T-Mobile Posts Moto X Support Page, Still No Launch Details

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We’re still eagerly awaiting any kind of launch details to officially drop from T-Mobile surrounding the Moto X launch, but until then we’ve got a newly posted support page. For the most part, it’s just a placeholder now and I really don’t expect anything on the launch to be posted in this section, but it makes me hopeful T-Mobile might say something soon.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere teased the release of the Moto X for September over the weekend with a Tweet promoting T-Mobile’s JUMP! upgrade platform. Still, “available in September” is open to interpretation and we’re still only counting on the opportunity to buy the Moto X direct from Motorola. There’s still the very important question of whether it will be available on T-Mobile’s Simple Choice no-contract plans?¬†Hopefully, T-Mobile will see the light and bring the Moto X into stores very soon.

Look for my review of the Moto X tomorrow!

T-Mobile Support

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