Analyst Calls T-Mobile iPhone Launch A “Big Deal” For Apple

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Here’s a shocking piece of analyst material for as “analyst” Shaw Wu of Sterne Agree calls for T-Mobile’s iPhone to make a “big deal” impact on Apple’s smartphone sales. In fact, Wu believes that the iPhone on T-Mobile will have a greater impact on the market than most would believe:

“While T-Mobile USA has lost customers, its core customer base remains loyal to its lower cost and unlimited data plans,” he said. “We believe this will help Apple capture incremental customers and strengthen its position against (Google’s) Android, which got its start on T-Mobile USA.”

All things being equal, it seems that an extra 33 million potential customers would be good for Apple, or any OEM manufacturer that starts selling a handset to such a large audience of possible customers. Will the iPhone see huge lines on T-Mobile? Maybe, maybe not. There is definitely something to be said about having the iPhone on the network so customers don’t have to look elsewhere for options. At the very least, that’s the biggest benefit of all as T-Mobile has often blamed the iPhone for its lackluster quarterly numbers. Let’s hope for the sake of T-Mobile, Wu turns out to be right.

Apple Insider


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  • Zac

    It is a big deal, but more so for TMo than Apple :-)

    • ceegii63

      who was the Source…

      oh Apple Insider… inside the Apple Bubble

  • phil prasisto

    This is a great opportunity for the sales reps

    • Herb

      Having a blast with these plans.

      • sidekicker89

        are you a sales rep? how are things going in the store?? :) are people happy? Anything negative happening?

        • Napster87

          i had a customer that was threatening to leave because we didn’t have the iphone yet. i told them how the plans worked and how the down payment will only be $100 down for the phone. she said that at least she woulnd’t have to pay full retail for the iphone on another carrier. I was baffled by her response and how ignorant the US market is towards how our cellular industry are. When this happens, we just simply explain that other carriers already include the subsidy without telling the customer and that no matter what, they’re paying full retail for the phone

        • Herb

          One of two things happens. Most of the time people are excited. I mean, they qualify for an upgrade with no contract extension or they can add a line with no contract. It’s kind of a no brainer, really.

          The other group of people is just having their minds blown. They don’t understand why we wouldn’t have contracts. They are afraid of the big prices on the phones. The most important thing is showing these customers the total cost of ownership over two years to really see the savings vs one of the other carriers.

          As a rep, though, I love these plans. They’re so simple to sell and there’s basically nothing to explain since everything is so straightforward.

  • AndroidProfit

    Has anybody else gotten the Note 2 update? I noticed it completely screwed up the zoom functionality within the camera!

    • Mine works fine with the LTE update

    • matt

      I got the update but I don’t use the camera enough to know if it screwed up the zoom. For me the issue is that I go from 4g to edge at about the same time every day and also when I send out an email. It never happened before the update. I’m hoping it’s an issue with the firmware and not an issue with the network because tmobile has the most reliable coverage where I live.

    • Joe

      So you’re not able to zoom? I’m running 4.1.2 and zoom seems to be working with no issues.

      • AndroidProfit

        Please see above. I clarified what I meant. Sorry.

    • g2a5b0e

      I haven’t noticed any problems with the camera. I’m not in an LTE location, but I’ve noticed my 4G speeds have taken a serious hit. Definitely not happy about it.

      • danny

        Same hete

    • AndroidProfit

      Sorry people I should have clarified. Before the update the pinch to zoom within the camera was very very smooth. Now it is VERY SENSITIVE. It, “jumps” when zooming in now compared to the easier and smoother zooming. I now have to, “micro” move my fingers in order to zoom successfully. I can see this being a major issue in a lot of picture taking cases.

    • AndroidProfit

      HAHA down votes! Babies. Seriously if you down voted this over other comments I have made you have ABSOLUTELY no balls. It’s no wonder you have to hide behind a fake name. Phucking cowards.

    • AndroidProfit

      Nurse Ratched deleting comments again. I guess when you have no power in the real world you wield it in the cyber-world.

  • nd5

    They should allow no-penalty conversion from classic plans to the new rate plans regardless of contract tenure. Maybe they could do it in a way that customers with low tenure in an upgrade cycle could add an EIP to cover the unpaid portion of the handset from the old plan. This gets more people in the new scheme quicker. Then combine that with the “anytime upgrade club” and you’ll have almost everyone singing T-Mobile’s praises. I’d do it in a heartbeat.

    • boom

      They have that already you just won’t see the monthly discount until you’re 18 into your current contract

      • nd5

        Not really… if you’re in a contract currently, it’s a $200 migration fee, which reduces over 18 months to $0. What I’m suggesting is that they either eliminate the $200 fee for a time, or significantly reduce it to say… $50 per line to give people incentives to move now. I suggested adding the EIP since people in low contract tenure probably haven’t “paid” the full value of the phones yet.

        • charging a migration fee is the most stupid, silliest and dumbest thing ever. If you want to move everyone over to value plans going forward, why wouldn’t you let them go for free? or at least a minimal fee like $35 or something?

          Love the new T-Mobile otherwise!

        • bob90210

          Are there people who really don’t understand the subsidy model and the termination fees, migration fees, and upgrade eligibility requirements that result from it?

        • UMA_Fan


        • kalel33

          Not charging the migration fee would be the most stupid, silliest, and dumbest thing ever. So how would it be fair that a person two months ago bought the Galaxy S3 for full price while on the Value plan but a person on the Classic plan pays $450 less and now gets the lower priced plan too. They would have to give back the money to all the people that bought phones at full price to get the lower plans if they let people move from Classic to Value because they upgraded recently.

        • vivi77

          That’s what I’m thinking. You can’t have it both ways.

        • Spanky

          Which is exactly why T-Mobile should consider implementing some type of a promotion, limited time or otherwise, to encourage existing contract customers, particularly those on Value Plans, to switch to the new plans.

        • UMA_Fan

          It’s based on how long it’s been since you last upgraded which seems pretty fair to me. You typically don’t get an upgrade at 18 months but that’s when you can move to the new plans for free and pay the low down payment on a new phone. So it’s like you can upgrade now at the 18 month point.

        • TeamOne

          If you are on a contract for a phone discount then the fee will not be waived as you will need to payback the discount.

  • JustSaying

    Let’s not forget coverage is important too.. I think a big factor of why people left T-Mobile was the HUGE shift in the industry from being Voice/SMS oriented to Data. Hopefully the iPhone should help!

    • T-Mo Employee

      Exactly why we’ve invested 4 billion into the network. 1900mhz refarm, LTE, the Metro Merger, it’s all going to help.

      Also don’t underestimate HPSA+. Better than Sprint’s 5×5 LTE network. And our LTE will be 5×20.

  • matt

    I think the iphone coming to tmobile will be a bigger deal for tmobile than apple. Honestly in order for apple to see the iphone be the top phone on the market they need to completely redo the phone. Keep the same materials and build quality but change design and software. The biggest complaint I hear from the people I know that have the iphone is that each new one is the same thing with slightly better internal hardware and most of these people are the ones switching to samsung.

    • Sue

      any word on the iPhone being adapted for TMo’s frequencies (i.e., 1700mHz and 2100mHz – i think those are the two they use) or if this is making a regular iPhone work on a network it’s not designed for?

      • thepanttherlady
        • AndroidProfit

          Sorry that you feel so small in the real world that you have to delete comments in the make believe internet world to feel big and strong.

        • thepanttherlady

          Actually, I haven’t deleted any comment but thanks for the accusation. :)

        • Wait wait, are you actually making a comment about feeling big and strong on the internet? Pot meet kettle. Also, meet the banhammer.

      • sidekicker89

        Only the iPhone 5 coming out on April 12th will. The iPhone 4 and 4S being sold in select markets will NOT be adapted though.

        • Sue

          thanks for the confirmation! :)

  • pholocity

    this analyst must be the leader of Team Obvious

    • UMA_Fan


  • rey

    My wife wanted to go over to AT&T because of of the iPhone 5, I’m glad she didn’t. I hate AT&T, we will stay with T-Mobile now that its coming 4/12.

    • JustSaying

      Yeah you tell her!!! :D

    • Dan

      My migration fee was waved…

      • taron19119


  • fsured

    I would consider an Iphone as a possible when it’s time for a new handset in a year. I have a really nice Android tablet and the phone would give me the best of both worlds. But they would have to widen the phone in my opinion. The screen length is good but it feels squished when I type on a friends. That extra width on Android devices makes it easier.

  • JoeKnowNothing

    My buddy worked for Sprint when they first rolled out the Iphone, he was shocked by the Zombinism when it comes to selling the phone. He sold the phone to buyers who didn’t have a signal at home or work and they didn’t care. They paid whatever to get the Iphone. LOL!!

  • eddie9k

    i still dont care
    there are nicer phones
    id like to see sony or maybe sharp phones here in the US plz

    • eddie9k

      Or BLAckberry Q10. CMOOON

      • thepanttherlady

        It’s supposed to be coming to the US around May.

  • Dakota

    Time will tell but you have to think with iPhone out or 5 + years,tmos who wanted one left already. As other articles have noted,the company needs to work hard to improve it’s network coverage,LTE AND It’s reputation and brand image most of all.

  • Drewmann

    So I’m on a value plan, can I get the iPhone 5 April 12th for $99.99 down payment and then pay the monthly payment on it? Or do I have to pay the full price?

    • taron19119

      iif you qualify for a 99 down if not you have to pay a little more

      • Drewmann

        Well I’m not under any contract right now. So I think I should qualify. Thanks!

      • Drewmann

        Well I’m not under a contract right now, so I think I should qualify for the upgrade price. Thanks!

        • taron19119

          the 99 down payment is for people with excellent credit people that have less credit or bad credit will have to pay more

        • yup

          Also has to do with the credit availability… if you’re a well qualified customer then you should be able to.

  • no name

    IPhone might be a great selling point for T-Mobile but apple is a pain in the butt. That being said issues and problems with phone gonna suck for employees

  • macman37

    With T-Mobile and their subscribers waiting for this moment for such a long time, I’m betting that both their 1st day of pre-ordering for existing subscribers and their 1st day of sale to new subscribers may outdo Verizon Wireless when they started selling the iPhone 4 to new and existing subscribers in Feb. ’11. Consumer Reports noted that it was the best selling smartphone for that month. I sure hope that T-Mobile has the same or even more successful sales to their new and existing subscribers.

  • galaxydude

    For the first Time i am thinking of purchasing a iPhone now that T-Mobile is getting it paired with their new unlimited plan’s it makes sense. Even tho i just purchased a nexus4. When can we start to pre order the iPhone.?

    • taron19119

      April 5

  • HateTheGame

    I really cant believe some people are soooo stupid. So here is the simple version. With the new plan you basically get the phone discount built into the plan because the monthly service is sooo low and you dont get a contract. Even with the monthly payments for the phone your monthly bill will still be lower than the other 3 carriers. Really if your that stupid go to ATT or Verizon get a phone for 200 and let them charge you at least $100 bucks more a month so you are paying the phone back in 3 to 4 months when compared to T-Mobile.

  • rene

    last choice before going to the bottom, smart move, but not enough,no innovation will cost apple-iphone to loose marketplace against android (nexus, gs4, htc one) very soon, the stock market will reflect all this after tmobile-iphone fever wind down, so apple, what happen next??