First LG G2 Promo Ads, Feature Breakdown Videos Hit YouTube

The arrival of the LG G2 is a welcome addition to T-Mobile’s growing smartphone lineup and it’s clear that the “new” T-Mobile is working fast and furious to bring all the biggest (and smallest) OEM’s back into the fold. The addition of the G2 provides T-Mobile with a full boat of the worlds biggest Android manufacturers and their flagship handsets, not to mention the G2 is already one of the most feature rich smartphones we’ve seen this year.

But David, what kind of features does the G2 have that my smartphone doesn’t? Well, I’m glad you asked as the LG UK YouTube channel just posted a whole bunch of videos featuring all sorts of G2-exclusive features. There’s a look at Guest Mode, the Rear Key functionality, Audio Zooming, Mobile Link and more. Whether or not these make you consider the LG G2 as your “next,” is up to you, but I know I’m eager to go hands-on with the device to check out just how functional that Rear Key feature is in practical use.

There’s around a dozen videos in all, some of which highlight the same feature twice ala the 13 megapixel camera and Rear Key feature. Still, it’s worth checking out the video set to get a better look at why you should consider the G2 as your next smartphone.

Hit the YouTube link below for the rest of the vids.

LG UK YouTube

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