Still Waiting For The New Google Play Store To Hit Your Phone? Stop Waiting


I’m terribly apologetic that I didn’t get this up for everyone yesterday, but for those of you who haven’t already received the updated Play Store, why wait? You can get it now, this very minute by just downloading the APK available at the link below. Install it right away with no root required, just make sure installing from unknown sources is checked “on” in your smartphone settings. The APK is listed as Google Play version 4.0.25.

Hat Tip to Droid-Life for the Download Link and Mirror.

Download Play Store 4.0 (Mirror)


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  • You’d think this would fall in line with “Nexus first”. I’m rocking a Nexus 4 and haven’t gotten it yet. Not complaining really, I just thought we’d get everything Google, first.

    • dunkkid23

      You must be new to this…

    • Nate45332

      the play store is updated like any other app, including for commoners (non-nexus). You will get Android upgrades, including Key Lime Pie several months before other devices.

      • Dakota

        I hope the GNex will get KeyLimePie too without any sacrifice. It may not be LTE but its working fine for me…I dont care if I get a Play Store update now or a week from now. Dont understand the big deal or obsession for something. Its a new layout – Youre right though, when theres been an OS update or something like that, Ive gotten it a day after its announcement…super fast.

    • fixxmyhead

      you’re a moron. nexus only pertain to updates not stuff like this

      • Gavin Smith

        Nice manners.

      • Dakota

        NEver understand all the name callers and hostile people. Folks come here for information…if someone doesnt know something or is new to a device or a carrier, no need to name call …if you have nothing nice to say…..

        • fixxmyhead

          the guy asked a stupid question. why would nexus devices get dibs on apps first it only pertains to OS updates, also there was a post saying it would roll out to all devices in coming weeks

        • thepanttherlady

          I hope you have more patience with people in “real” life. SMH

        • fixxmyhead

          lol yea i do. im really nice in real life, i give to mulitple charities and stuff. its only idiotic people online that bother me

        • Mike

          Wow for such a nice guy you need to learn some manners and be more tolerant of people.

        • sdrive85

          giving to charities doesn’t make you a nice person. Jerks give to charities too.

      • Donating to charities does not a nice person make. Attacking people online [or off] for no reason other than to be rude, makes you an asshat. I am well aware that the OS updates are what get pushed to Nexus first. I was merely musing about the Play Store update being a direct Google offering and not coming to Nexus first.

        • fixxmyhead

          still better than most money hungry people who wont lend a dime for a good cause

        • Mike

          But you could at least be pleasant when you reply. I’m thinking your name (fixxmyhead) may be an indication of why you respond the way you do.

        • fixxmyhead

          No and why do u care are u his dad?

    • Jeff Martinez

      Not true I have a Nexus 4 and still rocking the old market. I’m in no hurry to get it either, the simple joy of being surprised when opening Google Play is worth the wait.

  • D_Wall__

    Got it Thanks!

  • dunkkid23

    Thanks Dave

  • OZ

    “Package Installer has stopped unexpectedly”. HTC One S

    Edit: Worked with the mirror link

    • Ken

      Worked fine on my One S

  • J05H


  • Note2luver

    Thank you, Dave! Downloaded from my Tmo Note 2, already installed and saw the change. Nice!

  • Don’thate

    Not me! I just dumped my S3 and ordered me an iPhone, NEVER LOOK BACK FOLKS!

    • Cool story bro

    • atari37

      Never look back to what exactly? Why can’t you just be happy you finally got the phone you want and move on with your life? Are you implying the S3 is inferior? I’m sure a lot of people will disagree with you. Enjoy your Iphone and stop it already.

      • Dakota

        Well the Apple vs Android battle that plays out on every other tech blog will now be a regular feature here as every little Android or Iphone change will be pulled and picked apart. So get ready for more of this to come. Mines bigger no mine!

    • Dild o

      That’s super! Thanks for sharing.

    • Jeff B

      Never look forward either.

  • Claude

    Works for my Samsung Note 2. Thanks Dave

  • mdosu


  • Ali Raja

    It worked like a charm! thanks!!

  • rob

    Yeah I restarted my Nexus 4 and no go yesterday, but a quick google for the apk download solved the prob. I like the new design, more to the point yet informational.

  • WD

    what’s the rush? It’s just an app store, not key lime pie

  • Mike

    I like the looks and feel of the new play store. Good redesign and much more functional than play store app of the past.

  • steveb944

    Thanks David!

  • Bradley mudd
  • vahdyx

    Typically how long does this update take to get pushed to your device? I have an iPhone 5, iPad, but my fiancee has the GS3 and Nexus 10 and I’m curious when it’ll hit her devices? I know I can just install it, but I’m worried future updates won’t push if we install it.