T-Mobile Taps SNL Star Bill Hader For New JUMP! Marketing Spots

Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 3.29.00 PM

T-Mobile’s new JUMP! commercials are awesome as we welcome Saturday Night Live star Bill Hader into the Magenta mix. There’s plenty of detail about JUMP! available in a earlier post, but you should really watch these right away.

P.S. T-Mobile, if you want to do a commercial with Ball Hader as Stefon, I’m totally ok with that.

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  • jackjiarocks

    These ads are just spot on…..

  • Chris

    This sounds awesome. I’d love to be able to do it but I’m not sure I wanna spend that much money…

    • KreepyA$$Kracker

      Spend much money on what?

      • Chris

        You have to pay the “new customer” price for the phone every 6 months or however often you trade in for a new one. That’s at LEAST $200 if you’re getting flagships every time. More when you talk about something like the Note. It’s not cheap is all.

  • Deadeye37

    Finally! Some good marketing spots from T-mobile! The fictional character things were pretty good, but these are great!

  • Juan Pablo Darquea

    Contract plus huge Bill equals you paid the same thing for your phone but you cant upgrade any time before the 2 year period HTC one 200att plus Bill like 30 or 40 more then tmobile thats 360 more a year two years thats more then 700 tmobile HTC one 640

  • Jay J. Blanco

    lmaooo I love it all. 2 of these commercials reminds me of my best friend, she goes through phones like crazy.

  • TMoFan

    These ads are hilarious! Can’t wait to see these air.

  • Alex Lopez

    If they do a Stefon in a nightclub in New York with a buch of his insane characters, then that would be the greatest commercial EVER!!!!

    • redsa6729

      “Come inside a T-Mobile store and you’ll be greeted by a human Roomba!”
      “Human Roomba?”
      “It’s that thing where a midget rolls around on a skateboard eating garbage off the floor.”

      • Alex Lopez

        “In addition to Human Roombas with every new line of service we will give you a free Human Boombox”
        “Human Boombox”
        “It’s that thing when you carry a midget on your shoulders and sings gangster rap to everyone.”

  • thepanttherlady

    For those that talk about Samsung’s “gimmicks”, the air gesture would have been mighty convenient in the bus stop commercial! LOL

    • LOL true

    • bleeew

      You wouldn’t pick up the phone.. The iPhone would have cut the man though.

  • Adrayven

    So this replaces t-mobiles smartphone warranty basically.

    If you already pay for the t-mobile warranty, $2 more/mo is a no brainer. Might as well.. Doesn’t mean you HAVE to upgrade every 6 months.. could be 8 or 12 or 13.. Just earliest is every 6 months..

    Might get more people seeing some value in their T-Mobile extended-warranty. Probably more attractive to those that don’t want to Craigslist or eBay their phone…

    • Oleg O.

      This exchange is only 2 times per year. Warranty exchange can be done 100 times per year.

  • not for me but choices are always good.

  • Scott

    Well, that was a waste of Hader.

  • JB

    Where was this style of marketing when they launched the UNcarrier campaign?? We have to agree that this is better than Rob Kardashian and Xzibit (spelling?)

  • taron19119

    I like them right to the point matter fact it explains the point of using tmobile

  • MO

    WOW i saw the whole Tmob blog online the whole time and i am highly super impressed i am glad i made the switch to TMob a few months ago from ATT,, NJ here and i have 35 down and 15 up …. Great markerting all the way around…

  • dagrepont

    These are pretty funny but Urinal and Bus Stop are kind of false advertising. Fine print from T-Mobile’s Jump page, “Your current, financed handset must meet the following conditions: be in good working order, no liquid damage, no broken or cracked screens, and the device must power on.”

    • ProductFRED

      JUMP includes phone insurance as well (hence why there’s a deductible if you lose or break the phone). It’s an upgrade and insurance in one.

  • steveb944

    These ads are phenomenal! Great to see these.

  • kalel33

    Didn’t that last ad, where he was constantly have the to recharge the phone because the battery was junk, just slam phones without replaceable batteries?

    • decalex

      Man, I think it’s perfect. It’s surprising how many people just “get used” to having a phone that lasts like 2 hours (once their battery is EOL).


    Well done…

  • chum lee

    Um. With Jump you can’t upgrade if you break your phone….it goes through insurance….these ads are very misleading.

    • Zach Csolti

      Actually, if the phone is damaged you can pay a deductible and upgrade your phone. It is insurance and this upgrade program in one.

  • rob

    These are gold

  • twerkingonharry

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