T-Mobile Announces Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Gear And Adds Registration Page

Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 4.02.34 PMSamsung may have already spoiled the news that the Galaxy Note 3 would arrive on five carriers in the US, but now its the carriers turn to play the PR game. A brief press release issued by T-Mobile officially announces the upcoming arrival of the Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear “coming soon.” As is the norm with T-Mobile flagship handsets, a pre-registration page is available so you can receive email updates as the launch date nears. Or you can just hope we can find the date in the very near future and let you plan the right time to crack open that piggy bank.

No word on price, color or whether T-Mobile will carry the 32GB and/or 64GB variants of the Galaxy Note 3. We’re also left wondering what colors T-Mobile will carry for the both devices. Hey Magenta, the women need to be able to plan their outfits so how about some color news? We really just want to know color, price, release date and memory size. That’s not asking too much, it it?

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear Coming to T-Mobile

Samsung’s next big thing – the Samsung Galaxy Note® 3 – is arriving soon and only T-Mobile, America’s Un-carrier, can give customers Samsung innovation combined with wireless’ boldest offers out there – the Simple Choice Plan and JUMP!(TM) program. With the success of last year’s Note II, the next generation is sure to exceed expectations and we can’t wait to bring the stylish premium smartphone to our customers.

The Note 3 isn’t the only new Samsung device coming to T-Mobile soon. We’re also expecting to launch Galaxy Gear (sold separately) – Samsung’s companion smart watch that gives Note 3 customers the freedom to untether themselves from their smartphone and do things that they never thought possible on a wearable mobile device.

Stay tuned for the latest, including when the Note 3 and Galaxy Gear will be available and how much they will cost, by signing up on our pre-registration page.

Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 4.02.51 PM

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  • noc007

    Here I was hoping for a pre-order page. I’d expect that they would announce when they’ll have it soon negating the need to fork over an e-mail address.

  • Geek Man

    Is that the real Note 3? I am not feeling the back cover texture, it looks like a car palstic dashboard.

    • Brandt Hambrick

      Its Plether. Its supposed to resemble a bound book, the side has “faux pages”

      • Geek Man

        So that is good? Just curious

        • Don Juan


        • Brandt Hambrick

          Um. The pleather I’m OK with. The pages seems dumb in my opinion.

      • Adrayven

        And they say Apple is guilty of over-using skeuomorphism! It’s worse when you do it in analog-real world! :D

    • Don Juan

      Use protection and call it a day.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        Thats what she said

  • That Blackberry Bold 9000 back cover is not to my liking. Faux leather is not my cup of tea. The rest of the phone I feel looks great and can’t wait to hold this thing in person. Maybe there will be different backs aside from the pink, black and white down the road?

    • GinaDee

      I’m sure there will be plenty of 3rd party battery covers as this device will be beyond popular.

      I’m not liking the cover either. Looks like old car seat cushions stuffed with foam.

      • Yup! I like the back cover that just says SAMSUNG as shown on some other blogs. My guess is the above one pictured is what the domestic carriers versions will look like which exclude the SAMSUNG and add NOTE 3

  • taron19119

    is the Galaxy gear coming with the Galaxy Note 3 or is the Galaxy gear going to be separate

    • Purchased separately.

      • taron19119

        Ok is the Galaxy gear cellular enable

        • Don Juan

          No. I believe it connects to a selected Samsung phones via Bluetooth.

      • FAR more separately, $300 separately! lol

    • RedGeminiPA

      For now, until nobody buys them and Samsung throws them into bundles… Check back about 3 months after they’re released.

  • Dan Garcia

    “Sign up now and we’ll send you an email as soon as the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 arrives”

    a.k.a. We’ll email you 5 days after it’s already released

  • JB

    I’m sure I’m reaching pretty far, but I wonder if T-Mobile will allow you to EIP the Gear as well? At $300, it seems like that would be a logical move.

  • Adrayven

    Smart Watch at 24 hours of battery life?

    Yeah, right! NOT!

    Just like any other ‘estimated’ battery life item from Samsung, this is the most ideal estimate under the least used conditions.. Probably closer to 7-8 hours with moderate to heavy use.

  • It’s Not for me, but I like seeing the T-Mobile branding any every high end device that’s released. : )

  • spartanjet

    Welp its been fun Samsung. You keep giving the US the finger by replacing your processor with those crapdragon things that always end up sucking. One day when you treat the US as well as you do Europe I might consider you again.

    • Chris

      Pick what you want.
      They don’t have the man power to produce their own CPU to cater the demand.
      Unless of course, they start enslaving people and demanding factories in China to meet their goal.
      Either that or they delay US release 3-6 months.

      And snapdragons isn’t that bad.

    • noc007

      Nothing stopping you from buying the international version with the Exynos processor.

    • CalcPrgmr1

      More exynos crap for you then, I’ll take my SoC with proper support thank you very much. Until Samsung wants to release documentation for Exynos it will be a doomed processor compared to Qualcomm’s well supported offerings. I want my custom ROMs to actually work, and that means Qualcomm or nothing.

  • psychoace

    I just want a new mid range phone :(. Nexus 4 is long in the tooth and everything else is just 1 1/2 years old top of the line phones. I wish T-Mobile would release at least one good phone right now that covers the midrange spectrum. Since we lost out on the Moto X being that phone I don’t get why it hasn’t been filled. Hell right now AT&T has a midrange 6in Samsung phone. We got nothing that compares to that. It’s pretty sad.

    • UMA_Fan

      The Optimus F6 is actually a good bet. 4.5 inch screen. IPS. qHD and it even has LTE.

      • psychoace

        No street date for it or price. Considering the F3 is about the same price as the L9 which has better specs minus LTE, 1 gig of ram instead of 768 and better battery life I don’t see the F6 being a value. Especially when you also consider that the Nexus 4 has a 4.7in 720p screen, hacked LTE and 16gig storage I find it kind of hard to consider. I have an Optimus L9 right now and it’s nice but just like the F6 the internal storage is only 4gig’s. I have only 1.2gig’s left free after a clean install and without apps2sd that fills up easily. So I’m not seeing how LG is thinking the F6 would win anyone over.

        • Matthew Juhl

          You’ll find that you get what you pay for. You’re not going to get the top specs without paying top dollar unfortunately. I really like the Note 3 but I’ll probably stick with the Nexus 4 since I don’t feel like paying the money to get it.

        • psychoace

          I’m just looking for Nexus 4 level device evolved. It’s been 10 months and I’m really shocked I’ve yet to see it happen from other manufactures.

        • Nick

          I just sold my l9 and got an unlocked pantech flex on eBay for $157. It is a nice mid range device and has lte. Just make sure you live in a completely refarmed area (or with LTE) because otherwise you’ll be stuck on EDGE half the time like I am.

        • psychoace

          Looks like a pretty nice device but for around that price range I’m looking at the HTC One S. Yeah it doesn’t have LTE but it has more of a hacking community then Pantech devices do. Also the stock interface reminds me to much of my old Behold II which gives me nightmares. Thanks for the suggestion though.

        • Nick


        • psychoace

          I guess best way I can describe it is to look at AT&T. They have a large mid range stable of devices. I’m considering mid range between $1-$150. They have Galaxy Mega, HTC One Mini, LG Optimus G Pro, LG Optimus G, Galaxy S3, Pantech Discover, and HTC One VX. That a lot wider selection of devices. T-Mobile seems to be just investing in high end devices.

        • AndroidProfit

          Switching to the new plans has changed my desire for paying for overpriced phones. T-Mobile very successfully kept overpriced smartphones… overpriced. So much for the notion of buying a phone and shopping carries.

        • Troy Lovett

          Jesus H. Christ. Talk about having your cake and eating it too! You get what you pay for, and there is some device for any price range in between $100 and $700… you have TONS of choices already.O I don’t know what more you could want. And that’s not even taking into consideration the fact that you can buy a plethora of unlocked devices from sellers other than your carrier.

    • you can still get the Moto X can’t you?

      • psychoace

        It’s a top end priced phone. Not midrange.

        • oh you mean in price …gotcha.

  • JBLmobileG1

    While the specs are nice the back cover is ugly. I think I will stick with my Note 2 for the time being. As for their smart watch. .. way to expensiveand hhorrible battery. I think I will stick with my Pebble too.

  • Squatty2

    All of my phone backs feel like OtterBoxes because only a idiot uses a smartphone without a case…

    • psychoace

      I thought it was only idiots that don’t know how to hold onto their phone and prevent it from dropping?

      Anyway both are correct. If you feel comfortable with a case then get one if you don’t then that’s fine too. Luckily in life we have choices.

      • AndroidProfit

        Until that day you drop your (at least) $600 Note 3.

        • David

          It’s crazy when people say only idiots drop their phones. It makes them sound like idiots.

        • Dustin Allen

          Until you just pay a $50 deductible and $70 a year through worth ave group. That combined with being cautious allows me to have a sexy looking phone and not have to worry

  • Richard Yarrell

    As i have always said for over 7 months now. Nothing beats Samsung period and the Note 3 rules. Day one purchase definitely

    • Oliver Jackson

      Bow down to the NEW heavyweight Champion of Smartphones that NOW sets the PLATINUM standard!

  • Kenneth Miles

    I refuse to pay $300 for the galaxy gear watch. Anyway the note 3 looks very promising. I might actually buy this one since I skipped the first 2.

  • Xperia Z1 when?

    • Richard Stallman

      That’s what I’m talking about.

  • Taylor White

    I think it looks terribly tacky and dated. Big misstep in the design arena. I’ll take cheap plastic over this any day lol

    • vinnyjr

      One thing about all Note Phones is the after market accessories. There will be tons of replacement backs, plastic, metal, you name it they will have it. That is what is so great about the Samsung Note and all other Samsung devices. The Note will also have wireless charging etc. etc.

  • AndroidProfit

    At the very least T-Mobile has made me realize how expensive a smartphone is so going forward it will be Nexus phones only. My current Note 2 will last for a long time.

    I will live vicariously through those that do get the Note 3.

  • Leical

    Xperia Z1 please!

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Hopefully TMo US picks up the Xperia Z1. I’m ready to trade my GS4 for it.

  • bobblehead48

    Waiting for the Xperia Z1 sign up page!

  • Juan De La Rosa

    The Samsung Galaxy Note III, only $850 million dollars.

  • love my note 2, but the note 3 interests me a ton. bigger screen, faster system, and a possible 64GB inside? c’mon now. SOLD

  • ctkatz

    tmo and samsung, coming from the sgs 2, all i can say is

  • i’d like to at least get the now “old” update that every other carrier has gotten to the S4 before i even look at another Samsung device on TMO .. Sammy is even talking about 4.3 updates next month now when TMO hasn’t even pushed out the Apps to SD update that every other carrier has.

    • Randall Lind

      T-Mobile doesn’t push out updates for Samsung any more. Samsung pushes out update via their Kies app via PC/Mac.

      • that’s not what Samsung says.

        • Randall Lind

          No idea why they say that but when I got my S4 in July Kies download and updated the firmware. T-Mobile tech was the one that told me this a year ago. I had used it in the pass to update my crappy Samsung Exhibit II 4G. I am not really a one to update firmware anyway. It seems to ruin most phones when updated LOL

        • well i’ll look at Kies to see if there’s an update out there waiting.

        • Randall Lind

          Firmware listed is

  • Randall Lind

    Is Galaxy gear like having a 2nd line? How does that work?

    • Vexzt

      its an accessory that connects to you phone via bluetooth. no second line needed

  • Chris

    I am not nearly as excited for this as I was for the Note 2. I could barely contain myself waiting for that phone…this…I’ll hold instore eventually and that’ll be about it.

  • vinnyjr

    Been waiting for this beast all year. This is the best Android device made for 2013-2014. This has it all. I am hoping to hell that T-Mobile gets us the 64gb model instead of AT&T getting the freaken exclusive like on every other top Android device. Come on Mr Legere get us the 64gb model.
    Thank You T-Mobile.

    • why did you bother

      good luck hoping to hell

  • StankyChikin

    Wonder if this thing will fit through my front door…

  • weezy34

    October 2nd is the big day. Lets hope Tmobile stocks more than 5 per store for launch. The Note2 launch was a joke at Tmobile.

  • thepanttherlady

    Pre-ordered my Xperia Z1 this morning but still registered for this. Who can say no to possibly getting something free? :)

  • vinnyjr

    Have been sending tweets to Mr Legere about the new Note 3 asking him to get us the 64gb model.