T-Mobile Updates Value Plan Migrations And Benefits FAQ For Simple Choice Plans

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With T-Mobile already showing signs of a small turnaround so far in 2013, the race is on to continue highlighting why the new Simple Choice plan is the best the industry has to offer. With that in mind, T-Mobile has updated it’s Frequently Asked Question page on Value Plans and Migration Fees to help explain and clarify questions regarding the new rate plans. The page, updated on the 1st of May offers the benefits of the Value Plan, how the Migration Fee works to move from Classic to Value and a trio of questions about why the Value Plan is the best option. All in all it’s simple, straight to the point and hopefully can answer or reduce some concerns current and future T-Mobile customers have.

One notable point to make under the “restriction” heading that Value Plans are not available in all sales channels. I’ve tried to emphasize in almost every Value Plan story that these plans are only available through T-Mobile-owned channels and T-Mobile dealer locations (authorized dealers)and not through third-party T-Mobile retailers like Best Buy, Wirefly, Walmert, etc. That’s something all T-Mobile customers, or all current Classic or legacy plan customers should keep in mind when deciding how to upgrade to a new device.

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All current Postpaid customers are eligible to migrate to Value rate plans. However, if any line being migrated has purchased a discounted device less than 18 months before the effective change date, that line will be subject to a migration fee.

Migrating a family plan may result in multiple fees based on each line’s time since purchasing a discounted device.

Benefits of a Value Plan

  • Rate Plan Savings: Value plans offer our most affordable rates, and provide significant savings compared to the competition.
  • Out of Pocket Savings on New Handset: Pay a low down payment and low monthly payments when you purchase a new handset with Value plans.
  • No upgrade fee when you purchase a new device on Value plans with the EIP option.
  • If you are happy with your current device, save even more on Value plans.
  • No annual contract.
  • Waived activation fee.
    • Activation fee appears as charge and separate credit on first bill.
  • Add a line with unlimited talk & text + data to family plan or a mobile broadband line with 500MB starting at just $10.
  • Include unlimited talk, text and web. You just add the amount of high-speed data you need.
  • No overages.

Check out T-Mobile.com > Value Plans for the latest Value Plans available to you.

Migration Fee Information

  • The Migration Fee applies for each line being migrated to the Value Plan in which less than 18 months have passed since purchasing a discounted device.
  • A migration fee is a charge for recuperating the cost of the discount which was provided to the line at the time of the device purchase. However, moving to a Value rate plan offers discounts or great savings through its affordable cost of the rate plan minutes, text messages and data.
  • This fee is charged to your monthly bill and will be due on your next statement following the change.
  • Migration fees are based on the time since you last purchased a discounted device.
  • Purchasing a discounted device can occur during the activation of a new service line or during a device upgrade on Classic plans.
  • If you have paid an Early Access Charge to take advantage of an early upgrade prior to 18 months since your last discounted device purchase, you have no additional fee to pay if you migrate to Value prior to achieving 18 months tenure.

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  • Value plans may not be available in all sales channels.
  • Lines switching to Value rate plans may be subject to a migration fee.
  • EIP Financing is available for the purchase of handsets. Restrictions apply. See Equipment Installment Plan for more information.
  • Once on the Value Plan, future rate plan changes are limited to the Value Plan lineup.
  • Add-on feature availability may vary by rate plan selection.


Question: How do I save with Value plans?

  • With Value plans, the down payment amount you pay for your device is less than (or same as) what you would pay with a phone discount on a Classic plan. Then pay low monthly payments for 25 months.

Question: How is it possible that I save money when you charge me so much for the phone?

  • With Value plans your total cost of ownership is lower – that’s because your down payment on your handset is the same or lower, and your monthly charges are low.

Question: What about upgrades?

  • When you are ready for your next handset you’ll be eligible for the best handset price.

  • If you choose to use your phone for longer than 24 months, you will have a lower monthly rate and save even more for those additional months.


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  • Whiskers

    So if i am on the old VP with six months to go of the original two year contract , can i migrate to the new value plans and be off contract. ?

    • lcg1519

      You can migrate to the new Value Plan, but you must finish the contract you started six months ago. You contract will not be extended past that date.

    • Cellguy239

      You will still be in contract for six more months but will not have to pay any migration fees.

    • Dustin Dvorak

      you can change to the new simple choice plan free of migration fees however the original contract still needs to be satisfied .Price is essentially the same between VP and Simple Choice depending on how many ‘add a lines’ you have.

    • Shwimdroid

      You can migrate to the new plans to get the new data plan benefits, but the remaining contract date will still stay until completed. After it’s finished… No more contract extensions ever.

      • Whiskers

        Thank You

  • The bad part about switching over to value, is you are still under contract even after you pay the migration fee. So if you pay off your device and cancel your line, you will pay another $200 termination fee for not completing your contract term. They are not telling customers this when they are switching them to value plans, and this is not right.

    • predation

      YUP. confirmed this…
      you’d think paying the $200 migration fees gets you out.
      i called wanting to switch to the simplechoice and was fine paying the migration fee but still had to finish out my contract dates/

      • fentonr

        I agree, that is stupid. Fortunately, I’ve yet to meet a customer who is not ok with finishing out the current contract after they switch, but if you’re paying the full $200 fee that is just like paying the term fee…seems like it should get rid of the contract too.

        • predation

          i agree. note that if you just pay the etf, you’d probably lose your number. the only way is to pay term fee to go prepaid, then switch to simplechoice.

        • Will

          No you can transfer the number which will terminate the contract. The ETF will kick in automatically on your final bill.

        • Will

          Now you have. I am still mad about T-Mobile forcing Value plan customers to finish out contracts. So there you go. You need to update your statement in the future.

        • fentonr

          I was referring to customers that have come in to my store, but thank you for that comment.

      • They didn’t tell me that, so I ended up getting MAAAAAAAAAAAAD credits as a result. They should have been up front about that, but they didn’t. Too bad though..

    • scarcemario

      Yup I got charged $100 to migrate to the new value plans but I didn’t know I was still under contract that sucks for me not knowing and I wasn’t told

    • jason

      You are “buying” a new plan not buying out your contract. It’s not that hard to figure out.

      • NinoBr0wn

        It’s not about being hard or easy to figure out. It’s about the description making it out to look like this migration fee is ending your contract, when it’s only ending your plan, as you said. Problem being it doesn’t say otherwise.

      • Stop it, you know that’s a silly comment. If someone does advise you of the truth, you won’t know. So stop it, they lied to their customers. Now that’s not hard to figure out!

        • jason

          It’s your fault for assuming that you are buying out your contract. Nowhere does it say that you are. It says if you want this new plan then pay this money, that’s it. I would agree maybe they should say that you are still under contract after you do this, but that is like when McDonalds had to put a warning on their coffee that it’s hot.

        • go away please…lol, seriously. It’s bad enough you are late to the convo, but then you are not adding value. grow up…

        • jason

          Go call T-mobile and get “MAAAAAAAAAAAAD” again and whine for some credits. I guess I missed the value in your comments about crying over your own oversight. BTW, learn English.

  • Guest

    I just transferred over to a retention associate and told them I was changing to the new plan, but refused to pay any change fee. It was all waived for my account.

    • angel vasquez

      That’s pathetic. seriously some people feel like they are entitled to everything!

  • Deibid

    Or if you have a $200 Migration fee…you can convert your classic plan into prepaid which is essentially paying the $200 ETF and breaking/ending the contract…and then migrating back to the new Simple NAC plan (postpaid)

    • Guest

      There’s no benefit to doing it this way… Classic to Prepaid to NAC or Classic to NAC – you’re still going to have to pay the $200. As far as the contract? In my experience if you ask nicely (once you’ve paid the fee) they can end it for you.

      • coolgeek

        The benefit would be not having a contract anymore. As you pointed out the fee is the same, but with the direct Classic to NAC migration the current contract stays in place.

        • Deibid

          You are correct…paying the migration fee your still on contract…the termination fee you are not!

  • sparkling magenta

    David, value plans are in fact offered at dealer stores. They are not offered for indirect dealers that do not have branding. They are offered at dealer stores that are branded called an SDE or sub dealer exclusive store. They are stores that are exclusive retailers of T-Mobile and look like a corporate location, but locally owned and operated. Just a heads up didn’t want to hurt any business at another independent business owners business.

    • fentonr

      Never heard it called SDE, but you’re right, corporate and branded store are usually in lock step. Authorized. Dealers, which usually don’t look like corporate stores and tend to have a different name on the sign, don’t offer value plans, nor does national retail (big box stores like Walmart). Everywhere else does.

      • sparkling magenta

        SDE is the type of store. Maybe you have heard it called by the program name ESDP? Which exclusive sub dealer program. Or even ERP? Exclusive retail partner, I have heard that one before. We have so many different names lol.

        • fentonr

          I’ve not heard of any of those but that is likely because we do have so many names so I don’t pay too much attention to them.

    • TenaciousMatt

      THANK YOU!! I have been in contact with David and I think he is having a tough time expressing the SDE or EDP/ESDP channel in written word. I own multiple ‘authorized retailer’ locations and we do indeed offer both Value and Classic plan options. Thank you again for the recognition.

      • sparkling magenta

        No problem. I do as well and I’m sure it does become tough to express the SDE channel. As you are most definitely aware, we are heavily invested in the brand ;) as well as being held to corporate standards. Hopefully this will keep customers from shopping national retail stores and keep them supporting and shopping locally owned and operated stores.

        David, if you read this, SDE stores can be identified on T-Mobile’s website under “find a store” and are represented with a grey colored T-Mobile logo as “preferred dealers”

        • 21stNow

          The closest T-Mobile store to me is an SDE store, but it still has a Magenta “T” on the find-a-store map on T-Mobile’s website.

        • sparkling magenta

          They may have changed it. Thanks for the update!

  • korama12

    I did this about a month ago. Switched my classic plan that I had been on for a little over 18 months to a value plan. I lowered my monthly bill by $20 but was told that I still need to finish out my contract before I can terminate my service. Still planning to stick with T-Mobile, but I’m going over to the pre-paid $30/month plan (assuming they’re still offering it in September) as soon as possible.

    • DCYinzer37

      Did this last cycle, as well, but ended up paying the $50 TF because I was about two weeks out from my 18 month date. All my lines are still “on contract” but only up to the end of Sept/mid-October. Need to eliminate my unused line (will suck it up and pay that ETF, but cheaper than keeping it w/ taxes and fees), and my bill will be in decent shape.

  • mdosu

    no thanks, my old value family plan is actually cheaper b/c some of the line don’t require internet or text services. Now a migration from (recent) classic to simple choice, that’s a different story, I would imagine, but eveyone is in a different boat with different needs.

  • Richard Finzel

    So if I bought a new subsity phone and wanted to switch from classic plans to simple choice plans, all I pay is $200 but still on contract. Actually not bad idea if u consider Galaxy note 2 is $178 sub. and then $200 to migrate plans… even if u etf you are still under the $650 price tag at corperate stores

  • RyanP

    I went on Saturday to get an HTC One only planning on getting the phone. The rep pulled my account and he said I could migrate to the new plans with no migration fee. I was surprised, considering I upgraded late last year. So I’m still technically under contract, but have all unlimited and just paid the $99+tax for the phone out the door.

    • Crazyfoot

      You will have a migration fee. Look out on next bill.

      • Alseddiq

        Agree, it was a glitch in there system. They told me the same thing one day, when I check week later the migration fee was there.

  • 21stNow

    Regarding the Value Plan availability in all sales channels, it should be noted that even corporate stores in Washington, DC can’t offer the Value plans with EIP. There’s some local law that prevents financing the purchase price of these cell phones, but I don’t know the details of the law.

  • OZ

    I always managed to get the best deals with retentions on my classic plan. I made the numbers with their new plans and option by option I will be saving 10 bucks a month. Much less than the discounted price difference of the phones I have gotten.

    • steveb944

      Hmm, if you’re saving over $240 on a device when you’re not supposed to that’s ultimately affecting the bottom line. In the long run that affects device availability and network growth. Bravo for the new plans hopefully setting T-Mobile on the right foot.

      • OZ

        But this was through retentions. I am not sure if most users would’ve gone through them for device upgrade/contract extensions. The prices I got were ridiculously inexpensive, back in the day. HTC One S for minus $150 after rebate for example; $79 for the S3 after rebate, etc.

  • Bill Berry

    The early termination fee is identical to the new “migration fee.” I’ve been with T-Mobile long enough to know that data use to be $2.99 for “Unlimited T-Zones” and text messaging was tiered. It doesn’t matter a rats you know what whether you paid $50 for mostly minutes and text messaging and pennies for data in the past and today, it’s data you’re paying for and not minutes; the bottom line is $50 for one line; $80 for two lines at the minimum level and not a damn thing has changed with a comparable plan to this. I lose money if I switch our family plan to this, just like with My Family Faves 1800 with Family Unlimited Messaging and real “Unlimited” Data. If you know exactly what you need all of this changes your bottom line. There’s no way a bunch of numbers crunchers sat in a room and said to themselves, let’s lose money. I hope it works for them but what really changed; the name of the plan? Or what it will cost?

    • TechHog

      Is the point of this rant that you don’t care about data? If so, you should be on an MVNO anyway…

  • TYCaliBoi

    What If You Paid A Deposit? Could they use that and wave the migration fee.

    • Patrick

      Deposits show up as bill credits when returned so in essance it could

  • webskater

    Out of curiosity if you are on a legacy “Classic” plan and switch to Simple Choice Plan. Down the road could you switch back to “Classic” plan (through retailers like Best Buy, Walmart) to take advantage of subsidized phones? Thanks in advance for clarification.

    • patrick


      • webskater

        Thanks Patrick.

  • So what if you’re on a Value Plan 2yr contract. And that contract is $50 for 500mnts unlimited txt and 2gigs of data. And you complete that 2yr contract and finish paying off the device attached to it. Then now I would want a new device. Will I be able to keep my old plan with their new $99 down and $20 payments for a new phone? Without having to loose my old plan? And be under the no contract SCP umbrella?

    • RD

      yes you can keep your old rate plan.

    • jason

      You would be better off just switching to their new plan.

      • If I switch to the new plan my data would shrink from 2 gigs to 500mb. By choosing the new $50 plan. I only average about 200mnts a month.

  • WW

    After a contract is completed, we have been able to go month to month while maintaining our old (no longer available) plan and frequently even getting bonuses (loyalty discounts, additional discounts on handsets) without changing our grandfathered plans.

    I may have missed it somewhere but here’s a question that just hit me.

    With the new no contract plans, if T-Mobile increases rates, are we then left with choosing to pay or leave?…Could we keep our existing Simple Choice plan if they raise rates?

  • Mark

    Something just occurred to me. Value plans are “without contract.” Does that also mean that pure-Value Plan customers (meaning not bound to finish out an existing contract) are not protected from rate increases, so TMo can raise rates as they see fit and there is no more grandfathering?

    • Brian T.

      I would think they’re free to do just that, but I very highly doubt they would since saying, “hey everybody, you are all going to start paying us $10/more a month if you want to stay with us” would cause consumer backlash to be pretty high. The plans being contract-free affords the consumer some protection. With a contract, it’s true that the carrier can’t raise rates, but without one, if they do raise rates, people are free to leave and take their business elsewhere.

      • Mark


  • Mike

    Tmobile wanted me to pay over 800 to switch to the new no contract plans, that’s just ridiculous, ill switch my 5 lines to a different carrier when my contract is up.

    • jason

      Why would they let you switch for free? You have to pay off your subsidy somehow.

    • Brian T.

      You can just wait until 3/4ths of your contract (i.e., 18 months) is up and switch to the new plan for free! The savings on having 5 lines are incredible compared to the other carriers.

  • Oscar the Grouch

    Am I able to grandfather my old, still under contract plan and buy a new phone, eg the HTC One and have the monthly installments tacked onto my existing plan? And am I able to pay my installments in advance? Thanks