Watch the Samsung Galaxy S4 live stream here [video]

The day has arrived at long last. The Galaxy S4 is nearly here, and you can watch Samsung launch its latest and greatest smartphone live on YouTube. We’ve embedded it above for your viewing pleasure, and up until 7PM Eastern Time, it’ll show a countdown clock. Are you excited for it?

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  • M42

    Thanks. I”m curious to see if the leaks had it right.

    • Chris

      I hope not…I’d really like something newer looking. Especially knowing the Note 3 will probably be the same design just bigger.

      • JustSaying

        is there a projected date for the launch of the Note 3 yet? any guesses?

        • Chris

          Probably October some time, which is about 1 year after the Note 2 launch…only a guess.

      • Quan Bui

        I’m very curious about the Note 3. In terms of looks, what could Samsung possibly do? I hope they don’t make it 6 inches cuz that would suck for us small Asians -_-

        • Chris

          That’s exactly what I’m hoping. Hoping for the rumored 6.3″ phone. My note 2 is nice and big but not quite big enough. As long as the bezel is tiny it’ll be great.

  • JustSaying

    Hopefully Tmo launches LTE or announces more LTE/Refarmed locations tonight..

    • NYCTheBronx

      I hope so too.

  • Marc

    So I was due for an upgrade on my classic family plan in April. What does T-mobile abandoning subsidies mean for me? Same bill I’ve always paid and no discount on this phone?

    • TMOGUY

      They will offer you a $20 discount on your current plan/features which will cover the most likely $20 monthly device payment.

      • Marc

        Thanks for the response. If this is true, it works fine for me.

    • Quan Bui

      The monthly service plans (data,text,voice) are significantly less expensive. U still pay 200-300 dollars up front for your new phone. The remaining balance is divided into 20 or 22 month, i forgot what it was. This usually results in 15-20 bucks per month for 20-22 months. I have done some math, comparing my old plan vs my new plan, and it turns out that i am saving 30 dollars a month, even with 3 galaxy note 2s unsubsidized! :)

  • Sam_Fail

    What’s there to be excited about? We’ve seen the leak. Galaxy S3S

    • MatthewMurawski

      Bigger screen. 440 PPI. Green PHOLED Display. Octo core processor. 13 MP Camera. Eye scrolling. Hidden surprises?

      • Quan Bui

        The way I look at it, all new high-end phones will be the same in terms of performance. No one phone will be significantly better than the next. It’ll come down to battery life, display preference, camera, and the little things. The HTC One will have a built-in amp, dual speakers, metallic body… these are going to be the selling points for me.

      • spartanjet

        The US version does not get the Octa Exynos. We get a significantly less powerful processor (Crapdragon 600). Sorry no Exynos = No interest from me. Good thing my Note II is so good, softens the blow to wait for Note III with the correct processor.

        • Quan Bui

          From my understanding, the reason why the new Exynos isn’t being used is because it was giving Samsung problems. So if that is the case, which processor is really crap?

        • spartanjet

          You do realize it has nothing to do with problems the international version (the one Asia/Europe/wherever) is using the Octa Exynos and it will be introduced WITH the Exynos at the event. Your understanding is incorrect. Its probably more carrier interference or trying to make the phone less expensive with a lesser processor.

        • Quan Bui

          u may be correct, although various sources have stated that Samsung indeed is having problems with the Exynos 5… That’s probably why the S4 will have the Exynos 5 only in SOME regions. I’m guessing Sammy’s processor just isn’t ready for prime-time. If it was, you can bet your a$$ they’d be on it at the unveiling earlier tonight.

  • Ann Droyd

    Why won’t you be there in person to bring us the news, taking notes, pictures and other stuff. You should already be checked into your hotel in NY. You need to get on a plane, and get over there NOW!

    • Because David has a family he has to take care of….

      • Ann Droyd

        That is unacceptable. As a journalist blogger, he needs to make certain sacrifices. I don’t know if I can much more of this.

        • eddydrizzle

          There are plenty of other technology websites you can go to.
          The man has a family he has to take care of. Not to mention a newborn child.
          Have a little bit of respect.

        • Dion Mac

          Some people…

        • Family first above all things. Now I will say that he could have paid somebody in the area to get coverage but being that its going to be streamed live anyways whats the point?

        • Dakota

          I dont really care but its not a Tmobile launch..Its a Samsung launch…

  • AGB

    Really Excited

  • HeadBangToThis

    this phone really has nothing to offer to make it the s4 device. I don’t care it has a bigger screen. 5.0 is a very awkward size. its long and thin. if I wanted a larger device I would have got a note 2. unless this phone comes with amazing features and some un believable accessories, huge fail. HTC one is the next device not the damn s4. at least htc has something of there own to offer. Samsung just takes familiar apps and make there own version and put there own name on it. htc evolves a lot more then Samsung. its more then just a android device. htc has been shaping there own software like the new 5.0 sense coming out with the ONE. its seriously catchy compared to any Samsung phone on the market

    • MatthewMurawski

      5 inches isn’t an awkward size for those who think the S3 is a little too small and/or think the note 2 is a little too big. And the problem with the One is that a lot of people dislike blinkfeed and it apparently has bad battery life.

  • Quan Bui

    I was waiting to see if I should get the HTC One or the Galaxy S4. I’m leaning towards the HTC One because it definitely looks super sexy and the dual speakers are a big selling point for me. The “leaked” photos of the GS4 looks… exactly the same as the GS3 lol. I certainly hope these are fake pics, but if it isn’t, why would anyone get a plastic GS4 over the HTC One? I’ve had experiences with both HTC and Samsung phones and, TBH, HTC phones always look the best. I honestly don’t know what Samsung could do to sway my decision… unless they’re saving something super amazing to be announced later.

    • I dont’ know about that .. i’ve been an HTC guy exclusively but the One does nothing for me .. Blinkfeed is a fail .. yes the design of the phone is nice but how far will design take you when it comes to features?
      the Galaxy series has many more features (despite my hate of Touchwiz) .. the S4 is a design fail lol but still .. the One isn’t exactly setting things on fire feature wise and couple that with HTC’s track record of updates then it’s a so-so from me.
      i’ve supported HTC for a while but I might be switching for the first time.

      • Quan Bui

        Yeah I feel ya. I honestly dont care about software as much as i used to because i always end up rooting and flashing MiUi on my phones anyway lol. SenseUI has got to be one of the worst UI I ever used. TouchWiz is too plain, but at least it’s usable. I’m grabbing the One for other reasons- built in amp,dual speakers, and absolutely beautiful metallic body. If u tell me you’d prefer the S4 because blah blah blah, I’m not gonna hate.


      Samsung has it down when it comes to Android, HTC can’t hold a candle to Samsung, There are several qualities about Samsung Phones/tablets that are overlooked because lightweight plastic? You’re the one missing out, HTC phones always have some kind of annoying problems, I too used to love HTC but that all changed when I got my first Samsung device, and Nexus S, and plastic or not, then I like it, as do several million other people around the world.

      • Quan Bui

        Dude, i own a Vibrant, GS2, and the Note 2. HTC can’t hold a candle to Samsung? Really? Do u even own an HTC phone? Lol. I love my Note 2, but compared to my One S, it feels so damn cheap. Guess what? Every high end phone from now on will be very similar to each other. That is why the little things will end up dictating which product I’ll buy. I prefer a metallic body over plastic any day. My cuzo has the Nexus S and she keeps bugging me about selling my One S to her. So yea, u can look past the plastic and u bash ppl that cant. Jeez I hate self- righteous people.

    • 21stNow

      At this point, I would definitely buy a Samsung Galaxy S IV over an HTC One. I couldn’t care less that the phone is made out of plastic; it feels like TPU because I use a TPU case on it.

      I do care about performance. It took HTC to make a phone that lags and stutters with a quad-core processor (international One X). The quad-core processor on my Galaxy Note II is far smoother. The Galaxy S IV will have a larger screen than the HTC One will. S Beam allows for transfers of larger files than Android Beam does via NFC. Battery life has been better for me on my Samsung devices than on my HTC devices by leaps and bounds. Sense 5 doesn’t appeal to me at all. Touchwiz is tolerable.

      These are the things that are important to me. I left off things that I do consider advantages, but I don’t personally care as much about like expandable storage and replaceable batteries.

  • Emmanuel Sanchez

    Has anyone given a thought that the leaked “S4” is really the updated LTE version that Tmo wants to launch soon? maybe the real S4 looks different . Here is to hoping for it.

    • MatthewMurawski

      No, they wouldnt waste their time updating the old device like that, because the design is clearly different. Not to mention, it was leaked by Chinese websites, so why would Chinese websites leak a US phone that doesn’t even have T-Mobile branding?

      • Emmanuel Sanchez

        Yeah, Good point. It was just a thought :)

  • MatthewMurawski

    planning on using this on my monthly4g plan. if this phone comes with t-mobile lte, will my monthly4g plan allow me to use it?

  • livingmyGN2

    Am I the only one who likes the design of the s3 here? I mean seriously, the thing looks good and it works! What the hell are all you little 7/9 year old girls complaining about. Why drastically change a design that works, I believe in tweaking it but Damn people yall cry about everything. As for compairing htc to Samsung, you must be trolls or not know htc to well. That garbage one has no expandable memory, u can’t swap the battery, battery life Sucks in general and you say that Samsung has no innovation or creativity. Sence 5 is Windows Phone 8 for crying out loud! Seriously people if your doing honest comparisons than DO IT! And stop crying like in disciplined little girls.

    • Quan Bui

      Sooooo ironic cuz u sound like a 9yr old lol. How do people like u not understand that u sound like hypocrites when u make posts like this!? Also, y r u complaining that we’re complaining? Are we not allowed to? Should we just stay silent when a new product releases so we dont hurt your feelings?

    • thepanttherlady

      Going from the S2 to the S3, I really liked the design. With that being said; however, I can understand why people wouldn’t care for the “new” design of the SIV.

      As for HTC versus Samsung, I agree regarding the expandable memory and removable battery but it doesn’t automatically make HTC phones garbage. Someone also finding these things unimportant in their phone purchase does not make them a troll or ill-informed.

      • lovingmyGN2

        I know panttherlady. I just felt compelled to say something about the whining in general,and your rite htc’s aren’t garbage but just going the wrong direction. I actually like the design of the one minus the front glass with speakers. But to each there own. My first phone was htc and a few of my friends had them so I guess that’s why I went off like that lol. Now let’s all wait til 7pm est to see how Samsung kicks apples ass once again lol.

  • NYCTheBronx

    The day is the day. T-Mobile HTC One in stores now. I myth check it out later today and also might check out the AT&T version to see how fast is LTE on it. Yay, Samsung Galaxy S IV in an hour! I just hope T-Mobile launches their LTE network before the international release of the the Samsung Galaxy S IV or before Key Lime Pie comes out. Hopefully we gey LTE by the time T-Mobile sells the Blackberry Z 10, their supposed “First LTE Advertised Phone”. That is if Google mentions Key Lime Pie in May. lTE, come out already. D:

  • Dakota

    NOPE…Not the type of person who has to get the latest and greatest and buy a brand new phone every year…Plus like having a Nexus device and a $45 prepaid plan. Couldnt care less if the phone made a call for you before you even thought of it…(yep, these still are phones)

  • m

    STFU And Enjoy the show EVERYONE!!!!

  • bob

    start naaaaaaao

  • tommest

    It look the same . Boring

  • Start Now!

    taking forever

  • ChrisDalyn J Michael

    So far ok but the chinese guy is trying too hard. Still excited for the phone though :)

  • Dakota

    Trying to watch but the first speakers English has such a heavy accent ,its very hard to understand and hes rambling

  • ChrisDalyn J Michael

    S4 just released

  • ChrisDalyn J Michael


  • Bud

    the s4 is junk! go iphone go htc one!

  • bob

    2 Mega pixel for front camera?!? wow…..

  • Tulio M. Mesa

    im already genuenly upset that its retained the same front form facotr samsung you have dissapointed me

  • ChrisDalyn J Michael

    Presentation is awesome so far!

  • Bud

    is this a unfunny snl skit.

  • Antdog

    ………..still going to wait for the Note3

  • bob

    that was the most boring thing ever.

  • Gentleman559

    Well…….HTC here I come. Not impressed in the least.

  • superg05

    it has a screen that’s 1080p 5 inches in same but slimier form factor

    13 mega pixel rear camera and 2 mega pixel front camera

    octo-core Exynos 5 8-core processor or US Snapdragon S4 Quad-core same as in the upcoming htc one

    Hexa-band global LTE a chip that can run on all operators

    can detect the heat in your hand so you don’t actually have to touch the screen

    tracks your eyes to some extent

    has infrared gestures so you don’t have to even touch device

    they have made the polycarbonate case stronger(what is polycarbonate you ask?)

    lots of software features epically noted in the camera so don’t even try to group this as the same device as the S3 cause its not Samsung is not Apple you always get more bang for your buck every time not crappy minor changes like apple actual change and innovation