T-Mobile Updates Value Plan Migrations And Benefits FAQ For Simple Choice Plans

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With T-Mobile already showing signs of a small turnaround so far in 2013, the race is on to continue highlighting why the new Simple Choice plan is the best the industry has to offer. With that in mind, T-Mobile has updated it’s Frequently Asked Question page on Value Plans and Migration Fees to help explain and clarify questions regarding the new rate plans. The page, updated on the 1st of May offers the benefits of the Value Plan, how the Migration Fee works to move from Classic to Value and a trio of questions about why the Value Plan is the best option. All in all it’s simple, straight to the point and hopefully can answer or reduce some concerns current and future T-Mobile customers have.

One notable point to make under the “restriction” heading that Value Plans are not available in all sales channels. I’ve tried to emphasize in almost every Value Plan story that these plans are only available through T-Mobile-owned channels and T-Mobile dealer locations (authorized dealers)and not through third-party T-Mobile retailers like Best Buy, Wirefly, Walmert, etc. That’s something all T-Mobile customers, or all current Classic or legacy plan customers should keep in mind when deciding how to upgrade to a new device.

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All current Postpaid customers are eligible to migrate to Value rate plans. However, if any line being migrated has purchased a discounted device less than 18 months before the effective change date, that line will be subject to a migration fee.

Migrating a family plan may result in multiple fees based on each line’s time since purchasing a discounted device.

Benefits of a Value Plan

  • Rate Plan Savings: Value plans offer our most affordable rates, and provide significant savings compared to the competition.
  • Out of Pocket Savings on New Handset: Pay a low down payment and low monthly payments when you purchase a new handset with Value plans.
  • No upgrade fee when you purchase a new device on Value plans with the EIP option.
  • If you are happy with your current device, save even more on Value plans.
  • No annual contract.
  • Waived activation fee.
    • Activation fee appears as charge and separate credit on first bill.
  • Add a line with unlimited talk & text + data to family plan or a mobile broadband line with 500MB starting at just $10.
  • Include unlimited talk, text and web. You just add the amount of high-speed data you need.
  • No overages.

Check out T-Mobile.com > Value Plans for the latest Value Plans available to you.

Migration Fee Information

  • The Migration Fee applies for each line being migrated to the Value Plan in which less than 18 months have passed since purchasing a discounted device.
  • A migration fee is a charge for recuperating the cost of the discount which was provided to the line at the time of the device purchase. However, moving to a Value rate plan offers discounts or great savings through its affordable cost of the rate plan minutes, text messages and data.
  • This fee is charged to your monthly bill and will be due on your next statement following the change.
  • Migration fees are based on the time since you last purchased a discounted device.
  • Purchasing a discounted device can occur during the activation of a new service line or during a device upgrade on Classic plans.
  • If you have paid an Early Access Charge to take advantage of an early upgrade prior to 18 months since your last discounted device purchase, you have no additional fee to pay if you migrate to Value prior to achieving 18 months tenure.

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  • Value plans may not be available in all sales channels.
  • Lines switching to Value rate plans may be subject to a migration fee.
  • EIP Financing is available for the purchase of handsets. Restrictions apply. See Equipment Installment Plan for more information.
  • Once on the Value Plan, future rate plan changes are limited to the Value Plan lineup.
  • Add-on feature availability may vary by rate plan selection.


Question: How do I save with Value plans?

  • With Value plans, the down payment amount you pay for your device is less than (or same as) what you would pay with a phone discount on a Classic plan. Then pay low monthly payments for 25 months.

Question: How is it possible that I save money when you charge me so much for the phone?

  • With Value plans your total cost of ownership is lower – that’s because your down payment on your handset is the same or lower, and your monthly charges are low.

Question: What about upgrades?

  • When you are ready for your next handset you’ll be eligible for the best handset price.

  • If you choose to use your phone for longer than 24 months, you will have a lower monthly rate and save even more for those additional months.


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