What was your first T-Mobile phone?

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Most of us tech-heads know which device or technology sparked our interest first. It might have been something you owned as a child or an entirely fictional gadget from Star Trek. For me, the idea of being able to talk to someone miles away on the phone without having any wires connecting you seemed totally impossible. I had a fascination with mobile communication devices from a young age.

After that fascination, we tend to – sort of – develop preferences, and become fans of various manufacturers. At least, that’s how it was with general consumer tech. For mobile phones (until quite recently) there were seemingly tons of carrier exclusives. To get a particular phone, you’d have to go with a particular network operator. For the iPhone, that was AT&T for a long time. For the first Android phone, the G1, it was T-Mobile.

But some, like most of yourselves, are fans of a particular carrier and won’t choose a device if it means switching. Thankfully, that’s not as big a deal as it used to be. But I was curious, which device got you on to the magenta carrier. I first signed a T-Mobile UK contract in November 2005, and it was to get a particular phone: MDA Vario (pictured above).

Essentially, it was a hideous, bulky, clunky Windows Mobile device. It had a 2.8-inch display with a pixel density of less than 143ppi. It was no Retina, but it was incredible for the time. It weighed over 6-ounces, was almost an inch thick and 4.5 inches tall. It was also available in different forms, depending on which carrier you went with. Back in the day before HTC became a well-known brand, this was how it operated. Selling devices with the carriers’ choices of branding and bloatware. HTC TyTN was essentially the exact same device, but with a few hardware tweaks.

At the time, I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I was impressed that it ran a basic version of the software I used on PC. And, instead of typing using a fiddly onscreen keyboard, I could use the built in, horizontal-sliding physical QWERTY. I had it about 2 months before I ditched it for a Motorola V3i, the complete polar opposite. Ever since that day, I’ve had at least one line with T-Mobile.

I’ve had great phones and awful phones in the 8 years since then, but I’ll always remember the Vario as being my first “proper” smartphone and being my first phone purchased from Tmo.

But I’m interested, what device first got you hooked on to T-Mobile? Let me know in the comments, or tweet me: @TiP_Cam 



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  • Rick

    My first? The Blackberry 7105t. Then a G1, a Sensation 4G, now an HTC ONE.

  • Thomas Vu

    HTC Touch Pro 2, followed by a Nexus One, followed by an HTC Sensation, than a Nexus 4, after that an HTC One, and now a Nexus 5.

  • Razo_E

    My first was an old used sidekick 2 (that I still have to this day). I “upgraded” to a sidekick ID, then a 2008 Sidekick, then a G1, Mytouch 3G Slide, MyTouch 4G slide, Galaxy S Relay 4g, and now I’m on an S4.

    • lmemma16

      you finally went touchscreen :D i was the same way, using all the qwerty’s until the choices pretty much ran out

      • Razo_E

        Exactly. The Galaxy S Relay was sort of an S3 with a lower res camera/screen, but the guts were almost the same. Too bad they neutered the MyTouch line, it would have been amazing.

  • Alex Zapata

    HTC Sensation 4G. That one died 8 days out of warranty so I picked up a used BB Bold 9700 as a temporary phone. Switched to an S3 before they announced the LTE version, tried out a One dev edition but got sick of hopping between LTE and EDGE and now I’m using a Lumia 925.

    And yet I still miss my UMA handoff.

  • noelsito

    The RAZR V3, back in 7th grade :’)

  • Chris Hilbert

    Sidekick 2. After leaving, I’m back again with Nexus 5.

  • Fate Everywhere

    Sony Ericsson T610. Followed by a Nokia 6210, then another T610. iPhone 3G, 3GS, HTC G2, Samsung Galaxy S II, Nexus 4, Nexus 5. Never leaving the Nexus series again unless Motorola ATAC comes up with something that will beat it but be more in the vein of the Moto X.

  • besweeet

    Sony Ericsson T610 from way back when, before switching to AT$T. Finally back with an iPhone 5.

  • T-Mobile Dash. It’s in my desk drawer right next to me still.

  • jimmiekain

    My first T-Mobile phone was the Sidekick II but back then tmo had no coverage at all in my area so I returned it 2 days later and went back to sprint. Fast Forward a whole bunch of years and I started seeing all the 4g commercials with the girl on the motorcycle and decided to give them another chance. I got the Samsung GS3 and while coverage was better than it was before it still wasnt good enough so returned it after a week and went back to sprint. Exactly 1 month after I returned my GS3 my neighbor and I were talking and I noticed he had tmo I asked what he thought about the service and he told me it sucked until last week. Now its amazing. I said here at home… is it good here? He said its amazing. I showed him how to download the speed test app and he was getting 14mbps down on his gs2. The best I’d ever gotten on sprint was 10mbps and that was at the fair standing next to a tower. On average I was getting like 600kbps on sprint. I read and read and read online and found out tmo was doing some upgrades to its 1700 or 1900mhz bands and decided to give them another chance. I got the Nexus4 and coverage was amazing! On top of that, the coverage has only gotten better since then. Now I have the Nexus 5. So thats the long answer. Here is the short answer… 1st- Sidekick II 2nd- Gs3 3rd- Nexus 4 4th- Nexus 5.

  • ChristianMcC

    My first Tmo was an HTC dash in black(May 2009), which I traded a few days layer for the touch screened(though horribly) Samsung behold (pre-Android). I sold that a couple of months later to buy the HTC MyTouch 3g(Magic/Ion), and been hooked on Android that can be used fully on Tmo, ever since, now with an N5.

  • Brian

    Mine was an Ericsson T28 when it was still VoiceStream. Then the SGH-N105, then the MDA, then G1, then…..way too many other Android phones.

  • bdbman

    Motorola V360 in 8th grade

  • Rapist on BAIL

    Sidekick 3, Sidekick LX Tony Hawk, Blackberry 8900, Sidekick LX 2009, Galaxy S 4G, HTC Sensation, HTC Amaze, Galaxy S2, HTC One S, Galaxy S3, Xperia Z.

  • Chimphappyhour

    My first was some sort of crappy Samsung flip phone.

    • ChristianMcC

      If it was the one with the interchangeable front covers, I know what you’re talking about!


    the hot pink razr i remember when tmobile took out the pink razr they also got a grey one i got the hot pink one my brother the grey one.

    • ChristianMcC

      I was too chicken to get that one, though I wanted it when I joined At&t. Swapped the grey for a gorgeous hot red Samsung a couple weeks later, though, due to SD support.

      • LAGURL

        cool lol well sadly my pink razr had a sad ending it ended smashed against the wall pissed me off one day it became so laggy and slow maybecuz i took so many pics for myspace back in the day myspace was the thing lol haha so one day got so bad i threw it against the wall screen cracked iregret it so much.

  • kev2684

    Samsung Galaxy S II > Samsung Galaxy Note II > Nexus 5.

  • Dustin Wood

    Mytouch 3G

  • g2a5b0e

    My first phone: Motorola V66 (2003)
    My first smartphone: T-Mobile G2 (2010)

  • First T-Mobile phone was a Motorola V66. Got it at the end of 2001 and have been with T-Mobile since.

  • Jerster77

    Siemens CF62 Was my first

  • MistahMan

    First Phone: Motorola StarTac
    First Smart Phone: Palm Treo 350

  • RandomPoster

    Nokia 6190

    • Marcelo_L

      There you go. Another old timer like me. First the Nokia 6910 (with the Analog radio back ! ). From there windows mobile smartphone to nokia 3650 to windows mobile MDA to unlocked xda IIs from O2 to Samsung Behold II to nexus one to GNOTE II.

      • Marcelo_L

        And I still have every single one of them!

      • Cam Bunton

        You got an XDA II? Nice. Even more impressed that you still have it. Those were exclusive to O2 here, and pretty expensive.

        • Marcelo_L

          Actually, CAM, I have 2. An MD2000 from Orange(?), and the XDA IIs. The MD2000 sadly no longer runs, but the XDA IIs is still fun to play with from time to time.

          but wait, there’s more……I still have the BOX for the XDA IIs.

          That’s back when HTC was H T C !

          As for the two XDA’s…..I was still single back then.

  • lion7718

    1st phone Motorola V66
    1st smartphone Samsung Exhibit 4G

  • TheVorlon

    Sony Ericsson P802

    Of course, back then, unlocked phones in the US were nearly nonexistent. Mine came from a vendor in the Singapore airport.

  • Cheezenub

    The wonderful Nokia 3650.

    • Cheezenub

      Nokia 3650>Nokia 6620>Panasonic X800>Siemens SX1>Palm Trio 180>Nokia 6086 (a tank) >Tmo Dash>G1>Nokia Nuron>Motorola Charm>Galaxy S Blaze>Galaxy Note 2

  • Nokia 3390 > Nokia 3660 > Nokia 8290 > RAZR V3i > MDA > Blackberry Curve 8320 > htc Touch Pro2 > G1 > Nexus One > myTouch 4G(Purple) > GS3 > Nexus 4 > htc One > (Future)htc m8/ htc Two

    • scuttlefield

      Show off! ;-)

      • eanfoso

        Nah show off would be lumia 1520

  • lmemma16

    Sharp Sidekick ID

  • cybersedan

    Nokia 2190, back in the Omnipoint days.

  • PuvMan

    Nokia 8290 on VoiceStream!

  • scuttlefield

    Moto Cliq…although looking back now, I really wish I would have gotten the Nexus 1. All my phones since then have been Nexus.

    • Cam Bunton

      Nexus phones have generally all been good. Nexus One was incredible at the time it was released. Still one of the best made phones.

  • epsiblivion

    Google Ion aka HTC Magic or mytouch

  • Antonio Ventura

    Nokia 6101 back in 2005. Solid basic device; even had FM radio with the attached headset!

  • Animate

    Samsung R210 on voicestream

  • Leigh L. Klotz Jr.

    Danger Hiptop/Sidekick, black and white version. Got the 2nd one sold across the street from the company HQ. I wrote apps for it later…

  • fsured

    HTC G1. Still have it.

  • Eric

    Nokia C7 Astound. I still have it. :-)

  • Around 1998-1999. Nokia 5190. Back in Powertel days. Before it became Voicestream and then T-Mobile. Which apparently T-Mobile bought Powertel and was made a subsidiary of Voicestream(Thanks Wikipedia).

  • archie53

    BlackBerry Pearl, the start of my smartphone addiction.

  • nenes78

    Motorola V300 back in 2004. The rep i had showed me how to download mp3 clips for ringtones off of walmarts mp3 section.

  • must50302

    My first smartphone on t-mobile was back in 2002. I had an unlocked HTC SPV E100 from Orange. I imported it from the UK thanks to ebay. Since then I have been hooked on smartphones!!!!!!! Now I just got back to t-mobile and I am loving this new “uncarrier”

    • Cam Bunton

      Ahh, yes. The SPV’s were Orange’s version of the MDA series, except Tmo never really went with the candy-bar form factor ones like the E100.

      • must50302

        In 2005 t-mobile came out with the SDA. Which I still have to this day. For its time it was an amazing phone,well when you knew how to use windows that is.lol
        Oh and I still have my T-Mobile dash. All time favorite phone before the iphone changed everything to what we have today!

  • du22ty

    Sony Ericsson T68i.. loved that phone.

    • Cam Bunton

      Yes. You win a million internets for your taste. I had the Ericsson T68, in gold. Never went with the “i” version. Just before Sony and Ericsson joined.

  • rafe1621

    My first T-Mo phone was also my first phone period. It was a Moto RAZR that had a Miami Ink branded dragon tattoo on it. I had the coolest phone of all the 8th graders in my school lol.
    My first smartphone was a Nokia Nuron. That was pretty awful.

  • mingkee

    Motorola t722

  • The Motorola T193. They were still Voice stream, I was in 7th grade. Been with TMO ever since

  • javaman83

    Nokia 3360 from Voicestream. Hell, that phone probably still works if I dug it out.

    • Matlock

      I think you mean 3390! From what I remember the 3360 was not a GSM phone, like the 3390.

      • javaman83

        I believe you to be correct. Good catch, good sir.

  • bakedpatato

    Ah the T-Mobile MDA…back when XDA developers was just for HTC winmo devices

    IIRC my first phone was my dad’s hand me down BlackBerry 7200

  • PapiManCT

    Mine was a Motorola C332 back in 2003, my first phone and still with T-Mobile until this day.

  • warpwiz

    1st was a rather large Ericsson g1050. Phone & text, that’s all. 1st smartphone was the HTC G2 – that was a nice phone with a great keyboard. Now? Samsung Note II.

    • warpwiz

      The 1st phone was from the Powertel era, 1998

  • Roy Harrigan

    Nexus One

  • Matlock

    No one has mentioned this phone, my first phone on Tmo prepaid was the Samsung R225, back in 2004!

    In 2005, signed up for contracted TMo service and got myself a Sharp TM-150, which no one has mentioned either.

    my actual T-Mo phone history goes as follows:
    Samsung r225/ Sharp TM-150/ T-mobile MDA/ BB 8320/ T-mobile G1/ T-mobile mytouch/ Moto Cliq/ HTC HD2/ Google Nexus 1/ Nokia Nuron/ Nokia E73/ T-mobile G2/ LG G2x/ BB 9780/ Moto Defy/ HTC Sensation/ BB 9900/ Samsung Galaxy Nexus/ Google Nexus 4/ soon to be Nexus 5

  • Chris

    The Krazr! Hahaha it was awesome…

  • Jay J. Blanco

    My first T-Mobile phone was Sidekick 2008. That was when T-Mobile purchased Sun-com. Then It got stolen. Then I has some Samsung flip phone. Then Sidekick 2008/ Sidekick LX 2009/ Android Sidekick/ Samsung GSII/ SGH-T99/ now I have SGH I717.

    • Nick Gonzalez

      The Sidekick!! Awesome phone. Would’ve gotten one, but I went the Blackberry route around that time.

    • Cam Bunton

      Ha. Sidekick, I remember those. When I worked in the Tmo store here I think we maybe sold 3 or 4 of them, all of them got returned.

      • Jay J. Blanco

        that sucks :( rip Sidekick

  • Shane B

    Samsung R225
    (with the indigo blue LCD)

  • morbid

    My first phone with T-Mobile was the Nokia N900. Although it wasn’t a phone sold by T-Mobile, it was the phone that (thankfully) made me switch from AT&T to T-Mobile, because the phone worked on T-Mobile’s 3g network.

    • eanfoso

      Did you upgrade to the N9 afterwards? I was in kind of the same boat but with my 808 PureView, I figured since I was taking a hit on the subsidy it’ll be wise to not pay for a subsidized bill

  • eatbagel

    My first T-Mobile phone was when T-Mobile was still Voicestream. I owned a Nokia 3390 (or was it the 3310?). It was built like a tank. Then I had a Nokia 6230i. And then I went to the first BlackBerry Pearl, the T-Mobile HTC MyTouch (HTC Magic), and finally the LG G2X. I no longer buy phones from T-Mobile. I bought a Nexus 4, and now a Nexus 5.

  • Alex

    HTC sda

  • My first “T-Mobile” phone was the Motorola V66. My family used T-Mobile with the Moto V66 back in 2004. We kept with it for a couple of years before switching to Cingular. Now I maintain a T-Mobile account and an AT&T Mobility account.

  • guatemala7

    My first Tmobile phone is the Nokia Lumia 521(which was also my first windows phone), and I’m also thinking of getting the Nokia Lumia 925 for my next phone.

    • eanfoso

      Definitely worth it, be sure to also get the wireless charging stand, I currently have the lumia 1020 unlocked and it’s by far an amazing phone, but the L925 is sure to catch some eyes and also has the best camera of any t-mobile phone, I wanted the best cameraphone period, but it’s up to you if it’s worth it spending 700$ on a phone

      • guatemala7

        I really love Nokia Lumia, but I’m not 100% convinced I want the 925 right now because there will be windows phones with 1080p displays and quad cores and I’m waiting for one on T-Mobile. I really love the 1520, but its just way too big and it sucks that at&t always gets the windows phones first. Aside from that the Nokia Lumia 1520 and 925 and 1020 are so beautiful. I would really love a Nokia Lumia with the 925’s metal design with the 1020’s camera and the 1520’s display and speakers on a 5 inch screen and that would be the perfect phone especially for me.

        • eanfoso

          The thing is t-mobile already announced that they won’t be getting any more high end Lumia phones, so that means no quad core love for us from Nokia thanks to t-mobile. By the way, careful to not trying going the cheap route because if you do you might get stuck with a phone that doesn’t get umts or hspa with t-mobile by you getting an international phone.

  • Brad C

    My first smartphone on T-Mobile was an unbranded/unlocked Audiovox PPC 4100. prior to that i was rocking my old VoiceStream 3390 and 8290. I still have the Audiovox PPC 4100 in a drawer as it was my first “smart” phone, and it lasted forever until i finally broke the charging port on it.

  • eanfoso

    Sony Ericsson tm506 best basic phone ever, I could even control my computer with its blue tooth controls, then when value plans started I got the Sony Ericsson xperia x10, then htc mytouch, Nokia 808 PureView and now rocking it with an unlocked at&t lumia 1020

  • trife

    First phone was the Nokia brick phone back when TMO was Voicestream. I can’t remember the series though…maybe 51xx? TMO messed up my bill one month and they said I owed them $500 (which was NOT the case), so my mom promptly ended service. Flash forward to ’03 and I was back with them rocking the Motorola v60. I knew I was IT with that phone lol. I used to wear it with the clip on my belt so I could show it off. SMH.

    My phones since then: original Sidekick, Sidekick II, unlocked Sony-Ericsson k700i, unlocked Sony-Ericsson k800i, Blackberry Curve 8320, Blackberry Curve 8900, unlocked Blackberry Bold 9000, HTC HD2, HTC G2, unlocked iPhone 4, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, iPhone 5 and now the iPhone 5S. Thinking about that Nexus 5 too lol.

  • nicco

    Motorola v70

  • Nick Gonzalez

    I had a tiny Samsung flip phone first. I forget the model, back then the phones all looked the same (like today too?)
    It was small. White with silver trim. Despite it having a regular dial pad, I could type out texts crazy fast. Kinda miss that thing, it had the T-Mo jingle ringer, and it was loud!

  • ddrum2000

    An old monochrome Motorola CandyBar phone when TMO was still VoiceStream Wireless

  • og

    in 1999 T-Mobile was Powertel back then and they sold prepaid phones at Blockbuster Video. my first phone was the nokia 5190, which i found in a club restroom. then the mitisibishi g310, motorola v551, then the sidekick 1 and 2, then i got a taste of the blackberry 8790g which made the sidekicks seem like a child’s toy. I bought the blackberry 8320, then the blackberry 8900, then the 9700 bold. then htc mytouch 3g slide, then mytouch 4g slide. now galaxy note 1.

  • Jon

    First T-Mobile cell phone period? Voicestream Nokia 6110.
    First TMO smartphone? T-Mobile G1.

    • Cam Bunton

      I loved the G1 when got it. Android felt so new at the time, it was a completely different and more intuitive way to use a touch screen phone.

  • texasjr

    T-Mobile USA Nokia 6110

  • og

    the powertel Ericsson GF768. the first phone i sent a text on.

  • KO

    It was an Ericsson Z600 SEAsian import. Did a primitive form of BT tethering with my Sony Clie, both to get data to the PDA, and also to get phonebook to the phone.

  • Makoute

    A blackberry pearl, the first one that came out.

    • Cam Bunton

      I missed that one, but got the 8110 when it was released. My first BlackBerry, I was addicted to it for a good 12 months. I had 4 more after that one.

    • Alex L.

      yup mine too….then to the 8120, then bold, then android phones, and now back to bb with the z10

  • denSMSgt

    Nexus One. Still my favourite Android device, even though the OS has vastly improved since then!

  • Johnny b good

    BB 8100 Pearl

    BB 9600 Bold
    HTC G2
    LG G2x
    HTC Sensation
    Samsung Galaxy Nexus
    LG Nexus 4
    LG Nexus 5

    -I still use my BB Bold when travelling abroad because of its excellent firmware-based WiFi calling (used it last month, actually)
    -best camera: HTC Sensation
    -worst: LG G2x
    -best overall: LG Nexus 5

  • Deon Davis

    Razr 2

  • auser72

    From powertel, voicestream, to tmobile. Tmobile era smartphone list
    -Tmobile Wing
    -HTC HD2
    -Samsung Vibration
    -My touch 4G
    -Samsung Galaxy S2
    -Samsung Galaxy Note 2
    -Samsung Galaxy Note 3

    of all the phones listed the G1 and MyTouch 4G hold a special place in my heart. I do love my Note 3 though.

    • Nick Gonzalez

      I’ve kept my G1, it’s in pristine condition and I believe it will be like a priceless artifact in 10 years lol. I gave up my myTouch 4G only because HTC gave me $100 gift card when I got my One.
      You’ve had some great smartphones

      • auser72

        Thanks, I sold all except G1. I use to still use it from time to time before they went to micro sim cards. I’m like you, I feel like that phone is a piece of smartphone history. I’ll Never sell it.

  • draws

    g1 black

  • denny

    Motorola V600

  • Gumpo10k

    Motorola Cliq. That’s right, i actually LIKED Motoblur. Though i bought it outright and originally used it on AT&T until i eventually switched over to T-Mobile.

  • As T-Mobile – Nokia 6600
    As VoiceStream – Ericsson 788

  • Gusteez

    1st Sony Ericsson T300, 2nd Nokia 3650, 3rd HP iPaq 6315, 4th T-Mobile MDA, 5th HTC G1, 6th Samsung Vibrant, 7th HTC G2, 8th Galaxy S3, and 9th Galaxy Note 2. 10th ?

  • Samsung Trace (SGH-T519). It was a great candybar, non-smartphone, ridiculously thin, and fast, for the time. I replaced it with the T-Mobile G1 about 2 years later.

  • rbern412


  • techgeek

    Motorola razr

  • lumia

    The first T-Mobile Dash

  • xmiro

    a black moto RAZR. Still have it in a box behind me

  • $15454173

    Motorola Razr V3.

  • mmmaxheadroom

    Nokia 6820 the weird phone which you flipped the keypad t Po reveal half of a qwerty keyboard on the left and the other half on the right with a little screen in between loved that phone but the hinge was horrible

    • Cam Bunton

      Awesome. I had the sequel – the 6822. Great phone.

  • Chris

    Nokia 6190 was my first tmo phone ( Arial wireless) the tmobile wing was my first smart phone.

  • MC

    In U.S., Motorola Cliq, Android 1.6 – and stuck on that OS nearly permanently because of Moto’s proprietary, “Motoblur” bloatware!

  • Gary Hernandez

    Palm Treo 600

  • BlackJu

    Ahh, let’s see. I left Sprint (no regrets) for T-Mobile and got:
    myTouch, a great little device
    HTC G2, a nightmare of a device that decided not to boot up one day
    HTC G2, a refurb replacement with a faulty earpiece that stopped working
    HTC Radar 4G
    Nokia Lumia 810, a tough, but bulky thing
    Nokia Lumia 720, which probably doesn’t count since international unlocked
    Nokia Lumia 925, a great device
    My smartphone turnover is increasing as my obsession worsens. I wish T-mobile would get more WP devices so I can stop worrying about getting value out of JUMP. Word on the street is that they completely passed on this round. Maybe early 2014?

    • Cam Bunton

      We didn’t get the HTC G2 over here in the UK, but, I ordered an imported one from the States on eBay. Loved that device. Favorite horizontal slider so far.

      • BlackJu

        I agree, the form factor was great and it had a very satisfying click. After two defective units, though, enough was enough.

  • wagonis

    My first device using T-Mobile service was the BlackBerry Curve 8320

    My first T-Mobile device all together was the MDA shown in the picture, but it was being used at the time on the old AT&T GoPhone plan.

  • Ben

    It’s funny how the question asks “What was your first T-Mobile device,” not everything youve used but people ate going on and on about other things.
    Mine was the Samsung SGH T-619.

  • Jarrett Mitchell

    Mine was the Samsung SGH-D415. It was the first slider I’d ever seen. I thought it was the coolest phone ever made and i was doing big things back then

  • longtimeCustomer

    Nokia 3310. Still have it.

  • ressandeys

    Samsung S105

  • First T-Mobile phone: Nexus 5. Well, I had an HTC One for a week prior to the Nexus…but I wanted to test out the T-Mobile network before dropping Sprint. Glad I did!

  • JHatfield

    My first was actually a VoiceStream Nokia 5100. The phone that really changed everything though, was the HTC Pocket PC phone, launched towards the end of 2002. Since the, I’ve had pretty much every notable phone made. From the RAZR, to the Blackberry craze, the G1, iPhone, all the way through the Note 3, my current weapon of choice. I also have to give give honorable mention to the other 50 or so devices I have owned in addition to these. Yes….I have a horrible addiction.

    • JHatfield

      There was however, one phone, that started my obsession….the Motorola StarTac. I got mine in 1997, and it was the first phone that was cool.

  • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

    Mine was a Motorola Timeport P7390 under VoiceStream

  • Nexus 4 User

    1- Samsung X495

    2- Samsung T519

    3- Motorola Rokr E8

    4- Nokia Nuron
    5- Tmobile G2

    6- Galaxy Nexus
    7- Nexus 4 (current)

    • Nexus 4 User

      3- forgot to add the motorola rizr Z3

  • moltenfyre

    First phone I had was the Motorola RAZR v3, then went to a Motorola cliq, lg optimus t, my touch 4g, and now a galaxy note 2.

    • moltenfyre

      My bad RIZR not RAZR

  • jose

    Unfortunately my first T-Mobile phone was
    The Samsung Galaxy behold ll. I actually liked it
    It was my first android device.

  • aRBie

    Yes, it was! Loved that thing, but I had to do a warranty replacement at least three times!

  • impasse

    no love for the sony ericsson t610?! then moved on to the t509, then the 519 trace, then the moto zine zn5, then the rokr e8 briefly, then the moto defy for a trial, then moto’s cliq xt, then the lg g2x, then samsung’s gs3, and now i’ve finally moved onto an unlocked sony xperia zl c5606 (lte). woo!

  • jasonlacarl

    motorola cliq

  • Educate2Elev8

    My first phone on tmobile was the very first sidekick. Clunky, black and white, but it was the iPhone of its era.

  • Perry

    Going all the way back to voice stream days. Can’t recall the exact model but it was a Nokia. I think it was the 5100 if I recall correctly.

    • josephsinger

      Nokia 5190

  • KlausWillSeeYouNow

    My first T-Mobile device was a Nokia 6010. Basic, easy, and indestructible.

    I later upgraded to a BlackBerry 7260, which was a major upgrade for me.

  • ws436

    My first T-Mobile Phone was the T-mobile Dash from HTC, it was such a cool phone, Had Windows on it with a qwerty keyboard and it was a very cool first phone. This was back in the days when phones did not even have 3.5mm headphone jacks and when T-Mobile would let you BUY a smart phone WITHOUT adding on a Data Plan. From their I had the G1 a couple black berrys the T-Mobile Wing from HTC as well as the T-Mobile Dash 3G and a few MyTouches, then went to the Galaxy 1 and then the Note and now an iPhone 5. So uh yeah thats my phone time line.

  • dma

    nokia 6110 .. i miss snake game

  • slick rick

    1. Sidekick I’d
    2.sidekick 3
    3. Sidekick lx
    4. Motorola rocker
    6.pearl 2
    7.pearl flip
    8.curve 8900
    9.BlackBerry Bold 9700
    10. BlackBerry 9780
    11. BlackBerry Storm 2 (unlocked)
    12. Samsung galaxy s
    13. LG g2x
    14.blackberry torch 2.
    15. BlackBerry 9900
    16. Samsung galaxy s2
    17.samsung note2
    18. Samsung note 3.

  • Haru280

    Sidekick ID

  • Steve Park

    Nokia 5120 on Powertel (before Voicestream).

  • Encino Stan

    The MDA Vario was my first smartphone with T-Mobile,
    but my first phone with T-Mobile was the Nokia 5190.

    Still have my MDA in a box in the garage. (Really need to clean out that garage.)

  • 21stNow

    Samsung Vibrant. I picked T-Mobile for my first Android phone because AT&T restricted Android too much.

  • Jeagg622

    My first was the Motorola C650 … I was 14 and leaving for a cross country train trip during spring break and convinced my parents I needed a post-paid cell phone (goodbye Virgin Mobile) … I’ve been with Tmo since. They had excellent customer service then, and so-so signal … funny how over 8+ years those two features have switched places. I’m not a proud Note2 and iPad Air holder – and I’ve added 2 siblings and 2 parents to my family plan. Here’s to another 8+ years with Tmobile.

    • jeagg622


  • LJ Reyes

    Nokia 5310

  • Alvin Brinson


    I was with Sprint before that… with an HTC Touch Vogue… Until Sprint “forgot” I existed. I couldn’t even pay my outstanding bill, they couldn’t find me in their billing system. It took 5 years and suddenly collections appeared with the dormant account.

    T-Mobile never did that to me.

  • GinaDee

    BlackBerry 8700g. Big fat low resolution 2G BlackBerry with that wheel on the side. Year: 2006

    Then I went through every other BlackBerry model they’d sell including the newer Curve 8520 and all the Pearls in every color!

  • SharpONE

    Nokia 5190 with VoiceStream before it became TMobile. 14 years…. wow.

    • RJR

      Same goes for me.

  • $14077376

    Sidekick LX (the 2007 one in blue)
    …then I had a brief stint with AT&T before I realized how much they suck and are money-hungry then to the Galaxy S3 and now Nexus 5!

    I’ll never leave you T-Mobile

  • Texasboy

    Nokia 6190 back when it was Voicestream.

    • Texasboy


      • TMOTECH

        If your in Houston, Back then it was Areil communications… Right?

        • Trevnerdio

          Nope, Voicestream. I lived in Houston then and my parents had Voicestream…or at least in ’99.

  • moises1204

    htc my tough 3g.

  • Michael Graves

    Motorola Razr

  • Marco Braggion

    T-Mobile Sidekick 4G…was good for the first week and then it glitched up and that’s when I got rid of it! Now I have the iPhone 5S. Thanks T-Mobile :)

  • KingCobra

    Brought over my iPhone 3G from AT&T back in 2009. First T-Mo branded phone was the G2 in 2010. It was their first “4G” phone. Loved it at the time.

  • Justin

    samsung gravity t until the 30 text message capacity started to annoy me, then got a motorola cliq 2 which lasted me until this past march when i got a htc one. Amazing phone! Really have no idea why they aren’t selling nearly as much as the gs4.

  • Fotis Liberatos

    mine was a tmobile sidekick 2

  • Fotis Liberatos

    then i got a sidekick 2 dwade, then mda, then wing, then shadow, then blackberry pearl, then g1, then cliq, cliq 2, htc amaze 4g, samsung galaxy s 3, finally sony xperia z

  • Sailracer

    The Bosch World 718…. which was the very first GSM phone available in the US that would roam internationally…. made me switch from ATT to Omnipoint in1997 (int’l roaming was cheap then – but not as cheap as Tmo just made it a few weeks ago!). Omnipoint was bought by Voicestream in 2000 and Voicestream was rebranded T-Mobile in 2002 after the acquisition by Deutsche Telekom. I have been a subscriber throughout those times. From Bosch I changed to an Ericsson T10 in 1999 which was the slimmest, greatest phone that roamed international…. (I still have it) but now use an iphone 5S and TMO is better than ever….

  • josephsinger

    Mine was a Nokia 5190 with an electric blue face plate. Over 13.5 years ago originally with VoiceStream.

  • Jessica Bear Marcelo

    Hp iPaq, the first true touch screen smart phone

  • shawn.s

    Nokia 3300

  • Laciel

    It was a motorola v300, i customized it with flashing transparent back cover and antenna, i even flashed the phone with custom firmwares to add some extra features to it.

  • TheRedFerrari

    1st: Nokia 6101 (2006)- camera flip phone with a very attractive design. Absolutely loved it except for the fact that it had ridiculously little storage capacity. There was a very low limit on the number of pictures/vids I could take.

    2nd: Nokia 6133 (2007)- another Nokia flip, but didn’t really use it or like it much since I had a much better phone (SE k790) that I bought unlocked.

    (Sony Ericsson k790 unlocked off-contract-2007)
    (Sony Ericsson c902 unlocked off-contract-2008)
    (Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 unlocked off-contract-2008)

    3rd: HTC Nexus One (2010)- probably my favorite. Android was still brand new at the time, but I knew I didn’t want a piece of crap iPhone so I skeptically purchased a N1 the month it was released, and was very satisfied. I absolutely loved everything about that phone, especially after the Gingerbread update.

    4th: LG G2X (2011)- probably the most disappointing phone I have ever owned. Bought it off-contract on eBay (but it was still a TMO branded phone). On paper it seemed perfect: gorgeous design, perfect screen size, 8MP/1080p camera, dual-core, etc. However in reality the phone would occasionally freeze and overheat despite the dual-core, the battery meter wasn’t always accurate (phone would go from “full” charge to no charge in a few hours sometimes), Gingerbread update ruined the camera app, camera images would have a slightly blue tint and low color saturation, etc.

    5th: HTC Amaze (2012)- “Amazing” phone, except for the battery life, which was average at best. Gorgeous design and snappy performance (never stuttered or froze). The camera (which is a critical feature for me) was absolutely great (according to HTC, the “best” in a cell phone at the time).

    6th: HTC One (2013)- Picked it up the day it was released. Best looking/designed phone I have ever owned. Had some misgivings about the 4MP camera and non-removable battery, but those have long been laid to rest. The camera is insanely good (if it had 8MP+ “perfect” would be an accurate description) and for the first time ever I have a smart phone that will last the entire day with moderate-heavy usage. This definitely ranks up there with the N1 as my next favorite.

  • Mag Mar

    My First T-mobile device was the Blackberry 9700, two days before the phone was officially out. It was a great phone and the start to my T-Mobile loyalty.

  • James

    Became a TMO customer when they bought VoiceStream. Original phone was the Handspring VisorPhone springboard…Treos after that. Do I have everyone beat?

  • mmunson

    1ST. Samsung R220 (2002) A vendor was advertising t-mobile at my school and i switched to them.

  • Erica Rodriguez

    samsung R220 in 2002 when I started college!

  • Mark

    I came over, attracted by the Color Sidekick after seeing it on The Amazing Race, but the lady of the house talked me out of getting one. Instead, she and our son each got a red Samsung (probably a T219) and I got an original-recipe RAZR. Her Samsung lasted her 5 years before it finally died! I upgraded to a CLIQ and now a One S; neither of them has a smartphone to this day.

  • milstick

    I left Primeco in 1999 for the Nokia 8290 from VoiceStream, followed by a couple of Motorolas and then the Sony-Ericsson T610 in 2003. First smartphone was a jail broken iPhone on T-Mobile.

  • My first phone on TMO was the Sidekick 2, haha. I loved that phone. Followed by the Sidekick 3, SK LX, Moto Cliq, HTC G2 & now the S3. Planning to get a new one come Black Friday. Will there even be any Black Friday deals from anyone other than TMO? Because we no longer have contracts? All the ads I’m seeing, don’t say TMobile as 1 of the offered carriers.

  • DieselBT

    My first T-Mo phone was the classic Nokia 3310… And I still have it as an emergency phone! My second was the original Sidekick Color. Man, I miss the Sidekick series.

  • Travlin Man73

    My very first T-Mobile phone was back during the voicestream days. Ahh the Ericcson GF 788. Two rows of text and a plastic flip cover to protect the keys. Got it for $20 and the plan was supposed to be 20 plus tax for sixty minutes of air time. I think I paid that much maybe one time usually it ran over 60 a month easy… All with no data, I sure am glad its gotten better since then…

  • Smky

    R225 if anyone here still remembers that slim little blue screened bad boy… First smartphone tmobile MDA

  • CommonCurt

    Moto Krazr. The MDA. Then G1. I still have my G1.

  • VapidRapidRabbit

    The Motorola RIZR Z3. It was a T-Mobile exclusive in the United States.


    Back in the Day: Nokia 3310 Epic phone in a world of bricks
    Shortly after Launch: Sony Ericsson T300 w/Camera attachment, Light, Color Screen, Camera, Epic Battery
    2008.Oct.22: HTC Dream / G1 Let the Custom ROM Flashing Begin
    2010.Jan.5: HTC/Google Nexus 1 Best Phone of all Time
    2012: Samsung Galaxy S2
    2013: LG/Google Nexus 5 Epic Deal, Great Hardware, Hopeful for Future

  • Terrill

    After being overcharged on at&t & leaving Sprint, I was seeking a phone with tethering capabilities this was back in 2008 when I joined T-Mobile and the Blackberry Curve 8320 was right what the doctor ordered.

  • will

    it wasn’t the phone it was the plan $30 a month unlimited text 5gb of data and a 100 minutes…… gsm and 1900mhz refarm sweetened the pot i unlock phones try new ones out but the plan keeps me here

  • shawndh

    Ericsson GS337 or GF337. T-Mobile was then called Powertel (then Voicestream, then T-Mobile) when they first came here. It was in 1998 that I got service with them and they were offering no credit check, 400 min with texting and VM for $40 a month. Unheard of at the time! They were also the first to offer GSM service in the states with a removable SIM card while Sprint, Verizon, and Bellsouth Mobility (in the south) were all CDMA and ridiculously expensive. T-Mobile has always been innovative and I still have the same pho# from that 1998 activation.

  • shawndh

    My wifes 1st phone with T-Mobile was the MDA that’s pictured at the beginning of this article. That was one of the best phones ever! It could do almost everything, a real work horse! And mods were in abundance for this phone on XDA.

  • steveb944

    Motorola V551 I think was my first that I can recall. It was my dad’s old phone that he gave me when I switched from Virgin Mobile and my Kyocera. Man, I haven’t had another Motorola since then!

  • kanjitech88

    Early August 2004, finally convince my mom to get me a cell phone. The Nokia N-Gage QD. May sound weird but that phone spoiled me for phones thereafter. The Symbian OS was amazing. My QD played video games, music, movies, could look at pictures all with the right apps. It was impossible for me to expect any less from my phones after that.

  • TMobile Shadow! Followed shortly by the G1

  • Karlyle

    Been with Tmobile for the past 10 years now.

    -Motorola V300
    -Motorola A630 (I still love that little guy, and if I ever need a replacement phone its what I go to)
    -Sidekick II (HTML web browsing!!!)
    -T-Mobile Dash aka HTC Excalibur
    -HTC Touch Pro2
    -iPhone 3GS (ebayed it. had to jailbreak for tmobile service)
    -HTC Sensation 4g
    -HTC One S (sensation broke and the insurance gave me this. Great phone, btw. A sexier sensation with beefed up internals)
    -Google Nexus 5 (absolutely loving it)

  • Ethrem

    Nokia 3390 Gold back when T-Mobile was Voicestream followed by the Sony Ericsson T300, T610 and then went to a Sidekick II (had the SK III for all of 3 days before returning that piece of junk) before jumping ship to Sprint for the PPC-6700. A few years, phones, and carriers later, came back to T-Mobile for the G2 and Sensation, left for at&t with an Inspire 4G, went to Verizon with the MAXX, then came back for the S3 in 2012 and now have the One.

  • James Brost

    Nokia 3390 on Voicestream, Sony Ericsson T-610, Motorola Razr V3i, T-Mobile G1, Google Nexus S, and now a Google Nexus 4.
    T-610 was the worst phone ever!
    Unlocked Nexus phones are the best!

  • Isaac P

    Unlocked Samsung E900, U600, Soul (U900), then HTC S740, Touch Pro 2. First T-Mobile branded phone was HTC HD2. At the time, little did I know of the phones true potential (blimey thing came with the dreadful Windows Mobile 6.5. I would’ve preferred 6.1) for it was the first device to deploy the 1Ghz snapdragon processor and was the phone for custom ROMS. Then moved to the Vibrant (Galaxy S), Galaxy S 4G and finally the S3.

  • Tomas

    Was a sidekick … I was 20 living in NYC In 2002 .. Thinking I was the shiznatttt with my AIM always on in my pocket. Just a glimpse of what was to come.

  • Zacamandapio

    Pearl 8100 in 2006. After a couple of weeks I went to the T-mobile Dash. After a couple of weeks I went back to the 8100, then basically every highend smartphone from T-mobile and some unlocked nokias. For some reason everytime I buy the latest Android or iPhone I end up going back to the BlackBerry. Right now rocking my Z10 and waiting on the Z30.

  • Nokia 3390 gold

  • Leo

    My first cell phone was in 4th grade it was a flip phone for Verizon then after full 2 years got lg chocolate but only for 3 days cause bill came in an I when over my minutes an my parents took it back got my moms same lg phone I had but it was crapy my was really taken care broke it an got switch to metro pcs for unlimited everything an got samsung messager 2 an then Hawaii touch screen after that then I got my first smartphone an it was my start of phone obssesion I got my first iPhone 3GS AT&T then later a year got iPhone 4 then I got tired of AT&T limited data got switch to tmobile got lg gx2 but it sucked an I ended up with my touch 4G an then my mom got early upgrade an I used hers to get htc sensation 4G best htc I had with tmobile but back then service was limite an I decided to switch an when to sprint got again back to iPhone an got a 4S an then sprint started having issues in our area an decided it was time for me to pay my plan an get my parents out of all our contracts so I when back to my favorite an cheap company an got tmobile again an got the iPhone 5 32gigs on sale an I’m happily with tmobile more now cause LTE an they have iPhones now! I think is gonna be for a while to get my upgrade cause I’m paying for this phone this time !


    Nokia 6190. Best 2G phone ever. You could drop it and kick it across the room and it still worked.

  • Logan S

    Ericcsson Dinosaur Model XYZ. Is this article serious or what? Before T-Mobile, there was Voicestream.
    This site needs an editor who is US-based. Really.

  • aaronfg

    Treo 600. It’s still alive and well on my dresser, enjoying its retirement as an alarm clock

  • CatBoy

    The Colour Sidekick. Then went thru the whole Sidekick family: II, 3, Slide, LX & 4G. Loved the Danger OS. Still miss it actually even though the new phones can do so much more. Too bad Microsoft killed it! Hold on: “I’ve got mail!” (0:

  • gnd

    A Mitsubishi something or other when it was Powertel.

  • AndTheWorldMayNeverKnow

    The Dash was my first then the G1, I got it about 9 months after it’s release. I used to be able to type at light speed with keyboards without looking at my hands. I still have both stashed away

  • Noor Mahmoud

    Random Nokia with a black and white screen
    Random Nokia with a color screen
    Samsung Flip-phone (t809 I think)
    Nokia Express Music (5300 I believe)
    Tmobile Wing
    Blackberry Pearl Flip
    Note 2
    Note 3

  • Nokia 3310 back in 2000. Technically T-Mobile didn’t exist yet, but VoiceStream was #1 in my book.

    • nycplayboy78

      OMFG…I too remember VoiceStream…YESSSS!!!! LAWD!!! WE ARE OLD!!!

  • Edward351

    Siemens CF62 (Basic Flip Phone)
    T-Mobile SDA (HTC Tornado)
    T-Mobile G1 (HTC Dream)
    T-Mobile G2 (HTC Vision)

    Still use TMO, but…
    Galaxy Nexus (GSM)
    Nexus 4
    Nexus 5

  • james leslie

    It was 1998 VERY pre-T-Mobile, but I had a Nokia 5190 from Powertel.

    • Encino Stan

      Snake. FTW!

  • Greg

    Sony Ericsson T610

  • Lance

    I had the:
    sidekick 2
    sidekick 3
    moto razr
    Palm treo
    t-mobile mda
    blackberry Pearl
    blackberry curve
    T-mobile g1
    unlocked blackberry storm
    another g1
    my touch 3g
    Google nexus one
    my touch 4g
    t-mobile g2
    htc sensation
    Galaxy s3
    Galaxy s4
    and I’m getting either the nexus 5 or note 3

    • Lance

      I forgot about that Samsung phone I had with the first 8mp camera, the Samsung memoir and also the blackberry Pearl flip. Also the sidekick color.

  • Urrrrp

    The SDA

    • Urrrrp


      Nokia 6301
      Sony Ericsson TM506
      T-Mobile G1 (HTC Dream)
      T-Mobile HD2 (HTC Leo)
      Nokia N900
      Samsung Galaxy S II
      Samsung ATIV S
      Samsung Galaxy S IV

  • nycplayboy78

    Moto RAZR – 2005
    Blackberry Pearl – 2008
    HTC HD2 – 2009
    Samsung Galaxy S – 2010
    Samsung Galaxy S II – 2011
    Samsung Galaxy Note II – 2012
    Samsung Galaxy Note IV or whatever iteration in 2014

    There you have it for me….Now I was with T-Mobile back during the days of VoiceStream…Who remember those days??!! Been with T-Mobile for 10 years strong now…LAWD I AM OLD!!!!

  • sayahh

    Nokia 5310

  • Gregory Davis

    T-mobile SDA

  • Azazellov

    My very first phone on T-mobile was a RAZR V8, I had a custom ROM running on it.
    I then got a Touch Pro 2, followed by an HTC HD2 (great phone was running gingerbread on it towards the end). When I broke the screen on my HD2, I got a Sensation (running Cyanogenmod). I finally got a Galaxy S4 last spring and I’m now using a Note 3.

    I still own all these phones (they all work too) besides the S4 (sold).

  • enrique

    my touch 3G

  • enrique

    1:My Touch 3G
    2: My Touch 4G
    3: Galaxy s2
    4: Galaxy Nexus
    5:Galaxy S2
    6:Galaxy Nexus
    7: Galaxy S4

  • HTC FAN for LIFE

    First was the HTC Touch Pro 2 after having the other version with ATT. This puppy had video out, an array of hacks for added speed, plus the cool screen tilt. Loved it to death….until the HTC HD2 was in my hand. HTC we miss you being the leader in the industry.

  • Granny Gadget

    Ericsson T28 World flip phone – Voicestream

  • brentlacy

    I’ve had on These on Tmobile:
    Samsung Stripe (Flip) and t219 (Flip)
    Moto v360
    Moto v361 unlocked
    Unlocked BB 7780 from Rogers
    Tmobile MDA
    Blackberry Curve 8320 (two of those)
    Unlocked Blackberry 8820 (ATT Branded but hacked Tmo UMA Wifi Calling onto it!)
    Tmobile Dash
    Nokia 3390 Tmo branded but unlocked (Still lives in the toolbox as an emergency backup)
    Tmobile G1
    Unlocked ATT Blackberry Torch
    Moto Atrix Unlocked
    Samsung Galaxy SII
    Samsung Gravity TXT (In the junk drawer as a backup for the wife)
    Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4g
    HTC One S
    Iphone 4 Unlocked
    Currently rocking a Lumia 521

  • JimInChicago

    My first T-Mobile phone was some Moto flip phone from 2003 with a snap on camera that came with a mini case you put on a keychain.

    But my favorite phone was the MOTO PEBL! Amazing phone! It was a Razor but with great design and sound. That was 2006.

    Then an iPhone 2G (the original iPhone) unlocked since late 2008 on T-Mo’s net.

    Currently an iPhone 5.

  • Mrhendo

    My first t-Mobile phone was the Samsung r225 purchased in October of 2003.

    • B_Eng

      Same here. Solid little phone that took a beating. Picked mine up in 02

    • chantie

      I loved that phone got it for a penny back in ’02

  • Osmany_XD

    Sidekick ID and I was the coolest kid in 4th grade with it!

  • Dragonkal8000

    Nokia Expressmusic 5300

    • Dragonkal8000

      Nokia Expressmusic 5300
      Nokia Expressmusic 5310
      Nokia Expressmusic 5800
      Galaxy S Vibrant
      Galaxy S3
      Galaxy Note 3

  • Buster Nutwell

    ericsson t28 I think it was called… voicestream days

    • Granny Gadget

      Ericsson employee issue? I used mine with prepaid SIMs from each country they sent me to – Sweden, Germany, etc… Loved the early days of GSM.

  • guest

    Samsung X105

  • Carlos Hernandez

    I remember it like it was yesterday. My first (cell)phone from Tmobile was the Blackberry Pearl. I bought it September 15th, 2006. Then shortly afterwards, I switched to the Dash. ;D

  • TrivialTweeter

    Blackberry 8320

  • raman

    Samsung flip S-105

  • Dennis

    iPhone 5
    Just moved to T-MO

  • Tom

    Motorola V66

  • eml1993

    My first phone with T-Mobile is iPaq 6315. Have been with T-Mobile since then.

  • Jason

    Never owned a T-Mobile phone. I started working there in 2012 and when I moved my line over from AT&T I just brought my iPhone 4 over and used that on my employee line. My first phone ever was the worst looking calmshell you could find. It was all mine though and I still have it lying around the house somewhere.

  • Rich

    Mitsubishi 200 (1998 – Aerial Comm)

  • Rick Rudge

    I always loved the thin look of the RAZR, but my first mobile phone was a Motorola W490. I bought it for 25 cents at a garage sale. It was water damaged, but it still made sounds, so I loved playing with it. One day the screen lit up asking for a T-Mobile SIM chip. I went down to the mall and bought a SIM card and a trial Pay-As-You-Go plan. It didn’t sync with my Mac, but I loved that phone. It was small, yet powerful and I had movies, music and a lot of extra memory put into it. Eventually, it gave me the dreaded blank screen and I bought a used RAZR. Ironically, the T-Mobile version of the RAZR wasn’t near as powerful of a phone as my W490 was. I’ve since moved up to an iPhone4, but I still miss that W490.

  • Michael Adams

    Nokia 6800 in 2005


    When I moved to United States (Chicago) from Canada (Toronto), it was the Nokia 6133 flip phone. Worked like a charm for me and when I got one for my wife, within a year her’s broke that I started looking for replacement. Couldn’t believe that I would have to spend $130 to $150 for this phone back in 2008/2009 time frame.

    Well, next was the T-Mobile G2 for me and then again my wife. And recently the Nexus 4 last year, and passed down to my wife again, with a Nexus 5.

    Loved the Nokia 6133, and would have purchased a Nokia phone if it did have Android flavour. But Windows Phone is just not for me, no matter how many times I’ve tried playing with it. Sorry, Nokia… the 6133 will probably be my last.

  • Chaotic Bliss

    I had some big, old Ericsson phone with a huge antenna. It was about 1999 and it was with Omnipoint. That phone was indestructible. Once, I drove off with the phone on the roof of my car. It hit the pavement and broke apart. I put it back together and it still worked!

  • animefan0611

    Samsung D415 – first T-Mobile phone,
    T-Mobile SDA – first T-Mobile smartphone

  • Verizonthunder

    Samsung e105 a very solid and sturdy flip phone with some pleasant ringtone’s

    • dcon9999

      Same here — Moved from a Sprint TouchPoint 1100 to the Tmobile e105. Called the Tmobiel store 30 mins away at 8:20, they said they closed at 9. I was so done with sprint, I flew up there and made the switch at 8:45pm. Was a hot little flip…no camera yet, but still hot — Back in 2003… from that to the ugh – samsung 335? and x450? to the Mytouch3g – HTC Sensation, HTC Amaze, Galaxy s2, Galaxy s Relay…. But loving my Nexus 5 now

  • Dax

    Came to TMO after following the development of Android
    HTC G1
    Samsung Vibrant
    HTC G2,
    Nexus 4
    and The nexus 5 should arrive in 2 weeks!

  • Caffeine

    TMO “Wing” by HTC…
    Loved it at the time

  • Eric Blackman

    do i go all the way back to powertel, which became voicestream, which became t-mobile? if so, it was some ugly blue motorola thing that had a sim card as big as a regular credit card.

  • JoserJDM

    Back to 2006 when I first signed up it was the BlackBerry Pearl.. To the G1 then Samsung Vibrant.. Galaxy S3 to the S4 and now Nexus 5.

  • Shanesha

    In 2004 I had a prepaid phone with Voicestream/tmobile I had the Nokia 3390, nokia 3595, a siemens phone that lite up, a flip samsung 6133 , a tmobile behold, blackberry 6280, blackberry 9700, mytouch4g, now the note 2 and the soon to be note 3 in the next 2 weeks!

  • Andrew Giddings

    Amaze 4G. Went through 5 replacement handsets for various hardware failures and they gave me a samsung Galaxy S2 once the Amaze was discontinued.

  • Deez Knots

    My first Tmobile phone was the HTC SDA, solid built and nice camera back in the day.

  • northrode

    My first is the Galaxy S4 early this year. And if T-Mobile continues with the recent shoddy efforts at updating these phones with the latest software, it will also be my last phone with T-Mobile.

    • Nygma

      Northrode, it is not T-mobile that stops the updating or Android upgrade process which is what I am assuming your referring to. It is Samsung and all these other phone manufactures. I have a Nexus 4 and everytime there is an Android upgrade I receive the upgrade the sametime it is released. While there are area’s where T-mobile needs improvement this one is not their fault.

      • northrode

        You’re right. I was venting a bit about the Android update. And to be honest, I should not be in a hurry to update, as there are a lot of problems reported with the 4.3 update. It’s probably not a bad idea to get thorough testing. And funny you mention the Nexus. i was thinking I should upgrade to the Nexus 5 and keep t-mobile.

        • Chuck Fuller

          I have had the N4 since Feb. NO problems at all…my biggest complaint is the battery…the VERY reason I will NOT opt for the N5, waiting on the LG FLEX

        • northrode

          I was thinking about the N4 too. But I hear bad things about the camera. It also does not officially support LTE.

  • Nygma

    My first T-mobile phone was the Sidekick

  • Angie V

    I have been with T-Mobile for a really long time. My first phone was the Ericson T28 (I think). Since then:
    Nokia 6110
    Nokia 3390
    A630 – Serious love for this phone. I dropped it out a hotel window on
    the 17th floor and my friend at the bottom found it because she could
    hear me screaming through it. Yes I had been drinking. Such a workhorse
    and great human factors design.
    Motorola Razr
    T-mobile G1
    MyTouch 4G
    Samsung Galaxy sII
    Samsung Galaxy S4

  • Justin

    Nokia 3390 now that ol’skool

  • Dominique Wilson

    My first phone was the motorola cliq. Lol good idea not enough power behind. Had one of the best QWERTY keyboards i ever used tho. Since then. Nexus 1, Galaxy S Vibrant, Galaxy S3. I have another year before I upgrade again.

  • Moon Moon

    My first phone was an Ericsson 768. Been with the company since they were VoiceStream.

  • the2000guy

    HTC HD2… Original, then was tested running android 2.2 and 2.3. What a great experience this phone was.

  • Chuck Fuller

    HTC Dash, Great little smart phone for the times!

  • mahermusic

    Been with T-Mobile since 7/27/2000. Actually, it was VoiceStream then… (remember them?)
    My phones:
    1) Motorola M3688 (2000-’02)
    2) Motorola V60 (’02-’05)
    3) Motorola V600 (’05-’09)
    4) Sony Ericsson TM506 (’09-’11)
    5) Samsung Galaxy S II (’11-Present)

  • silverhawknike

    My first tmobile phone is a Sidekick with a color screen! Good time :)

  • Mike

    Nokia xpress music.

  • bob

    Nokia 6190 (voicestream) jStill have 2-3 of them somewhere…

  • Blackberry 8700g