T-Mobile holiday sales: $50 for switching your number, free Bluetooth with GS4 and 25% off accessories

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T-Mobile’s holiday sales page has gone live and features a handful of tempting offers. With Black Friday arriving in a week, it was about time Tmo showed its hand.

1. Galaxy S4 deal

First off is the “Featured Offer”. If you buy a Galaxy S4 on a qualifying plan, you’ll get a free Plantronics M25 Bluetooth headset (worth $40). You can also save $50 by using promo code GS4PROMO. That’ll take your up front cost down to $49.99 with 24 monthly payments of $22 on EIP.

2. $50 gift card for switching

For a limited time, T-Mobile will give you a $50 promo card to use on in-store purchases when you transfer your number from another network to T-Mobile. Here’s how to make use of the offer:

  • Use this form to check if your number is eligible to transfer
  • Purchase a new phone or SIM card on T-Mobile’s Simple Choice Plan with unlimited 4G data. (Make sure you select overnight shipping to ensure that your device arrives before your old service cuts off.)
  • Once you have your phone/SIM card, visit t-mobilerebates.com and use promo code TRNSFR5 to get your promo card.

3. Holiday Gift Guide

If you head on over to T-Mobile’s holiday gift guide, it’s rather handily organized devices and accessories in to groups to help you get ideas for what to purchase your loved ones. Also, you can get 25% off accessories by using promo code 25HOLIDEAL.

The company’s also running a competition where customers get a chance to win prizes by creating a wish list, one lucky winner gets $1,750 towards the items on their list. To get started, go over to Wishlist.T-Mobile.com

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  • jian9007

    25% off of “select” accessories. Not expensive ones like the Galaxy Gear. No discounts for that. Too bad, because $224.99 would be a bit more reasonable and I’ll bet they would sell many for that price.

    • besweeet

      I think most would consider it a device more than an accessory.

      • jian9007

        Yes, but T-Mobile clearly markets it as an accessory. It’s why they do no financing for it. I consider it a device but they don’t. They just don’t want to discount it or the Note 3. Big sellers for them so I guess they want to pocket more money. Nothing wrong with that.

      • 21stNow

        The Gear is clearly an accessory, a Bluetooth accessory, at that. It’s similar in price and connectivity to the Bose Soundlink.

  • Stephanie Jay

    What about for existing customers?

  • besweeet

    Hmm… Not he greatest deals in the world. The $50 promo card one would be great if you weren’t limited to the $70/mo. plan.

  • Dakota

    Lame.. Should be $100 off premium devices, maybe Lower on others for new & existing customers. A blue tooth? Really? AT&T has been doing $100 off for a while now, at least for newbies.. Sprint too.

    • psychoace

      I don’t think T-Mobile does sales anymore. It’s either lower down payments or nothing.

      • Dakota

        That’s my point. So is being an UNcarrier that you’re not going to have sales? Customers react to sales and bargains. They’re actively searching for them during the holidays. They need to do exciting things to get people to pay attention. Lower down payment is fine as long as you don’t then increase the rest of the 24 monthly payments.

  • goma

    Stupid and worthless

  • Dakota

    Leaving my local T-Mobile store. A joke. They have 1 black nexus 5 on display, but it’s a dummy phone. You can’t even turn it on or test it or see KitKat or features. Then they have one of those guerilla Street marketers with those big arrows. He’ screaming and shouting like a crazy homeless guy.

    • psychoace

      Sounds like a third party retailer that just looks like a corporate store. You will be surprised what T-Mobile allows them to do.

      • Dakota

        I think it might be, but they should have tighter controls. Those stores look exactly like Tmobile and are branded like a corporate store. Everything including the employee uniforms is TMobile. This is a person’s first impression with Tmobile. If they have a bad experience, they might not come back. I’ve been there before and Ive rarely seen working phones. There’s another store nearby that’s the same

        • fentonr

          I’m of a mixed opinion. I get why they don’t have live displays out, it dramatically increases theft, both people walking off and armed robbery. while it sucks that you can’t demo the phones and I’m sure they have lost business from this, I also know quite a few people who have been robbed at gun point. One of my best friends has worked at 5 stores, three with live demos and two without, both times he was involved in an armed robbery were at stores with live demos. Granted, each store was in a different city and there were many other factors, but, generally speaking, stores with live demos have higher risk of theft.

      • LC

        Yeah, it has to be third party because corporate owner stores no longer use dummy devices, only live ones.

  • Kendra

    Is it just me or is there nowhere to put the promo code? Is it because I’m trying to upgrade vs buy new?

    • Stephanie Jay

      I noticed the same thing….

  • $15454173

    CEO John Leger is on Twitter. You can get more done talking to John than voicing it here. If you can convince him we need more discounts, sales ect than we all will benefit.

    • Chris Hilbert

      You get him to respond? I have never gotten a response.

      • $15454173

        Not yet…

      • Baxter DeBerry

        He retweated my picture a few months ago with my buddys AT&T phone speed vs My tmobile phone.. T-Mobile won by a large margin

  • Karen N Mike Johnson

    Is this the Black Friday Sale or is it just a HOAX? And if its real when do the stores open?

  • Alex

    Got word from a t-mobile employee that all phones will be $0 down for Black Friday.

  • Man, this no contact bull is really messing everything else up. Now, we can’t get phones from anywhere else-Walmart no longer selling TMO, Best Buy no, Sam’s Club probably no. Only can get from TMO for full price, or Google for a decent price, but I don’t want the Nexus 5. Maybe, it’s time to make a change :/

    • matteus

      Get the Moto X for $99 or the Moto G for $199… no contract required :)

  • Make sure you select overnight shipping to ensure that your device arrives before your old service cuts off.