New Google Play Redesign Leaks Yet Again As “Babel” Chat Name Surfaces Inside Of Gmail


A new leak coming out of a Google+ posting yesterday is giving us another look at the upcoming Play Store redesign. First things first, as you can see with the dog bone in the corner, Google is “dogfooding” this new design internally to employees and shows a brand new landing page than discovered in a leak this past March. All that means that what we see now is subject to change the build is for employees only and likely not a final version.

The image itself shows that Google is highlighting the changes with a quick message “to make it easier to browse and discover new favorites.” This new appears to be spot on as part of the Holo-themed leak we saw last month.

At the same time as the leak of Google’s new Play Store landing page, comes another hint that Google’s rumored “Babel” chat rebrand is sneaking out of Mountain View. The below image surfaced when one Google+ member cleaned out his trash inside of Gmail as one might usually do. According to Droid-Life, the “Babel” feature set now listed for employees includes:

  • Access the same conversation list from anywhere
  • A new, conversation-based UI
  • Advanced group conversations
  • Ability to send pictures
  • Improved notifications across devices

Our hope is that both “Babel” and the redesigned Google Play store are on the agenda for Google I/O as the uptick in news leaking out appears to be pretty coincidental.

Google+ Eileen Rivera; Google+ Patric Dhawann via Droid-Life

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