Google’s Biggest Event Of The Year, I/O Kicks Off Tomorrow…Watch It Live


Google’s I/O event kicks off tomorrow morning and it’s the single biggest Android/Chrome event of the year. It’ll be hard to top last years skydiving with Google Glass, and Android chief Sundar Pichai has already tempered expectations for new hardware.

Still, we expect to see at least Android 4.3 Jelly Bean bringing some new features and hopefully some improved ones as well. Google’s Babel chat service is also expected to show itself as a unified chat feature featuring Hangouts, Talk and chat. It’s something we’ve wanted to see Google release for a long, long time and we’ll welcome it with open arms. Google Maps, Gmail and other core apps could be redesigned, in both their web form and Android apps.

As for new hardware, well like we said expectations are tempered for new hardware but perhaps Pichai was just throwing us off the scent.

How about what we want to see from Google this week? I’d be content with a Nexus 4 complete with T-Mobile LTE-ready bands. An improved Nexus 7 with a bump in specs would be welcomed, but as for completely new and exciting Nexus devices…I’d bet against it.

The keynote kicks off at 9am Pacific Time tomorrow and it’s the only keynote for the entire week. Clocking in at three hours long, you best be ready to ignore your work for the better part of the morning.

Until then, what do you want to see? What do you hope to see?

The live stream kicks off at the Google I/O link below. 9am Pacific, be there or be square.

Google I/O Keynote

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