Lengthy Demo Video Shows Off T-Mobile Branded Galaxy Note 3 Units

If you really want a great product demo, you need to talk to the product manager and that’s exactly what Chris Pirillo received by stopping into his local T-Mobile location. Ok, so Pirillo’s meet-up with Des Smith, T-Mobile’s product manager for the Galaxy Note 3 was arranged but he still received a lengthy hands-on demo of the upcoming Samsung flagship device.┬áSmith details the strengths and differences of the Note 3 over its successor in the Note 2 and demonstrates a large segment of new features for Pirillo. I know I love to having this kind of personal opportunity to sit down and have a one-on-one demonstration of a smartphone prior to launch. So, even if we weren’t there in person, we’re glad to see the video and feel like we are a part of this demo.

Hit the video and catch the full seven minutes and 24 seconds of Galaxy Note 3 goodness.


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  • Nick

    I need this yesterday!

    • John Voss

      Good morning, so far don’t see a pre order on T-Mobile.com

  • Bemi

    Is it me or there seems to be little to no bloat ware?

    • apistia

      If you rewatch you should pick up on him saying that he’s organized the app drawer into folders. One of the folders he even refers to as “tmobile apps”
      I think it just looks like there’s no bloatware because the apps are organized into folders.

      • Bemi

        Thank you

  • RefarmAllPCSNowPlease

    Hi David. Look at Nexus 7 in google play. There’s a version with AT&T sim. Read “Special Offer from AT&T:” Now don’t laugh too hard.

  • vinnyjr

    He placed many of the apps in folders like T-Mobile apps and the other one was Samsung apps. There is all your bloat ware. Great phone. IMO the Note 3 is the best phone of 2013-2014. What a beast. Thanks Samsung and more important Thanks T-Mobile.

  • beto

    How about Samsung supports it’s current devices and then tries to hookus other ones. Note 2 has never got a update in its 1 year of life? Wtf!

    • tonkotsu

      did the note 2 stop working?

      if not, then exactly why do you need the update?

      • david

        well, in life you have those who know what OS theyre supposed to be on and those who have no idea what jellybean is? If a phone is currently freezing and not running as it should, an update that could clear some things up is sometimes a good thing.

        • tonkotsu

          beto did not indicate that his phone is freezing or not running as it should. So i’ll assume he’s one of the trolls that post this garbage in every new phone article.

        • Bklynman

          He does have a point. Did phone makers really support phones that just came out year ago? Maybe he is troll or not. But to my
          knowledge, HTC,didn’t release any updates for any hignends
          phone that was made for TM,the only major would it be
          minor update was for the G2, I might be wrong,but if not then
          why is it they stop selling the Amaze,The Sense. My Touch 4G slide,
          but TM is still selling SG2. And all these new phones are coming with what is JB. When will they bring out phones with Kitkatt.
          Or only few of them will get ota update or will they just bring out
          new phones,not release any ota for any new phones now.

        • Kevin

          Samsung will update the Galaxy Note 2 to Android 4.3 in the near future, so that we GN2 users will be able to use the Galaxy Gear watch. That is still supporting GN2. There is a warranty for repairing or replacing true defective devices. That is also supporting the GN2.

          I am assuming that this problem is most likely caused by app/s (especially app/s with ads and resource hog app/s). With more open app/software ecosystems, and allowing so many different hardware configurations (allowing different devices with different hardware and from different manufactures) you are going to run into problems like this from time to time. This is the downside of OSes like Linux, Unix, BSD, Microsoft Windows, Android, etc… The only upside of Apple OSes is that you get less of these problems due to the more closed ecosystem and closed hardware configurations.

          Reset the device to clear the problem. And stay away from apps with ads, unless you can trust the source of the app/s.

          Also there are apps that are resource and data hogs, like Facebook. Getting rid those apps can do miracles to your device. Remember that you can use your favorite browser with your device to connect to your Facebook.

        • CommonCents

          phone prices drop like rocks after a yr or so, so upgrades are pretty easy, or wait every 2 yrs. Plus if you want to upgrade earlier, your existing phone gets a decent price on ebay/craigslist. I see note2’s asking 4-450 bucks so selling the note2 and upgrading to note3 isn’t that bad.

      • Kevin

        I will give you ten hardware reasons to update to Galaxy Note 3 (Of course there are more hardware and software reasons, but this is a couple of hands full of reasons to get you started):

        1. More internal storage memory (32 GB) for apps like games, etc… (After Android OS and Samsung stuff at least 20 GB left in Galaxy Note 3). That is at least double of what is left in Galaxy Note 2 16 GB Internal memory after Android OS and Samsung stuff (Which is 10 GB left in Galaxy Note 2).

        2. 1080p resolution 5.7″ screen.

        3. USB 3.0 for faster transfer speeds.

        4. More RAM (3 GB).

        5. Qualcomm Envelope Tracking (ET) chipset to save battery life on 4G/LTE.

        6. Faster Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 Quad core, 2.3 GHz CPU

        7. IR LED (Remote Control)

        8. Larger capacity battery 3200 mAh (With this battery and Qualcomm ET Chipset your battery life will be longer)

        9. Auto adjust touch sensitivity (Glove friendly)

        10. 13 Mega-pixel rear camera

    • MarcusDW
    • Noor Mahmoud

      I’m pretty sure that the Note 2 received atleast 2 OTA updates. Actually, I think it might of been 3. There was the first update for bug fixes and minor improvements, the second one for multi-window, and the third one for LTE.

    • weezy34

      Happy Note2 owner here since day1 availabilty. Its been updated a few times.

      I am happy Samsung spends more time producing new products [for me] than worrying about updating old products.

      A 11+ months mobile is SO last year. Move along granny…

      Cant wait for the Note3.

    • CommonCents

      what do you need an update for? when you have everything that works well? do people want updates for updates sake?

  • Dude holding the camera sounds funny. Thanks for the video :)

    • That’s Chris Pirillo, he always sounds like Kermit the frog on Speed. lol

  • david

    what i find frustrating about the unveiling of this new model is it seems the support for the note2 just went dead. i got my wife the phone just this summer. While she isnt a techie like me and could care less what OS version she is on, it dissapoints me to see that a phone that is so powerful as the note2, is starting to freeze, slow down, and have tons of force closes of core system apps. She’s getting a replacement, but how sad. Two months with a new phone and she gets a refurb. I do hope the note3 isnt a let down. My wife hates having to transfer all her app data to a new device.

    • gentleman559

      You must have gotten a dud because my Note 2 was screaming fast and I never had problems.

      • david

        i thnk so too. she was really pissed off . at least it has an sd card. moving my info from htc one wasnt that hard, but if she had it she would have thrown it against the wall.

        • CommonCents

          at least she didnt have to wait in line for a barista “genius” ;)

    • Mark Reese

      Android perhaps ???

    • Tony Yayo

      Try wiping your dalvik cache

  • markus

    Guys can you tell if t- mobile will have note 3 16g and 32g in october 2? Thank you.

    • taron19119

      the note 3 does not come in 16 gigabyte it only comes in 32 gigabyte and 64 gigabyte

      • g2a5b0e

        Notary! LMAO. Took me a sec to figure that out.

        • taron19119

          autocorrect sucks

        • g2a5b0e

          Oh, damn. Here I was thinking you did it on purpose. Say notary real fast & see what I mean.

        • taron19119

          I see now its funny

  • JB

    This guy arguably explained the Note 3 feature set better than the guy at unpacked. Can’t wait til I get my hands on this puppy!

  • Taylor White

    I’m getting a major OS update tomorrow ; ) iphone for me, but the note 3 does look promising.

    • Kevin

      What can the new iPhones do, outside of the thumb print reader, that Galaxy Note 3 can’t do?

      Just getting the Galaxy Note series device itself is a major upgrade from the iPhone.

      • CommonCents

        iphones are wayyy behind, especially with s-pen. If apple had that, they’d scream from the rooftops.

  • James Harding, Jr.

    Note 3 sounds pretty cool! I hope T-mobile sells a ton of them

  • Ollie_Williams

    I throw money at the screen but nothing happens :'(


    Does anyone know if pre-orders start at midnight Pacific time

  • Clarkkent113

    As a Note 2 there are definitely a lot of welcomed improvements in the Note 3. But I have to say that my Note 2 has slowed down considerably in the 10 months I’ve had it. Touchwiz,especially with all the awesome S-Pen features really eats up that 2gigs RAM (Note 3 has 3gigs at least).

    I think I’m going to go with the LG G2 or a pure Android Nexus 5 because my Note 2 has been very laggy for awhile (especially with Chrome).

    Note 3 does look awesome but I’ve just lost confidence in Touchwiz.

    • Mark Reese

      I thought android was no longer the leggy lagging beast it once was…..?

      • Clarkkent113

        It’s not. The manufacturer skins make it laggy.

        Pure Android is lag-free. I owned a Nexus 10 for months and that thing never lagged.

        That’s why I’m pretty keen on getting the Nexus 5, if the screen and specs are comparable to the LG G2.

        • JB

          So flash an AOSP rom to your Samsung. The Nexus devices aren’t the only way to run AOSP. I am running an AOSP 4.3 rom on my S4 right now, butter. I nandroid my TW rom, flash the AOSP rom and go back and forth every so often when I feel like a change.

      • guest

        Wipe your phone. Sounds like that’s the issue. People really should learn to use their phones… Too many rogue apps can slow things down too.

        • Shanesha

          Agreed. I had to learn to wipe my RAM every now and again. The highest I saw wa 52 apps running at once

  • nerdlust

    My note 2 is buttery smooth. I use it in place of my tablet and laptop. Im very happy with it but that note 3 is so sweet looking I will have to see it in person.

  • CommonCents

    im selling my note2 to get a note3. apple who? lol. the only thing i do like on the new iphone is the fingerprint security. i have it on my pc laptop and its slick for security and password logins. other than that, the note2/3 are hands down wayyy out front of anyone else.

  • BahamasGeek242

    When will Google & Samsung release a Google edition of the Note 3 ?…. I think I might wait and see what happens

    • Kevin

      That won’t happen. Too many Samsung own hardware that needs its own drivers that is not part of Google’s Android itself. Basically will turn the Galaxy Note 3 into a smaller version of Galaxy Mega.

  • charlieboy808


  • Tmobile fan

    Hey look, one bar of service.. This is truly a Tmobile phone!