T-Mobile Dropping MobileLife Album Support, Switching Users To Google Drive

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MobileLife Albums users on T-Mobile should take note as the carrier prepares to shut down the service as of June 30th. All won’t be lost however as T-Mobile has partnered with Google to offer a new home for all your MobileLife content. T-Mobile states in their FAQ that rather than go “head-to-head” against world-class competition and their “compelling photo storage services,” they decided its best to offer customers the “best in-class functionality offered by Google.”

After June 30th, you will be unable to get access to all photos and videos saved on your MobileLife album so take action and move your content sooner rather than later. Any current billing for the service will be dropped as of June 30th, so there’s no need to call T-Mobile and cancel the feature. Users of the MobileLife service will be given up to 5GB of free storage on Google Drive and Google+ photos. MobileLife Plus customers will be given an extra 10GB of free storage added to their Drive account for two years.

Any MobileLife Album users still out there?

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  • Paul

    Never used this feature anyways.
    I can just plug my phone into my computer and copy the images over. I don’t trust cloud drives either; having my photos and other information available to hackers is hard to look past.

    • mdosu

      just a ploy to get you hooked on t-mobile branded services and to use and buy more data service. If they actually designed a smooth program, I might actually use it.

  • mdosu

    Great, now can you remove MobileLife bloatware off my phone?

    • Paul

      No way!! Itwon’t be THAT easy!

    • Exactly what I came here to say.

    • Alvin Brinson

      Sure, upgrade to a new phone that’s made after it’s been dropped!

      Or root yer phone and just delete it. Even phones w/o custom roms available can still root.

  • TheTest

    I had some old photos up there. Whenever I click to link my Google Profile it says it can’t verify right now try again later

  • Adrayven

    I expect many ‘features’ like this that are little used, are going to be dropped like a rock. T-mobile needs to clean house on this stuff. Most people don’t use the bloatware apps anyway and they drain funds from tmobile strategy..

    Not worth the effort.. focus on great cell/data services.. thats their key money maker anyway. We can always download what we need from play store..

    • Alvin Brinson

      Meanwhile, Verizon looks for more ways to lock you in and add bloat.

  • TheTest

    I must had read that wrong. I thought we get a permanent extra 5 GB for being a MobileLife user (Non plus). I alread was using GDrive and was hoping for a free 5 GB extra. Doesn’t look to be the case. Why would they have us link our Google account then? I was able to link, but nothing change in my GDrive side.

  • Mark

    I am a T-Mobile subscriber, but I do not have a smartphone and use MobileLife for saving my cameraphone pictures to email to family later. Now that it is ending, I’m not sure if I can use the Google option.

  • I had mobilelife before, but is it required that you had to pay for that to receive that extra space?

  • cyberoid

    Great had mobilelife plus as part of my data plan, wasn’t using it anyways, just followed the steps to switch to Google drive by logging in to my T-Mobile account and attaching my google account and now I have a 15GB google drive.

  • edfranco1

    I prefer Dropbox versus GDrive.

  • Trevnerdio


  • Jeff Martinez

    Good news as I use Google Drive mainly and Box as a back up.

  • steveb944

    I have a few pictures from years ago on there. I guess I better transfer them out

  • Slick

    Does this mean that the will finally let us uninstall this app?

  • lol I’ve had this thing for ages. Accidently uploaded a few pics with my very old dumb phone.

  • Steve

    Good, mobile life is just garbage bloatware. Did anyone actually use it?

  • Lauren Thompson

    That sucks. I wish I would have been notified. Lost everything.

    • Brenda Payton

      I went to mobilife albumn and retrieved all pics and vidios.I can get into account anytime.You just type in mobilife albumn and put in password etc