Sprint Prepares T-Mobile JUMP! Competitor With Its “One Up” Early Upgrade Program



I really can’t wait to see how T-Mobile CEO @john_legere tweet reacts to the news that Sprint is preparing to launch its very own JUMP! competitor. Calling it “One Up,” Sprint is the last of the national carriers to echo T-Mobile’s early upgrade program after AT&T and Verizon launched their own programs soon after T-Mobile went live with JUMP!

While it’s safe to argue that AT&T Next and Verizon EDGE are junk programs and nothing more than crafty accounting, Sprint’s effort appears to be notable.  One Up will be more like a JUMP! style plan where Sprint customers will receive a break on the plan in exchange for a monthly installment model. Sprint’s program will let customers pick up a new phone for no money down and pay for the device in 24 monthly installments. For example, a smartphone that costs $649 will cost $27 a month with the difference added to the 24th and final payment. If the customer leaves Sprint early, the balance must be paid in the final month of service.

After one year, a customer can upgrade to a new device by trading in their old one. A customer will sign up for One Up for an Unlimited, My Way or All-In plan. The One Up discount will offer a $15-month break allowing for unlimited talk, text and data against a comparable plan for T-Mobile that costs $70.

If you take a look at Sprint’s comparison sheet, by some accounts One Up is a better deal after 12 months thanks to the “Sprint spin.” However, JUMP! also allows you to make a move after 6 months and not one year. The biggest impact seems to arrive from the $10 charge T-Mobile bills monthly to JUMP! customers, but this sheet ignores that JUMP! also includes full warranty and insurance protecting your device against pretty much everything save for nuclear attack and alien invasion. Sprint notes that customers save $220 versus T-Mobile in the first year, but a good portion of that amount accounts for the $10 charge from JUMP! The good news is that JUMP! isn’t an empty value if you consider insurance and an extra warranty.

T-Mobile’s best move to counter Sprint’s plan may be to talk up the extra value the $10 JUMP! price offers, not to mention how snail-moving slow Sprint’s network can be.


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  • SouthernBlackNerd

    Tmobile’s plan is better because it includes insurance, while Sprint does not. Also I feel Sprint should have just excluded device subsidy from the price from the start instead of the confusing 15 dollar savings + installment plans. It just makes their plans more confusing. or copy Tmobile and just have an add on price to make the difference.

    Tmobile’s plan seems like the simplest of all. 10 dollars added to your EIP and it includes insurance.

  • TechnoRealz

    What is in the Point of Sale $208 1st line for TMO vs. SPCS?

    • ChitChatCat

      $146 down payments + 8% sales tax on full coast of phone ($52) + $10 sim starter kit = $208

  • Who’s Sprint

    Sprint’s “unlimited for life” bs should say “unlimited until we go out of. business”.

    • preed08

      Yeah..that aint happenin

  • Diesel

    Worst service I’ve ever EVER had. Switching as soon as 5s orders go live on Friday!!

  • JosephLagalla

    Why would one pay 208 at start. Wouldn’t it be the down price plus activation ~115. And wouldn’t sprint ask for the 4g fee plus insurance. Which one is cheaper again?

    • SouthernBlackNerd

      It would be 145, but sprint includes 8% sales tax. I cannot account for the rest. Does Tmobile still have activation fees? I thought they got rid of that.

      Sprint’s new plans do not have 4G fees. If you want insurance it would be an add on. 4G fees are gone and insurance is not required for these plans.

      With insurance, it would end up being about equal. I think Sprint would be more expensive by 3 dollars, since their insurance plan is 11 dollars. So you would pay 88 down plus 103( 92 + 11 insurance) per month. Tmobile would be 208(according to Sprint) plus 101 per month.

      Without insurance Sprint would be cheaper by about 10 per month.

      • ChitChatCat

        146 + tax + sim starter kit for new customers = 208

  • Run your own early upgrade cycle. Buy new sell within a year, flip the profit spend only a couple hundred on a new device after selling the previous module

    • besweeet

      That doesn’t work if you always pay full-price for devices in the first place.

      • Turb0wned

        How do you figure this doesn’t work? All this jump stuff is a rip off unless you want insurance through T-Mobile.

        Let’s say you bought the HTC One is April for $600.. Phone is selling for almost $500 on eBay. Subtract the fees and let’s say you sit at $450… Now you want to buy a Moto X for $600… You are only putting $150 out your pocket for it.

        • besweeet

          He said “flip the profit,” even though there is none. That would only work for subsidized devices.

  • John_Smith

    What about those of us that don’t really need unlimited Data and the 500MB for $50/mo is fine? We’ll pay $20 less than Sprint’s best, PLUS have the killer insurance AND the ability to hop to a new phone more frequently when that next “gotta have” device hits the street!

  • GwapoAko

    Yawn ZZZ!!!

  • S. Ali

    Now all Sprint needs to do is offer that $65 plan and BYOD and they will get a customer influx. As it stands right now they charge $70 for a no-contract plan (Sprint As you Go) and a selection of 3 crappy phones.

    • SouthernBlackNerd

      I think offering the 70 dollar plan with BYOD would be enough to see an influx of customers, especially since the new Nexus supports Sprint bands, but a 60-65 dollar plan would be killer.

    • WW

      The problem with this hypothetical BYOD program at Sprint (and Verizon) is the CDMA network. Sprint and Verizon phones (unlocked or not) are unusable except on their own networks.

      With T-Mobile (and AT&T) you can use nearly any internationally (notably, not Japan) or domestically acquired GSM phone (you’d have to have it unlocked in some cases).

      Currently, Sprint won’t even let you activate a phone from a prepaid carrier (Boost, Virgin & maybe others; I’m not sure what other prepaids Sprint runs) that Sprint actually owns, much less an unlocked phone.

      • Rod

        Sprint and Verizon phones only work on their respective networks because they won’t allow other devices to register on their networks. The phones/hardware are technicaly cross comparible, They just are not willing to give up network control like that. Verizon was supposed to while back, but it never panned out.Their LTE networks’ (sans voice) are fully BYOD compatible since its GSM/SIM based

        • ChitChatCat

          LTE is data only on Sprint and Verizon (well, on all carriers at the moment except parts of the organic MetroPCS network). You still need CDMA to get voice and text.

        • Danny Lewis

          LTE is data only currently. When VoLTE gets enabled, and they get LTE installed everywhere, the legacy networks will be taken down… but who knows when that will happen. I think Verizon is preparing to, but Sprint is still busy upgrading.

        • Rod

          Verizon will have VoLTE by next year; that’s when they plan on releasing their first LTE only (No CDMA) phone. Verizon already has LTE on 98% of their 3G footprint and they want it as quickly as possible so they can refarm legacy CDMA spectrum for LTE. Sprint, on the other hand, might not get VoLTE for quite some time. They have plently of LTE spectrum and they still wanna use their CDMA/ 3G network to fill in the gap for M2M devices left by (mostly) AT&T and(some) T-Mobile s refarming/shutting down 2G networks.

        • Danny Lewis

          Which, when you think about it, is really impressive compared to the speed Sprint moves. I don’t see why it took them years to move people off IDEN, they should have offered free handsets to those who were too stubborn to transition.

        • Rod

          Sans voice = without voice. You don’t need CDMA for text or missed call/voicemail notifications, they work over LTE. Only traditional phone calls require CDMA.

  • ruffst

    Well, the program is fine and all, but, you would still have Sprint.

  • kev2684

    their unlimited my way doesn’t have hotspot bundled in it, and no insurance on the program. so it will be $122.99/mo to match T-Mobile’s $100-105/mo for the same device with comparable service sans tax, not $92.

  • TMUS Employee

    Here’s a real breakdown:

    $80/month (includes Unlimited Talk+Text+Data+2.5GB Hotspot+Jump!+Handset Protection) + 21/month installment = 101/Month
    Upfront Cost for GS4 (w/ 8% sales tax) = $136.25
    Total Cost over 1 year after 2 upgrades of the same price device = $1620.72
    That’s after the second Upgrade at the end of the 12-Moth Period (3 phones total)

    $93/month (includes Unlimited Talk+Text+Data+2GB Hotspot+Handset Protection)
    +27/month Installment = 110/month
    Upfront Cost for GS4 (w/ 8% sales tax) = $88
    Total cost over 1 year after 1 upgrade of the same price device = $1496
    That’s after one upgrade in a 12 month period (2 phones total)

    T-Mobile AVG cost per device = $540.24
    Sprint AVG cost per device = $748

    The hidden cost is in the details folks.

  • steveb944

    It works out for people like myself that don’t need insurance because I don’t break or lose my phone. The bad thing is I end up on a worse network.

    • xmiro

      you know for a fact you won’t break or lose your phone?

      • kalel33

        Nobody can guarantee that for a fact but I’ve had a cell phone since 1998 and have never had a damaged device. So the chances are pretty slim, for me at least.

      • bob90210

        How much are you willing to pay to have your phone replaced in case of lost or breakage? With T-Mobile’s insurance options you will pay more than the phone is worth in less than two years. You’re better off putting the money you’re spending on insurance into a savings account, earn a few pennies in interest, and buying a refurbished phone if anything happens.

      • steveb944

        Yeah, fact. I’ve owned a cellphone since…. 2000, and I’m doing just fine. I’m one of those people that actually takes really good care of their tech. I have my other tech from early 90s trucking along.

        To stretch things even further with my Nexus 4 from the Play Store the insurance isn’t worth it.

        • miguel

          just keep in mind that you have to have insurance when you purchase from me…why? cause you do not own the phone…when you put a down payment technically its still our phone…its like financing a car

        • steveb944

          I don’t finance, I buy it outright. And in reference to Jump it’s required insurance. And the car comparison is wrong as you have to have insurance either way unless you want to break the law with a vehicle.

  • Jay J. Blanco

    Sprint sucks for this move. But who would deal with the slow data speeds they offer. Not me.

  • iamdan

    Lets not forget, one still must sign a 2yr contract with Sprint. So if you payoff your device earlier than expected and looking to leave you’re still on the hook till your contract end date.

    • moises1204

      plus you have to be with sprint for at least a year into your contract to qualified for one up, tmobile let new customer to Jump from the get go, so yea tmobile still a little better if you ask me, but is good to see an other company really trying to give customer a little saving here and there, stay away from at&t next and Verizon all they are doing is making you pay twice for the phone you buy, as they don’t give you a break in terms of the rate plans which already have the phone subsidize build into it.

  • xmiro

    People seem to forget that T-Mobile’s JUMP! covers insurance, where as the other 3 carriers make you pay for insurance separately which is about $10 per line still.

  • gentleman559

    Sprint sucks. Just put a T-Mobile device next to a Sprint one and run a speed test. Game over. LOL

    • Morton H

      absolutely,, lmfao

    • preed08

      Sprints rural coverage murders tmobiles though despite worse speeds. This is the reason i cant get myself to come back to tmobile. Id rather not see EDGE at all

      • gentleman559

        Understandable but Sprints 3G in rural areas is equivalent to Edge speeds but it has a 3G symbol. Not like its fast or even useable most times. Hell, their 3G isnt even usable in certain areas of cities. My sister has Sprint and every time she comes around I have to hear about how she doesnt get good signal, constant call drops, slow ass internet, overpriced service, the list goes on and on.

    • Guest

      OMG whoever voted my comment down needs to be slapped. Don’t tell us you like Sprint? LOL

  • ClausWillSeeYouNow

    Amen to to every criticism below… plus, only JUMP! lets you upgrade every 6 months.
    One Up doesn’t.

    When you compare, there’s no comparison. T-Mobile just One Up’d Sprint.

  • Adrayven

    Ok, first.. they are not comparing Apples to Apples. (No pun intended).. It’s Apples to Oranges.

    That chart is a horrible, and VERY skewed, comparison chart. For it to be a fair plan vs plan comparison, it needs to be Sprint All in plan vs T-Mobile’s Unlimited Simple Choice Plan.

    Thats because thats the only plan they have that includes any form of TETHERING as well as unlimited talk on everything (not just 450 anytime minutes), and unlimited data and texting, similar to the unlimited plan T-Mobile has..

    Sprints All in is $110 with 5 GB tethering vs T-Mobiles $70 with 2.5 GB Tethering(add $10 if you like to get 4.5 GB tethering to get them even closer.)

    T-Mobile only JUST updated its unlimited plan to include 2.5 GB for tethering.

    An even comparison would be below:

    T-Mobile: $70 + $10(Jump) + $21(Phone) + 10(2 GB) = $111/mo
    – Thats IF you want an extra 2 GB tethering data.. optional.

    Sprint: $110 – $15(Discount) + $27 = $122/mo

    So for those looking for an even comparison with Unlimited vs Unlimited plans.. there it is..

    NOTE: Of course BOTH offer cheeper data plans.. The thing to keep in mind though, Tethering is included in all plans with T-Mobile. With Sprint, it’s an extra $30/mo just to start.

    • tmobiley

      I’d rather have better coverage for voice calls and reasonably good data than tether

    • Ryanide

      And if you add another $10. to Sprint for the Asurian insurance plan it’s $132/mo.
      It’s already covered in T-Mobile’s JUMP! plan.

      So, the savings with T-Mobile are even better at $21./mo!

      • B-Mobile

        looks like Sprint is charging $11 for insurance ouch

  • Bklynman

    I am not Sprint fan,but people who wrote Sprint going out business? People you forget they were just brought by Soft Bank? Really think Soft Bank is not going pour money into Sprint network to get it right? Lets not forget,Sprint,Big Red,have techs in there stores fr people that have problems with there devices,and Att,has tech centers at least in NYC.,while TM,has none. That what TM should be working on
    getting techs in there stores like the other 3 have. Yes I know I am off topic here. Please do not flame me. Thanks.

    • Ryanide

      No, I totally agree with you.

      T-Mobile could benefit from having some tech savvy employees in at least 1-2 stores in a local area. Someone who can help with phone snags & issues.

      The local AT&T stores here only have 1 service center in the entire area of almost 1 Million people. Having 1 T-Mobile store with a tech counter would be awesome & helpful. Just simply training a minimum of 3 employees to provide some technical help &/or to provide warranty help if needed. to alternate a service desk would be awesome. I believe T-Mobile could earn many new customers based on better informed employees in the local stores.

      • pitufo809

        T-Mobile Recently Intruced a program which will allow Employees to Run a Test and troobleshoot your device to determine if it is damage or not, also it updates the software of th device if it finds it needs it. So pretty much T-Mobile Does have the technology to take care your phone problems at the store too.

        • Bklynman

          What markets are they doing this in? Do you know where,how can someone find a TM,store that has this? Thanks.

      • Bobsyourunclesfriend

        Actually tmobile does have techs in some stores. A few years ago they started doing this in many markets, but it did not benefit the customer as much as people might think it would. It became just a waste of company resources.

        • Bklynman

          Really? Why does Sprint, Big Red,have techs in there stores,Att. in Manhattan anyway they have at least 2 tech centers. They don’t think it is a waste.

      • Bklynman

        Where ru at? In NYC,Manhattan, they have at least 2,I am sure they have other centers
        in other part of NYC.

  • The problem is, sprint has bad customer service, bad towers, and lte is bad as well. So TMo is still a win win. Sorry sprint, try again.

  • My biggest complaint about the chart is the $208 down payment/activation/taxes they claim for T-Mobile. Most every phone for T-Mobile is $100 down so where does the extra $108 come from. $8 from the 8% taxes they claim but activation isn’t $100.

    • thepanttherlady

      Tax is based on the full retail value of the phone, not the down payment. In this case, 8% tax on a $650 phone is roughly $52. This is due at first point of sale.

  • miguel

    ok….nice chart…but sprint never included insurance which is $8 which would bring there monthly fee to $100…$1 dollar less than T-Mobile…what a joke Sprint is

  • james

    Plus at T Mobile you can trade every 6 months not a year they will pay off phone when u trade to.

  • AJ

    What Sprint forgot to mention was that JUMP! includes insurance and their knockoff program doesn’t, and that Sprint service is a mess. Don’t worry Sprint, we’re taking really good care of your customers!! =)

  • vinnyjr

    The insurance that T-Mobile supplies with their JUMP Program is something you will be thankful if someday you need it. The main reason to go T-Mobile is very simple, they have a very very fast Network with Coverage getting better extremely fast. Sprint is just awful. Don’t get trapped on Sprint’s Network, You will be sorry.

    • Doakie

      I second Vinny’s “You will be sorry.” I’m still on Sprint right now but I also have a T-Mobile phone as my work phone. Sprint is the absolute worst. Just as expensive as T-Mobile but you get 200 Kbps speed instead of 25,000 Kbps on T-Mobile… We’re jumping ship from Sprint over to Verizon in October. We’d be moving to T-Mobile but I already have a T-Mobile work phone so that would be redundant.