Windows machine in my office. I don’t think if I used Verizon, had nothing but Windows, lived in another country how I would be qualified to write TmoNews. Sorry. Now whip me.

  • TMOEmployee

    While I was a huge fan of David’s, I think you are settling in well. LOVE the set up. If only my work desk looked like this.

  • trife

    I’m failing to see how Cam using an iMac, iPad Mini and iPhone have any impact on his ability to write about T-Mobile news. Someone aware me why this site would be better if he was using a Windows PC, Nexus 7 and a Note 3.

    What exactly is the problem here? Oh I get it…you simply don’t like Apple. News flash: your beloved T-Mobile now sells iDevices and they sell very well. Get over it already.

    • killi da prince

      not really because its apple but the drawbacks with cross compatibility issues, walled off gardens and such. As an american company i love apple but i hate the direction their moving in since the death of Steve Jobs, meaning their lack of innovation and drive to really push the envelope. lets be honest the new iphone is nothing more than catch-up along with a few gimmicks thrown in i’d like to see them really think outside the box.

      • trife

        I often hear the argument about innovation. What are other phones doing that are so innovative? NFC? Wireless charging? I ask about those because I’ve had devices with both and guess what–I don’t miss them one single bit. Seriously, I can’t think of many features that are must haves. There are a lot of cool little things, however they’re somewhat gimmicky IMO (much like Siri or Touch iD). In other words, they’re not vital to a good user experience.

        What are some other innovative features of non-Apple phones that the iPhone is missing? And bigger screens don’t count because size is clearly subjective, as Apple has continued to sell many, many iPhones.

        Serious questions, btw. I’m genuinely interested in what I’m missing by using an iPhone.

        • killi da prince

          I was speaking in a broader sense, the company’s whole portfolio such as Macs, Apple TV, iPhone, iPod etc. i merely used iPhone as an example but since u asked i will elaborate on that issue more momentarily.
          Comparing Apple To Google has always been, well apples to oranges. What are Apple’s products? media players, phone, computers, set top box…… What are Google’s? computers, check. Phone, check. Set top box, check. but Google goes beyond…. search engine, self driving cars, fiber networks, Glass etc. Goggle is forever pushing towards the future, creating new products and new way to bring the consumer content while keeping them connected. That is the future we are moving to, and always on society, it is real folks its happening. And Apple Needs to get on board they need to be seen developing new ideas new new technology not just as TAPMASTER said beefing up the specs of the same products each year. That’s evolution, strengthening what already exist as opposed to innovation, creating whole new products.

          Even comparing Apple to Samsung, no competition Samsung is the most innovative manufacturer right now. Samsung taps the market on every screen size, more than one OS both mobile and computer wise, the make their own mobile processors, not including their TVs and other household appliances. Bottom line Apple need to push forward and push hard in 2014.

          NOW THE IPHONE!!!!!!
          yes size is subjective, yes many many iPhone have been sold. But how many more iPhone could have been sold if there was a bigger model? In the mobile gaming world Apple has a near stranglehold on the market. Most games come to IPhone first and many never even make it to android. it has been said time and time again 4.5in-5.3in is the sweet spot for mobile gaming. Why not tap that market? the fact that there has never been a larger model iPhone is ludicrous but an iPod touch? that’s just downright wasteful. i myself being a note 2 owner, soon to be upgrading to the note 3, would buy a bigger iPod just 4 gaming! the changes aesthetically in IOS 7 look good and all but its really like apple just gave iPhone the ice cream sandwich update. the thumbprint scanner has been done before and is not very secure anyway. the list goes on…… bottom line if you are going to release only one phone each year, and a watered down model with diffrent color options don’t count, then every now an then you need to reinvent that phone and how its interacts with the consumer

        • Erin

          I take it you aren’t really too familiar with how Apple was and is now, but I do think you made a very well thought out post.

          Apple doesn’t care about Glass, driving cars, etc. Apple wants to do a few products and do them well. They have never been about all the other stuff that Google is flailing around with.

      • tapmaster

        That’s great and all, but how does that affect his ability to cover the news about a carrier?

        Also, what exactly has other companies been doing that is so innovative? Everything seems to be more evolutionary than innovative. Bigger screens, higher PPI, more RAM. What “innovation” has actually changed the way we use our devices in any sort of meaningful way?

  • Erin

    I’m so disappointed that he failed to show us a shot of the whole desk. I need some new furniture to go with my new iPad!! :-P

  • volvoV70guy

    $80 for that third party iMac riser? Wow. I guess that doesn’t seem like a lot if you’re used to paying Apple’s asinine prices.