Hands On With The T-Mobile Galaxy S 4, And Some More Time With The iPhone 5

I’ve already spent plenty of time with the Galaxy S 4, but it wasn’t until yesterday afternoon that our friends at PhoneDog got a chance to play with a T-Mobile branded Galaxy S 4. The T-Mobile/Samsung (not sure who was handling the device) rep showing off the flagship smartphone made sure to mention “pre-production” hardware and software as the reasoning behind no speed tests in case you were hoping to see that. There’s also a little humor with the release date as the rep seemed unaware the company CEO had already “leaked” the release date.

As for the iPhone 5 on T-Mobile’s LTE network, it’s the second time we’ve taken a look at the device, and some more speed-tests are always worth another look.

PhoneDog Galaxy S 4, iPhone 5

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