Android Device Manager Now Rolling Out, Track Your Lost Or Stolen Android Device


Just as Apple’s “Find my iPhone” app allows you find a lost or stolen iOS device, Google’s new Android Device Manager is rolling out. The service is almost identical, with Google offering the opportunity to find and ring a lost/stolen device or erase the device altogether. The service allows you to ring your smartphone at maximum volume until the power button is pressed silencing the device, locate your smartphone on Google Maps and erase the device.

Google previewed the service on August 2nd with a brief blog post:

Have you ever lost your phone in between the couch cushions or forgot it in a restaurant? Or maybe searching for your phone before you rush out the door is part of your morning routine? Let the new Android Device Manager help you out! It’s one of a few simple features you can use to keep your device—and the data you store inside—safe and secure.

Locate and ring your misplaced device
If you ended up dropping your phone between those couch cushions, Android Device Manager lets you quickly ring your phone at maximum volume so you can find it, even if it’s been silenced. And in the event that your phone or tablet is out of earshot (say, at that restaurant you left it at last night), you can locate it on a map in real time.

Protecting your personal information and data
While losing your phone can be stressful, Android Device Manager can help you keep your data from ending up in the wrong hands. If your phone can’t be recovered, or has been stolen, you can quickly and securely erase all of the data on your device.

Availability and getting started
This service is now available on devices running Android 2.2 or above; to use it, you also will need to be signed into your Google Account. There will also be an Android app to allow you to easily find and manage your devices. Stay tuned!

I was able to locate my device sitting next to me on my desk and ring the phone at maximum volume thereby annoying the dog who ran around the house barking. I’m guessing the service is slowly rolling out but should be available to all in short order.

Android Device Manager

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  • Paul

    Since I signed up for premium handset insurance I was given access to lookout premium. Lookout premium offers some of the same services.
    I am glad to see that Google is offering this service, with more bells and whistles. (pun intended)
    I’m very much interest in this development.

  • John

    I’ve used Cerberus for a while which includes this functionality along with the ability to take pictures. Was great with my daughter’s phone. She uses an unlock code and I got a photo of one of her friends when she tried unlocking unsuccessfully three times. I was able to find out that the friend was trying to use it when she was grounded.
    Cerberus does have a price associated with it, though it doesn’t show up that way on the Play store. The reason is the cost covers 5 devices I think. I forget how much it costs but wasn’t much (maybe $5?).
    Hopefully Google can incorporate some of those features into their system as well.

  • gdwhite85

    Yes, I have lookout as well for my GS4. Plus I got the premium edition because I upgraded my INS. Lookout should be fine w/ this service….

  • Jon

    I tested this out and it is pretty helpful. But it is only so accurate, being able to remotely wipe the phone is great you can make the phone ring even if it is set to only vibrate. I think I’ll cancel my insurance

    • tirtawn

      Hmm…why do you want to cancel your insurance? I assume you have it because you do not want to pay a full price if you lost your phone or the phone spoilt by accident.

  • 0neTw0

    I am already using android lost (Beta) It works fairly well. Its light weight too. It seems a tad slow in sending commands sometimes. (Update) Tried the Android Device Manager. Don’t see anything special. It took three times of searching to find my phone. Doesn’t ring it. Wouldn’t send any notifications. Hopefully they will add features but as of now its pretty useless.

  • jaime

    But what happens if the person who finds your phone removes the battery for a while :( .. Then u can’t track or find?

  • ozuniga

    Tested it out a couple times and seems to work fairly well. I’m interested to see what features are to come. I currently use Lookout and like and use the features like Security, safe browsing, and lock cam.

  • remister

    It is only detecting 3 of my 4 Android devices. My Nexus 4 isn’t on the list. The ADM is enabled within the Security settings of the N4?

    • tirtawn

      My nexus 4 have the settings. I am on 4.3 now.

      • remister

        Yea, I have everything enabled on my Nexus 4 and Galaxy Nexus, still not showing up. It show my G2X (lulz) Nexus 7 and HTC One.

  • macman37

    Everyone & David,

    Will this app work with Amazon Kindle Devices as well?

  • Ben

    I managed to locate my GS4 and ring it at maximum volume thereby annoying my wife who happened to be talking on it at the time.

  • B

    Mine isn’t working. I enabled all my location sharing options and android device manager on google settings. I tried both wifi and 4G. Any suggestions?

    • remister

      App Drawer> Google Settings>Android Device Manager

      Uncheck “Allow Remote factory Reset”

      Settings>Apps>All>Google Play Services
      Clear Data

      Now Activate “Allow Remote Factory Reset”
      App Drawer> Google Settings>Android Device Manager

      Restart the phone.
      The phone will be listed in the ADM. (give it 5 minutes to refresh)

  • Dakota

    How do you know when this is on your phone? Does it come with a software update? I have a 4.3 Galaxy Nexus and when I went to the website, it kept saying it couldnt connect with the phone…so Im not quite sure what I need to do. Its an important feature and just shows another way Android has been behind the iPhone. I know I often just cant find my phone in the house so t hat would be helpful

    • remister

      You either need to go to Settings, Security, Device Administrators: See if there is a Android Device Manager entry, enable it
      Apps Drawer, Google Settings, Android Device Manager
      Check both options, if you like.

      • Zombiexm

        I don’t have it in the Google settings but it was in the Security section and I turned it on. I cant find no new app or it in the Google settings after still tho.

        • remister

          Are they any app updates you still need to apply, specifically Google+? Are you within the US?

        • Zombiexm

          I just checked again after rebooting my phone and its now under google settings. (they need to make a app icon for this for people who do not know about this imo) but I still cant make my phone ring or locate it with the site :|

        • remister

          Yea I get some funky results when I look for my phone at times. I hear that Android 4.3 has a sound loop bug: Google just came out with this, so hopefully they will improve on it.

  • Sad Wolf

    My phone got stolen. I then sent web request of installing tracking apps, which shows as installed on my device // S2 + . but i had changed my screen lock to easy swipe and i think that has enabled account changing? also no network and removal of sim has added to misery of being unable to find location on my google (which by default was off after i got pissed off on some friends last month)
    what can i do ? the apps show as installed on my lost app, but i am not getting any info about where it is

  • JTG

    where do I find this app

  • bjg

    i lost my phone and called att they told me I needed the locator app. I did research and found out I could possibly locate it without an app with adroid device manager from google simply by loging in to gmail. I located both my tablet and my phone, but phone that I lost was in bad part of town…tracked it to a school but couldn’t find culprit.. I questioned how accurate it was but checked again after work. it had moved. I tracked it to a restraunt then to someones house out in country. me and my girlfriend staked out house but weren’t sure of accuracy and almost gave up hope. sheriff came and questioned us from a complaint that we were parked and idle in neighborhood. long story short he offered to help and we asked him to check 6th lot. he questioned resident and had pretty much given up but was checking round outside when resident came out to help. I recognized him from the restraunt he swore he didn’t take it, sheriff got offensive and asked him to stand by car and asked if he could search car. anyway my phone was in this dudes car…..dude was blown away I think his mom had picked it up. anyway very accurate…very good

  • m1

    Greenify (great app!) may interfere with this new functionality. Food for thought – I know a lot of “advanced” Android users use Greenify.

  • “Find My Phone” A feature that originated on Windows Mobiles more than 4 years ago..

  • ladymar

    The locator only works with gps on? Have decent battery or protection? Hmmm…jury’s still out on that.