Watch Samung Unpacked 2013 Episode 2 Streaming Live

Samsung fans will want to keep an eye on the Unpacked Episode 2 live-stream kicking off in just under 20 minutes where Samsung is widely expected to launch the Galaxy Note III and Galaxy Gear. The Galaxy Note II took center stage at the very same event last year so it’s all but a sure thing Samsung will try to topple the buzz and excitement their second-generation “phablet” earned in short order. The Galaxy Note III is already a success before its even launched as all Samsung would have to do would change the color, add an improved camera and still sell millions.

The Galaxy Gear is an interesting predicament for Samsung as it will attempt to be the first of the major OEMs to produce a new kind of smartwatch. In the days ahead it’s expected that Apple and perhaps even Google will also unveil their own take on the smartwatch so it’s up to Samsung to come out swinging this afternoon.

Keep your eye right here for any T-Mobile related announcements out of Berlin!


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  • Adrayven

    Being first doesn’t mean it’s good.

  • justme002

    Please let it be the new Sidekick!!!!!

  • weezy34

    I was one of those who was up early enough to be waiting for it to start. Those in the audience were not giving into the MC with oversized shoes and white framed glasses. The whole show was a bit drawn out and mundane. The Berlin audience was over it by 7pm CEST. The Times Square peeps were into it. I watched the first hour, but then had to run. Now to watch recaps….