HTC One’s successor, M8 rumored to be on its way to Tmo in Q1 2014


The industry’s favorite leakster is at it again, and this time his shedding some details about HTC’s rumored next flagship model. Code-named the M8, it’s expected to be fairly similar to the HTC One in design, but feature some boosted internal specs and possibly the fingerprint scanner from the Max. According to @evleaks, the M8 is going to be making its way to all major U.S. carriers, including T-Mobile by the time 2014’s first quarter comes to an end.

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 21.48.40

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 21.48.46

If true, we hope HTC’s sorted out its manufacturing problems that stopped the HTC One’s release from happening on time. Maybe they’ll release a magenta colored version… There’s always hoping.

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  • Alex Zapata

    If they make a developer edition with AWS on WCDMA this time I’ll definitely grab one.

    • HTC MEH

      HTC One Nexus line is basically just the iphone with android hardware, albeit more customizable but still gimped features like non removable battery and no sdcard slot meh

      • Alex Zapata

        I used to care about removable batteries and SD card slots when I actually needed them. Now that I have a phone hasn’t frozen I could care less. SD cards are nice, but the average consumer doesn’t really care.

        • Jon

          I agree SD card slot is becoming less important now that 32Gig is becoming the standard for minimum memory. But removable battery is still a big deal. I wouldn’t care if batteries were bigger and truly lasted all day, but the truth is, they don’t, and 6 months later your getting even less battery life and it just sucks.

  • sidekicker89

    Speaking of the HTC One does anyone else notice when an iPhone sends you a video it comes out blurry on your HTC One but when you watch it on a iPhone or if the video is emailed to you it is clear. Why is that? Also when i upload videos i took with my HTC One to Facebook they come out really blurry but when you watch them on the phone itself they are clear…

    • superg05

      the quality is likely being downgraded by facebook host them on YouTube and simply post the video from there to facebook

  • J-Hop2o6

    I have a HTC One/M7 now, and I love it! Hopefully this one (M8) is even more better for me to grab next!

  • name

    Hopefully this time it would actually be a challenge for Samsung. The HD2 made me love HTC, the HTC One made me hate them.

    • Deon Davis

      What did hate about the One? I love mine!

    • superg05

      the sensation and amaze 4g made me hate them samsung all the way now

  • Dats

    It’s the fact it wasn’t a Samsung probably lol

  • KingCobra

    HTC One was one of the top devices to own this year. They need to keep doing what they’re doing maybe just increase the battery life and improve their marketing. Samsung is a massive marketing juggernaut that they can’t seem to compete with.

    • Noor Mahmoud

      I disagree. In the past I was a huge fan of HTC, having owned 3 of their phones in a row. However, they are failing now in terms of quality. Other than Touchwiz(which sucked in the past) being better than Sense(which was awesome in the past), I can expect better battery life, better optics, a better screen, removable battery, expandable storage, and overall a better experience from newer Samsung phones like the Note-line. HTC needs to stop trying to compete with Apple, and do what LG is doing and try competing with Samsung. You can only grow with a good competitor.

    • Device sales says otherwise, Samsung wiped the floor with HTC and everyone else (selling more than everyone else combined) because they are the only major manufacturer that still provides basic features such as a replaceable battery or expandable storage.

  • Wow

    So, they’ll sell 2 for every 1000 Samsung Galaxy S5 sells later…instead of the 1 for every 1000 S4 that has happened thus far…*applause*

    • BlackJu

      As a consumer, you should appreciate competition and choice. Plus, the underdog will usually try harder to bring value and differentiation to the masses.

  • techgeek

    I just hope battery life would be a big improvement on the M8….. That is my only complain on the M7 battery life was not great we need something bigger then 2300 mah on the M8 thats what i think….

  • Harry

    I wonder if HTC will put a microSD card in the M8 like they did the One Max. It would be one less thing for people to complain about if they would just add that.

  • tomnewtn

    I have the ONE. Love it! Well done HTC.

  • Ethrem

    Hmm… Might be keeping my One past the 26th of January then and holding out. I’m up for JUMP on the 26th of January but if the M8 fixes the short-comings of the One (battery, under-clocked CPU/GPU, DDR2, QA issues with the build quality and microphones and speakers, reception issues) while adding a Snapdragon 800, 3GB DDR3, and a removable SD card, I’ll gladly keep my One a bit longer. I’ve got a near perfect One after sending back my first.

    • aRBie

      Sounds like you want an S4 or Note 3.

      • Ethrem

        No. I had an S4 and couldn’t stand it and went to the One. I could live with the Note 3 if it wasn’t so expensive. I’d still take a G2 over the Note 3 though because while it doesn’t have the storage expansion, it would still fit in my pocket. The Note 3 is just too big.

        If I had to pick a device currently on the market, I would get the Sony Xperia Z1 or the G2. I haven’t had a problem with storage on my One and I’ve kind of gotten used to not having the SD card so that’s not a deal breaker.

        My biggest gripe with Samsung design is the placement of the back button. It sounds trivial but its really not. Even having my S3 for a year, I still hit the back button without meaning to when using the phone in landscape mode. It was even worse with the S4. You could make the argument that the One is the same with the Home button placement except for the fact that the speaker grill stands in the way of hitting the glass and triggering the button.

        I’ve already overclocked the One (2GHz CPU/504 GPU) so it beats the S4 easily and I prefer the display technology on the One as well. SLCD3 > AMOLED – I hate PenTile displays.

        Basically, I want a Snapdragon 800 HTC One with a microSD slot and a tweaked antenna. The rest is just trivial. A 5″ display would be nice but I’m happy with the 4.7″ too.

  • Sam1116

    A better battery and an 8 ultra pixel camera and I will definitely consider

  • Hurlamania

    Sd slot and removable battery and I’ll get one. I have the ruby didn’t get the one due to those reasons.

  • Based on those pictures it looks like this is also stripped down features wise. (no replaceable battery or expandable storage). I think I’ll pass.

    • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

      The HTC One doesn’t have a replaceable battery or expandable storage.

      • I know, that’s why I had the word also, and IMO one of the reasons the One has been disappointing in terms of sales.

        Every smartphone I’ve ever had was an HTC until I got my S4, The One was missing two features I find essential.

        • Jon

          I totally agree. If they don’t have a replaceable battery, then they need to put a stock battery in there that is unquestionably amazing. No SD card slot is a pain in the ass as well. Once you get used to adding 64 Gigs to a Samsung phone storage via card slot, it’s hard to go back to not having one.

  • douche

    let’s all pray it has a 30″ screen

  • Larry Griffin

    this post made my day I Switched from the one to the Note 3 and I’ve regretted It everyday

    • Jon

      really? The note 3 is superior in almost every way.

      • Larry Griffin

        Spec wise that may be the case but I don’t like Touch Wiz at all. I feel like Samsung is too stuck on gimmicks and it’s custom apps and Samsung Hub are bloat ware I sshouldn’t be forced into having things on my phone that I don’t want. Most of the apps that Samsung has ,Google has better versions… If the HTC one max had a stylus and multitasking capabilities it would kill the note 3

        • Jon

          But the Google apps aren’t exclusive to Google phones. They work on any Android phone. Even the new Google Experience Launcher is now in the marketplace and can be used on most phones. So without having to root a phone or anything complicated, you can have the stock “Google experience” on any recent phone.

          So hating Touchwiz to me is kind of not relevant anymore. Google has made that a moot point.

          I think this has allowed great flexibility for consumers as we can now shop pretty freely for phones without worrying about the UI layover.

        • Larry Griffin

          See I didn’t know anything about the Google experience app… I wouldn’t mind using that if it allows you to use some of the key features of the phone . I’m going to look into that

  • Sexual Harassment Panda

    Dear HTC,

    If you put a card slot in this phone, I will buy 100x this phone. Thanks.


    HTC… if you want my money:

    Follow Google’s Nexus line-up with on-screen buttons. None of that 2-button setup on the HTC One. Also, get rid of that 4MP camera. Make it 8MP with the same large pixel size with IOS. No one needs more than 8MP (13MP+).