Samsung, T-Mobile Set To Launch At Least Four More Devices This Year?


Sometimes a bit of digging around can prove worth while, especially in the case of poking around Samsung’s uaprof code as I came up with at least four different Samsung devices headed to T-Mobile in the future. How do I know it’s four you ask? Technically, it’s five that I found but the fifth listing is the Galaxy S 4 and so obviously that doesn’t count.

A quick trip down memory lane to remind you that Samsung devices typically follow a specific naming scheme for carriers. In T-Mobile’s case, it’s generally SGH-Txx9 with the “9” being the giveaway it’s headed for T-Mobile. Now it seems that for reasons I suspect has to do in part with simply running out of model numbers, Samsung has adopted “Mxx9” as the T-Mobile naming convention. Which brings us back up to speed and the purpose of this article.

So what have I found? How about the SGH-M609, M709, M809, M909 and the M919 (Galaxy S 4). That tells me at least four Samsung devices are on their way to T-Mobile…now we need to find the what and when. Perhaps (emphasis on perhaps) these are even devices that will work on a joint MetroPCS/T-Mobile but that’s just hypothesizing with no real reason to believe that other than my speculation. Something to remember, generally speaking the higher the number, the “better” the device.

No matter what these turn out to be, at the very least we know they exist in some form and I hope we see them sooner than later. Who likes waiting for new devices these days? Not I.


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  • mingkee

    Can Note 8.0 be one of them?

    • the2000guy

      Only 2 galaxy tabs are available at tmo right? So probably the note 8 could be.

  • kev2684

    Galaxy S4
    Galaxy Note III
    Galaxy Tab (???)

    i hope the last one is the next generation Galaxy Note 10.1 with 4G LTE. please.

    • TechHog

      The S4 isn’t counted as one of the four mystery devices.

      • kev2684

        great then! more chance there’s a Note 10.1 in there :D

  • Trav Montana

    Galaxy S Relay 2 LTE, Galaxy S Blaze 2, Galaxy Tap 3, and Galaxy Note 3 are my guesses!

  • My guess is that they are the phones that will replace the aging Exhibit, Blaze, and Relay

    • MacRat

      You’re forgetting about the next iPhone that will be released this fall.

      Edit: “Originally saw the title as only “T-Mobile to launch at least 4 More Devices this Year.” ;-)

      • VG

        Hmmmm, I don’t think Samsung makes iPhones. :)

        • Anonymouse

          not according to Apple’s lawsuit. :P

        • VG

          Oh, yeah … I forgot that Apple thinks it invented rounded corners. :)

        • TechHog

          In a way, they do. ;) Or at least they did…

  • DJ Lawless Oneâ„¢

    Sidekick 4G LTE

    • Herb

      Don’t know if want…

    • the2000guy

      With the awful sales of the Sidekick 4G I dont think it will come back. And I remember that it was very popular.

    • Jay J. Blanco

      Im still hoping they continue the line of Sidekick

    • Would be sweet, they really dropped the ball on the touchscreen issue and software side of it its not even funny. Still a great device.

    • TechHog

      Google “Sidekick 4G”, then Google a good crow recipe

  • What happened to the Samsung galaxy mini that was supposed to be released on March 27 .it was supposed to be the new galaxy exhibits 4g.

    • GwapoAko

      You can buy it in Ebay :)0

  • Diego Vazquez

    Why are they using M as the models letter now instead of T?

    • kev2684

      they probably exhausted their company model numbers. it still fits though. M for Magenta

      • J-Hop2o6

        Also, M for Mobile. T was obliviously for “T”-Mobile. Now they’re using the next word (T-“M”obile) for Tmo’s Samsung phones. Cleaver, lol.

  • D Velasquez

    i would be happy to actually see other manufacturers like NEC or Fujitsu to make a comeback…Samsung, is alright but not the best IMHO.

    • Samsung is the best as of the moment HTC definitely isn’t topping them nobody is.

      • JoeInNJ

        Seriously…how true this is. Samsung COULD HAVE done already what HTC has done with the “looks” + quad core + 13 megapix on the SIII, but they would have been in the shoes of LG’s Nexus…poor supply and distribution due to the fact that they couldn’t pump out enough units. Instead, they incremented their older supply and still be slightly better or on par with everyone else BUT blast them all away with the marketing. Smart move, and now they increment their ways up to the Note 2, SIV and Note 3.

        It’s only Apple + Samsung. Everyone is just trying to get 3rd. This is the way it will be for a LONNNG TIME, get used to it.

      • HTC has a great device but can’t even get it into stores. They pretty much don’t stand a chance at this point.

  • John

    What happen to the Samsung Galaxy S III LTE version that was suppose to come to T-MOBILE?

    • the2000guy

      Focus on the SIV pal because I think they will not bring that device.

  • Trevnerdio

    Not necessarily the lower the number the worse the device…the Note II is T889 and Galaxy S II is T989 so they probably just want to keep those in sync. I’m betting the Note III will be T899…?

  • HangmanSwingset

    Whatever happened to the two Samsung Galaxy Mega models? The 5.8 and 6.3″ ones. That could be two of the questioned devices here.

    • Though for T-mobile? Note 3 obviously HAS to be on the list.

    • g2a5b0e

      They’re already out. I don’t think U.S. carriers will pick them up, though. They don’t sound like the kind of devices that would hit our market.

  • Adam Cab

    oohh please please please let there be a phone with a keyboard!!!

    • No.

    • Unfortunately, I don’t think that will happen again, not a high end phone. All the manufacturers have moved away from physical keyboards. The last great one was probably the G2, or 1 of the droids.

  • I have the SGS3 with 32gb of int memory (No LTE). I wanted and was going to pay full price for the SGS4 if it had the 32gb of int memory. Nope T-Mobile decided to give there competition exclusive to the top versions of the most desired phone this year. What the hell are they thinking??? I will not buy another phone from them for a long time. I bought a great phone with no LTE which we were led to believe had it, OK I was going to suck it up and bite the bullet, they throw that pathetic excuse of the SGS4 with not enough memory to give to my 7 yr old. I’m so fu—– pissed off I’m about ready to knock someone the fu– out. T-Mobile is doing some great stuff but don’t settle for the left overs, customers want the best handsets not the cheap versions of the best handsets. Just My Opinion.

  • It’s samsung. The new devices will have quad octa deca core processors. 500 dpi 10″ displays and four gigs of RAM the OS will come loaded with gimmicky software. the hardware will be more fragile than ever imagined.

  • Samsung Galaxy Mega?

  • Antdog

    I’m ready for the Note3 !

  • Nick Gonzalez

    Wow, there’s alot of newbies on this site. I welcome ya’ll!
    Let’s debate!

  • UMA_Fan

    You guys are all wrong. One of them is definitely a gravity txt 4

  • So maybe there still hope for the 32GB S4 then.

  • Impatient Waiter

    knowing tmobile, none of which will actually launch for them this year.

  • Wizz

    My girl just got the Samsung Galaxy S4 today, a Sprint version, plastic junk, truly a $49.00 smartphone … She paid a $199.00 for this all plastic piece of mess … I pray the Note 3 will not be a hunk of plastic also, if so, I will not be rolling with Sam man …

    • Yeah with all the profits they make now, there’s really no excuse to keep using cheap plastic for the body on their phones.

      • Impatient Waiter

        you’re right, with all the profits they’ve been making off the plastic galaxy series, why would they change something that isn’t broken? Think about it from their perspective, don’t get your hopes up for anything other than plastic.

      • That Guy

        Do you use your phone as a hacky sack? Then why switch if its getting the job done?

    • vesi4a

      I just got gs4 last week and I’m realy happy with it (switching from iphone4s , been with apple for 7 yrs) dont have problems with the design, this is a realy cool phone , I like the design and everything !

  • harbmike99

    I hope one of the phones will be an LTE relay, or other qwerty device.