T-Mobile’s First LTE Mobile Hotspot Pictured In Press Image Glory

Screen Shot 2013-02-16 at 11.07.04 AMwtmk

While we’re still waiting patiently for T-Mobile’s LTE network to go live, we’re already starting to make a list of the LTE ready devices that will be available come launch day. One such device leaked out earlier this month thanks to a T-Mobile March roadmap as the upcoming “T-Mobile Sonic 2.0 Mobile HotSpot LTE.” Well, here she is in all of her (future) press image glory.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any indication as to price, but March 27th is still what we’re hearing for a retail store launch. Of course a T-Mobile LTE hotspot needs a T-Mobile LTE network to go with it, but Magenta wouldn’t be the first company to launch LTE products with a network in its infancy.

As for the picture and device itself, it looks like a color display will show you all the relevant signal strength, battery life, and relevant connection info. Looks like a sharp little hotspot, now lets give it a network to showcase what it can do.

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  • bleeew

    Now we know T-Mobile’s “4G LTE” logo.

  • Anonymouse

    Patience is a virtue. I’d rather have T-Mobile get it right this time than repeat the fiasco they have when they announced the 1900 PCS HSPA+ .

    • lynyrd65

      Abusing others’ patience is a sin. T-Mobile should have rolled out high-speed service (3G or even EDGE) to my area years ago.

    • tim

      Still get a lot of edge on 1900 MHz in the Greater Los Angeles Area.

      • M42

        T-Mobile is a joke. I have no doubt they’ll put up LTE in a few small areas in some of the major cities and then advertise they have the country blanketed in LTE just like they do now with their lying 4G ads.

  • Agree hopefully the roll out won’t go like Sprint’s. Think about all the people with LTE phones that may not even get LTE until it’s time to upgrade again.

  • bigk1

    Waiting impatiently in KC for Magenta to push out the software update for Note ii to switch on LTE although I am regularly getting 10 MB down speeds currently

    • g2a5b0e

      10Mb. Megabits, not megabytes. 10MB = 80Mb

  • thepanttherlady

    My wonderful “4G” service while at home has now consistently been changed to Edge. Not a happy camper here.

    • cielomoreno127

      Yes, unfortunately the service here is E now.

    • BigMama

      Sounds like you were effected by the sell-off of Tmobile towers too. I had a Tmobile repeater a block away, now its a AT&T repeater.

      I have fewer Tmobile bars in more places.

      • jarrod

        it probably has more to do with the refarm.

        • Rudy Belova

          I would imagine so. The selling of the towers itself won’t result in loss of coverage.The refarm might.

      • thepanttherlady

        I live in Orange County. I honestly don’t think it is that.

    • kev2684

      i’m seeing more edge in my work place too. :|

    • Herb

      I have had a similar experience ever since the network in my area was “modernized.” I still only see Edge on the iPhone and I more consistently drop from HSPA+ on my Nexus.

    • TMoFan

      Same thing with me. There seems to be a lot of us out there. It would be nice if we got answers from T-Mobile.

      I also noticed that the roaming agreement with att kicked in a few days ago in my area. So my area which had perfect 4G a year ago is now roaming on att and I’m capped at 100.

    • Trevnerdio

      Yeah, happened at my school for a few hours…then I got weak signal back. It was fine the next day.

      • thepanttherlady

        It’s been a week for me now. I used to get 3-4 bars with consistent 4G. Now I get no bars and fluctuate between E and G. I can’t do anything unless I’m connected to my home WiFi which ticks me off. Looks like I’ll be making a call tomorrow.

  • Qbancelli

    I want this!

    But how about HSPA+?

  • Super nice. I will have to drop my Clear hot spot and get this, nothing like LTE.

  • Josue

    thats nice but I want LTE on my phone

  • mingkee

    I will get it for sure.

  • NYCTheBronx

    Cool. I can’t wait for T-Mobile to roll out their LTE Advanced. Going to do a lot of speed tests on my Samsung Galaxy Note II.

    • nycplayboy78

      YYYYYYUUUUUPPPPP!!! Me too :)

    • Verizonthunder

      I would slow down the celebration until we see real-time speed test, and efficient time frame for upgrading tower’s then you can get excited/brag.

  • chrisl08@yahoo.com

    Well I just wanna know what happend to tmobiles network in los angeles? In places were i had good hspa service before im now getting edge ?!?!? I just walk dwn the wrong street bam im on edge on my s3 nsame with my wifes galaxy note 2. Dwtwn LA before was real good now on hill n 7th, figueroa and many places in dwtwn and , mcarthur park, east la, I walk dwn the wrong street I get edge its frustating I switched phones and sim twice so im sure its the network does anyone know if that is permanent or hey gonna fix it ? Because its pissing me off sure I have unlimited data but watching youtube , video chatting in edge is not fun so its not worth it.. Sucks that I see my friends on att n verizon have better LTE coverage and faster speeds than I do and better signal in buildings but oh well I guess I get what I pay for they pay A LOT more than I do but they have better coverage. >_<"

    • MagentaMadness

      Hello Chris, I’m not sure exactly what is going on with the LA market and where, but here on the east coast, in our market, we were deep in the middle of modernizing our hardware in the field in preparations for LTE. Unfortunately, this means taking down portions of the network at a time. Also with the modernizing, they have to antenna tilts. If it doesn’t get better where you used to have great coverage, call in a ticket to cust care with the exact location…it’ll get looked at.

    • Mario

      Chris T-Mobile is still modernizing the LA Market you will experience edge here and there that usually means the area/tower is being upgraded its a good thing please be patient the area will resume to normal with stronger/faster coverage. but keep in mind that same area u might see edge for a whole week or edge one day 4g the next day etc. or u might see 4g with no bars. LA is still not completely refarmed so its normal no worries

    • Nick Gonzalez

      I have been having the same exact issues here in Denver Colorado. But I read here on tmonews a while back that Denver is in the process of modernization, so i’ll chalk it up to that.

  • galaxydude

    I getting 3 to 4 bars on hspa+ 42 at
    my office and in my house

  • The Architect

    Hopefully we all can receive our lte update for our note 2s before the end of April so l can enjoy lte in Las Vegas around that time!

    • NYCTheBronx

      It depends what state you live in. Since you live in Las Vegas, they will be the first to go live with T-Mobile’s LTE Advanced. Didn’t you see a few posts back on the Ad for the Blackberry Z10? It says release date will be on March 27 with LTE on board. So maybe before March 27 or the same day, we will get LTE Advanced on our Note II’s but depending in the states we live. There are many hints in the last posts that points out before April, T-Mobile will launch LTE Advanced. Have a look see for yourself pal. T-Mobile all day. =)

  • Nickan Fayyazi

    I hope T-Mobile’s LTE will be compatible with the Nexus 4’s unofficial LTE.

    • Yup, and we’ve covered this in great detail!

      • NYCTheBronx

        Thank goodness for that info kind sir lol. Now I can run it on my LG GN4 but the downside, my battery will be drained drastically. =/ Do you know if the 4.2.2 update slightly increased the battery life of the LG GN4? Thanks for the posts David.

        • jej

          Supposedly the update disables late.

        • lynyrd65

          But a radio downgrade will bring it back!

  • Guest

    I would like to say that san francisco bay area is downgraded to 21 mbits,the speeds are same when i had note 2 testing it on 1900mhz.Technical support told me 3-5 days ,its in the whole bay area,walnut creek,concord,pittsburg,antioch everwhere .cant get more than 11 mbits,while 3 days ago i had 25 maximum

    • NYCTheBronx

      Not bad huh? In San Jose, CA, I am getting 8-22 Mbps on downloads with my SGN II. In some areas in San Jose, like 7th street. I was able to get 23-30 Mbps on download with the same phone. Samsung Galaxy Note II. Unfortunately, my LG Google Nexus 4 hasn’t gotten anything higher than 20mbps on downloads and I find that weird because it has a dual band.

      • gsm1900

        The Nexus 4 is only rated for 21Mbps I thought?

        • NYCTheBronx

          I could be wrong but isn’t it
          Rated 42.2mbps? I don’t think T-Mobile sells anymore 21mbps phones as of maybe Q4 2011.

        • Rudy Belova

          I’ve gotten faster than 21Mb with my nexus 4 so it’s clearly more than 21Mb HSPA+

        • galaxydude

          My lg l9 is rated at 42.2mbps

    • NYCTheBronx

      Sorry about that. I forgot you wrote downgraded. I am also seeing my speeds dropped. One spot I got 30mbps on down on SGN II. When I bought a LG GN4, I was bummed out when I was in that same spot where I got my 30mbps on down and I was able to only pull 13mbps. Dang.

  • Eric

    iPhone 5 on T-Mobile here I come!

  • Trevnerdio

    The million dollar question in the meantime is…does it have HSPA+?

  • Mirad77

    I don’t know about you guys but this seems to like a Tmo PR stunt to keep us salivating. Las Vegas should have been up and running in a few weeks; a while back and Kansas was next … but no market till date is up.
    As much as I want to see Tmo’s LTE up and running, I don’t think this helps them but rather brings out the patience one’s been holding.
    Bring the LTE already even one market at a time as the rest of the industry is doing but just start.

    • NYCTheBronx

      I know right? They said they will launch it at CES and before the end of January. Almost March and still no LTE Advanced. =/ Sigh. True, the leak does make it harder for others who have been waiting patiently but it also indicates that T-Mobile’s LTE Advanced launch is even closer then we think. Maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow. Who knows? But this leak keeps me all pumped up knowing anytime now, LTE Advanced switch will be turned on. Then we give the guys a call or walk in any T-Mobile store to have our Samsung Galaxy Note II or Nokia Lumia 810 LTE enabled. One time fee I am assuming will be added to your bill. Then, boom! LTE Advanced speetesting here we all come! There will be a lot of trafficking on T-Mobile’s network the first day LTE Advanced will be launch. Can’t wait. :D

  • Verizonthunder

    T-Mobile I hope you plan to add 4G LTE to all your tower’s, your commercial’s are a joke as half your network is still edge only!?!? I would switch but I am concerned for your lack of caring for rural area’s.

  • Bud

    Great if you live in Vegas. Not if you live in a small city like NYC.

  • TBN27

    I can’t wait to sample LTE. The 1900mhz HSPA+ is impressively fast in NYC. If their 3G is this fast then their LTE will def take the cake over the competition. Lets just hope that they fix the building penetration issue over time.

  • Joe

    I hope Walmart sells it.

  • Jody Smith

    Does this work on GPRS? That’s what most of us T-Mobile users get outside downtown areas of big cities?

  • Off subject but necessary. The Galaxy Note II has LTE coming, ok cool. But is there ever going to be an official response from ANY carrier regarding the SCREEN record functionality by holding down I believe the home button and volume up and you can then record whatever your doing in the screen. I saw this feature demo and was looking forward to using. I read somewhere the issue was “drm” and copyright concerns. My retort is simple those stupid laws have been known why wouldn’t Samsung verify this prior to marketing a feature we can’t use. I shouldn’t have to find third party apps or hack root my device. I actually like this device stock

  • Jon Krugerud

    I think its funny the tmobile thinks it need LTE to compete but what it really needs is network consistency so that they can say every tower on there network is pumping out fast 3g/4g hspa+ signal so if your in the big city or way out in the country you have fast consistant speeds that would bring in new subscribers along with there good prices. None of this LTE only in the cities crap

    • They need LTE from a marketing perspective as well. It looks bad being the only national carrier with no LTE network.

  • M42

    Waiting for LTE to go live? I’m still waiting for HSPA+ 4G to go live in my market. Meanwhile, every other carrier, including regional US Cellular, has 4G in my market.

  • Vladmir4

    Fail. Current tmobile 3/4g unavailable in most place across America. From Chicago to Seattle only 0,5% places have speed. All other not. Chicago IL, Minneapolis MN, Post Falls ID, Seattle WA – ok. Fargo ND? Fail. Billings MT? Fail. Missoula MT? Fail. Fernley WA? FAIL FAIL FAIL.