New LTE Sightings Include Knoxville, Milwaukee and Two Texas Cities

T-MobileNetworkImageT-Mobile’s LTE market launches are still in full swing as the company heads towards its goal of 200 million POPs covered before year’s end. A new group of sightings have come my way highlighting the work that is still being done and hopefully these markets are next up to go live. According to residents in Knoxville, Tennessee; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Corpus Christi and Rio Grande Valley, Texas LTE is slowly coming online. The greatest volume of sightings has come out of Milwaukee so I’m hopeful the place known as “Brew City” is next up on T-Mobile’s LTE list. Don’t hesitate to drop word via email, below in the comments or catch me on social media to let me know if there’s a LTE sighting in your neck of the woods.

Don’t forget to check out T-Mobile’s current 180 market list of LTE markets:Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 12.45.46 PM



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  • Jason Sexton

    Knoxville is on for sure.

    • Lucent

      All the way from downtown to out west!

      • Michael

        I sent in notice about Knoxville yesterday. Appears to end just west of the Cedar Bluff area, I do have HSPA again at my house further west. It was edge the past few weeks.

        • Jason

          Any news on when they’ll start offering 4G on the interstates outside of the metro areas? Love T-mobile but it’s extra frustrating when u travel and u r constantly on edge whereas the other major carriers r covered. Hope they make those changes before my contract is up in 15 months or so.

        • dontsh00tmesanta

          I’m sure they wil just for you lol jk

        • besweeet

          Maybe they’re wanting people to communicate within vehicles and look at the scenery? Just kidding. The massive amounts of EDGE outside of cities is really what’s keeping most people away at this point.

        • Jason Sexton

          You have to cut T-Mobile a little slack. They’ve been in Knoxville a lot less longer than the competition.

  • Tatdude806

    And once again two smaller cities in Texas get LTE before Lubbock…

    • Eddie Castro

      the rio grand valley combined population is way more than lubbocks, as well as the percentage of growth. not to forget over 1million people travel our highways a day! sp it would only make sence cost wise to set up lte down here compared to Lubbock. But your always welcome to tether on my lte anytime! :D

      • Erik

        Lubbock County = 278,831
        Rio Grande Valley = 1,295,743

        Just about 800,000 more folks and y’ all can get LTE.

        • fsured

          I don’t know if size of population really matters. It might have more to do with the infrastructure in the city itself. I think Waco got it before Austin and I doubt that is the larger city. They could still be working on the back-haul in Lubbock so that the towers can actually perform at the LTE speeds.

    • slowtmo

      Not in corpus!
      Speedtest says: 6.3mg down 3.0mg up
      That hardly qualifies as LTE

      • fsured

        I agree. Austin has LTE but downtown I’m getting between no bars and 1 bar. Speed is anywhere from 1-2mb down and up forget it. Switch to hspa+ and I’m getting 4 bars and 3-5mb down and 1+ on the up load. I spoke to support thinking something was wrong and downtown Austin isn’t “live” with LTE. Just because they list it as having LTE doesn’t mean the entire city is going to be covered or that the performance is going to be rock solid yet.

        In the areas I do have LTE I have seen it go up into the 20s for download speeds and 8 upload. Other times I get better performance using the hspa+ network. It would be nice if the software switched to whatever network gives the better signal. Doesn’t LTE drain more battery than hspa+?

      • jawash22

        I’m in CC and agree….it does kind of depend on what speedtest I use though.

        • ccnet005

          I’m seeing some odd results in CC, coverage claims 7-10mg down and 7-8mg up each time I run their test.
          Speedtest results vary depending on which server you choose.
          I’m getting between 121k – 16mg down and 18k – 13mg up.
          It’s better than it’s been for the past few months, but not consistent.
          I’ll try from different locations later this evening.

  • Jamie

    Milwaukee, WI is on as well

    • Tom

      That’s already in the article..

  • johnediii

    Grand Rapids, MI lit up in the last week.

  • Eric

    In the morning i was only gettin 5-6 mbps by 8 pm I had 14.5 mbps on Milwaukee’s east side

  • A few of us have been seeing LTE in Redding, CA as of last week.

    • sahib102 .

      well that’s exciting because in northern cali, from woodland to redbluff I would see edge traveling in I-5 I would get edge :( NOW now by last week I noticed from reading to corning full bars of 3g but once you get to orland( my home town) I get edge but its exciting news because they are working in northern cali. I hope they give Orland 3g because I know a lot of people would ditch att and Verizon to T-Mobile if they had 3g in Orland. but still good job T-Mobile only a few more cities left in northern cali!

    • Delusion_FTL

      Do you think you are being allowed to access MetroPCS’s LTE they have there? Or do you think T-mobile put in new equipment of their own?

  • nin

    Can someone comment about the list saying “Los Angeles”? LA is huge. Does it also mean orange county, long beach, cerritos, etc?

    • ⓜ@®!ⓞ G@®CI@ ™

      From my experience Yes I often go around Cerritos LAKEWOOD Long Beach Cypress Covina Hollywood Anaheim and there has been LTE mostly everywhere

      • John

        no lte in downtown long beach. I was there last week and my iPhone 5 was only getting 4g HSPA+

    • John

      I live in socal. I travel around many parts of LA County. Cities that I frequent in LA county that have LTE include the following:

      LTE LIVE IN THE AREAS BELOW. Areas not listed on T-MOBILE’S 180 markets list because the areas below are in the LOS ANGELES MARKET.

      BEL AIR
      VAN NUYS

      I am sure there are more areas in the LA market that have LTE LIVE. The following list above just shows the areas in the LA market that I frequent. Thus I know those are areas in the LA market have LTE that is live.
      I was in downtown Long Beach last week and there was NO LTE at that time, but I was getting a good 4G HSPA+ signal in that area.

      • milanyc

        If T-Mobile was Sprint, those would be independent “markets” on their official launch list. I am not kidding.

    • thepanttherlady

      I see Santa Ana, Anaheim, and Irvine listed. Those are in Orange County. I know Tustin also has it as well as at least some parts of Costa Mesa.

  • Brian

    Had LTE in the small area of Arroyo Grande, CA. 28mb down, 10mb up.

    • music_hero

      Nice. No lte in Santa Maria yet.

  • mrmaster198

    T-Mobile is definetely expanding coverage also, my house in Tallahassee used to be only edge, and edge all around it, many times it was just No Service. Now i get consistent 1 to 3 bars of ‘4G’ at around 5-6 down, and LTE around my house. This is amazing, as soon as T-Mobile greatly expands coverage and converts many 2G sites to at least HSPA then T-Mobile will exponentially gain customers!! So excited for the future of the company, from which just 2 years ago I was about to switch cause I didn’t get service virtually anywhere.

  • srtech

    TMO LTE sightings in areas of Dartmouth and New Bedford, Massachusetts. I managed to do a Sensorly mapping from one of TMO’s outlet Its definitely expanding here in southcoast Mass.

    • Drew

      I saw the crew upgrading the tower in Pocassett (eastern side of buzz bay) in August and it was lit up in early sept. Same with the east end of the CC canal.

      • srtech

        Cool. Do you live in Mass?

        • Drew

          Yes, Cataumet – I’ve had an ongoing dialog with tmo directly regarding the upper cape and coverage -as the map on the site is way more optimistic than real world. Believe it or not but they had the manager of NE planning work with me directly and sent a drive team to test my feedback, which they confirmed and subsequently the network has behaved much, much better for me. They said all of the sites (including the edge sites here) will be LTE enabled by Q1.

        • sauravrt

          Sweet! I’ve been doing lots of coverage measurements using Rootmetrics app around the New Bedford/Dartmouth area. The fact that TMO doesn’t count data used by Rootmetrics app against my plan has been great for collecting data performance info.

          One issue that has been intriguing me is that when I visit a local TMO store to speed test LTE on their demo phones, the app chooses Wichita KS as the best server. Not sure why?

        • Drew

          Tower on 6A in Sandwich, near the Sagamore Bridge is live now, and they are working on the tower behind Home Depot in Wareham as we speak. Not sure how they choose which sites to do first, but it’s like every third tower it appears as you drive along major interstates/highways. Right now it’s 5×5 around here but TMobile has 40 mhz of AWS so I expect 10×10 shortly once refarm is done. Coverage is definitely improving – I now get consistent 4G at Kingman Marine (no LTE *yet*)

  • tmomanager

    LTE just went live here in Amarillo TX i believe one of our stores in San Angelo said they also went live

    • christian

      Really? not even refarmed in lubbock

  • dontsh00tmesanta

    I wonder when madera ca will get lte

    • guest

      Got sum love in tulare and visalia ca , both cities small area hope it spreads soon .

      • dontsh00tmesanta


        Hopefully madera gets lte soon….hspa is a bigger battery drain

  • AJ tmo fan

    uh the rio grande valley is not a city, it a valley composed of several cities, dont lump us all, we all dont look alike. rude!

  • Jesus perez

    Lte fontana ca eastvill ca

  • Lamarion

    28mbps down and 16mbps up Tmobile 4G LTE Milwaukee North side Brown Deer area

    • nerdlust

      Milwaukee southside and downtown super fast as well. I Was happy with 4g I guess I didnt realize how fast lte is.

  • Jake Baker

    Louisville usually gets LTE sometime around the time Milwaukee gets it. (AT&T, Verizon launches). So that’s what I’m hoping for!!

    • A.J

      They are currently upgrading towers as we speak. I have been told it will be turned on in about 2 weeks

      • Lolville

        That would be awesome.

  • Bryan

    Still more then Sprint LOL!

  • Robert Campbell

    I been a customer for 8+ years and now I can`t even use my phone at work. This terrible I at Ft. Benning GA, near Cusseta , GA and Columbus. I have a S-4 and cant even enjoy it. When is it coming.

    • Jared Wolfe

      Thats rough man. Hang in their its coming.

  • Chris

    I saw Clarkston Michigan go from HSPA+ –> LTE over night! It was pretty exciting. Maybe they’re just including that in Flint though? Pretty far off…

    • themask128

      I live in waterford MI and I also saw it go from HSPA+ to LTE, but by morning it was on HSPA+ so I would not be surprised if they are testing and tweaking expansions of LTE in the area

      • Chris

        Clarkston went LTE and hasn’t gone back. It’s been great! Hopefully you’re full on LTE soon

        • themask128

          Here’s to hoping I currently get full bars of HSPA+ and last night for a while I had 4/5 bars of LTE and than it went away within a few hours so its got to be sooner than later

  • Andrew Bayne

    LTE is live in New Braunfels, Texas as of this past Sunday.

  • Rashad Moore

    LTE in Fayetteville, NC since last Friday

    • Anthony Cardell

      Rashad: I live in Fayetteville NC is well and noticed LTE around the same time as you did. I live on the Ireland Dr Raeford Road side of town. My experience is that coverage is extremely spotty. What about you? My thought is it in the testing phase still since its not been publicly announced yet. Let me know what your experience was like. And tell me what phone you’re on, I’m on a galaxy s4

      • Rashad Moore

        I stay on the south side of town, Camden Rd Hope Mills area and I have had nothing but great coverage down this way. Everywhere I had HSPA is now LTE. The only spot with issues for me is the Spring Lake area I travel 3x a week but that’s not even covered in HSPA. I also use a Galaxy S4 with Cyanogenmod Stable. I pull 30m up and down in my bed and everywhere else I have coverage.

        • Anthony Cardell

          Even solid in building LTE coverage?

        • sady

          What about 4g or LTE in neighboring Lumberton, NC?

        • Anthony Cardell

          Lumberton has always been to 2G I wish they would at least get 4G HSPDA+

  • Jason Taclas

    Is there a good way to get an idea of what the footprint of these “markets” cover? I don’t have an LTE device, but if I’ve got coverage, I might upgrade.

    • Jared Wolfe

      If you have an Android install the app Sensorly. The map will give you an idea where T-Mobile has LTE coverage. This map is updated by users tracking the signals that they pickup. It only tracks the user if the user allows it.

    • twest

      Download root metrics in the play store or the appstore

      • Jason Taclas

        I do have root metrics, the map isn’t really filled in well where I live.

        • ChristianMcC

          Are you reporting too? Because that will start to fill in the map, and T-mobile doesn’t count it against your data, if your still limited on high speed.

        • sidekicker89

          it won’t count against you but if you go over your limit and use the app it stays on edge speed! it sucks :(

        • ChristianMcC

          No. “T-Mobile has agreed not to count any tests conducted with CoverageMap app against your data allotment.” When I heard that, I downloaded it right away, and it barely does anything to my battery.


        • Jason Taclas

          Well, I am reporting, but as I don’t have an LTE device, filling in the map myself won’t really tell me if there is LTE here

  • sidekicker89

    People you gotta map out your LTE sightings on Sensorly .. too bad iPhone wont let you map trips :(

    • Jared Wolfe

      I just did here in Omaha. Im visiting for biz. When I got here there was only 4G. Come back to my hotel yesterday evening and there was 4GLTE here. T-Mobile is about to pass Sprints 4GLTE coverage!

      • pbxtech

        I believe T-Mo already passed Sprint.

        In my area alone has more LTE cities and towns that are not list.

  • LTE is starting to pop up in Denton, Texas. Speeds are good, but signal strength is lacking. I’m sure it’ll be fixed once the rollout in Denton is complete.

    • Paul

      I’m in Frisco, and it’s the same. When you get/make a call it will switch to 4G and have full signal.

      • ChristianMcC

        LTE works better on low bars, I hear, so It’d be aiming for a further tower.

  • Mike

    I have LTE in Antioch IL and im nowhere near a big city. Well, Chicago is 65 miles away, Milwaukee is about 55 miles away. WTG T-Mobile!!

  • Jacky Chen

    LTE here in racine, wi

  • Paul

    I’ve noticed around Dallas, particularly in the northern parts (up to Frisco) the towers are hit-miss sometimes. I think they’re doing work on them but I’m not sure.

    I’ve noticed ransom days, not many, when there is no LTE in area. MY Note 2 is set to show the true signal (LTE, H+, 3G etc.) It’s come back up but it was something I noticed.

  • hx516

    I got a small glimpse of LTE in Madison, WI but it wasn’t on very long. If Milwaukee just got it, we shouldn’t be too far off in the distance. Very exciting!

  • Hound dog

    Lte in Lafayette, new Iberia and St. Martinville Louisiana. Speeds avg 15 to 29 mbps Down and 5 to 13 mbps upload..

  • Joey

    What about Kenosha, WI?? Everytime I go there I’m stuck with EDGE.

    • twestteamtmobile

      I usually pick up 4g Hspa+ in Kenosha when im there on my Galaxy Note 2 bt think about it if its in WaukegAn and Racine Milwaukee and sights have been spotted in Madison Wi Im almost its coming to Kenosha

      • Joey

        WOW really you get HSPA+. I have the Xperia Z(c6606) and I’m always stuck on EDGE whenever I go to kenosha. :/

        • twestteamtmobile

          Yes how long have u been on edge? And you shld check to see if your phone settings will pick up jst 4g 3g & not jst lte

        • Joey

          I think its the T-Mobile ROM that’s having issues with signal. I just debranded my xperia z and now I get full bars of HSPA+ and I also get full bars of LTE in Park City, Illinois whereas before I would only get EDGE. :)

        • Delusion_FTL

          You should get HSPA signals off the building at 57th and 7th, one by the tracks on approx 34th ave and 66th st, Among others. In fact the only tower I can find near kenosha that does not have HSPA is the one out on a farm off 100th ave, between sommers and 7th

        • Autumn Raine

          One of the reasons I avoid going to Kenosha

  • migmartinez

    The Rio Grande Valley is a large area thus far its in McAllen,tx for sure because I’m using it now

    • Henry

      Brownsville has had LTE for about a week and half now as well!

  • Andre Dionne

    Nothing here in New Berlin yet (about 3 miles west of the actual city of Milwaukee). I have my HSPA+, but no LTE. I suppose it’s just running more or less in Milwaukee itself for now.

    • ChristianMcC

      It’s not a full on launch yet.

      • Andre Dionne

        I know, that’s why I said “yet” and “for now”… lol.

  • wkurwiony_Stefan

    No F..kin’ LTE in MT, Prospect, IL !!! Is chicagoland area !!! only ONE bar outside my house !!! Shame you T-Mo !!!

  • JJ

    Port Charlotte FL is getting ready to go online as we have seen a few sightings near HWY 75. Port Charlotte is hour north of Fort Myers FL and half hour south of Sarasota. We also have one location that is refarmed for 1900mhz frequencies. Getting close!!!!

  • Tim

    Hurray for lte in Milwaukee! Spotted it yesterday. It’s in the West Allis area and Milwaukee. From what I can tell, it’s pretty good coverage. Anywhere I had hspa I have lte. It’s still a weak signal and not much faster than hspa yet. Nice upload speeds though!

  • tony53220

    Me and my wife where driving to west allis memorial hospital 3wks ago here in Milwaukee for our ultrasound for a new baby when she showed me her galaxy s 4 showing the 4g lte symbol, i got all excited & reflashed the 4g lte radio on my Note 2 and changed my apn to the 4g lte apn but got nothing. Knowing how much i love phones & modding them & what not she woke me up all excited this morning telling me shes had the 4g lte symbol on her status bar for a couple hrs. Sure stuff, i set my 4g lte radio & the 4g lte apn on my galaxy note 2 & Ive had 4g lte all day. Have to say im pretty excited seeing everything that said anything about 4g lte said it was almost impossible Milwaukee ,Wi would get 4g Lte anytime soon. :)

    • Tim

      Congratulations on your baby! I live a few blocks from that hospital.

  • JB45

    Come on Cincinnati

  • Geo

    Columbus, Ft. Benning, GA has several towers with LTE should be on the list soon.

    • Shanesha

      I’ve picked up some the last 2 days.

  • Reams

    Louisville, Ky, the 17th largest metropolitan area is ignored meanwhile numerous tiny markets have enjoyed LTE for months??? Even Sprint brought LTE here ages ago.

    • sidekicker89

      you forgot Cincinnati, Ohio too..

      • Stew

        For Cincinnati and Milwaukee, as well as a few other large Midwest cities, T-Mobile has a tiny amount of spectrum. LTE deployment has already been delayed in those places, and don’t expect it to be anything special when it does arrive.

        • JB45

          Yea we are still on hspa 21 here in Cincinnati

        • Steve Snyder

          I am wondering if they are doing some shuffling in Cincinnati. Areas that have always been HSPA 4G are now occasionally 2G. I had seen Cincinnati listed on a summer planned LTE deployment, but have not seen any progress and we are just about out of summer.

      • CPPCrispy

        According to the FCC website, T-Mobile has 20 MHz of PCS and 5 MHz of leased AWS in Cincinnati. So for them to deploy LTE they would have to move HSPA+ to PCS and leave AWS for LTE.

        • sidekicker89

          that sucks :( where can T-Mobile get more AWS spectrum!? maybe Cincinnati Bell Wireless! I keep telling @JohnLegere to acquire them haha

  • Ivana

    BEAUFORT, SC needs 4G/LTE. Every weeks a lot of people coming to attend their sons/nephews/daughter/nieces graduation! T-Mobile will definitely be great to our active duty personels and their families! T-Mobile will save our money from blood sucker Verizon and Sprint. T-Mobile please come to Beaufort, SC!!!!!

    • chris

      I agree, its a shame that service is very limited on military bases

  • luis guzman

    I hope come soon to biloxi ms

  • sidekicker89

    LTE update: sighting in Holland, Michigan as well as Holland, Ohio (near Toledo). Also Cambridge, Minnesota. Pueblo, Colorado. Avila Beach, California. Santa Rosa, California. And the most RANDOM LTE sighting ( if you check sensorly ) is the border between North West Nevada and North east California. It’s in the middle of no where!! :o ha!

    • sidekicker89

      oh and Auburn/Opelika, Alabama too!

    • John

      if you look at T-mobile’s list of LIVE LTE MARKETS which David posted in the article. Pueblo, Colorado is one of the 180 markets LTE markets listed so it is not anything surprising or groundbreaking that you spotted it in that area. But thanks for your LTE updates anyway.

  • eanfoso

    You have to add beaumont texas, Vidor texas, Nederland tx, port Neches tx, port arthur tx, we’ve been getting LTE for a while now

  • Peter Smith

    I live in DC and was so excited when ours first came on plus what made it better was I had the note 2 at the time so my phone transferred over quite nice. Keep it going TM!

  • Frozen Eskimo

    Dammit, no LTE in Antarctica!! Come on guys!

    • Mark

      Only AT&T provides coverage in Antarctica. They are the only company cold enough to do so. ;)

  • RadMac

    LTE has been up since 09/16 here in Harlingen and I’ve posted the sites on

  • jay_max

    Hurry up TMO! Waiting on Crab Apple Cove, ME and St. Olaf, MN.

  • Mitch Ryan 912

    I’m getting some occasional pickup of LTE in Madison, WI. They’re definitely doing some work here, as I used to get “4G” but only 1-3 Mbps speeds. Now, I’m getting 6-7 Mbps, which is a definite improvement.

    • sidekicker89

      can you map out LTE on sensorly or do you have an iPhone? I was in Madison a couple of months ago and only had HSPA+. Glad to see you are getting LTE though!

      • hx516

        I’ll try to map it as soon as they start to turn on LTE in the city

    • hx516

      I saw LTE in one area of the UW campus but the next day it was gone. What areas are you getting it?

      • MitchRyan912

        Over by Oscar Meyer, but today I picked up 16 MBps DL and 7 MBps UL from between there and Tenney Park. It was at about 7am today on my way to the farmers market.

  • Denise

    just fyi, rio grande valley is not a city but multiple cities :)

  • Scott

    Spotty in areas of Ft Myers, Fla..

  • Manny

    For NJ, I have sightings of 4GLTE as south as Pennsville, Pennsgrove. Spotty but it kicks in. Not sure if it is the towers reaching me from Phlia, Camden, or somewhere in DE.

  • Whitney

    Alright Detroit

  • dude

    There is LTE in Lancaster, PA as of this summer and coincidentally or not, there is also 3G for the Iphone 4 (refarmed) in the Lancaster, PA area. 3G speed of around 3Mbs up.
    Now if only I could get 3G at my house, 10 miles east of Lancaster.

  • Whitney

    Alright Orlando

  • Steven Ingate

    Just saw lte in myrtle beach, sc

    • sidekicker89

      use the sensorly app to mark LTE on the map! :) how are the speeds there?

      • Steven Ingate

        Download was 12.51 and upload was 6.05

        • sidekicker89

          nice! what kind of phone are you using?

        • Steven Ingate

          iPhone 5, and I don’t know how to mark it on the map though

    • Nick

      Nice. I am in WIlmington, NC and I have been noticing some 1900Mhz refarming on some towers around town then the other half not yet, and it’s very low power. I can’t test for LTE as I don’t have an LTE phone. They’re definitely working on this area Fayetteville/Wilmington/Myrtle Beach.

  • TJC

    Ran some speed tests on an iphone 5s in knoxville while the phone was connected to LTE. The max speed I could get was 9 mbps. Pretty crappy in my opinion considering I ran tests with my almost 2 year old galaxy s2 on the hspa+42 network right after standing in the same spot and achieved the normal 12 – 17 mbps I normally get from that phone. T-mobile needs to do some tweaking to the LTE here in Knoxville if the HSPA+ network shoots off faster speeds.

    • TJC

      Also, I did some general browsing on the 5s as well and it was pretty slow. My Galaxy s2 was browsing faster.

    • JRT

      I got 16.01 Mbps down and 6.55 Mbps up via TMobile LTE in Knoxville using a LG Nexus 4 (which doesn’t even have all the LTE bands and officially doesn’t even support LTE)….so it is not as bad as you say it is!!!!!

  • Autumn Raine

    Been getting LTE almost everywhere I go here in Milwaukee, right now it seems to be getting the same DL speeds as HSPA+ but the ping and UL make it completely worth it.

  • ransack

    lte popped up today in tuscumbia, al thought it would be a couple years before it came out here

  • Jesse

    Well I was going to say Boise, Idaho had it live last night but they must of been testing it. Still, not on the list and was very Fast.

  • JON

    I live in Cedar Springs, MI. I get GPRS here but the signal is strong. Does anyone know if T-Mobile will ever expand their coverage here or to the northern parts of Michigan? Thanks for your input.

    • Jeremy

      No tmobile is not looking to expand coverage in Michigan, they have had the same towers in west Michigan since 2004 essentially.

      • Jeremy

        Sprint has LTE in Cedar Springs Have you considered virgin mobile or boost running off LTE Sprint?

        • JON

          I will have to give Sprint a try. I wonder if T-Mobile will ever expand here. Thanks for the reply.

  • William Burr Winans

    There is LTE in Aiken, North Augusta and Clemson in South Carolina :)

  • Jefski2003

    Lte has been turned on in Myrtle Beach SC! Thank you tmobile!

    • Steven Ingate

      Just had a download speed of 26.24mps in Carolina Forest

      • sushimane

        In spartanburg sc 35 mbps down 15 up

  • Martin Drphilmartin Reynoso

    anyway to get lte in othello,wa cause 2g area is no good everyone else has 3g or better here :/

  • Louisville tmobile user

    what about Louisville, ky? we are the 17th largest metropolitan area and I think we deserve lte too.

    • shizz812

      ABSOLUTELY. I’ve been coming to this site for years and there’s never been anything that compelled me to the point of commenting but this finally did it. I have been patiently waiting for T-Mobile to offer LTE here for months. As a former Verizon customer, I have already experienced it but left to have unlimited data with T-Mobile. I digress…. I spoke with a rep at a T-Mobile store in the beginning of August and they said it would be within the next two months so we should be lighting up soon!

  • Jefski

    Myrtle Beach SC 22.75 down 8.93 up

  • Tony

    I’ve been getting LTE in Southeastern Wisconsin as of this week. Doesnt drop in buildings either. So far I have been on T-Mos LTE in Racine, WI – Milwaukee, WI, and all of Waukesha, WI. A big area in southeastern Wisconsin getting downloads around 25Mb down and 15Mb upload. Extremely happy and have been waiting for this!!

  • steve

    Gainesville, Fl seemed to have turned on lte. Get great signal at the swamp

  • s10shane

    im finally getting lte in my area. i live in hesperia, ca. i went from download speeds of 0.50mbps to 10-11mbps. lol im very happy now. the only down fall is, i went from full bars down to 1-2 bars when i am on lte.

    • Troy

      I was told by T-mobile today that is normal. They said at 2 bars you have the same type of service that you would with 5 bars EDGE.


      • besweeet

        That’s what people on HowardForums are saying as well, which means that the phones need to update how they display signal bars/dots.

  • Louisville, KY T-Mobile User.

    I really hope T-Mobile puts out their LTE service in Louisville, KY soon. I feel it is kind of pointless to be waiting when they have LTE in very small towns, and Louisville is the 17th largest metropolitan area in the United States. Get it together T-Mobile. I have been waiting since April and I am getting tired of it.

    • Tony

      LTE is here in Louisville!

  • shiftylock

    Toledo, Ohio now has T-Mobile LTE. It’s AWESOME. Totally worth the wait guys.

  • Laura

    Just sighted LTE in Rockledge, FL. Unfortunately, it disappeared as I headed south. It’s a strange part of Brevard County to first notice it in, but at least it’s getting here!

  • Shanesha

    So, yesterday I was in verzion wireless with a friend and my phone was 4g LTE (I have tmobile). I really thought that was weird. Then today after Church my phone was 4g LTE again! So, here in Columbus, GA we are seeing a little bit of it! I’m really excited about this!

  • Kurtis Kerr

    My cousin has an iPhone 5 and it is showing LTE here in Louisville.

  • Darin

    I second what Kurtis just said below, HTC One in Louisville and am on Lte. Not great speeds yet top out at 14 Mpbs

  • Louisville KY tmobile user

    I am currently getting LTE here in Louisville, KY on my iPhone 5.

  • arjun sutaria

    Louisville ky is now lit up with LTE!!!

  • malcolm sell

    I have just seen two blips of lte here in Louisville, ky today.

  • Louisville Tmobile User

    are people still getting LTE in Louisville or was it a test? my iPhone 5 has switched back to 4G..

    • Joe Hartley

      I’m getting it in the 40229 zip code in Louisville and I am getting at work down in Shepherdsville, There is a couple mile streatch of I65 between the north Shepherdsville exit and the Brooks exit that I don’t see LTE. I’ve been seeing LTE since sometime Sunday night while I was at work in Shepherdsville and still see it this morning at home in Louisville.

  • Louisville Tmobile User

    nevermind, back on LTE. my iPhone is switching between the two so this is a good sign!!

    • Frank Howard

      Louisville LTE here also, got 27 down and 9 up last night in east end. At office (ZIP 40220) also had LTE today, but not as fast. What parts of Louisville are others seeing LTE in?

  • lolville
  • Asael Delgado

    Any news about t-mobile obtaining more spectrum?

  • Scott

    Got LTE in Saginaw, MI this weekend. Never had anything but Edge/GPRS before that. HSPA is also showing up between Saginaw and Flint.

  • hx516

    LTE has been turned on in Madison WI downtown area and campus. 13 down 6 up.

    • sidekicker89

      and it’s finally on Sensorly! :) I was just in Madison last month! Beautiful city.

    • MitchRyan912

      I believe there is a tower near the intersection of Fordem & E. Johnson where I was getting 5 bars of LTE this morning, and I was able to get a hair shy of 16 down and nearly 7 up. I’m posting from Fair Trade Coffee on State St, where I’m getting 3 bars of LTE and a variety of results (5-13 down, 3-4 up.)

      • hx516

        I was getting five bars on Monroe st near Edgewood campus with 20 down 6 up.

  • jefski

    30.08 down, 9.45 up in myrtle beach/carolina forest area! Thank you t mobile, well worth the wait

  • mdothan

    3 bars of lte on east side of Dothan,AL
    19mbs down, 3mbs up

  • Dougie

    Had our first sighting of LTE in Ft Collins, CO today.

  • Hoping it stays

    2 to 3 bars LTE in Tupelo, MS. Been happening for about a week off and on.

    • sidekicker89

      wow are you really getting LTE in Mississippi?? that’s a state that hasn’t seen ANY LTE at all…I’m glad it’s happening now. T-Mobile purchased spectrum from U. S Cellular for Mississippi but I’m not sure if that has been approved yet.

  • go irish

    4 bars of LTE in south bend Indiana, Midtown and Notre Dame

  • Jay

    Great news!! But is anybody from philly getting LTE ON there tmobile phones.. And whats the readings if u did a speed test. Also what areas did u get the lte in


  • JRT

    User Test:

    Location: Knoxville
    achieved speeds via LTE: 16.01Mbps DOWN and 6.55Mbps UP
    device used: LG Nexus 4

    since the Nexus 4 doesn’t have all the LTE bands nor is it officially supposed to support LTE meaning I am running an old (never updated) radio to connect, I would say these are some really decent speeds!!!

    • Kirk

      The Nexus 4 has band 4 LTE (1700mhz), which is actually the only LTE band T Mobile is utilizing at the moment.

  • Jesus Villafranca

    LTE in most of the city of Brownsville, TX at 15Mbps/4Mbps 51 ms and where you don’t get drops to HSPA+ at 9.6/1 57ms ping. Of course, unlimited all at 70 bucks per month, no contract. Proud of you tmobile!!

  • agent

    Laredo Texas also has some sightings… Very limited for now

  • Jeremy

    LTE Here in Fort Collins, CO. YAY!!

  • JJ

    Sightings of LTE in Melbourne, FL

  • dum-dum

    LTE in Louisville Kentucky

  • howieLXIX

    LTE spotted in Meridian, Idaho. Forgot to grab a screenshot. Maybe they can boost connectivity in some of the surrounding communities?

    • Glock17

      Yeah I live near the Locust and Fairview intersection and I get 20+mbps consistently inside my house. It seems like its available pretty much everwhere east of locust and north of overland road.

  • Mike Antici

    Danbury CT has ONE LTE tower now.. . need more. Oh and would you PLEASE stop spending money on LTE where there’s ALREADY 4g. . . we need to get rid of some of theses 2g Areas

  • boisepeep

    Boise Idaho has LTE effective 10/1

    • Glock17

      Spoke with a TMO rep and they informed me that they will be refarming the towers through November.

  • mad tmobile customer

    jacksonville, NC 11Kb/s. SMH. Wtf tmobile. its ony 2g over here but they can put lte in other cities

  • h

    LTE here in Brownsville, can’t get higher than 2 bars though. fluctuations between 3mbps-9mbps I hope they’re still not done with this because my HTC one S reaches the same speeds on hspa+

  • colby

    LTE in Rexburg Idaho. Had it for a couple of days. Download speeds only reach 6mb, upload is “slow” too

    • Fish_Farm

      Pocatello also showing signs of LTE.

    • Bob

      35 to 35mb down and 7 to 10mb up in Boise

      • Bob

        25mb to 35mb

  • Tony S

    Dear T-Mobile,

    If you are going to be the official wireless provider for MLB, please make sure that you have sufficient capacity in and around each MLB stadium to handle the crowds. I am a 10 year TMO customer, and have a Note II. I was at the AL Division Series final game last night in Tampa. I had great difficulty connecting with FB and the ESPN Scorecenter App. to get in-game updates. The network was extremely slow and very unreliable. Please fix this! It would also be great to give your customers unique access to content e.g. Verizon with NFL, Sprint with Nascar, etc.

    • Joe Carroll

      They have Busch Stadium working great; 47,000 people in the stadium last night, plus all the people downtown in the bars and other attractions, my new phone worked great. However, Miller Park in Milwaukee, no such luck. There, even the HSPA is crappy. I hope LTE alleviates the problem.

  • Rob

    Now getting off and on LTE in Malabar Fl. Seem to be getting better connections now inside the house.