Leaked Images Of The Nokia Lumia 925 “Catwalk” Surface, Official Announcement Expected Tomorrow


With Nokia’s special event less than 24 hours away, famed internet leaker @evleaks is giving us a glimpse of what’s to come. Nokia is widely expected to announce the Lumia 925 “Catwalk” tomorrow and with these images we’re getting a glimpse at what we might expect looks wise.

The Lumia 925 is expected to fairly identical to the Lumia 920 spec wise, but with a thinner and lighter frame and an improved camera. The polycarbonate body of the Lumia 920 provided for a thicker frame which complemented the addition of Qi wireless charging at the expense of size and weight. In an age where “thin is in” for the smartphone world, the Lumia 920 with all of its features took a step backwards in hardware design. I hope the Lumia 925 can reverse that trend and showcase Nokia’s design of the catwalk as a little more “2013.”

There’s no current hints at a T-Mobile launch outside of the rumor mill, but here’s to hoping Windows Phone 8 users get the flagship device on Magenta shelves they deserve.


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  • galaxymaniac

    This is the lighter version of the VzW exclusive Lumia 928

    • Fish

      From what I’ve seen, the 928 is a 920 with an updated camera, flash, and screen. I think the 925 is a 920 with an aluminium case minus the inductive charging.

      • Rand0m3

        1) I’d rather it be 928 specs than 920 since the flash/camera is supposed to be even better than the 920 was which is still better than anything else out there in the US market that I’m aware of.

        2) I wish it would come to TMO, I just bought a 8x which is a nice phone but I did it because my HD7 died, not because I wanted another HTC. The phone is nice enough so far but I want the features and a few other things HTC doesn’t deliver. I want a phone from a company that is invested in the OS not one that’s dabling in it as a side hobby.

        3)I Really want wireless charging without a case. I usually have to buy a new charging cable every other month, so even if it was optional but inside the phone, it would save me money eventually I imagine. Even if it didn’t, it’d be nice to not have to fidget with (or even need) the cords in the car or in the office or in the bedroom.

        4) I actually really liked the 920 after I got to play with a friends for a bit, I don’t understand why there’s this need to make it too much smaller, I feel like I could break the iPhone and the 8x by accidentally squeezing too hard (just the heft is missing). I don’t want to go back to the days of the brick, but having something that doesn’t feel so fragile would be nice (probably the minority but I don’t see how someone can whine over an ounce or two unless your bones are made of jello or something at this point).

        • Fish

          From what I’ve read:
          -The phone is lighter because they are using aluminum instead of polycarbonate. I would imagine over time the inside parts can also be made smaller/lighter which would contribute. This phone is supposed to be 50grams lighter than the 920.

          -I cannot tell from anything I’ve read if the inductive charging is included. People have pointed out the markings on the back indicating it is optional but I don’t know what this entails.

          -The 925 is going global. As such the likelihood it will come to t-mobile is very high as DK is a global company and our frequencies tend to play nice with international phones. Also, and this is complete hearsay, someone posted in a feed that a t-mobile rep informed him/her that they will be getting an aluminum wp8 phone in a month and that they (t-mobile reps) were just notified of this.

          -Through my web research I’ve determined that the 928 will be getting version 2 of the camera currently in the 920 and that the 925 will only be getting an aluminum case. Aside from the aluminum case everything else is just rumors and complete/definite specs will be available early tomorrow.

          -I’m just waiting for the release date at this point. After we get a release date you might be able to take your 8x back and get the 521 to hold you over until this comes out(?).

        • AirRescueFF



          The 925 is a step back. Give me the greater storage, Xenon flash, and built-in wireless charging that the 928 has. I’ll give up the weight and thickness any day. I’m sure the announced software will be available for the 928 as well.
          Sick of T-Mobile getting “second-tier” WP units. I’ve stayed with them because I like the network and have been holding out hope that they would get the “best” WP phone out.

          This announcement was deflating.

    • Rand0m3

      Is it only lighter because it’s missing the charging? I like having everything in the phone, I dislike external cases because they get dirty and require so much extra maintenance aside from keeping the smooth lines of the bare phone clean. Not to mention that if you have to add the case, you are right back to the same (or greater) weight, so what’s the point?

  • Fish

    This phone will be mine!

    Can anyone explain one thing to me though: Regarding the inductive/wireless charging, will that be included in this phone’s body (I don’t think it will). Because people have noted the markings on the back which indicate inductive charging is optional. Will there be an alternative case?

    In my research on the interwebs for this phone I saw a post in which a person had been into a t-mobile store looking for a windows phone and the rep indicated they would be getting an aluminum phone in a month (not sure when this took place though).

  • GSM helper

    The question is will/when T-Mo get it so I can upgrade my HD7.

    • Whiskers

      I hear ya , it’s sad that we can’t get a simple update to 7.8 WP when everyone else can.
      It’s not just T-Mobile but HTC as well for not releasing it.

    • Enzowned

      Since when can you count on an update, aside from the iOS ecosystem? You pretty much need to assume you won’t get it, for one reason or another. People should understand this the day they make their purchase. Yes, it’s sad, but that’s where we are.

      • GSM Helper didn’t say he or she wanted to update his or her HD7 to WP8. He/she wants to upgrade from the HD7 to the new Nokia phone (as in completely replace it).

        • Enzowned

          Ah, misunderstood!

  • Luis Carlos Diaz

    I really hope T-Mobile does not get overlooked. If Windows and Nokia want to increase their market share they should make their phones available to as many people as possible.

    • jt

      As long as TMO gets the Lumia EOS I’ll be happy. At least if Nokia design it with all the antennas similar to the 920 and I can get a hold of an unlocked phone. I already have two 920s working on TMO network, so I’ll pass on this phone.

  • alfonzso

    The 920 is so much better looking than this. I sure hope it looks better in real life.

  • CJ

    I am leaving if this phone does not come to T-Mobile :)

  • TechHog

    Screw thin phones! Make them thicker with bigger batteries!

    • Whiskers

      Screw that , i’m tired of carrying a brick around in my pants.

  • Toasted_Cracker

    So no more wireless charging? If that’s the case, I had rather have the old version.

    • You will likely be able to add a case that enables wireless charging

  • Josue

    People still use Nokia?

    • kalel33

      I wish Nokia made an Android phone. The two different Nokia phones I have owned had the best antenna signal, best call quality, and were ultra reliable.

    • Yes, because humans living outside the US still count as people.

      • Josue

        ever heard of sarcasm?

        • tomarone


    • tomarone

      People still release new 4 inch phones? for $130? People like tiles?

  • It’s a very impressive device i will
    Check it out when it hits T-Mobile stores. !!!

  • I bought my mom a Windows Phone 8 for mother’s day and I learned something extremely frustrating today. There is no file explorer (no browsing contents of SD card like on Android) and no importing of contacts via export file on micro-SD. The old phone (HTC Freestyle) was not capable of online backup or bluetooth transfer and the SIM cards are different sizes, so I’m am forced to hand input contacts 1 by 1. I wish I knew this before buying a new Windows Phone 8 (Lumia 520).


    • Tmo was able to push my contacts OTA. It took a few hours, but it worked.

      • Pushing the contacts one by one worked, it took awhile, but worked. Thanks for the suggestion.

        • No problem. Hope your mom enjoys the new phone. It’s a great deal.

        • Yeah, the more I familiarize myself with WP8, the more I like it. Live tiles are pretty sweet. Clean and easy on the eyes. I can make a simple to use phone for mom and add more features later when she’s ready. For what you get for the money, it totally blows my mind. Maybe there IS a technological utopia waiting for us in the future after all ;).

    • Wayne Peterkin

      lol, you should have backed up the contacts using gmail to an xml file (not sure of the extension now) and then synced them with a microsoft email account like out look or hotmail and they all would’ve been there. easy. took me a little bit to find it but its there

      • Mom doesn’t have Gmail nor does the HTC Freestyle have Wi-Fi to able to get on Gmail.

    • tomarone

      We converted contacts from old android phone to new windows 8 phone over the weekend at the store. Not sure how they did it. As far as I know you have to explore the SD card with a computer. Plenty of problems with Windows 8 like these and I’m curious are developers totally locked out of writing apps to do these things? At least someone wrote an integrated notification app, and supposedly Microsoft is working on that problem.

      • tomarone

        Big problem for me is you cannot switch microsoft accounts without completely wiping out the phone to factory. Someone needs to write an integrated contacts manager app.

  • ERnie D

    I’ll get this phone if it.come to TMo. I’ve been eyeing the 8x for a while but its gone now…so sad.

  • Fish

    Nokia event just announced Lumia 925 coming to t-mobile with a release date some time in june!

    It’s got some improvements over the 920. I’m sure tmonews will cover this phone in more detail! woot woot!

    • Fish

      Interesting: the 3.5mm audio jack doubles as an AV connector

      • m0b

        Hmmm..Microsoft did that with the Zune. Old ideas never die! :-)

    • D_Wall__

      I am extremely excited for this. Now I can throw away this Iphone 5…. Ive really been wanting to try a nice Windows phone.

  • AirRescueFF

    What a letdown.

    Expected something at least as equipped as the 928.

    The better deal comes out as an announcement a couple days before an actual event showcasing a lesser phone, IMO.

  • Fish