Quality Samsung Galaxy S4 leaked images and video emerge


Samsung is expected to launch its next flagship smartphone at an event in New York City later on today, and just at the last minute, some quality authentic-looking leaks have been published over at Chinese blog, IT168. It’s pretty much guaranteed that the device will make its way (in one form another) to all the major US carriers, including our own. But judging from the photos, it doesn’t look like a lot has changed from the Galaxy S3. Perhaps Samsung should consider ditching the Galaxy S4 moniker, and opt for Galaxy S3S instead. (S stands for Same).

As well as the gallery of images, a bunch of videos were posted on YouTube showing some of the new controls and features.

New Unlock Screen

New Internet Browsing and Gestures

Smart Pause

Floating Touch Demo

Via: TheVerge, BGR

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  • note 2 owner

    Really Sammy really…thats all I got to say…

  • HTC ftw

    Really disappointing. S3S totally.

  • M42

    Looks like they have taken a page out of Apple’s book – make no or little changes externally and bump up the internal hardware, add some software tweaks and walla – you have the next greatest thing. The new offerings from HTC, Moto and others might just jar them back into reality.

    • 21stNow

      Was there a huge difference (other than screen size, which we have here) between the initial Galaxy S line and the Galaxy S II line? I’m not arguing either side here. Yes, this looks like a Galaxy S III but that really doesn’t bother me. Likewise, I might have appreciated a new design.

      I don’t see it as a big problem especially when one of their largest markets is stuck on the two-year-contract model, and only upgrades for every other iteration of this phone.

      • yes, actually there was cosmetically speaking if you remember. Samsung released a TON of different variant S devices including SK4g, Samsung still makes the S2 refreshed as well internally like they added LTE. Although Im not complaining if the design is the same this year the screen has met its max size for design, any drastic changes would make this thing freaking huge in size. I prefer this than just rough square corners anyways because if you drop it on a rough straight corner you will definitely have a crack especially with a 5in screen display. less chance with rounded edges.

    • Dion Mac

      Am I the only one that feels like if this is indeed the phone, then they str8 high jacked LG’s back cover design???

      • LG has been copying samsung for the past 2 years consecutively lol so…

  • Sean

    Relax guys… Wait just a free more hours until you get your panties all in a bunch…

  • Samsung really does want to be like Apple it seems. Galaxy S3S indeed. The Galaxy Note line might be the line of phones to look to when it comes to Samsung now. The HTC One looks more impressive.

  • design wise it’s a disappointment but i think the features make it worthy

  • whiteiphoneproblems

    Why would you want it to look radically different just for the sake of looking radically different?

  • Say it aint so

    I really hope these are prototypes, because it looks like an S2

  • Impatient Waiter

    Said it before, I’ll say it again: why fix what isn’t broken? I don’t see them doing any major design changes until they master that sweet flexible glass technology for the galaxy s5/6

  • Charlie Ha

    Dont be fooled by this fake S4, nobody hasnt even noticed that they never show the front of the fake white S4…nice try china.

  • mdosu

    How are these guys getting their hands on it already?

  • just me

    If I was concerned about having the sexiest phone, I’d be looking at HTC right about now. But, I care about software features, function, and power, so it’s Samsung all the way for me. This phones design may not be awe-inspiring, but it’s got the wow factor where it counts in my book.

    • Deon Davis

      I respect your choice, but how does the HTC One don’t have the same quality’s? It has a nice design and is very powerful too!

      • just me

        In my experience, HTC’s software tends to be very resource-heavy and subject to more freezing and crashing than Samsung. I traded my one s for a galaxy s ii, now I’ve got a galaxy note ii and couldn’t be happier. Snappy software that doesn’t feel bogged down, software features like smart rotate and smart stay that I find very useful. I didn’t word what I meant very well, I more meant that the overall package on Samsung devices are generally more attractive to me. Biggest difference is the software experience.

  • SocalTeknique

    Hey at least it will be the ONLY flagship phone with a removable battery and SD slot. I actually like this design over that fake “pebble” we have now

  • Howdy

    Looks like they finally fixed the messaging bubbles, they’re not ugly anymore!

  • QBeastly

    I hope this isn’t real… But then again, I wouldn’t be surprise if it is. Looks like I’ll be getting HTC One after all.

  • Antdog

    I’m still going to wait for the Note3

  • Quan Bui

    Obviously fake. The Galaxy S3 came out last year -_-

  • Josue

    lalalalala ignoring the video lol

  • Wabbajack

    Personally, I think its ridiculous that the “next big thing” is being released less than a year from the “last big thing.” Aside from some software and user interface tweaks, and modest hardware bumps, what is truly different between the 4 and the 3. Whats truly annoying, is that Samsung will probably roll out all of these software and user interface improvements to the Galaxy 3 a few months after the Galaxy 4 is launched.

  • carloslacend

    Galaxy S3S or galaxy NOTE 2 MINI

    • Haha that’s an interesting way of putting it

  • HeLLkAt31

    Thats one ugly phone…

  • Clips4

    The leaks were accurate

  • superg05

    it has a screen that’s 1080p 5 inches in same but slimier form factor

    13 mega pixel rear camera and 2 mega pixel front camera

    octo-core Exynos 5 8-core processor or US Snapdragon S4 Quad-core same as in the upcoming htc one

    can detect the heat in your hand so you don’t actually have to touch the screen

    tracks your eyes to some extent

    has infrared gestures so you don’t have to even touch device

    they have made the polycarbonate case stronger(what is polycarbonate you ask?) http://www.phonearena.com/news/Whats-in-a-touch-The-Samsung-Galaxy-S-III-polycarbonate-debate_id30406

    lots of software features epically noted in the camera so don’t even try to group this as the same device as the S3 cause its not Samsung is not Apple you always get more bang for your buck every time not shitty minor changes like apple actual change and invovation