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Lengthy Demo Video Shows Off T-Mobile Branded Galaxy Note 3 Units

If you really want a great product demo, you need to talk to the product manager and that’s exactly what Chris Pirillo received by stopping into his local T-Mobile location. Ok, so Pirillo’s meet-up with Des Smith, T-Mobile’s product manager for the Galaxy Note 3 was arranged but he still received a lengthy hands-on demo of the upcoming Samsung flagship device. Smith details the strengths and differences of the Note 3 over its successor in the Note 2 and demonstrates a large segment of new features for Pirillo. I know I love to having this kind of personal opportunity to sit down and have a one-on-one demonstration of a smartphone prior to launch. So, even if we weren’t there in person, we’re glad to see the video and feel like we are a part of this demo.

Hit the video and catch the full seven minutes and 24 seconds of Galaxy Note 3 goodness.


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