HTC Extends $100 Trade-In Offer Program To Purchase Date Of May 19th

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HTC has gone and extended their HTC One trade-in program through May 19th. Previously, the HTC One trade-in offer had a cut off date of April 26th, but our guess is that with One inventory being so limited, HTC felt extending the offer was the right step.

All you have to do is pre-register your email to qualify and receive a prepaid Visa card worth either $100 or the trade-in value of your old phone, whichever is greater. As soon as you score your new HTC One, you’ll send the old phone in with proof or purchase and voilà, $100 Visa card.

Surely you might be able to squeeze out more on eBay or Craigslist for your old device, but if you feel like the One trade-in offer is right for you, rest assured you have some more time to take advantage. The phone must be postmarked and mailed by June 19th. The full rules and details are available at the source link.

HTC One Trade-in

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  • Jim Philips

    Lots of obstacles on your way to getting $100. I went through the steps and found that I would get $18 for my Galaxy Nexus.

    • Deon Davis

      is really not that hard, you have to go to the correct link for the HTC One trade up program. If you go to the regular trade in program yes it will give you less than $100 for most phones. I’ll followed the instructions and sent off my old mytouch 4G for a 100 dollars.

      • Phil

        So far so good on the rebate side with mine, at least in terms of it saying I will get the $100 my my Mytouch 4G, if I could just get the phone. Twice now I ordered the phone and it looks like I have to cancel it again. First time HTC said it was out of stock, on the unlocked 32gb, but would be in stock 4/30. Ordered it on that date, they charged my card, but then they came back and put the money back on the card and said it was out of stock until 5/23. Well, wasn’t going to get the rebate so cancelled the order. Recently, it went out from out of stock on 5/23 to out of stock until 5/3, so since we got the extension, I once again placed the order and once again they took the funds, at least they are pending. Well this morning, once again they moved it to 5/23 so once again I have to cancel since I will not have the phone by May 16th, unless someone knows something I don’t and it will still count as a purchase before the 16th though I kind of doubt it since they keep putting the money back on the card.

    • Thierry Thomas

      Yeah, good luck getting your rebate (see earlier post of mine) but you did it wrong, read previous reply

      • Mario W.

        My Brother and his Wife got HTC confirmation that there $100 rebates have been processed. So they will be getting there $100 Visa cards soon.

  • Quan Bui

    The HTC One is sold out everywhere around Philly area =(

    • taron19119

      No its not the T-Mobile store in one Olney Square Plaza has some

      • Quan Bui

        nope, i live 5 mins away from there and they do NOT have it in stock =(

        • taron19119

          I got one from there also try the one on Germantown Shelton Avenue I pad my bill and they had some as of 10 am

        • Quan Bui

          word? aiight, that’s relatively near my alma mater. thanks bro

  • Ryan Vega

    anyone know if this will work if you get the htc one at a discounted rate for renewing your contract at walmart? Currently walmart has the htc one for 149 with renewal of 2 year contract. so would this deal make the phone $49 in the end?

    • Guest

      No. It’s an HTC offer. You have to buy it from them.

      • Thierry Thomas

        You’re categorically wrong, it doesn’t matter where you bought it, you just need a proof of purchase. Read the submission documents for God sake before giving everybody false information.

        • Guest

          No need to get snippy. My mistake. I apologize.

        • Thierry Thomas

          Apology accepted on behalf of all tmonews comments’ readers.

        • Guest

          Thanks, ambassador.

        • Thierry Thomas

          You’re welcome peon.

        • g2a5b0e

          Now you’re just being an ass. I apologized & you decided to return with a smart-alec comment. I’m done being nice. Go f*ck yourself.

        • it also says you need service

    • Thierry Thomas

      Short answer : yes, IF you manage to get your rebate. That’s a big “if” by the way.

  • Thierry Thomas

    It is more a scam than anything else, good luck trying to get your $100. I registered for 2 rebates back in April to trade in a Blackberry and a Palm pre and had a code for each. I bought 3 HTC ones in April and wanted to use my 2 rebate codes, but of course I get “code xxxxxxx is already a submitted trade” so I am unable to use my code. There is no contact information for Clover and HTC forces you to use their Web page form to get in contact with them regarding issues, but of course never answers. It’s been a full week and they never bothered to give a ticket number to my request, and yes I check the junk mail folder. All I ever got is an acknowledgment that I sent them a request. I even escalated the issue at HTC 4 days ago (it’s been 3 times I call them and not even the beginning of a resolution), and of course, no ticket number there either, and no answer either.

    Don’t count on your $100, those mail in rebates are more a scam than anything else most of the time. Judging by how they’re handling this issue so far, you can almost guarantee Clover will find something wrong with your rebate submission to deny your rebate or its full $100 value. Personally, I feel like I fell in a trap, I’m returning all 3 phones and will be getting 3 S4s and I’m done with HTC for good.

    Buyer beware.

    • Deon Davis

      I understand you are upset but you going to return 3 good phones and buy 3 more expansive phones?

      • Thierry Thomas

        Without the rebate, I cannot justify getting 3 HTC ones when the S4 is quite a bit better for our needs. We’re talking only $50 difference per phone, which will be getting two to three years of use. We tried both phones and at only $50 difference, we all like the S4 better in my household. Now, with the rebates, it would have been a different story, as it would have become a $150 difference for 2 phones…

  • Just use gazelle or much better offers and alot faster, easier i use both all the time

    • Joe

      Gazelle would only give me 6 bucks.

    • Mario W.

      Buyback World offered me only $26 for my one month old T-mobile Prism. And Gazelle would not even buy my cell. HTC is a way better deal for me $100 for me and $100 for my Wifes My-touch 4G. Cha-Ching $200 for me.

  • kbneon

    I’ve recieved my phone yesterday but there is no invoice inside the package. and the online invoice does not have imei number printed. the fine print states that the invoice should have the imei number on it. should i risk and send my nexus one in?

    • I’m in the same boat. I’m going to call T-Mobile and see if they have anything they can send me.

      • Kbneon

        Were they any help?

  • Whiskers

    I probably would’nt get squat for my HTC HD7 phone , lol.

    • blkalleykat

      I got $100 for my Samsung vibrant (Galaxy S1) which is about just as old so you should be ok, Seems like it’s a guaranteed $100 gift card no matter the phone but I can’t say for sure.

  • brian

    When i go to and click “get started” it asks for my “personal promo code” which i’m assuming was sent to the people who originally registered? SO is this offer not valid for people who didn’t register in the past?

    • William Krow

      Promo code is HTC100!

  • Jeff

    So, I have a non-working HTC phone. Will that work?

  • John

    How do I find out how much my phone is worth? The site is asking for a promo code when I try to get an estimate. Where do I get that?

    • brian mcnish

      i think we had to register when they were originally offering this. Seems like the extension is just for when you purchase the phone by. Hoping I’m wrong though.

    • William Krow

      The promo code is HTC100!

      • brian mcnish

        that doesn’t seem to work. It also says “Please note: your code can only be used once. Keep for future use.”. So it appears to be looking for something unique.

  • Jon

    Do prepaid smartphones qualify? I have an old Palm pixi plus from At&T (go phone).

  • For those of you looking for the promo code, the HTC100 code seems to be for a special May 2-5 promo, which is really similar to this one. If you already bought an HTC One, then the link on this article is the correct promo for you. However, to get the promo code needed for it, you have to register with HTC here:

    They will send you an email very quickly with a promo code. I managed to do this and successfully register, and will be sending my HTC Thunderbolt (yuck) to them for (hopefully) $100.

    The sticking point I have for this is HTC say you must submit proof of purchase of the HTC One which shows the IMEI. I ordered online from T-Mobile, so all I have is an order status page from and there is no IMEI listed anywhere on there. I’ll ask T-Mobile if they have some proper receipt they can send me, if not, I might be out of luck.

    • brian mcnish

      Thanks for the help!

    • Deon Davis

      Good info, I sent mine in and ordered from the the tmobile website same as you. What I did was print a copy of my order confirmation and photo copied the imei from the box and shipped it with my phone.

    • an0nim0

      I’ve registered 3 times at that address – once when it was first put up in early April, again when I got my HTC One on Tuesday, and now again today; never once received a code from them.

    • Guest

      I just registered and it says to that the phone needs to be purchased by April 30th? I though it was extended May 16th?

  • ziggy123

    Not sure, but i think there will be a lot of angry customers with this offer when they get $0 for their trade-ins. Read the details!!
    Entered info for my old HTC Dash. Initially i entered 1) Phone is fully functional 2) No water damage and 3) Screen is undamaged. To my surprise $100 (really wasn’t expecting much). However i went back to question #3 and clicked the ? for clarity on what constitutes a “damaged screen” This incudes: “scratched, cracked or leaking” screens. Given my screen has a small scratch (which i certainly wouldn’t consider damaged!) i changed my answer to #3 to “Yes, screen is damaged.” Offer: $0 :(

  • did anyone send in the charger?
    what about the tidbit about having service for over 60 days?

  • did anyone get the confimration email?

  • Ryan Vega

    If I do this I’ll be taking a video of my undamaged phone before I mail it in. Just out of principal. If they try to screw me I’ll give them a fight about it

  • Daniel Duran

    I’m more likely to get $150 for my HTC One S on craigslist! HTC offered me $100. Pshhhh $150 and go with the S4 at value plan price like $200 out the door, ill only spend $50 out of pocket when I get the S4 but pay full price in the long run. Oh well, its worth having a phone right then and there.

  • ConceptVBS

    You need your old receipt for your old phone to get your $100. Read the fine prints.

    If you dont have proof that you are the owner of the trade in phone, you wont get your $100.

  • Hal J.

    I hope they extend this program. There are no black edition on any US carrier until now