Samsung Posts Galaxy S 4 TV Spots Showcasing New Features


Samsung’s marketing machine is starting to kick the Galaxy S 4 TV campaign into gear with a set of four commercials ready to make their way across the globe. Android Central managed to get their hands on a copy of a 62 second commercial landing in the UK on April 26th. The ad itself is basically a demo of all the highlighted and noteworthy features, which is exactly what Samsung should be showing.

The other 3 commercials, outed by Samsung Netherland’s YouTube channels get a bit more specific with a look at Sound Shot, Group Play and S Translator. Each of three targeted ads runs for 30 seconds — but there’s no word on when they will begin rolling out globally.┬áRegardless of the when, we can be assured that Samsung will have a full court-press marketing campaign taking over the airwaves as we get closer to the Galaxy S 4 launch.

Android Central; Engadget

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  • Jobless Steve


    • kev2684

      congrats! you win nothing.

    • g2a5b0e

      I would expect no less from someone unemployed.

      • the2000guy



    All the people fighting to get the Iphone 5 will be kicking themselves when they see this!

    • No they won’t, because not every wants a phone with a 5 inch screen. Also, most of the people who are buying the iPhone 5, more than likely have been using iOS for a while or has an apple product of some sort.

      • Ryan Hagge

        in other words they’re an iphone slave

        • the2000guy

          Not everyone is iphone slave because there are many other smartphones that you dont require high performance. The same things I did with my previous android smartphones, currently I am doing it with the iphone 5. Not so much difference. The only difference for me is way too smaller than the S3, HTC one X and fits perfectly in my pockets without be yelling about that.

      • the2000guy

        Absolutely right. I don’t want a smartphone greater than 4.3 inches of display and thats why I sold my S3 because it bothers my pocket. To be honest both the S3 and S4 are awesome but they are huge and I don’t want that.

      • barondebxl

        Wrong. Do you know how many people are switching from IOS to android? A lot. Most of them switched to the Galaxy S3. The galaxy S4 is the same size as the S3 but with a bigger screen which means that IOS users that moved to the S3 won’t have any issues with the S4.

  • JB

    Great set of commercials… If I knew nothing about the Galaxy S, it’s commercials like these that would for sure convince me to purchase. I hope HTC is taking notes.

    • the2000guy

      Galaxy S what a nightmare, S2 was far better. The S3 definitely great, and if samsung keep the same strategy then the S4 should be awesome finally. The thing that is not awesome is the size.

      • JB

        I wasn’t talking about the Original S, per se (the vibrant was AWFUL in retrospect) I was speaking of the commercials in relation to the current product(s)

        I agree, Phones are getting ridiculously huge. I’m sure there won’t be that much of a difference between the S3’s 4.7 screen and the 4’s 4.99 (probably because I do have fairly large hands) I hope OEMs get to the point where they say, “Okay, that’s large enough” or give customers the option of a smaller version with each iteration. Samsung kind of already do that with the S Mini, but it’s always under spec’ed and not available everywhere.

        • the2000guy

          Thats what Im talking about. The performance is great but they are increasing their size and i dont want that. I dont have large hands and even though the s3 feels good in my palm hand, in my pocket is a nightmare. The s3 mini looks comfortable, but also I agree with you that is not available on every carrier, unfortunately.

  • ShoeVixen

    Nice Job Samsung!!!

  • I am for the first time, NOT as excited about Samsung’s latest and greatest. I’m tied of the same design, but this works for them right now. (can’t hate on that, and I loved my Galaxy Note II) However, I’m really wonders if there in fact will be a Galaxy Note III. If so, should it be 6.3 inches on the screen or 5.9?

    • the2000guy

      If samsung considers to increase the size of the note 3 then why to bother to have a note 7, 8 or 10.1 inches? Having a smartphone of 6 inches then I will used it as tablet and to make calls used it with bluetooth because there would not be anyway to hang that thing close to my ear.

  • Brian T.

    I kind of wonder if smartphone innovation is already completely dead. I was excited for the GS4, but when these features were announced, it all seems gimmicky to me… I can’t imagine why I’d ever use Group Play, translation is old news and is a niche feature, I’ve never said to myself, “gee, if only I could see my own face behind the camera while I was taking that picture,” the guts are amazing but so are my GS3’s, hovering to move stuff rather than just touching the screen an inch below your finger seems silly, the auto pausing video when you turn your head seems like it’ll be annoying and quickly turned off, the screen size is getting kind of ridiculous, and the thing doesn’t even look any different. Apple too — the phone and OS are great, but haven’t changed much in years. We’ve plateaued, already. This is why I’m so happy with the new T-Mo pricing model — I think more and more people will be hanging onto their phones for longer periods of time, and who wants to keep the price of the phone baked into the plan after it’s paid for?

  • Ben

    I hope the folksin the Marketing Department at HTC are paying close attention.

  • Ashkid

    All the extra added features seem great, but I honestly don’t think they are as useful as Samsung is trying to project them to be. I commend Samsung for trying to be innovative, but I’m tired of all the reviews hyping it all up like they are breaking ground. Advertise all you want Samsung, I’m not falling into your trap. The big screen seems nice and all, but that’s why I have a separate tablet. It’s already ridiculous trying to take a photo with a tablet let alone a phone with a screen almost 5 inches. I took a chance with Samsung before, and it took until the S3 for Samsung to finally get it right without having buggy/laggy/blackout’s on its phones to finally get it right. This just seems like another risky buy.

  • blkalleykat

    I don’t mind all the extra bells and whistles of the s4 however I do like Samsung Galaxy products as they still continue to get updated even a year out past it’s release unlike some other companies. Plus I’m still using the s1- the vibrant so I’m just going to stick with them. However I can agree with some people the screen size is getting pretty large. I would almost feel more worried someone would snatch it up from me if I were taking a picture honestly, especially with the note 2. I can only imagine how big the note 3 will be. I think anything past the 5.5 for the note 2 is just an e-reader/tablet at this point

  • Al

    Our Samsung rep came by and let us get some hands-on experience with the S4. I honestly will be purchasing this phone because of the screen clarity and the amazing 13 meg camera. It took me actually testing it to be convinced!

  • Josue

    I like the picture & sound ad…

  • D Velasquez

    i came up with a concept that looks better than the S III – IV in my opinion, it seems most companies are afraid to test new things, new shapes, new ideas so they stick to what works in the case of Apple/Samsung, the profits is what motivate them to do this, been the number 1 is all about the numers and sales, not so much about design anymore….it is one of the reasons why i still use my old N-02a , a clamshell phone that have better design that the simple S III concept

    oh well , i guess nothing we could do in the end as they design it and they sell it, but im happy for people who will get this phone and feel this phone can fit their needs, like i said before the SIII was a total let down for me and i never liked and probably my first and last mistake when it comes to buying a new phone. ill just patiently wait until i get a windows phone or a blackberry to test them.