Aio Wireless Prepares National Launch, Sets It Sights On T-Mobile

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On the heels of this weeks news that T-Mobile and Aio Wireless will soon tangle in court, it seems they will also start tangling in a nationwide battle for customers. Aio Wireless announced yesterday afternoon that they would begin their nationwide rollout of prepaid service beginning in mid-September.

As it stands today, Aio is available to customers in markets in Florida, Texas and the Metro-Atlanta area through over 200 dealer-owned Aio stores and through the Aio website.  Also customers in the Chicago area can currently activate Aio service online.

A cursory glance at the rate plans shows comparable pricing to T-Mobile’s Monthly4G rate plans, save for the $70 plan on T-Mobile being unlimited against Aio’s 7GB cap. It appears by most accounts T-Mobile remains the better value and that’s a good thing, since Aio has T-Mobile in their sights and I assume we’ll see marketing in the near future that pits the two against each other.

The biggest takeaway I get from AT&T’s launch of Aio is that T-Mobile’s pricing, marketing and general moves in the wireless business are having an impact. There was a time, maybe as little as six months ago that T-Mobile was an afterthought for AT&T and Verizon. Now, T-Mobile’s making moves and forcing the rest of the industry to react and that’s a great thing.

Aio Wireless



Press Release:

Starting mid-September all U.S. customers will be able to purchase first-class, no-contract wireless from Aio online

Plus, new Aio customers who activate service by Sept. 29, 2013, can get their third month of service free**

Alpharetta, GA – August 29, 2013 – Aio Wireless’ first-class service with no annual contract is scheduled to be available online ( to all U.S. customers starting in mid-September.  Aio is currently available to customers in markets in Florida, Texas and the Metro-Atlanta area through over 200 dealer-owned Aio stores and through the Aio website.   Also customers in the Chicago area can currently activate Aio service online.

Additionally, new customers who activate service in stores or online by September 29, 2013 will be able to participate in Aio’s special Fall promotion and get their third month of service free (conditions apply**).

“We invite customers across the country to switch to Aio and experience our first class service with no annual contracts,” said Jennifer Van Buskirk, president of Aio Wireless. “We want to make it easy for consumers almost anywhere in the US to get great value in their wireless service, with the network coverage and experience they deserve, and devices they can be proud to own.”

Aio makes wireless easy with a friendly in-store and online experience and three simple plans to choose from. All three plans include unlimited talk, text, and data-with a pre-established amount of high-speed access, including 4G LTE.  Plans range from $40 to $70 per month, with taxes and fees included.

Aio customers may choose from a selection of smartphones, tablets, and feature phones from Samsung, Nokia, ZTE, and others. Customers may also bring a device they love to an Aio store for activation on the Aio network or activate online at  Or, they may bring a qualifying wireless phone to an Aio store to trade-in for a credit* towards an upgraded phone or accessory.

For more information visit, and


About Aio Wireless

Aio Wireless (pronounced A-O) was created for today’s value-conscious connected consumers who want it all.  We created a new class of service for individuals who expect a first class wireless service at a value price – one with no-annual contract, friendly service, uncomplicated plans and the mobile phones and tablets you love.   All of Aio’s phone plans include unlimited talk, text, and data, with taxes and fees included – the price you see is the price you pay. Aio Wireless is a subsidiary of AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) Visit to find out more.


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  • vrm

    wow ! that is like $50/2G 4G plus taxes on at & t network ! Beats even the at&t gophone $60 plan ( plus taxes it comes to $65).

    This also competes with straight talk.

    • kk888

      AIO speed is throttled to 4Mbps on HSPA and 8Mbps on LTE. Still usable tho.

      • ssl48

        Is that slower than T-Mobile?

        • conservative_motorcyclist

          about 2-3x… I can pull 20Mbps-30Mbps average on HSPA+

        • ssl48

          Ok, thanks. I won’t be considering Aio then.

        • 21stNow

          That depends on your location.

    • MonkeyK

      According to the insert the AT&T price includes taxes already. My grandfathered TMo family plan is still better, but this is pretty good.

  • Quilvio718

    unless they have unlimited data plan, then can’t compete

    • PiCASSiMO

      Not everyone uses more than 2GB of data. I wished their basic plan included smartphone, as even for some people with simple e-mails would be within 250MB of data.

      • jej

        Go phone has a plan with unlimited text 500 mins free mobile to mobile and 200 mb of data for $38 with refills off callingmart.

    • New_Guy

      Yep. I use tmo’s $70 plan. I steam internet radio, live in the cloud, watch Netflix, and use my phone’s hotspot (that I pay an extra $10 a month for) as my primary source of internet at home. I go into the 30mb rhelm every month. No thanks Aio, I’ll stay where I am for now…

    • Delusion_FTL

      No roaming either (voice or data) as far as I can tell.

  • Dakota

    Interesting they are in Atlanta suburb

    • Menel

      Cingular Wireless was based in Atlanta. ATT bought them to use for their wireless division, logically continued to be based in Atlanta. So ATT wirelesss spinoff Aio logically also based in Atlanta.

      • dpro

        ah wrong Cingular wireless was based in Texas owned by SBC. SBC bought ATT and changed their name get your facts right.

  • Mirad77

    Just look at the insert from aio website and tell me that att didn’t spend time and money on this direct attack to our beloved TMUS. If TMUS didn’t sue like they did, I might have done it for them :-) .

    • SmartAzz

      Well….truth be told, John Legere started the war with AT&T. As far as I’m concerned, this is just AT&T striking back. Also…beloved??? Really? Not a term I’d use to describe a service provider, regardless of industry.

      • ssl48

        Yeah, I wouldn’t necessarily say my beloved Con Edison lol

      • Mirad77

        Beloved as in “our preferred carrier”. Of all the choices out and being with them for as long as I’ve been with them, I think the use of “beloved” is about right.

      • Mirad77

        May I add that it was a term borrowed from no other than David.

        • How can I run a site about them and no call them beloved? Duh!

        • ssl48

          So you admit you’re not objective when it comes to T-Mobile…

        • Stone Cold

          David does love T-mobile but he also will call them out if they need it also.

  • conservative_motorcyclist

    Is it just me or does AIO’s website feel like a cheap rip-off of T-Mobile’s website with a wooden background?

    In other news, I like the idea of a $15 a month tablet plan…TMO should definitely do that but with 500MB and let people add additional high speed data in $10 chunks.

    • Aaron Peromsik

      TMO charges $20 for 500MB on their postpaid MBB plan. They also have $15 for 300MB on the prepaid side but it only lasts 7 days. $25 for 1.5 GB for a month on prepaid.

      • conservative_motorcyclist

        I forgot about the $20 for 500MB plan. I guess it’s close enough! thanks for the correction.

        • TMOaddict

          What’s even better is if you have a voice line you get an additional 10.00 discount on the MBB plan!

    • Derrick Ford

      Why would you need a “Tablet Plan” with Tmobile you can Tether. You can’t with AIO! I think I just might have closed these commits, because after this statement why would you even consider AIO again?

  • ssl48

    I’d like to know once you hit the 7GB high-speed data cap what do the speeds slow down to – 3G?

    • conservative_motorcyclist

      all it says is “reduced” doesn’t say by how much…

    • Spanky

      If you take a look at the FAQ section on AIO’s site, the high-speed data is capped at 8Mbps. It all depends on what’s more important to a potential subscriber – better network or T-Mobile’s uncapped data speeds.

    • Rob

      I found this in a Google search. “Users who surpass these usage caps are throttled back to an as-yet-unspecified speed until they buy additional buckets of data.” Seems like it’s intentionally vague on purpose.

    • S. Ali


  • Menel

    Aio $55 including tax/fees. Beats TMobile $60 + tax/fees. Tempting. Keeping an eye on this!

  • conservative_motorcyclist

    Check this beaut from their T&C…

    “Though data speeds vary due to several factors, including those beyond
    Aio’s control, our 4G LTE service currently offers download speeds up to
    8 Mbps and our 4G HSPA+ service currently offers download speeds up to a
    maximum of 4 Mbps. On our 3G HSPA/UMTS service, typical download
    speeds range from approximately 700 Kbps up to 1.7 Mbps. Aio does not
    offer mobile broadband Internet access service in different speed tiers
    and your data speeds depend on the available serving technology as well
    as the capabilities of your device.”

    Their speeds are SSOO SLOOOOWWW!

    I’ll gladly take TMO! $5 more a month = faster speeds, and TETHERING!!!

    • ssl48

      Sounds like the Go-Phone plan would be the better option

  • AndroidProfit

    I bet Johnny boy will be twittering up a storm today!!

    • ssl48

      it sounded like a good deal until I read the fine print. The speeds aren’t that good.

  • Rob

    I still like how T-Mobile doesn’t try to sell it’s $50 and $60 plans as “Unlimited Data” unlike Aio which still throws the unlimited in there. While, it’s technically still unlimited, it’s also throttled; something that I believe the $70 T-Mobile doesn’t do. It’s time for these carriers to dispense with deceptive wording in their marketing campaigns and service contracts.

    • conservative_motorcyclist

      no throttling at all on the $70’s all-you-can-eat!

      • Oh wait it is? I just sent David an email asking his advice on choosing a new Tmobile plan! HAHA I was under the impression that the $70 plan had a 4gig cap. Still using the My Faves 300 a month here, woot woot. Only thing is it’s only 500MB of smartphone mobile hotspot service vs. my current free and unlimited hotspot.

        • Morton H

          The 70.00 plan does not have throttling or a cap especially 4gb lol.. its unlim

        • jej

          $70 gets you either 4.5 GB OR unlimited with 500 MB tethering, so if you don’t use a ton of data on the smartphone and can’t bypass tethering restrictions it’s another option.

      • Rob

        What are you referring to? The $70 Aio absolutely throttles after 7GB. The T-Mobile does not and that’s exactly what I said.

      • vrm

        actually, all aio plans have throttling. The LTE is limited to 8mbps and hspa+ limited to 4mbps.

  • Hendrick

    Let’s face it, T-Mobile is nice and usable within larger cities but as soon you get into a rural area or outside your city limits, welcome to Edge heaven. AT&T and even Sprint provide better speeds (e.g. take a drive on I-15 between LA and Las Vegas and you know).

    • ssl48

      This is why I’m considering this Aio or Go-Phone. I like unlimited but too often I get bumped down to EDGE once I travel outside the city.

      • CrzyP

        I just did a road trip from New Mexico to Arizona. Wife has at&t and I have T-Mobile. She had 4g service in the interstate while I had Edge. Strange thing was my data services were working while hers wasn’t. I was able to browse the web just fine while she couldn’t. Don’t let the 4g symbol fool you.

      • Phil Kulak

        Exactly. Is unlimited edge and “no service” really that valuable?

      • landmarkcm

        Right now see my previous comments you’d be better off with GoPhone until aio works out a few bugs. Hopefully soon with there upcoming national launch.

  • Paul

    Aio – What you see is what you pay, which is nice since taxes and fees can add tot he monthly price.
    T-Mobile – No throttling, unlimited full speed 4G LTE.
    Yeah, I prefer to forgo the data police and not worry about how much I’m using. HELLO TEHTERING!!

    • kalel33

      But the unlimited plan doesn’t come with tethering. They block certain data packets(ie. desktop browser packets). There is a way around it by changing the APN settings on your phone and use a browser agent switcher, making it seem like it’s a Nexus 10, but that changes the entire screen format and goes to mobile sites. I use it in emergencies but it’s a pain to use it any other time.

      • Paul

        I’m sorry, i should have clarified. My Note 2 is rooted and I’ve had success with tethering. I can tether with my unlimited data.

        • kalel33

          My Amaze is rooted too, running Cyanogenmod ROM and T-mobile always catches me trying to tether, because it picks up on the data packets and throws up the screen saying I can’t do it. I then have to change the user agent on Chrome to bypass their filtering. Now if it was a tablet I was tethering too then it’d be no problem whatsoever, because it’s a mobile browser, sending out mobile browser packets.

        • Paul

          Have you tried WiFi Tether TrevE Mod? It’s all over XDA. It works for me, have been lucky to not get the “upgrade” screen…yet.
          Could also be some changes made by the developer of my ROM.

        • Derrick Ford

          You are using the wrong wifi tethering client!

        • Bobsyourunclesfriend

          Actually I have tethered with many tablets. Asus, Acer, Samsung, Apple, etc, and they get the throttling message as well. I also tether to laptops, desktops, tivo, roku, and other media players, game consoles, other phones to use VoIP, and more.

      • guest

        To my knowledge they still offer the add 2gigs for $10 which includes tethering. So you could have a$70 that had 4.5 gigs and includes tethering. Limit is 12.5GB. Was at a store end of July talking with a rep about this. She seemed very knowledgeable and felt I could trust her word about it. Plus the info was painted on their wall.

      • S. Ali

        I tether about 60gb/month on unlimited plan.

      • Derrick Ford

        kalel33… You know tethering is a feature of the phone, not the carrier right? It has always been that way. But anyway even if you use the Tmobile Wifi Tethering Software and not the phone’s built it. Tmobile doesn’t really care. I personally don’t like any ISP monitoring my data… thus, I use a always on VPN.

        • kalel33

          They block it, unless you are able to circumvent the blocks and break the terms of service, that state that you can’t tether without a tethering plan. The unlimited plan doesn’t have a tethering plan so you are breaking the terms of service that you agreed to. I break the TOS but I’ll admit it.

        • Derrick Ford

          They don’t block anything on my particular plan. You must have a new plan and a different TOS.

        • kalel33

          If you have the unlimited plan then it’s not included and they try to block it. The TOS is the same for all customers. I used to work there for almost 3 years as a customer service rep.

        • Derrick Ford

          Sorry my friend. I have unlimited and the Note 2 with 4g LTE. My TOS doesn’t have such verbiage. Being the CEO of my own IT Company…my lawers would have pointed out the bull. My TOS is legal and binding.

        • kalel33

          You are incorrect. There is only one terms and conditions with T-mobile and it’s the same for all customers. The unlimited plan does not come with tethering or wifi hotspot. That’s relegated to the tiered data plans above 2GB. They wouldn’t offer the data plans higher than 2GB if they didn’t block tethering on unlimited data plans.

          Where did your lawyers see these terms and conditions, because they only show up in with your phone or online. You aren’t special to get your own made up for you. It’s the same T&C for everyone. If they did read them then I’d be looking for a new lawyer, because they can’t even read a T&C. I had to read the T&C to customers quite a bit who were pissed about being blocked for tethering on their unlimited plan.

          The T&C states on section 11 that, “Your Data Plan is intended for Web browsing, messaging, and similar activities on your Device and not on any other equipment. Unless explicitly permitted by your Data Plan, other uses, including for example, using your Device as a modem or tethering your Device to a personal computer or other hardware, are not permitted.” Seems pretty straight forward to me. Look at your unlimited plan online and check out your included features. Tethering or WIFI hotspot are not included.

          Don’t believe me on the TOS? Just Google “T-mobile terms of service” and it’s the third link in the search results, that takes you to their site or you could read the T&C that were included with your Note 2.

        • Derrick Ford

          Nope…you are wrong again! What you quoted is NOT my Negotiated TOS! It maybe yours! Life is one Big Negotiation. I suggest you get a lawyer!

        • kalel33

          You’re not special to negotiate a T&C. Nobody is T-mobile reps would laugh in your face if you stated you wanted to negotiate the T&C. They’d say you might want to find another carrier but no carrier offers unlimited web and tethering together. I’ve seen every account possible, including accounts with thousands of subscribers(city of LA), celebrities, and guess what, they follow the same T&C as everyone else. Again, I worked there for almost 3 years as a customer service rep, which can be verified on T-mobile support as my screen name also has “former employee” put on it by the mods. I’m not even going to ask you to give any proof, because I’m 100% sure that you are full of it and probably a McDonald’s employee talking big online.

        • Derrick Ford

          You are an idiot if you think everyone has the same plan! I have a Coorparate Business Plan with negotiated terms. You would know only if you were in corporate sales – which you were NOT! You know like everyone here tethering with Tmobile is NOT a problem! ONLY THOSE WITH THE AMAZE has problems. It is the kernal that phone uses! I am the CEO of ITMed, LLC if you most know and I also serve as a key sponsor for XDA Developers! Please don’t post again…you are embarrassing yourself!

        • kalel33

          Call me an idiot and can’t spell “corporate” and “kernel” incorrectly? Also, in your previous post you used “maybe” in the wrong context, when you should have used “may be”. You should have also stated “ONLY THOSE WITH THE AMAZE have or had(not has) problems.” Who’s embarrassing themselves?

          It’s not just the Amaze. Just look on T-mobile support forums for any smartphone and you’ll see all of them run into the same issue, because it’s done through the setting of the APN(on every phone) and packet sniffing, which is a server side block. You think it was only Amaze customers that bitched about being blocked. That’s where your ignorance on the subject really shows through. I’ve been on calls with every single phone manufacturer’s customer with this same issue. Don’t talk about what you know nothing about.

          By the way, I have seen and dealt with corporate accounts. The regular CS deals with business accounts, unless it’s a change that only business can take care of and we all use the same resource, T-community. How do you think I worked on the city of LA’s account.

          Maybe you’re right, I should quit posting, because I’ve proven my point on the T&C that blocks tethering on unlimited plans, you know absolutely nothing about how T-mobile blocks tethering on ALL phones, and I don’t need to deal with a grammatically ignorant troll.

          Not going to post another reply or even read your ignorant reply, so there’s no point in blathering any longer.

        • Derrick Ford

          I am posting using my Note 2. Not my PC for one. Like I said…if you don’t know Coorparate sales and contracts – you aren’t qualified to state that you know how all terms are negotiated. You have officially embarrassed yourself!

        • Bobsyourunclesfriend

          Kalel im sorry but you are wrong. ALL plans, including unlimited come with tethering. From the basic 500mb plan to the unlimited, to the 12.5 gb plan. Unlimited starts off with unlimited for phone and 500mb for tethering, and you can add more tethering if you want. You can also tethered at throttled speeds.

          Not to mention that corporate contracts ARE DIFFERENT. There are differed TOS and more. I understant Kalel how you may not know this, as customer service agents from 3 years ago did not handle corporate accounts that had more than 5 lines. So you may have seen the TOS about your own little section of Tmobile customers, but never saw the big corporate TOS.

          Did you know that Corporate customers have some plans for international roaming? or that Corporate customers can have more than 5 lines on an account?

        • Derrick Ford

          Thanks Bob…just hope it not too late for Kalel to learn something.

        • Bobsyourunclesfriend

          Oh we all know it is. Thats why hes a “former” employee lol, but heres hoping all is not lost :)

      • They don’t block “desktop data packets” they block browsers with specific user agents. Easy to circumvent.

        • kalel33

          The way they actually look for people tethering is by packet sniffing, which computer browsers put out a different signature on the packets than a mobile browser.

        • Again, they don’t block desktops just desktop browsers… it’s trivial to change the user agent and circumvent.

        • kalel33

          Where have I ever said they block desktops? I have never stated just desktops I always state desktop browsers. That’s why I have been confused about your posts. Everything I have stated is correct.

  • Encino Stan

    Bring on Phase 3. Something that the other carriers can’t match.

    • SmartAzz

      I guess coverage will be excluded from Phase 3.

      • noc007

        Maybe they’ve been able to keep a massive, game changing secret like putting up satellites that don’t require different phones with the capacity to handle more than the current full load. Pretty unlikely, but one can dream.

        I’m really intrigued with what phase 3 will be and what the supposed unmatchable thing will be. I really can’t guess on what it could be. Every theory I’ve come up with is either far fetched (like the above) or something they’ve done within the past year.

        Personally I think they need to ignore the HSPA towers for now and focus on upgrading the EDGE towers to LTE and add more coverage with LTE.

  • Winski

    Legere will crush these Klowns…

    • kev

      Really? T-mobile has the fewest customers of all the big carriers and the least customer satisfaction.

      • I think that’s old data. Last quarter sales are huge and customer satisfaction is probably tops in the industry. Remember surveys are ALL old.

  • Pat Fitzpatrick

    The author is incorrect. The $55 plan (including axes and fees to 2 GB) is a better deal than T-Mobile’s “$50” plan at 500 GB (which is really $54.80 with taxes and fees). I know, its the plan I use.

    T Mobile works great at my house in Slidell, and in parts of New Orleans. But there are many nearby areas it does not work at all. This includes Stennis Space Center, MS where I work which is a federal city with thousands of well-paying jobs. I look out my window and see two huge cell phone towers from other vendors. I use the wireless network which works great until I, you know, leave my office, then nothing. Its such bonehead moves that T Mobile needs to address fast with their network, or they will lose customers like me. I’m glad to see real competition.

  • gentleman559

    I love T-Mobile and have been a customer for many years and plan on being for the foreseeable future but they really do need to improve coverage outside Metropolitan areas. Edge is just unacceptable its 2013 not 2003. Hopefully Phase 3 has something to do with upgrading all existing areas to HSPA+. They really could be up there with AT&T and Verizon if they had better coverage. Sprint would be left in the dust.

    • Phil Kulak

      What if all that edge you see is AT&T roaming? If that’s the case, the problem will never be solved.

      • gentleman559

        AT&T has 4G in most areas even in the boonies sad to say. I drove from LA to Vegas with AT&T and T-Mo. T-Mob was on Edge the entire way and AT&T had 4G 95% of the time. So I seriously doubt thats the case.

        • Phil Kulak

          I meant that I think T-Mobile has no coverage in a lot of places and the edge that you see is AT&T roaming. I don’t think you can roam on HSPA with T-Mobile.

  • Patrick

    Still to expensive for me. I’m paying $110 for four phones on Tmobile. I’m the only one that has an extra 2GB of data…and they are all smart phones.

  • John

    I must admit that Aio is tempting. While the LTE and Hspa speeds would be throttled, it would still surpass the Edge speeds which I see often with T-Mobile.

  • sagisarius

    Hmm… I love my Tmo service, but it gets spotty in some vacation spots. I might have to check this out.

  • S. Ali

    No mentions of this VERY important detail:

    AIO runs all their data through a proxy server which raises the pings to 200ms+ (same thing Virgin/Boost does). They also don’t support SMS short codes. HSPA is throttled at 4mbit and LTE at 8mbit. Overage throttled at 256kbit and additional data is $10/gig. There are also several hidden fees (activation fee, re-activation fee, late fees). Visit the “GoPhone” section on Howard Forums to read about issues with AIO from people that have had service for a few months.

    • Phil Kulak

      And yet GoPhone is great. I switched from T-Mobile to GoPhone a while back and it’s a tad more expensive (only because I have two lines and there are no family plans), but the network exists between cities as well is in them. I don’t see any reason to use AIO over GoPhone. With GoPhone I’m a first-class citizen on AT&T’s network (minus roaming).

    • Inaccurate. There are no hidden fees or activation fees on-line, that’s in-store. There are no data overage charges… “additional data” is OPTIONAL if you want more “high speed” data.

    • landmarkcm

      My main concern is the lack of short code support. See my above long post. I would have to see speed tests to be concerned with that because my GoPhone speeds using Tmobile lg L9 currently are just fine..

  • Jessicad

    I didnt know aio throttle s speeds because I tried att go phone and ever since they let go phone users use LTE I can tell u they dont throttle speeds the 2 weeks I had em I used my att s4 and speeds were just like if I had att contract. Speeds up to 30 mbps dwn, 20 up only downside they give u 2 gigs which I went over in 5 days so I cancelled it sucked. I wonder why they dnt let aio use full speed?i mean they already doin it for att go phone why not them?

  • You can sign up for AIO anywhere, the only address check is for getting on to the site. Once you type in a zip code you’re in and can order and have it shipped anywhere… I did.

    • landmarkcm

      But you will not get an area code for where you live or your port done correctly doing it this way right..? With the national launch coming of course will resolve this. I have other issue with them as stated in my other post when they fix it I would like to try them. Otherwise GoPhone and others I would recommend over Aio

  • landmarkcm

    A big problem I am having with Aio & I feel like im on a mission now as I have made them aware of it by email and there Facebook & youtube etc. Is that they do not support sms short code messaging & I am talking about the FREE ones like I get alot of them like UPS tracking alerts, short codes for banking and all sorts of other promos etc where I live and things. I am currently using Tmobile unlocked phone with AT&T’s own GoPhone and they allow short code messaging no problems as well does Tmobile prepaid Cricket does now too and metro even advertises it as a feature. I did get a reply back from Aio on one of my comments and they said the following-Hi Creighton!
    We know this feature is very important to our customers. We don’t have a
    launch date quite yet, but our team is working to hard to make it
    happen soon. It’s impt as Aio does not list this anywhere I can find in there terms that they dont currently offer this. And a couple others have realized after the fact. And they are going to have upset people with the nationwide launch if they don’t state this or add it. It’s really the only thing holding me back from switching to them or recommending them. I am a supporter of Tmobile of course as well. Just feel that choice is good as a consumer and they need to disclose everything etc.

  • Lucky for me voice minutes aren’t relative, I keep pondering the switch off the $30 plan but considering my data use and overall cellular use I get the best bang for my buck, I can’t beat this plan

  • rdg666

    I saw this earlier and rolled my eyes. I, for one, am NOT saying goodbye to T-Mobile, and I say this as a customer who’s been with them since early 2002 and the Voicestream days.

    • rdg666

      Someone actually voted my comment down? Seriously?? Bitter AT&T customer trolling this site? Aren’t you a sad little individual…

      • Cruxi

        Funny they downvoted it. I get much better options at 30$ from T-Mobile

  • Amy Tran

    Lots of people cancelling their T-Mo service, it can take 45-60 minutes to speak to CSR, they are screwed!

  • Christopher

    Why is this better than GoPhone? $60 Unlim Talk and Text + 2GB of LTE data (no 8Mbps throttle bullshit) is just $5 dollars more the the comparable Aio plan. Ill pay the extra five bucks to have true LTE speeds which can be up to 5x faster than the cap Aio has. I understand the marketing strategy and why this is a fairly smart business decision for ATT. Make one of their own subsidiaries look like one of the many MNVOs with no widely advertised connection to ATT (which from a custom satisfaction standpoint sucks). Take a little piece of the pie away from Straight Talk/Net 10/H2O/Simple/etc. Anyone with half a brain can put the pieces together quite simply. Ill stick with my true LTE data with GoPhone for $5 dollars more a month.