Samsung Posts Official First Look Videos For Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Gear

The announcement of the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear will dominate headlines for the next few days and with good reason, the Note 3 is an excellent upgrade to an already awesome large screen smartphone. While the jury may be out on the Galaxy Gear, there’s promise in smart watches and wearables of the future and Samsung just fired the first shot in what’s likely to be an all-out battle in the coming years.

First things first however, let’s take a look at these devices in action thanks to two official videos posted on Samsung Mobile’s YouTube page. The first one is specific to the Galaxy note 3, with the second video adding in some Galaxy Gear action. If you want to skip through and just see the Gear, skip to 12:50. Obviously there’s a big Samsung slant here so you’ll want to wait for full reviews before making a buying decision, but the walk-through will certainly show off every feature of what you will get for your hard-earned dollars.

YouTube Galaxy Note 3, YouTube Galaxy Gear/Note 3

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