First LG G2 Promo Ads, Feature Breakdown Videos Hit YouTube

The arrival of the LG G2 is a welcome addition to T-Mobile’s growing smartphone lineup and it’s clear that the “new” T-Mobile is working fast and furious to bring all the biggest (and smallest) OEM’s back into the fold. The addition of the G2 provides T-Mobile with a full boat of the worlds biggest Android manufacturers and their flagship handsets, not to mention the G2 is already one of the most feature rich smartphones we’ve seen this year.

But David, what kind of features does the G2 have that my smartphone doesn’t? Well, I’m glad you asked as the LG UK YouTube channel just posted a whole bunch of videos featuring all sorts of G2-exclusive features. There’s a look at Guest Mode, the Rear Key functionality, Audio Zooming, Mobile Link and more. Whether or not these make you consider the LG G2 as your “next,” is up to you, but I know I’m eager to go hands-on with the device to check out just how functional that Rear Key feature is in practical use.

There’s around a dozen videos in all, some of which highlight the same feature twice ala the 13 megapixel camera and Rear Key feature. Still, it’s worth checking out the video set to get a better look at why you should consider the G2 as your next smartphone.

Hit the YouTube link below for the rest of the vids.

LG UK YouTube

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  • Deadeye37

    I love the kids washing the laptop in the sink portion of the last video. In fact, that whole last video pretty much is how my kids are if I’m not there to control them.

    I love that guest mode function on that phone! I wish they had that for the SGSIII. I’m not getting an upgrade for another year, so I have to find a good substitute for that. Unfortunately, all the solutions I’ve found aren’t really good ones.

  • ozuniga

    Intriguing! Just another reason that I’m glad I signed up for Jump!

  • Binny Gupta

    It looks like a galaxy s4. Samsung really did choose a good look.
    Apples gonna probably try to make a phone like that.
    Let the sueathon begin

  • Verizonthunder

    Sorry LG you failed. Non-removable battery is a instant fail in my book, hello Samsung Galaxy Note 3

    • ok

      Who would downvote this? Must be the HTC/Apple Astroturfing Brigade. They sure do hate freedom.

      • Verizonthunder

        Opinion’s are like asshole’s everyone’s got one. I still stand by my issue and support my theory for one of the main reason’s Samsung is successful with the Galaxy series

    • Richard Yarrell

      People could down vote me all night long it never mattered. The Galaxy Note 3 rips this a new butt hole so easily. Either way I am happy for T-Mobile getting all of the BEST handsets possible.

      • Verizonthunder

        Yes in many good way’s but the LG Optimus G2 is supposed to go toe to toe with the Samsung Galaxy S4 and in my opinion the option to get a bigger battery for the Samsung Galaxy S4 will add better longevity and more enjoyment for heavy user’s like myself or to swap battery’s on the fly

  • Impatient Waiter

    every video is private except the design one… :/

  • kk888

    Learning from Samsung.

  • Warsun

    Why is it so hard for these phone makers to listen to the majority of the people. Swappable batteries and an sd card. So simple, so easy, and no wonder why Samsung continues to grow exponentially faster than all the rest.

    • Richard Yarrell

      Samsung will always be the leader period.

    • The Tick

      I guess it depends on the user. I used to worry about not buying a phone with a replaceable battery, but in all honesty I have never replaced one in all the years I’ve had phones with the option. And the stock battery in my current phone still works great.

      Like I said, it depends on the user and their needs. I’m not saying the G2 will be perfect for you but the battery and storage on it will be fine for many people.


    Videos are not working anymore… private.

  • smjth93

    Could the logo on the front possibly be the notification LED?

  • vinnyjr

    Just seen a video of the Korean version of the LG G2, it comes with ext sd-card support and removable battery. The battery is smaller but I would of preferred the Korean version with the sd-card support. After the OS is loaded on the LG G2 on the 32gb model the phone has only 23=gb of internal storage. The OS takes up over 8gb of storage. If you bought the 16gb version you would have a little over 7gb of internal storage for everything on your new modern Smartphone. That sucks. I don’t understand how you can build a new phone with all the great specs they threw at this phone and leave out what I think is the most important, INTERNAL MEMORY. I think I will wait for the Note 3, if my phone has 32gb of int memory than I want sd-card support, if no sd-card support the phone must have a minimum of 64gb of internal storage. Anything less is a joke. Todays apps and games take up huge amounts of memory. Nothing worse on a new phone is to see your phone has no memory left. Customers need to be a little more intelligent about their purchase and demand these basic specs. This should be the norm. The cloud is NOT the answer, the Carriers and Google want you to think it is. Don’t buy into it.

    • xtriker360

      Totally agree with, 16GB at this point is a joke. I was going to get this phone but 32 GB only and no sd card is a deal breaker for any power user.