T-Mobile Posts Brief Marketing Spot Highlighting Add-A-Line Promotion

T-Mobile’s add-a-line promotion has been in full swing since February 13th, but they just posted a brief 15 second marketing spot reminding you it’s going on. The promotion lasts till March 23rd and offers $0 Value and $5 Classic add-a-line offers. The promotion offers a $5 savings each month until January 2nd of next year.

From our earlier post: Existing customers can take advantage of this opportunity by switching to the Classic or Value family promo rate plan, which does come with a contract extension however. The $5/$0 add-a-line offer is available on shared limited bucket family plans and the 500 minute add-a-line option for unlimited family plans. Unfortunately, according to the above image, unlimited add-a-lines are not eligible for a discount. In other words, the primary line can have unlimited minutes, but the second-fifth lines are not eligible for a discount if they choose unlimited minutes. The good news is that they will qualify if they opt for the 500 minute add-a-line option.


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  • Not A G1

    Here comes the “Un Carrier”!

  • steveb944

    Thanks for the reminder David, just called and changed it up! Saving about $135

  • monk

    One error in the above information. On an unlimited family plan, two line are automatically unlimited minutes. By definition, the add-a-lines that you can choose to be either 500 or unlimited minutes are the third through fifth lines.